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Seduced by my Wife's Fertile Best Friend by Nikita Storm Seduced by my Wife's Fertile Best Friend by May 24, 2018 $2.99 5,420 words Sample 10%
Dinners are hard. Especially when your wife’s best friend is taunting and teasing you from across the table. It’s even worse when you know she’s getting married in a few days. With long, auburn hair a voluptuous chest and a stunning red dress, Betty - his wife’s best friend - could have any man she pleased. But she wanted him. (cont)
Your Perfume is a Problem by I May End Soon Your Perfume is a Problem by May 24, 2018 Free! 11,870 words Read a sample
Have you ever suffered harassment as a lady from any man? Did it happen once or twice or thrice or more? Are you wondering why it happened to you? What could you have done on your own part that contributed to that? Read this book and you may just find out something you have not found out before. Your mind might not have arrived at it. After reading, you may be like "Oh! This is it".
Lost in the wind by Usman Inuwa Lost in the wind by May 24, 2018 Free! 10,990 words Sample 20%
Our journey to Lorelo town for a traditional wedding became bitter when we encounter Matete fighters who kill anyone they see in their territory.
My Brother's Keeper by U. E. Wynn My Brother's Keeper by May 24, 2018 $4.99 74,340 words Sample 20%
Can fate be altered by the will of man? Is it possible for a child born in the heart of the ghetto to escape the inevitable? For Jahad Copeland these are more than just questions, more than words, but realty. A reality that transforms him into a man.
When Champagne Has Been Imbibed by I May End Soon When Champagne Has Been Imbibed by May 24, 2018 Free! 13,450 words Read a sample
Who attacked Belinda in a hotel room? Was is Donald, her boyfriend or Donald her "just a friend"? Was it Edward or Henry or Ben? Another one from I May End Soon
From Adultery to Swapping: Bringing It Out In the Open by Reese Cantwell From Adultery to Swapping: Bringing It Out In the Open by May 24, 2018 $4.99 16,050 words Sample 10%
We have friends two doors down and one evening, the wife, Vicki, cornered me in the kitchen and told me to make it less obvious looking at their seventeen-year-old twin girls. Oh, was I embarrassed. Then she said if I ever was tempted, I should let her 'take care of my urges.' Well, that was interesting so, when my wife was away, I gave her a call and she did. And now we're swapping spouses. Wow.
Bestiality Whores #2: Bobbing in the Barnyard by Charlie Mitchell Snow Bestiality Whores #2: Bobbing in the Barnyard by May 24, 2018 $2.99 17,050 words Sample 15%
Even though he's her dad's age, Riley has a HUGE crush on her Uncle Ted. When he tells her that the only thing better than being blown by a pretty girl in skin-tight satin pants, she barters with her mom to go on a shopping spree, and to let her spend the summer "helping out" on Uncle Ted's farm. No one had counted on Ted's four dogs being so turned on by Riley's skin-tight pants too.
Double Fisted On The First Date Erotic Fisting by E M John Double Fisted On The First Date Erotic Fisting by May 24, 2018 $2.99 2,140 words
Her first dates don't usually end up like this, she swears!
The White-Hole Situation by Tom Lichtenberg The White-Hole Situation by May 24, 2018 Free! 25,180 words Read a sample
It's the year 2525 and the world is finally clean. It's the future Star Trek promised, where benevolent computer systems make all our stuff on demand and take us on adventures in outer space, but the universe is large, and there are things out there that even the most advanced AI is ill-equipped to handle, and humans are little help to it. After all, would you ask a cat to do your homework?
Prey by Victoria Wallin Prey by May 24, 2018 Free! 10,170 words Read a sample
A dead body is found in the deep, snowy woods in a small town in Missouri. Then a young teenage girl disappears from a party and the local police wonders if it has any connection with the dead woman in the woods, or if it is just a coincidence. They realize the situation is out of their capacity and ask the FBI for help. Special Agent Charlotte "Charlie" Riley doesn't believe in coincidences.
The Family Rape Slut 3 by Nikki Orchid The Family Rape Slut 3 by May 24, 2018 $2.99 6,450 words Sample 20%
Daddy, Pappy and the dog rape Heather day and night. Great Uncle Nate pays her a visit with his big dog. When Uncle Dennis and her cousin, Trina, drop by, Heather learns that her cousin had also committed the same sin of premarital sex a couple years before. Heather realizes she’s the new whore for the family to use and submits to them willing to do anything to cleanse herself.
Percy And Farnsworth by Mamba Books & Publishing Percy And Farnsworth by May 24, 2018 $2.99 9,700 words Sample 20%
This moving and unforgettable short story, tells a timely, harrowing, and heartbreaking story of love and betrayal, the transcendent power of life, and the ultimate price of oppression. This is a riveting story so well written that you won’t be able to turn off your bedside lamp until you read the last page.
Touch of the Alpha by Sky Corgan Touch of the Alpha by May 24, 2018 $2.99 32,410 words Sample 10%
Karen was sent away to Sky High Ranch for werewolf reform, but nothing is as it seems at the facility, including Carter, the Regional Alpha. Carter's wolf is strong, and he's hungry for Karen's curves.
Dusted Star by Avery Gale Dusted Star by May 24, 2018 $4.99 55,370 words Sample 20%
Trac Hughes, Juan’s best friend and fellow Dom at The Prairie Winds Club warns him they are not taking in another stray pet... but this time the club’s resident Latin lover is rescuing a woman Trac recognizes immediately beneath the smudges of dirt and wildly tangled hair.
Denying the Devil by Calle J. Brookes Denying the Devil by May 24, 2018 $3.69 46,240 words Sample 20%
Nate Masterson wanted Perci Tyler. Everyone knew it. His brothers did. Her sisters did. Nate certainly knew it. The entire town was just waiting for the two of them to fall for each other. Perci had tormented him and intrigued him and made him want things from the very beginning. It was time he just gave in to the temptation she presented…
The Power Given to the Oppressed by I May End Soon The Power Given to the Oppressed by May 24, 2018 Free! 16,010 words Read a sample
One of the reasons why someone may suffer oppression is weakness. He is weak to resist or defend himself from the oppression exerted upon him by the oppressor. But there is something about the oppressed which some people may not know until now. Whenever someone suffers oppression, there is a quality that is automatically identified with him...
Three Stories by Steven Orlowski Three Stories by May 24, 2018 You set the price! 4,670 words Sample 10%
Three in one short story compilation: Addiction, Transhumanism, and Neighborly Murder.
Paralytic State by Steven Orlowski Paralytic State by May 24, 2018 You set the price! 18,740 words Sample 10%
Choose one: Remain a quadriplegic or enter a virtual world where you can walk and talk and play guitar again. The catch is you must leave behind the people who love you forever.
Lovers of Christmas Past by Ashelyn Drake Lovers of Christmas Past by May 24, 2018 $0.99 10,370 words Sample 10%
Holly Michaels is haunted by her decision to leave the love of her life after he declared he didn’t want kids. So when Nick Masters volunteers to play the part of Santa Claus at the children’s center’s Christmas celebration to get close to Holly again, she can't help wondering if his attitude will change when it's time to hang up his red suit for the season.
Sinful by Julio Carlos Sinful by May 24, 2018 You set the price! 1,640 words Sample 30%
An explicit collection of 94 devotional poems of love, lust and deep appreciation from the author, to his 'Little Goddess'.
Fantastica: The Complete Four Book Collection by M. R. Mathias Fantastica: The Complete Four Book Collection by May 24, 2018 $9.99 265,960 words Sample 28%
From the masterful mind of multiple award winning author, M. R. Mathias comes a massive, epic tale about a young man who finds something powerful and has to first, run for his life with the girl he's falling in love with, then risk everything he holds dear to try and understand the wealth of magical power that found him. Are you brave enough to step into the world of Fantastica?
His to Take by Alice Cain His to Take by May 24, 2018 $1.00 6,710 words Sample 20%
Adapting to suddenly becoming a werewolf can be rather challenging, but what happens when Dylan follows the most delicious scent before he knows anything about werewolf mates? When hot, sexy, and growly barges into his office, Toby has no intention of complaining. The werewolf is his mate and Toby is more than willing to let the guy have anything he wants.
The Banquet Of Transcending Electronics by Ronald Walker The Banquet Of Transcending Electronics by May 24, 2018 Free! 7,350 words Read a sample
Fascination, Humor and intrigue fills the atmosphere. Friends and business associates come together. They celebrate their achievements at a banquet ceremonial held in their honor.
His to Keep by Alice Cain His to Keep by May 24, 2018 $2.99 27,500 words Sample 15%
Gavin has no idea why Logan left him or how the vampire ended up being cruelly experimented on by humans, but now that he's safe Gavin will force himself to accept that Logan doesn't feel the same way. But as they both struggle through the aftermath of learning what was done to Logan, can fate and family convince them both to give love a second chance?
Grandma Took My Virginity by JC Rivendale Grandma Took My Virginity by May 24, 2018 $2.99 7,550 words Sample 20%
Grandma Martha is happy to welcome her daughter and grandson into her home after her daughter's messy divorce. One thing she doesn't count on is the illicit feelings she starts having for her grandson, Danny. He's tall, handsome, and muscular, and if his mother is to be believed, a virgin. *Contains graphic descriptions and scenes of incest
The Curious Road to Ithaca by Sjors Sommer The Curious Road to Ithaca by May 24, 2018 Free! 10,110 words Read a sample
Life is great. We're born into this lovely world and are endowed with seemingly unlimited opportunities. We can do what we want - become what we want, but what do we do when the time has come to make the decision? Join the enthralling journey of someone who accepts the adventure and leaves his safe-haven in search of purpose.
The Set Up by Anissa Palleson The Set Up by May 24, 2018 $2.99 4,610 words Sample 20%
It isn't the first time Luna has been set up on a date by her cousin. But its the first time the guy is exactly her type. Pax is shy and more than a little nerdy, but she can't help being attracted to him. Sparks fly and soon Luna and Pax are finding that they are getting along even better than anyone had imagined possible...
Simms by Ronald Walker Simms by May 24, 2018 Free! 11,130 words Read a sample
Fascination, humor and intrigue makes ways as an owner of a computer and electronic cooperation, and his family live their life.
स्कूल का दादा (मनोरंजक व शिक्षाप्रद बालकथाएँ) by वर्जिन साहित्यपीठ स्कूल का दादा (मनोरंजक व शिक्षाप्रद बालकथाएँ) by May 24, 2018 You set the price! 5,330 words Sample 20%
इसी पुस्तक से.... “नहीं पिताजी, आज से मेरा जन्मदिन केक से नहीं; बल्कि इन नन्हें पौधों के रोपने से मनेगा।” “बच्चों! मुझे व इस देश को तुम पर गर्व है। निश्चय ही अपने विद्यालय की भांति ही देश के वातावरण को भी हरा-भरा बनाने में सफल होगे।” “कभी-कभी प्रार्थना के बाद भारत माता की जय की आवाज सुनकर वह भी अपना हाथ ऊपर कर देता। पर उसकी आवाज सुनायी नहीं पड़ती। वह बोल नहीं पाता था; लेकिन उसकी आंखों में पढ़ने और
Perfect Future by Jordan Moore Perfect Future by May 24, 2018 Free! 9,690 words Read a sample
Simian is a detective who navigates his way through a futuristic London city while accidently becoming the main subject to a plot that has been in development over the last millennia.
Scandal by Hiranya Borah Scandal by May 24, 2018 $1.99 4,280 words Sample 20%
What is a scandal? Few funny sides of sex scandals along with some serious thoughts.
Sleeping, Mind Control, Drunk, Drugged Megapack 10-Pack Vol 1 by Amber FoxxFire Sleeping, Mind Control, Drunk, Drugged Megapack 10-Pack Vol 1 by May 24, 2018 $9.99 21,130 words Sample 5%
10 VERY hot sleep sex, mind control, hypnosis, drunk sex stories. Daughters, mothers and sisters all get taken advantage of and knocked up by the horny men in their lives. There’s something in this pack for everyone!
Wolf Moon (The McKenna Legacy 7) by Patricia Rosemoor Wolf Moon (The McKenna Legacy 7) by May 24, 2018 $0.99 62,860 words Sample 20%
RT Book Review: 4.5 stars Top Pick - Aileen McKenna came to Wolf Creek to study wolves in the wild and ran into Rhys Lindgren, an enigmatic man with dark secrets and a connection to the local wolf pack. When townspeople believed a wolf was responsible for killing three men in the woods, Aileen intended to prove their innocence, but could she trust Rhys to help her draw out a killer?
Ruby by Emily Mims Ruby by May 24, 2018 $2.99 50,210 words Sample 5%
A lifetime of memories and regret culminate when Lexi Barstow and Collins Wentworth reunite, and this time it might be forever.
Pinned by Brooke May Pinned by May 24, 2018 $2.99 48,150 words Sample 20%
He has her, and then he doesn’t. The back and forth Axle Ryan has dealt with has finally given him everything he wants.
Captifs des Krie by Kora Knight Captifs des Krie by May 24, 2018 $4.76 47,470 words Sample 10%
Nira. Nouvelle planète, fraîchement découverte et inexplorée. Elle ne le restera pas très longtemps. Dirigée par le Cap Alec Hamlin, une équipe effectue un atterrissage d'urgence et est rapidement confrontée à son premier natif de Nira, un énorme Krie. Il se montre amical, pourtant il les fait prisonniers et leur fait manger un fruit aphrodisiaque avant de les vendre à son roi.
Supernal Dawn by J.A. Giunta Supernal Dawn by May 24, 2018 $6.99 86,310 words
The discovery of alien artifacts across the world brought humanity together. Activating the pillars threatened to tear the world apart. The resulting vibrations did more than rumble the earth. It altered DNA, changed ordinary people into supers. It is a time of beginnings, for new powers to arise. The age of heroes is upon us… A Supernal Dawn.
Сонеты by Андрей Беликов Сонеты by May 24, 2018 $1.29 8,070 words Sample 20%
Не в том ее увидел одеянии, Она не соткана из бисера, кружев, И кожи голой сладкое дыханье Мне слаще множества прелестнейших сердец.
River of Bones by A. Wendeberg River of Bones by May 24, 2018 $4.99 47,040 words
A boy is found huddled up to a decomposing body. No one knows where the two came from. And neither will talk.
Stargaze (Half Light #2) by Alyssa Rose Ivy Stargaze (Half Light #2) by May 24, 2018 $2.99 45,410 words
Nothing is as it seems. Rachel’s entire life has changed in a blink of an eye. Betrayed by everyone she believed she could trust, the one shining light in all the chaos is the intensity of her growing bond with Noah. *Mature YA/ New Adult Sci-Fi Romance*
Enchanted by Him by Jacey Holbrand Enchanted by Him by May 24, 2018 $3.99 31,720 words Sample 10%
Helldorado Mongrels MC member, Sloth, is a man with secrets. He joined the club with a specific goal in mind, and when three visitors arrive, he fears one of them will turn his world upside down. Especially since that newcomer is a witch and his mate. Shaman, the medic from the Skinwalkers MC, was hired to find the woman after the Mongrels’s gold and has secrets himself.
Hanelli’s Harem 4 by Persephone Moore Hanelli’s Harem 4 by May 24, 2018 $2.99 10,800 words Sample 20%
Even with her husband at home in chastity and three different lovers willing to please her whenever she wants, Hanelli still finds that she had needs and desires that must be fulfilled. After finding there is no limit to what interests her in the bedroom, Hanelli devises a plan that will bring together all her lovers, their spouses, and her own husband for a night of pleasure and depravity...
Guy Talk by Candace Mia Guy Talk by May 24, 2018 $0.99 880 words Sample 20%
Men can really be sick dogs. And when they are, they like to talk about it.
All Men Are Gods (Book 0.5) by Shelley Young All Men Are Gods (Book 0.5) by May 24, 2018 $0.99 20,000 words Sample 5%
A black ops soldier goes undercover inside an insane asylum, only to discover it was never intended for him to leave it alive.
Demon Sex Group 14 by Arla Coopa Demon Sex Group 14 by May 24, 2018 $0.99 970 words Sample 20%
Twelve victims of demon possession meet and discuss the sexual acts demons made them do.
Not for Me (The Windy City Chronicles Book 1) by Kat de Falla Not for Me (The Windy City Chronicles Book 1) by May 24, 2018 $2.99 45,750 words
A literary agent dreams of Shakespearean love when she falls for an erotica-writing actor who seems to lead two separate lives.
Red Knight by Daniel Coleman Red Knight by May 24, 2018 $2.99 84,990 words Sample 15%
In the much-anticipated follow up to Hatter, Sir Chism the colorblind Red Knight leads a squadron out of the barbarians' Pit and through a world in which their dreams are held hostage.
Futa Trainer 2 by Lara Longstaff Futa Trainer 2 by May 23, 2018 $2.99 9,860 words Sample 20%
The next chapter in the love affair between Dana, the petite office girl, and Juliet, the tall, well-endowed, dominant futanari.
È tutta una follia Raymond Bosco by Alessio Biagi È tutta una follia Raymond Bosco by May 23, 2018 $5.99 36,800 words Sample 20%
Raymond “Ray” Bosco è un lunatico, arruffato e cinico romanziere italo-ame-ricano che, in una carriera trentennale, iniziata nel 1971, può vantare un paio di romanzi arrivati ai vertici delle classifiche di vendita. Freneticamente al lavoro sulla diciottesima fatica letteraria, al risveglio dopo l’ennesima nottata davanti alla macchina per scrivere, con l’imprevisto rientro a casa di Anna...
Omega's Unexpected Catch by Alice Cain Omega's Unexpected Catch by May 23, 2018 $3.99 30,980 words Sample 15%
Love is in the air and Nick seems to be the odd one out. But when a hit-and-run car accident throws a human into his arms—literally—Nick is left gasping for breath…and his sanity. How the hell did he end up with a human, male mate? And why on Earth is someone trying to kill the guy?