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Picture Not Perfect by D.E. Haggerty Picture Not Perfect by Jan. 21, 2019 $0.99 52,950 words
When the police find pictures of Melanie hanging up at her murdered colleague’s house, they’re convinced he was stalking her. Maybe she even killed him. Melanie was not being stalked! And she certainly didn’t kill her supposed stalker – as if. But Mel – always up for a bit of drama – jumps at the chance to go search for the real killer.
Пъстра Каламбуриада (хумористични стихове, нонсенси и каламбури), Приложения by Chris Myrski Пъстра Каламбуриада (хумористични стихове, нонсенси и каламбури), Приложения by Jan. 21, 2019 $1.99 6,900 words Sample 25%
In Bulgarian. Това е сборник от лека и хумористична поезия включващ какво ли не, който тук е разделен на две части, плюс приложение на чужди езици. По-точно в приложението (или третата част, но тя се повтаря частично с други книги) са стихове на: руски (от Русская Поэтическая Тетрадь), английски (от English Poetical Notebook), multilingua (от Комунизмът като религия), и кудоша Направи Си Сам.
Monster Behind The Masks by T.L. Mumley Monster Behind The Masks by Jan. 21, 2019 $2.99 76,090 words Sample 20%
An innocent man accused of being a terrorist. A second dead dove found with symbolic messages in blood. Mysterious messages inscribed on the backs of stolen art pieces. A rogue CIA agent trying to psychologically control his daughter... Could our political reality be stranger than fiction? Three Northern California women led idyllic lives---but it's not themselves they are concerned about...
Abhivyakti: something from me to you by Amit Rajak Abhivyakti: something from me to you by Jan. 20, 2019 $0.99 1,440 words Sample 20%
13 poetries is just wanna come to you don't wet.
CEA Past your Reality Volume 2 by Celenic Earth Publications CEA Past your Reality Volume 2 by Jan. 20, 2019 $4.99 52,960 words
CEA Past your Reality is back with another volume of fantastic fantasy short stories! This time we have eight scintillating fantasy tales.
Dark Dayz (Book 1): VR Dawn by Jake A. Strife Dark Dayz (Book 1): VR Dawn by Jan. 20, 2019 $4.99 84,900 words
One million gamers are trapped in the first fully immersive VR game. Those who die in game, die in real life. The hacker 'Z' issues a challenge. If anyone can play the game and defeat him, all will be free. A pro gamer decides he can do it; he can save them all. But when a game that was meant for fun, has become deadly and macabre, does he stand a chance in hell? Enter Dark Dayz.
Glimmer Vale Chronicles Books 1-3 Collection by Michael Kingswood Glimmer Vale Chronicles Books 1-3 Collection by Jan. 20, 2019 $9.99 176,290 words Sample 20%
Compilation of the Glimmer Vale Chronicles novels. Includes: Glimmer Vale (Glimmer Vale Chronicles #1) Out-Dweller (Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2) Tollard’s Peak (Glimmer Vale Chronicles #3)
Boredom Fighter by Sue Perry Boredom Fighter by Jan. 20, 2019 $0.99 8,490 words Sample 20%
Nica works as a detective and longs to be called back to her new life in the other dimensions called Frames. Nica's latest client is a wife who suspects that her husband is unfaithful. Routine stuff, except that the wife is from a Frame where unfaithful spouses must be killed. Also, P.S., the wife is human but the husband is, well, not.
3 Children Books by Johanna Sparrow 3 Children Books by Jan. 20, 2019 $3.25 160 words Sample 10%
Enjoy these 3 children's books for first and second level readers, (ages-3-9). Adorable and sweet Little Miss Maple has been inspired by the teacher to think big, she has taken it serious.
Dragons of Seattle by Amber Kell Dragons of Seattle by Jan. 20, 2019 $4.99 63,120 words Sample 20%
Previously Released Box set contains Protector of Dragons and Destiny of Dragons Protector of Dragons Secrets long hidden are brought to the surface on the shiny scales of a dragon. After thousands of years petrified in stone Jiang is finally free. The search to find his friends leads him to the doorstep of Aden Gale. Will Jiang’s need for his comrades unravel a family’s hidden secrets? Meeting
Dark Emerald by T.L Thorne (Trisha Lynn) Dark Emerald by Jan. 20, 2019 $1.39 128,220 words Sample 20%
Part of the Manifested series, Dark Emerald is the first installment and lets you into a world of terrible experiments and manifested powers. Filled with betrayal, dark secrets, lies and murder this series is fast paced and exciting. It will keep you wanting more!
Number 39 by Greg Tuck Number 39 by Jan. 20, 2019 $0.99 62,910 words Sample 20%
Ostensibly Detective Inspector "Sarge" Downs from Cairns was looking for a break. However, while on a holiday in Hong Kong with his partner Sarah, his attempt at saving a man from being beaten up in a market place leads to a kidnapping and ransom demand from a Chinese drug triad. Sarge is eventually released and then aided by Hong Kong and Australian police, he tries to track down his captors.
You Don't Say by Greg Tuck You Don't Say by Jan. 20, 2019 $0.99 67,100 words Sample 20%
Detective Acting Inspector"Sarge" Downs, investigates a suspicious death in Port Douglas that leads he and his colleague Constable Nat Johns to discover that corruption is still rife in the governmental, policing and judicial sectors in Queensland. These two police officers and their respective partners, Sarah and Jess are placed in a great deal of danger as they unravel the tangled web of deceit.
The Triple L by Red Hope The Triple L by Jan. 20, 2019 $4.99 41,570 words
In 1878, Landen Morrison is many things... like a cowgirl.... a gunslinger... and an infamous outlaw called the Triple L. But, she refuses to be a lover that falls for the beautiful Texas Ranger Raleigh Baylor! Enjoy a western tale about an outlaw and a lawman's struggle to find love when they're on opposite sides of a gang war.
Melanie by Maxwell dos Santos Melanie by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 19,850 words Read a sample
O ano é 2007. Melanie, 18 anos, jovem moradora do Bairro da Penha, tem o sonho de ser médica. Ela faz a prova de seleção para o Projeto Universidade para Todos(PUPT), à época, gerido pela Fundação Ceciliano Abel de Almeida.
Vortigern and the Dancing Girl by Bard of Burgh Conan Vortigern and the Dancing Girl by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 8,220 words Read a sample
Vortigern commits a terrible crime to become High King of Britannia - a crime which is he led to commit by a wisp of a dancing girl called Ardora.
Stepping Up by Jessica Tarragano Stepping Up by Jan. 20, 2019 $0.99 83,000 words Sample 20%
Ryan is a 7th grade girl trying to manage two worlds that were not meant to collide.
Miguel Unmade by C.M. Simpson Miguel Unmade by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 11,980 words Sample 20%
Captured by the space wolves and held aboard their battle cruiser, Miguel doesn’t think things could get worse—and then he discovers he’s sharing his cell with the very two psychopaths he’s been trying to avoid. Dragged into their next deadly scheme, he faces two choices—do what they want and live as their captive, or save Earth and die horribly as a result. Just what he loses is up to him.
A3 by George Guthridge A3 by Jan. 20, 2019 $3.99 81,710 words Sample 10%
Controversial Tales of the Fantastic from Alaska, Africa, and Asia
Supernatural Protectors: Wicked Good Witches Books 11-14 Bundle by Ruby Raine Supernatural Protectors: Wicked Good Witches Books 11-14 Bundle by Jan. 20, 2019 $9.99 147,810 words Sample 20%
Wicked Good Witches Books 11-14--Final Books in the Series!
The Girl in the Lion's Cage: A Thriller by RJ Lawrence The Girl in the Lion's Cage: A Thriller by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 10,760 words Read a sample
Claire Foley has attracted the attention of some very dangerous people. They want her to do something, and they're willing to pay good money. But these people aren't asking — they're insisting. Now, Claire finds herself surrounded by threatening men with terrifying desires. Faced with shocking revelations, she must find a way to escape the inescapable, before they force her to do the unimaginable.
Emily & Michele Box Set by Pamela Fagan Hutchins Emily & Michele Box Set by Jan. 20, 2019 $13.99 566,880 words Sample 20%
All six full-length Emily and Michele romantic mysteries from the multiple award-winning, best-selling What Doesn’t Kill You world.
O obscuro princípio da jornada: Missões do Além #0 (Prequel) by Sheila D. Lima O obscuro princípio da jornada: Missões do Além #0 (Prequel) by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 3,340 words Read a sample
Descubra o que aconteceu antes do primeiro conto da série de fantasia urbana "Missões do Além".
A Taste Of My Thoughts The Echo by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts The Echo by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 290 words Read a sample
Some things in life are greater than oneself. Some walls will be large and others will be small. Upon its doorstep, face to face you will know.
Shy Girls: A Teen Lesbian Romance by Sophia Sage Shy Girls: A Teen Lesbian Romance by Jan. 20, 2019 You set the price! 63,810 words Sample 20%
Sixteen-year-old Melissa Tanner has been shoved out of the closet, unready. Among harassment and violence in an intolerant high school, she falls in love. And she must decide if she can stand up for herself, for her love... or if it's safer to keep hiding all of her life.
A Taste Of My Thoughts Oh Mighty Beer by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Oh Mighty Beer by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 600 words Read a sample
It's beer thirty somewhere. A little spiff about beer and the problems that plague our relaxing moments.
The Women's Place by Ashley Herzog The Women's Place by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 4,530 words Read a sample
A fictional story about a young woman seeking an abortion.
A Taste Of My Thoughts An Illusion Before Sunrise by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts An Illusion Before Sunrise by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 290 words Read a sample
We often wake in a haze wondering what time it is and even what day it is. This occurs more often as you get busier and older. Please reflect and enjoy.
A Taste Of My Thoughts Death In Nature And Heart by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Death In Nature And Heart by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 380 words Read a sample
We often regret things in hindsight. Nature has been cursed by the hand of man in almost every aspect. This poem is just another example of hindsight.
QUANTUM American Revolution by Stephen Arseneault QUANTUM American Revolution by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 70,670 words Sample 20%
A lifetime lived in under a minute... Impossible, everyone thought. Until now. An Opamari scientist has found a way. By cloning a subject and sending the clone back in time, the subject can live a lifetime in less than a minute of sleep. If you love sci-fi, time travel, and historical fiction, this second book of the Quantum saga will keep you burning through the pages late into the night!
So Absurd It Must Be True by Victoria Ray So Absurd It Must Be True by Jan. 20, 2019 $3.99 32,910 words Sample 20%
This collection of 42 short stories humorously explores the dark and ironic side of human behavior. Each hero has a mission – to make you smile, think and learn something new about yourself and the world. Everything is an allegory, until it is not. Everything is emotional, raw and relatable. Everything is a mix of erotica, sci-fi and humor.
26 Absurdities of Tragic Proportions by Matthew C. Woodruff 26 Absurdities of Tragic Proportions by Jan. 20, 2019 $1.99 46,360 words Sample 15%
These tales are all about human behavior, characteristics, chance and choice, and life and death. From Mystery to SciFi, from Drama to Fairy Tale and from Adventure to Gothic, this book has something for everyone. This is an entertaining and humorously 'dark' collection of short tales inspired by the illustrative works of Edward Gorey.
We Witches Three Books 11-14 by Humphrey Quinn We Witches Three Books 11-14 by Jan. 20, 2019 $9.99 143,900 words Sample 20%
We Witches Three Books 11-14: the Final Books in the Series!
Craving Love & Death by Haven Cage Craving Love & Death by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 55,730 words Sample 20%
She's a voluptuous pin-up with a killer personality. Vivienne may play the role of a quiet, docile nightclub singer and waitress for her friends and family, but, behind closed doors, she gives into an insatiable hunger no man can escape.
Verum Et Inventa Magazine Issue 04 by Raymond Towers Verum Et Inventa Magazine Issue 04 by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 74,160 words Read a sample
In issue No. 4, for February 2019: The conclusion for Non-Retrieval. Following this are 6 medieval fantasy entries from Tales From The Savage Lands, Books 1 and 2. Also included is the erotic short story Attack Of The Six Foot Vagina, and this month’s Story Starter piece I Saw Their Faces. Articles include How I Started Writing Erotica and Mithras, Precursor Of Jesus. Rating: HIGH controversy.
Pishh, Pishh, no Pishh for Tyra the Cat,  Absolutely Not! by James Hammit Pishh, Pishh, no Pishh for Tyra the Cat, Absolutely Not! by Jan. 20, 2019 You set the price! 80 words Sample 5%
Please don’t offer Little Tyra pishh of any kind. Tyra has a difficult time saying the word fish. She keeps getting her p sounds confused with the f sounds she should make. The word fish suddenly out of nowhere becomes pishh whenever you try to offer Tyra any to eat.
Nine Minutes Later by N.J. Adel Nine Minutes Later by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 19,790 words Sample 40%
Cameron has a plan to avenge her sister, and Dusty Roar, The Night Skulls' president's son, is first to taste the hell she's prepared for the motorcycle gang that took her sister. But in the dark, Dusty's pain and secrets...and body do what she's NOT prepared for. Curl up under a blanket with this short intense read and find out what happens between Cameron and Dusty in Nine Minutes Later.
The Ancestors' Secrets Trilogy: Prelude, Turmoil, and Destiny by Erika M Szabo The Ancestors' Secrets Trilogy: Prelude, Turmoil, and Destiny by Jan. 20, 2019 $6.95 197,710 words
Love, ancient tribal legends, secrets, time travel and magical powers collide in a compelling fantasy series, hailed “Original, Mystical and Unique.” When a young doctor, Ilona, starts to develop unusual powers, her life and her beliefs change. Thrown into a world of clan mysteries, traditions and secrets, she begins remembering her mother’s instructions concealed as rhymes.
Emilia by Stephen Christiansen Emilia by Jan. 20, 2019 $1.99 112,380 words Sample 20%
Emilia, a young woman of Dara, finds herself thrown from one situation to another. Dark elves, wererats, and Rakaskah are only the beginning of her problems. She is left without shelter, food, or water and is stranded in the wasteland desert known as the Sea of Sands. Her only hope of survival to find strength and depth of character she didn’t know she had.
Love Story by Mario V. Farina Love Story by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 1,470 words Read a sample
I wanted to write a love story and thought the main character could help me design it. I imagined a beautiful woman and named her, Gloria. I began speaking to her in my mind and she responded. At first, everything went well, but, then, we began arguing about how the story should go. She was strong in her comments; as the author, so was I. This story tells what was the unexpected outcome.
The Sand Snake Saga Volume 1, Chapter 2: The Crew by Julianna Tedder The Sand Snake Saga Volume 1, Chapter 2: The Crew by Jan. 20, 2019 $0.99 1,650 words
The second installment of the Sand Snake Saga. Golf 5 is assigned a mission he desperately wants to avoid. He and his crew are carry out an assassination of an Emperor. But the Emperor happens to be the Dorian slave empire which Golf 5 once belonged.
Le dernier musicien by Saïd Le dernier musicien by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 2,160 words
Florent pourrait bien être le dernier musicien sur Terre, mais il refuse d'y croire. Le reportage qui lui est consacré lui permettra-t-il de trouver d'autres artistes ?
Sweet Dreams of a Father's Daughter, and other stories about unusual love, betrayal and crimes... by Elena Zhuravleva Sweet Dreams of a Father's Daughter, and other stories about unusual love, betrayal and crimes... by Jan. 20, 2019 You set the price! 14,170 words Sample 30%
There are days when everything seems to be over, your beloved betrayed you. It’s impossible to live... And you can’t cry anymore ... Suddenly, you remember that Saint Valentine's Day is ahead, the Day of Love and Happiness... What if the Saint notices you in your sea of misfortune and whispers, “Only cowards act like this, but you are brave. Don't give up! Look for your true love! Go and win!”
C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas, Issue 8 by C. C. Blake C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas, Issue 8 by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 15,350 words Sample 20%
In the eighth pulse pounding issue of C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas: Rick Cave is stuck in Crime Space, face-to-face with an unstoppable enemy from his past. This time, Rick and PedeSTAIN must work together to deliver a family from harm's way. Also, marooned on a jungle world and beset by indigents, Fieldy fights impossible odds, hoping rescue arrives before his water and ammunition run out.
The Magical Girl is a Boy 1 by Pedoro Pedoro The Magical Girl is a Boy 1 by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 34,480 words
After waking up from a coma, Ken returns to his hometown. He longs to see his friends but he never could have expected one of them to now be a magical boy, who protects the town from monsters born of human emotions
Earth Quest by Jay Toney Earth Quest by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 78,500 words Sample 15%
The Sol system and Earth is close. To get there, he needs to survive a crazy salesman. He will have to overcome his fear of spiders. Then he will have to survive being hunted by whalers. If that isn't bad enough, his wife and girlfriend leave a space battle to have some fun with pirates.
Gorgon Villa by Marni Scofidio Gorgon Villa by Jan. 20, 2019 Free! 95,840 words
Just one wrong step can turn a well-ordered life upside down. Literally.
Lost: No Return by Jay Toney Lost: No Return by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 80,670 words Sample 15%
Captain Roberts and his fleet, most of it anyway, made it through the wormhole before it collapsed. Now, it is up to him to lead the fleet to Earth, but where is it? All information about the Sol system has been erased. First, he will have to deal with the Drax. They are so greedy that they would sell their own mothers to make a buck.
Star Bridge by Jay Toney Star Bridge by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 77,180 words Sample 15%
Before he can search for the star bridge, Captain Roberts has to return to where it all began, the Antares system. While on the way, he will learn what it means to be human, visit the Marry Celeste to rescue its passengers, and meet a real princess. Too bad he is in love with his starship's AI.
Freedom Flight by Jay Toney Freedom Flight by Jan. 20, 2019 $2.99 78,300 words Sample 15%
Hungry Reptilian aliens—It is just Nathaniel's luck to run across them. What he thought was a derelict space fleet turns out to be full of hibernating lizards. When they are awoken, they are angry and hungry. He meets these and several more human and alien species on the way to the Hades star system.