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ARCIS SEC by Phil McDermott ARCIS SEC by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 58,220 words Sample 20%
A dangerous and paranoia-filled underworld of battling security forces, mercenaries, and terrorism. Arcis Sec — a gritty, cyberpunk scifi thriller!
STATION IN PERIL (Space Opera & Action - MALLORY SAJEAN 1.5) by Philippe Mercurio STATION IN PERIL (Space Opera & Action - MALLORY SAJEAN 1.5) by Sep. 21, 2018 Free! 15,070 words
A simple stopover becomes a dogged battle! In search of some rest and relaxation, Mallory Sajean comes alongside a space station. She discovers a battlefield and a hostage taking in progress. Despite the risks, she joins up with a squad of police officers who are going to give it their all. While facing fanatical aliens, Mallory learns that she'll have to defeat a legendary creature: a Sorfal.
A Soul Calling by Felicia Fredlund A Soul Calling by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 5,140 words Sample 20%
As a valkyrie, Tyra escorts the souls of Swedish soldiers who died in combat to Valhalla. In this twenty-first century, she barely works because Sweden has not been at war for a long, long time. When taking a soldier’s soul to Valhalla, Tyra unwillingly talks to Loki when he seeks her out. Right then, she feels the call from another soul.
Fake Love (A Short Poem) by Nine4 Fake Love (A Short Poem) by Sep. 21, 2018 Free! 70 words Read a sample
A haiku-type poem about love, singleness, and waiting.
Tvillingar by Tommy Lennartzon Tvillingar by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 41,190 words Sample 20%
I den här romanen får vi följa två tvillingpojkars öde från födsel till begravning. De föddes i en avlägsen by i Vietnam mitt under kriget och vi följer delas paralella uppväxter på olika håll. Detta efter att de blivit separerade efter en katastrofal händelse i deras by.
Deliverance by Christine Pather Deliverance by Sep. 21, 2018 $5.99 45,500 words Sample 10%
In the city that never sleeps. . . Skylar, Kylar and Cameron are the youngest of the elite Harris family but their wealth and status come at a high price. The siblings have long borne the brunt of the 'lessons' their father had deemed them worthy of learning. It's because of this that they each carry unique scars given to them by their life's experiences.
Alike by Nate Lee Alike by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 14,790 words Sample 5%
The White House, Capitol, Pentagon, and Supreme Court building have been bombed. The story continues to spiral when wicked twists and turns are presented throughout the novella. It’s learned that the attack was a homegrown operation and it’s up to Silas and some classmates to fix it. But will they fix it before all hell breaks loose?
亚基双星纪略人类译本【Part I】 by 朱 鹏 亚基双星纪略人类译本【Part I】 by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 330 words Sample 20%
Submission (BDSM Romantic Suspense) by Kit Kyndall Submission (BDSM Romantic Suspense) by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 47,320 words Sample 10%
Sable, who is definitely not submissive, turns to Julian, a Dom, when her sub sister goes missing. They're completely opposite, but as they search for her sister, neither can resist their attraction. What kind of future can there be when they both want such disparate things, but how can they walk away from the feelings growing between them if and when they find Sabrina?
Lawn House Blues by Philippa Hawley Lawn House Blues by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 79,130 words Sample 5%
Lawn House seems to be the perfect English country mansion, with conscientious custodians, beautiful parkland and magnificent trees; however, running a large estate in the modern world can bring its challenges.
Rise of the Witch by Rebecca Ethington Rise of the Witch by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 105,420 words
Phoenix Shifters are rare. They also hold the key to eternal life. No wonder the Dragon King wants my blood. My entire life has been spent in hiding, concealed in a traveling circus under the powerful spell of an old witch. It would be just my luck that a streak of rebellion would land me in the hands of three sexy dragon shifters. I am in so much trouble.
Curie by Denise Kawaii Curie by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 90,680 words Sample 20%
Curie is the sensational third installment in Denise Kawaii's bestselling Adaline series.
To Save His Prince by Hurri Cosmo To Save His Prince by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 78,360 words Sample 20%
Great evil walks the hall of the castle. Can Emory, a humble servant, find a way to save his prince?
Charleston Carpet Servicing! by Lady Devreux Charleston Carpet Servicing! by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 12,360 words Sample 16%
Heather, the definition of a blonde MILF, is married to a West Virginia coal miner whose job is ending. No problem- she will just use her looks to get a cushy office job. Little does she know, her interviewer isn't some man, but a dominant Black woman who loves to put White bitches in their place!
Oriri's Plight by Ọlawale Ọlofọrọ Oriri's Plight by Sep. 21, 2018 $5.99 61,700 words Sample 20%
Written by popular Nigerian Musician, Brymo, Oriri's plight is a story of a young man who set out to bring "light" for and to his people.
Ash by Stetson Smith Ash by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 50,580 words Sample 20%
Several teenagers sneak into an abandoned asylum and fine more than they ever hoped for. Things are never the same. Can they figure out what's going on before the dead come to claim them?
Revelation Way by Marcus Damanda Revelation Way by Sep. 21, 2018 $4.99 112,990 words Sample 10%
Four Days till the Lamb … On Angel Island, the Ceremony is ready. The cameras are in place. For Ruth Black and her husband, the Reverend Matthew, there’s just one problem: their intended sacrifice has plans of his own.
The Arena by October Weeks The Arena by Sep. 21, 2018 $4.99 64,470 words Sample 10%
An ancient grudge. An ancient darkness. A slayer who will stop at nothing to put an end to both. When her good friend Lucia DiGregorio calls her asking for help, slayer Tuck Houston immediately joins the hunt. Once she gets a hint of strigoi power at the scene of a slaughter, she understands exactly why Lucia called her in.
The Legacy of Souls (Seb Thomas #2) by M S C Barnes The Legacy of Souls (Seb Thomas #2) by Sep. 21, 2018 $0.99 187,710 words
The Legacy of Souls is book two in the Seb Thomas series, and begins with Seb struggling with his role as Custodian. The other members of his group and those of his mentor's group are becoming increasingly frustrated with his inability to use his obvious skills and get on with his role. However, that is soon forgotten when Seb is attacked and the focus now shifts to helping him survive the night.
the Phoenix Hunter Collection: Books 1-3 by Bryan Rainey the Phoenix Hunter Collection: Books 1-3 by Sep. 21, 2018 $7.99 45,000 words Sample 20%
Collect the first three books in the Phoenix Hunter series: the Phoenix Hunter, Rogue Wolf, and Grimoire of Darkness. Destiny Phoenix goes from a young naive girl who gets newfound powers on her sixteenth birthday to a young woman fight supernatural evils in two states. Her friends and relatives join her in this fight. They travel from their hometown of Autumn, Texas to Jasper Springs, Louisiana
Remnants by Sarah Jaune Remnants by Sep. 21, 2018 $5.99 108,440 words Sample 20%
The fourth book in the After the Flare series sees what happened in Florida when a natural disaster knocked out the power globally. Humanity is struggling to survive, but the remnants are starting to learn... The end was just the beginning.
Repetition Kills You by Tom Leins Repetition Kills You by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 37,800 words
Repetition Kills You by Tom Leins is an experimental noir. A novel-in-stories. A literary jigsaw puzzle. Welcome to Paignton Noir.
Real by Khali Raymond Real by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 3,220 words
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the realest of them all? Is it you or them?
WereVamp by MP Sharma WereVamp by Sep. 21, 2018 $0.99 119,120 words Sample 20%
Mallika should have known better. Everything was so perfect just a few days ago - the love of her life was by her side, she was finally coming to terms with living and even being content with what she was and finally, it felt like the World was on her side, dealing with an eternal life suddenly seemed slightly less impossible. But how could happiness and a vampire coexist anywhere? It couldn't.
The Kokuran II - In Full Blossom by Jordin Mack The Kokuran II - In Full Blossom by Sep. 21, 2018 $9.99 100,890 words Sample 20%
The saga of Astrid continues as she embarks on the winding roads of life, filled with more drama including a new love, more deception and betrayal, an untimely death, and a suspicious murder. And just when Astrid thinks that things can’t get any worse, past demons resurface. In the midst of these battles, Astrid blossoms and reveals her darker side, showing the true nature of her Kokuran strength.
Wild Horse Rescue by Nancy M. Bell Wild Horse Rescue by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 62,470 words
Laurel Rowan is happy to be home in Alberta and excited that Coll Hazel is coming from Cornwall for a visit. She’s looking forward to showing him around the ranch. The visit doesn’t turn out as she imagined when the plight of a band of wild horses comes to her attention.
Love Aroused (By the Flames of Revenge) by Richard Nurse & Susan Nurse Love Aroused (By the Flames of Revenge) by
& Sep. 21, 2018
$3.99 60,650 words Sample 10%
Love Aroused (By the Flames of Revenge) is the story of how two members of the Smithville, NY PD, found their loveless lives suddenly thrust together during the worst crime ever to occur in Smithville. Senior Detective Charlotte (Charlie) Nelson doesn’t hesitate to put herself in the line of fire to assist the mortally wounded Patrolman Dave Johnson, who had taken a three-round burst.
Dream Lover by Nico Jaye Dream Lover by Sep. 21, 2018 $0.99 8,070 words Sample 20%
Even though Brady's job as a top attorney is demanding, Chris has learned to cope with the strains of Brady's schedule over the years. A surprise trip to Napa and a surprise announcement from Brady may give Chris what he never knew he could hope for. Previously available as part of the "Cuddling" anthology published by Dreamspinner Press.
Naked Crow 7 - Sacred Arrows by P.Z. Walker Naked Crow 7 - Sacred Arrows by Sep. 20, 2018 $2.99 72,240 words Sample 20%
A mysterious archer goes around, shooting people seemingly at random. Since the arrows clearly have a Native American origin, the police get in touch with Sheila. While this goes on, Josy gets into an occupational tight spot. Sheila is also put in charge of handling a theatre group that wants to perform a play at the Mighty Oaks resort, while she's looking after two special guests.
A Cheat Code by Il'ya Milyukov A Cheat Code by Sep. 20, 2018 Free! 1,120 words Read a sample
A story about some guy who decided that he became invulnerable.
Joy Ellis - Series Reading Order - with Summaries & Checklist by Albie Berk Joy Ellis - Series Reading Order - with Summaries & Checklist by Sep. 20, 2018 $2.99 1,830 words Sample 12%
JOY ELLIS READING LIST WITH SUMMARIES FOR ALL JOY ELLIS NOVELS - Updated 2018 BOOK LIST WITH SUMMARIES AND CHECKLIST - Reader’s Companion for ALL JOY ELLIS FICTION JOY ELLIS Best Reading Order JOY ELLIS Fan? Get the most pleasure out of your reading. Don’t miss a single JOY ELLIS book and read them all in the best order.
Don't Read This Book, Chapter 9 by Benjamin Gorman Don't Read This Book, Chapter 9 by Sep. 20, 2018 Free! 7,700 words Read a sample
Magdalena Wallace is the greatest writer in the world. She just doesn't know it. When three witches inform a thousand year-old necromancer that Mags can write a novel so powerful it can bring an end to human civilization, she's kidnapped and forced to write the book. Rescued, she's on the run with the manuscript - and the fate of humanity - in her backpack, and a lot of monsters hot on her heels.
Instinct and Morality, and other stories By Latoria Nicole by Latoria Nicole Instinct and Morality, and other stories By Latoria Nicole by Sep. 20, 2018 Free! Read a sample
Have you ever regretted not listening to your parents? You knew it was wrong, but you did it anyway. We just don’t live long enough to make every possible mistake, so it’s important that we learn from others. If you’re looking for a compelling read, this will be a one-page burner that you don’t want to miss.
Ten Gravity Tower by Sean Monaghan Ten Gravity Tower by Sep. 20, 2018 $2.99 9,040 words Sample 10%
Famous photographer Claire Mond travels from world to world using an assumed identity. Mostly the strategy works. Claire flies to Brayden to photograph a wedding. Right at the foot of the famed Shilinka Switalla artwork 'Ten Gravity Tower'. Stopped on arrival, though, Claire finds herself answering difficult questions. All of which might hold up her real plans. A Worlds of Shilinka Switalla story.
Choices Reap Consequences by Albert Oon Choices Reap Consequences by Sep. 20, 2018 Free! 7,410 words Read a sample
Be wary of your decisions. People would love it if the solution to all their problems fell into their laps. Ten million dollars fly into the hands of a young boy named Jorge, but what happens later might make him regret it. He loses the people who love him, and his mind constantly forces him to accept his guilt with monsters and psychological challenges that will test him to his breaking point.
The Hanging Man by Joseph Allen The Hanging Man by Sep. 20, 2018 $4.99 103,890 words Sample 15%
Bizarre characters, a gruesome murder, a huge explosion that destroys part of a block– a historical gangster who buried gold treasure under a building to be demolished in Hell’s Kitchen, and a fictional “Mother Theresa” saint buried nearby.
Born Again by Michael Gouda Born Again by Sep. 20, 2018 $2.99 15,490 words Sample 20%
Grant Meadows is in love with Jerome Palmer but there's a problem for Jerome is under the influence of his parents' strict religious sect which prohibits any contact however tenuous with anyone outside the cult. But Jerome is obviously attracted to Grant and shows his willingness to associate with Grant though is afraid of a really close relationship.
High Line by T.A. Chase High Line by Sep. 20, 2018 $5.99 52,240 words Sample 20%
Will giving him the green flag lead to love or heartache? CJ Lamont is at the top of the racing world but his winning record is based on a carefully constructed lie. His world falls apart when his ex-wife reveals the truth. As he hits rock bottom, rescue comes from an unexpected source--Garrett Johnson, Hollywood's hottest leading man.
The Devil's Nightmare by Stephani Hecht The Devil's Nightmare by Sep. 20, 2018 $3.99 26,560 words Sample 10%
Brad isn’t the most conventional of Wardens. He’s a dork in a warrior’s body and has a crush on a vampire. But the vampire, Jonas, wants nothing to do with Brad. Jonas knows Brad is attracted to him, and he returns the feelings. Things are more dangerous than ever for the Wardens. Will Jonas break and give into his attraction? Or is Brad destined for heartbreak?
From My Family to Yours CookBook by Tracy Potter From My Family to Yours CookBook by Sep. 20, 2018 $6.50 6,500 words Sample 2%
Recipes I wish to share with those of you learning to cook for the first time or for those of you who have been cooking for a while.
Ali Sam - Erapa by Steve Howard Ali Sam - Erapa by Sep. 20, 2018 Free! 43,570 words Read a sample
Sally and Billy are life long friends looking for adventures. Their story includes a bit of brutal violence and some uncommon points of view. As my English teacher in college wrote on my final paper (1984): A+. Not quite according to Holye but it was the only laugh I had in all the papers. Hoyle, she told me, was standard. I'm still not writing to Hoyle. The first six chapter are free.
Nine Tails of the Sphinx by Rori O'Keeffe Nine Tails of the Sphinx by Sep. 20, 2018 Free! 1,300 words Read a sample
Told in four flash-fiction parts, this story traces out the life of a woman whose life is scarred and ultimately defined by a single event. Raped in high school and needing an abortion, she sets out in the world and enters the labyrinth that will become her existence. She can accept no man as all men remind her of the rapist, so she takes up with women. Finally, she seeks an ultimate escape. 18+.
Harmony (2018 Edition) by C.O. Amal Harmony (2018 Edition) by Sep. 20, 2018 $2.99 100,790 words Sample 20%
We were blind all this time. A vampire alien race has been among us for a long time. Now, they showed their true color. Their ships rained from the sky, chaining and transporting humans between various dimensions. It’s time to unite and fight back, but our number is limited. Will we win? Only time can tell.
God Seed by Leah Chaffins God Seed by Sep. 20, 2018 $7.99 43,420 words Sample 20%
In the beginning, Adonai and Sophia created all that is. When Sophia falls in love with Lilith, Adonai’s jealousy, and Sophia’s ensuing rage, creates a curse that lasts centuries. When a rogue band of angels attempt to make an army of Nephilim children, the curse comes to a head. Cassandra, Dark Lovely and the child of prophecy, threatens the established balance of power.
Crazy Town by James T. Morrow Crazy Town by Sep. 20, 2018 $2.99 97,510 words Sample 20%
A hilarious chase novel involving Ginger, a young mother, Rusty, her son, and an aging cowboy named Timothy Quigley along with his crazy dog, Bumper—all trying to escape a domineering mother-in-law, a local sheriff, a nasty private detective and maybe even space aliens.
A Tale Of Dreams by Annette Spenner A Tale Of Dreams by Sep. 20, 2018 You set the price! 48,820 words Sample 20%
Mothers stories seemed so real that Cameron often wondered if she had been there. Mother spoke of a magical land far away that was called Dreamland. It was a land of dreams where fairies and elves lived in harmony with nature. Cameron never suspected that tonight, the night of his tenth birthday that he would travel to Dreamland in his dreams. Cameron soon discovers that Dreamland is in danger.
A Tale Of Dreams by Annette Spenner A Tale Of Dreams by Sep. 20, 2018 You set the price! 48,820 words Sample 20%
Mothers stories seemed so real that Cameron often wondered if she had been there. Mother spoke of a magical land far away that was called Dreamland. It was a land of dreams where fairies and elves lived in harmony with nature. Cameron never suspected that tonight, the night of his tenth birthday that he would travel to Dreamland in his dreams. Cameron soon discovers that Dreamland is in danger.
Wirrhaus by Alexander Jay Nelson Wirrhaus by Sep. 20, 2018 $4.99 64,360 words Sample 15%
In the fall of 1994, the island town of Davenport, NY is panic-stricken when an adolescent boy is found dead in the woods, and 16-year-old William Miller discovers a talent for story writing he didn't know he had. But he also has a new passion, a dark secret that no one can know. Except you.
The Angel and The Captain by Kaitlyn K. The Angel and The Captain by Sep. 20, 2018 $4.99 90,110 words Sample 5%
A funny, romantic explicitly naughty full-length about the Captain, an older man, and Angel, a younger woman. They fall in love and marry and do normal things like edit a best-selling book and run for the United States Senate. A warm and funny story about the tenderest love and the rawest lust.
Rise of the Black Dragon by Celesta Thiessen Rise of the Black Dragon by Sep. 20, 2018 Free! 13,310 words Read a sample
This short prequel to DRAGON WARRIOR & THE PRINCESS chronicles the day that changed everything for Princess Aurelia and her world.