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The Sand Snake Saga. Volume 1 Chapter 1

The Nightmares

Published by Julianna Tedder at Smashwords

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Golf 5 awoke with a jolt, his nightmares were getting worse. He was panting and drenched in sweat. It was another nightmare. It was from that awful day. The sound of the whip was still ringing in his ears. Tango 1 sat next to him on the bed and turned on a lamp, a look of concern on her face. He looked at her, his eyes wide. A wave of embarrassment washed over him as he faced the window. The light from the nearby dwarf star poured in through cracks in the curtains.

“Sorry” he said ashamed.

“They’re getting worse” she replied “You were screaming this time.” Golf 5 sat there, silent. There was a knock on the door. Tango got up to answer it. Yankee 7, Sierra 9, Charlie 7, and November 27 had heard the screams and come to investigate.

“It’s alright guys” she said quietly as she opened the door to greet them “Just another nightmare.”

“Sounds like they’re getting worse” Yankee 7 remarked “We heard him on the other side of the station.

“Anything we can do” asked Sierra 9.

“No. But thanks though.” As they turned to leave Tango closed the door and returned her distressed lover.

“I’m sorry” he said quietly.

“Don’t be” she answered.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take” the desperation was heavy in his voice. She sat down next to him on the bed and rested a reassuring hand on his shoulder. His dark purple skin glittered in the lamp light. Old scars peeked their heads out from under his sweat soaked shirt. They were a hideous reminder of a time before she met him, when he was a pet for slave owners to abuse. She turned him to face her. Frustration and helplessness were written all over his face “We’ll figure something out. Don’t worry.”

The next morning Tango 1 went to the Director, the man in charge of the outpost. He was a man of average height, black hair peppered with age, and coal black eyes. He took pride in his appearance as he always dressed in a simple navy blue high-collared button up jacket and dress pants to match and sleek black shoes to match his eyes. His steel colored office was decorated with painting of gardens and wilderness, vases depicting battles, and weapons of various cultures from around the galaxy. His desk sat centered towards the back of the room, with a massive window to his back. The vacuum of space in all its glory stood behind him. Paperwork was stacked neatly on his desk. He was reading a file when Tango 1 entered. He closed the file and rested it on his desk.

“Tango” he smiled in his usual inviting way “What brings you in?”

She stood before him in her usual work clothes; a black t-shirt and matching jeans with a tan trench coat that had its sleeves torn off to reveal her ultra-pale white skin and the snake tattoo that wrapped around her right arm. Steel toed boots accompanied the black leather fingerless gloves to complete the look. The only things missing were her short swords, which since she was off the clock, weren’t needed.

“We need to talk about Golf sir” she answered. His inviting smile faded to show concern.

“The nightmares are getting worse I assume.”

There was no need for her to reply, the look on her face was all the answer he needed. The Director sighed and stroked his bushy mustache.

“He can’t go on like this for much longer sir. Every night he wakes up in a panic. He can hardly close his eyes without falling into a nightmare. He’s so stressed he won’t eat and now he’s started screaming in his sleep. He’s tried sleeping pills, hypnosis, counselling. None of it works.” The Director’s eyes fell on the file he’d been reading.

“There is something we could do” he began “But it is reserved for extreme situations.”

“What is it?”

“Well, it’s called the calcite initiative. It’s a relatively new program designed for rebuilding or repurposing agents who can no longer function in their current state.” He handed Tango 1 the file in front of him. She skimmed the first few pages and looked at him horrified.

“You want to give him a lobotomy” She cried.

“Not exactly” he answered quickly “A lobotomy is only one of many procedures that could be done. Like I said it’s reserved for extreme cases. But if Golf can’t shake these nightmares, then I’ll have no choice but to recommend him for the program.” Tango 1 slammed the file on his desk “That will never happen. I won’t let anyone with the intent of ‘repurposing’ anywhere near him.” She turned to leave “I’ll find some other way.”

“I know you love him Samantha” called the Director as she neared the door. She stopped short of the exit for a moment “But if another solution can’t be found, this might be the best option for him.


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