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Sexual Seduction


1. His lucky day.

Tunde parked the green and white cab in front of the building. The day had not been too great with fares and he had just made about 3000 naira all day. He had found himself driving aimlessly looking for fares during the day which were few and far between. By the time it was evening, the impending rain storm had made him decide there was no point driving around and wasting precious gas. So he headed to his home around 5pm, just before the rush hour traffic on airport road started. Luckily, he got a few passengers heading his way.

At least he could add that to the day’s total fair. He had finished his NYSC about a year ago and couldn’t find a job. After roaming the streets of Abuja for a while, he decided to at least make some money, buya cab while he waited to hear back from the places he submitted his resume. He had talked to his dad back home in Ibadan and with the little savings he had mustered from his meagre Corper’s allowance, his parents had eventually loaned him the money to purchase a neat 2005 Toyota Corolla for him on the agreement that he paid them back in installments. He returned to Abuja with the car and after registering it and respraying it to the proper colors, he found himself an affordable room in Lugbe. By the time he got home, the rain had started falling steadily, though the sun was still peeking out of the clouds at intervals. Tunde smiled as he remembered what his grandfather used to tell him and his siblings when they were younger. Anytime it rains and the sun is still shining, that means a tiger is giving birth. He just laughed and rushed into the building to his room with the day’s fares.

After counting out the money and recording it in his cab book, he put aside some money for next day’s gas and decided to find something to eat. By then the rain had already began to fall harder and he could hear it splashing on the ground outside. After eating the left-over beans he had in the morning, he decided to fill up his buckets with rain water. It would save him the hundred naira he usually spent on mai-ruwas every other morning.

Tunde grabbed his three buckets and headed to the back. To one side of the two story house was an uncompleted twin. The landlord had wanted to hurriedly erect another building for new tenants to rent. That worked a bit until he managed to complete two floors and the roofing before the funds ran out. Word going around was he was considering increasing the rent of the current tenants in order to complete the project, something everyone had been fighting against for the past two months.

Tunde placed his buckets directly under the stream of water cascading from the roof. He watched it fill up for a moment and was about to turn around and head back with it to fill the large water drum he kept in the corner of his bathroom when a slight movement from the uncompleted building caught his gaze. He peered closer through the pouring rain and thought he saw someone through the uncompleted windows. Whoever was there was at the other side of the building, completely away from view of anyone in the compound or outside. He was going to dismiss it when he saw another person through the same window, and this time what he saw made him pause. He quickly dashed across to the building, jumped through an open door, and crept over in the darkness to be sure what he thought he had seen was actually what he saw.

Running around there in the rain were about five girls. They screamed, yelled, and played as the water from the sky washed over them. It wasn't the fact that he knew them and they were playing in the rain; what made him gape at them was they were playing in the rain NÁKED . A couple of them he knew from the area. There was Rukky, Tolani, and Blessing. The other two he didn’t know their names but he had seen them around. Rukky and particularly Blessing taxed him every now and then, demanding he buy them credit, ice-cream or something else. He always laughed and viewed them as children sucking up to an older brother.

Today, his view of them was totally different.He watched for a while as they danced and chased each other in the rain. Their youthful bodies twisted and turned and Tunde felt his dìck begin to grow hard. He knew he shouldn't be spying on such obviously young girls, the oldest among them barely 18, but the sight of their young wet bodies woke up the desire in him. It had been a while since he had sex and he was totally backed up in the trouser department. All of a sudden, a huge and muscular guy who he later recognized as one of the barbers in the neighborhood appeared from around the corner. He was totally naked too and his anaconda of a dìck protruded in front of him as he made a beeline for the girls. He managed to grab the one called Rukky, but she twisted and turned and escaped his grip. The girls scattered in all directions, raining curses and insults at him. He looked around frustrated, his dìck pointing like a huge mast and waving in the air. He sadly returned to where he had appeared from. After a while the girls came back and regrouped. They laughed and insulted the unfortunate guy who was peering cautiously around the wall. One of the girls who Tunde didn’t know her name moved a few feet forward, shaking her breasts at him and daring him to come out again. He didn’t respond and disappeared again. The girls all laughed again and returned to their play. At that moment, the guy came out again and ran towards them. The girls saw him coming and bolted. Unfortunately, the one who had moved aside to taunt him with her body wasn’t quick enough. In one quick moment just as the other girls scattered, the huge dude had grabbed her. He swept her body off her feet and carried her screaming and struggling towards the building. Tunde had to duck behind a dark wall as the guy carried the screaming and naked girl by just a few feet away from him. He watched as he dropped her in a dark corner. Thinking the girl was about to be ráped, he was just about to yell out at him to leave her alone when he noticed the girl was giggling and not putting up much of a protest. Tunde watched in amazement as she sank to her knees in front of him and wrapped her small hands around his shaft. She gave it a few deft strokes and caresses before planting a few kisses on it. Anaconda groaned as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the cap. She looked up at him as she began to bobble her head, sucking hard on his elongated shaft while cupping and squeezing his balls in her hand.

Anaconda effortlessly lifted her from the bare ground and turned her upside down in his arms. Her hairy pussy was now within reach and he placed his mouth over her crevices and began lapping away like a thirsty dog. Tunde heard the girl's muffled moan and she shoved his turgid manhood into her mouth. They both sucked each other for a long while until she started squirming. Her thighs clenched tightly around his head as she climaxed. At the same time he saw him clench. The girl squirmed as he grunted and unloaded his massive amount of cum down her throat.

Turning her until she was upright again, Anaconda carried her towards a dusty table. With one sweep of his powerful arm he swept the tools to the floor and lowered the girl face down on the table. He raised one of her legs up onto the table and grabbed her hips. Spitting on his still hard dìck, he stroked her slit before effortlessly slipping into her. The sound of the heavy rain beating down with reckless abandon drowned the animalistic moans and groans of passion they both made as he slammed into her.

Tunde finally dragged his eyes away from them and moved back to his previous spot. By this time the other four girls had regrouped. They were totally oblivious to the plight of their friend and were giggling as they played and bathed in the rain. The sight of such young wet flesh made his already hard dìck even harder. He thought of the other thing going on a couple of feet away. Surely he could also be lucky, could he? He looked down at his dìck which by now was already bulging out of his boxers, throbbing and pulsing with his heartbeats. He looked back at the girls again and made up his mind. He eyed the one called Blessing. Blessing happened to be the daughter of the woman who sold food in the small canteen in front of their compound. He knew she was in her final year in secondary school and was even attempting her WAEC exams the second time. She was a very nice girl and always greeted him in the mornings when he was washing his cab on her way to school with her younger ones. Her family occupied a few of the rooms on the floor above his in the self-contained building. Her father was a school teacher and spent most of his evenings either barking at his wife or locked inside one of their rooms marking scripts or making notes.

Right now, she didn’t look like the young 17 year-old school girl he saw going to school every morning. He stared at her and took her features in. Young, firm breásts that were not too large and not too small as they bounced as she moved; long, smooth legs which flowed from her nice hips; a well-rounded ass which shook as she rotated her hips. Blessing bent over to either pick something she had dropped or scratch her shin, and the sight of her protruding ass and pouting pussy lips made his mind up for him. Without thinking much, Tunde dashed into the rain towards her. The girls scattered again, fleeing in all directions and screeching at the top of their voices. Blessing saw him heading towards her and turned to run away. Before she could take a single step he had grabbed her around her waist. Screaming in horror, she struggled in his grip as he half-carried, half- dragged her towards the uncompleted building. His dìck protruding from his boxers poked her round ass as he dragged her away. Shouting at the top of her lungs, he managed to pull her into the building.

“Okay broda Tunde!!! Wait!!! Wait!!! Put me down!!!” Blessing laughed when she realized who had grabbed her. Tunde released her and she smiled and giggled as her eyes fell on his erect rod. She moved closer to him and caressed it with her fingers. Her touch was electric. The hard tips of her breasts lightly grazed his body; her fingertips lightly scratched underneath his dìck just below the head and she ran them along the bottom of the shaft, caressing it gently. Her lips curled into a half smile as she made a loose ring with her thumb and fingers and ran it up and down the length, giving it a few gentle full-handed pumps that sent waves of pleasure through his body.

“Follow me.” She commanded. She turned around and ran slowly into the building. Tunde followed her close behind. The sight of her wobbling ass as she ran naked in front of him almost made him shoot his load right there. She led him past the dark corner where Anaconda and his girl were. She was already sitting upright on the table and Anaconda was stroking himself hard, shooting his load all over her stomach. They hardly heard them both as they ran by.

Blessing led him to the end of the long corridor and up a flight of stairs. They reached the second floor and he followed her to one of the rooms where to his surprise a small mattress and blanket lay in a corner. A small table and chair with some books leaned against the wall. She immediately fell on the bed and covered her naked body with the blanket. Tunde wasted no time in discarding his wet clothes and slipped under the blanket with her.

She immediately rolled onto him and grabbed his dìck, giving it several hard strokes that made him moan.

“You’re releasing Brodaa Tunde.” Blessing smiled at him. True to her words, they both looked down and noticed the shiny streaks of pre-cum on his belly as she stroked him gingerly. Right now, as Blessing stroked him, he realized how much he had missed the feeling of a woman in his arms.“Oh Blessing…” he began to say, but she shut him up with a finger to his lips before she disappeared under the blanket. Tunde almost blew his wad and his toes curled when he felt her moist lips wrap around his dìck, her tongue slobbering all over it.

Her head started moving up and down under the blanket as she sucked him, eagerly swallowing his leaking fluid. Tunde moaned again and peered under the blanket at her. Blessing caught him and she immediately pulled the blanket back down. She alternated sucking and stroking him, her saliva mixed with his pre-cum coating her chin. Just as he felt he couldn’t take it anymore, she released his dìck from her mouth and crawled up his body. Tunde immediately grabbed her head and placed a sloppy kiss over her mouth, hungrily lapping up the saliva that had drooled all over her chin. She returned the kiss with equal fervor, her hand still pumping his rooster. She chewed and sucked savagely on his nipple, and Tunde could not take it anymore. With one quick movement he turned her over and pushed her on her back. Her fingers furiously rubbed her wet pussy and her eyes glazed over. He didn’t need any soothsayer to tell him what she wanted and he grabbed his dìck and caressed it a few times. He stroked the head against her swollen slit and she moaned out loud as her lips slowly parted. He leaned forward and she yelped as he buried himself into her. Tunde almost cummed again as her tight cunt muscles gripped him. He began to move himself up and down and as Blessing's eyes grew wider and her moans louder, her fingers worked her clìt, her firm breasts jiggling as he pounded her recklessly. He knew he wasn’t going to last long at this rate so he tried to slow down, but Blessing was not having any of that - she wrapped her strong thighs and long legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her.

“I-I’m going to release if you do that” he blabbed as she began to rock and grind against him.

“Yes I want you to release…do it inside me.” She hoarsed back at him. She rocked her body faster against him but Tunde had other ideas. With all his willpower he managed to prevent himself from shooting his load deep into her. He extracted his dìck from inside her and spread her thighs apart, revealing her gaping and swollen lips to him.

“Not yet…I don’t want to release yet. It’s your turn.” he said.

“Then what do you want…ohhh uhnnn!!!!” Blessing moaned mid-sentence as he lowered his mouth to her cunt. Jolts of intense pleasure shot through every pore of her body and send her into a frenzy as he licked then sucked on her clìt. Her hands gripped the mattress as she felt herself peaking.

Tunde only intensified his efforts and soon he was rewarded with a spasm of her legs and her juices gushing into his face. He swallowed the sticky salty flavor of her scent and lapped at her clìt again, sending another round of bliss through her immediately.

“Oooh broaaa Tunde, I will die!!!!!! I will die oooh!!!” She shouted. Blessing howled and jerked and her body shook from the pleasure she was receiving. She lightly pounded her fists on the mattress and gasped, totally spent and out of breath.

Tunde waited for her to come down from her orgasmic peak before he turned her on her stomach and placed a pillow under her hips. Her ass and pussy were now presented to him fully. By this time he had managed to get some sort of control over his brewing balls and tingling dìck, but he knew he wasn’t going to last long. He kissed her butt and rubbed his leaking head against her swollen cunt lips. He straddled her thighs and slapped her round ass with his man-meat. Blessing giggled and shook her ass to the spanking she received. He probed her cunt again and slowly impaled her one more time. Trying so hard to control his urge to cum, he slammed into her hard and fast. Her moans were getting louder and louder in spite of the heavy downpour hammering on the roof and he pulled her head up and covered her mouth with his in a long sloppy kiss.

She began to tremble and tense up as another orgasm began to course through her body. She screamed and groaned as it finally hit her. Her muscles gripped him in a vice as they contracted in her passion. Tunde couldn’t hold on anymore after that and with one, two, and three more powerful thrusts of his hips, he began to cum. He managed to pull out of her just as the first few shots began. Moaning loudly, he yanked himself as a couple of substantial shots jetted out of him and landed on her back and all over her ass. He gave her five solid shots before the sensations began to ease. He managed to milk himself of two more substantial jets which dripped over her already covered derrière. He finally collapsed on top of her, gasping for air and basking in the afterglow of his intense eruption.


Tunde slowly opened his eyes. He looked around, wondering where he was. The rain had stopped and he began to notice the faint light of dawn. As the events of yesterday came back to him, he looked down at his body and noticed he was still naked. Blessing had disappeared sometimes in the night. He remembered them both cuddling after their intense marathon and later he had dozed off. He couldn't believe he had slept through the whole night. He quickly got up and found his clothes where he had dropped them the evening before. As he finally dressed up, he inhaled the scent of freshly washed leaves in the air. He felt a little bit weak from the stress of the cab driving and the mad sex he and Blessing had, but it was worth it.

He tiptoed out of the uncompleted building and went back to his room to get ready for the day’s work.

Later that morning, as he was cleaning up the cab before heading out for the day, he saw Blessing and a few of the other girls in their uniforms heading for school. They were all laughing and smiling and Tunde’s gaze met hers. Her mother was just a few feet away where she was attending to hungry patrons, so she couldn’t approach him and she just averted her eyes. They all walked by his cab and he saw discreetly her toss something through the window of his cab when no one else was looking. Their eyes met again and this time she gave him a knowing smile and nod before heading off with the rest of her group. Tunde looked over at her mum. She hadn’t noticed anything. He quickly reached into the cab and picked up what he realized was a folded note where it had landed on the passenger seat.


I really enjoyed myself yesterday. You did things to me I’ve never experienced in my life. I hope this is the beginning of new things. See you later. XOXO


Tunde smiled. It was really too risky, he thought. He would have to be careful if he was going to keep seeing this young girl. He folded the note into his pocket, got behind the wheel, and pulled the car onto the road to start the day’s business.

2. Neighbourly Help.

It had been a long week for me. work had been quite hectic and my boss had insisted I take an early weekend. He had said goodbye to me after Jumat at the grand National Mosque and zoomed off in his sleek Honda. I decided to just relax for the rest of the day so I headed home and chill indoors. I took a long deserved nap and around six that evening, parked myself in front of my TV after a refreshing shower. I fired up my game console and was in the battle with Crying Wolf, just about lobbing the last grenade at her robotic self when my phone rang. Pausing the game, I picked the phone up. “Banke cute Neighbor” flashed back at me.

The first time I met her, I knew I had seen her pretty face somewhere before, but it was much later that I remembered who she actually was. A lady in her mid to late twenties, Banke Opadokun had been featured in Business Week magazine as number twelve in “Top 30 prospects under 30” at the end of last year. She was the deputy-head of Mergers & Acquisitions in one of the top law firms in Abuja, the firm that handled my company’s recent merger. Banke had been one of the lawyers who had made that happen.

She oozed pure class and style, wore expensively tailored suits from Ann Taylors, jewelry from Tiffany, and carried bags from Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. A lady who drove the latest Toyota RAV4 model and who rolled with the “who’s-who” of Abuja.

I sighed. Knowing the class of girl she was, I quite figured it wasn’t wise for me to imagine having anything with her. For one, she was way out of my league. What would she want from a low-life like me? That caliber of girl was a no-go area. Besides, I didn’t feel like getting into trouble with one Senator or equally highly-placed executive somewhere who had claims over her and could call in his connections to destroy me.

One thing though, she was a very friendly neighbor. She was always happy and willing to chat anytime we ran into each other and she had invited me to her well furnished apartment once or twice for a drink. She stayed in the apartment right above mine with her maid and seven-month old son. I think it was her young age or my imagination, but she did seem quite flirty with me. I didn’t want to push it, considering the baby pointed to a man in her life. We did exchange calls once in a while, and just gisted about regular stuff.

I hit the receive button and pressed the phone to my ear. “Hey Banke. Good evening.”

Good evening Femi. Are…are you home?”

Something in her voice caught my attention. “Yes, I’m home. Are you okay?”

Can you come to my apartment? I...I need help and I didn’t know who else to call. Please come quickly!”

I placed the gamepad down. “Okay, I’ll be there in a few moments.” I didn’t expect to spend too much time there, so I slid into only a pair of basketball shorts and didn’t bother putting on a shirt over the singlet I had on. I walked up the short flight of stairs to the third floor and knocked on her door. I think she must have been waiting there for me because not a second passed before she opened the door.The first thing that caught my attention was her soaked shirt. I forgot to mention it, but for a somewhat slim lady, Banke was rather very busty and curvy. Her boóbs were the size of cantaloupes, and they only seemed bigger since she had a kid whom I assumed was still breastfeeding.

At that moment, I could only just stare at her chest and piercing nípples which were outlined by the wetness of her t-shirt. I quickly took my eyes off her protruding udders and looked at her face, where I found another surprise. She had been crying.

Banke, what’s wrong?” I asked.

M-my boobs hurt!!” she moaned as she gripped my hands.

I was thrown aback by her response, but another look at her face put that out of my mind. She was clearly in pain.

I…I’m so sorry,” I managed to say as a fresh set of tears streamed down her pretty face.

I had to take Damien and Bose to my mum’s because I have a proposal to finish up before Monday and I didn’t want to stay at office,” she bawled. I led her into her sitting room and sat her down on her plush sofa. “I thought I would be able to handle him not being around for a few hours or till tomorrow evening, but my boobs are so engorged and they ache like hell!!!”

Have you tried extracting some of the milk to reduce the pressure?”

I can’t!!! They are so painful!!! I can’t even touch them!!”

Before I could let that sink in, she had lifted her shirt. Maybe it was the pain she was feeling that wasn’t making her think straight, but I didn’t expect her to show me her boóbs. I stared in awe. If we were in a cartoon world, her boobs would have been very red and shiny. They definitely looked painful. The veins were clearly visible on her light skin, and milk dripped from her nípples onto her laps.

S-so what do we do about this now?” I asked.

I don’t know!! That’s why I asked you to come. I need you to do help me to take this pain away!!” She sobbed.

I sighed. There was only one way to help her. “The only thing I can do to help is…squeeze your… reduce the engorgement by squeezing out some of the milk, since Damien is not here.”

“I’ll do anything, to relieve the pain,” she sniffed.

So where do you want to do this? You need to lie down if we’re gonna do anything,” I asked as I tried to take my mind off the boner that had begun to grow in my loose shorts.

Let’s go to my room.” she replied. She stood up and I followed her into her bedroom.


We need some towels.” I remarked after I had been impressed by the opulence of her bedroom.

She pointed to her closet. “Top shelf.”

I went over and pulled out a couple of white towels. I folded and lay them on the bed where I envisioned her chest would be. She slowly pulled her soaked t-shirt over her head, whimpering with every movement she made. My eyes never left her chest.

They definitely look heavy and painful,” I remarked.

“You have no idea,” she replied with a sniff.

I motioned her to the bed, and she carefully lay on the towels I had spread.

Ow!” she whimpered as her bréasts bumped into each other.

Sorry," I comforted her.

Now that she was lying on her back, her heavy and swollen boobs looked like large water balloons. I tried to control my now raging boner and focus on the task at hand. I knelt down beside her.

This may hurt for a moment or so, but it will get better,” I told her.

She nodded slowly, her eyes seeking comfort in mine.

Just relax and try and take your mind off the pain. I’m pretty sure it is mostly discomfort.”

You think? I’m not joking how painful...” she began to say, but I placed a gentle finger on her soft, pink lips.

Shhhh, don’t say anything,” I said, and Banke went silent.

Rubbed my palms together and placed them on her breasts. They were definitely hot to the touch - I took one in both hands and squeezed gently. Banke whimpered and her eyes teared up afresh.

“It’s okay dear,” I kept assuring her.

“Y-you don’t know how I feel,” she sobbed.

“The pain will go away soon.” I cooed.

You promise?” she asked, tears streaking down her cheek.

I leaned down and kissed her forehead. “I promise.”

Kneading gently, my fingers dug into the swollen flesh. She cried softly as I pressed around her aureolas and watched as the whitish milk gushed out of her nípples. She kept whimpering, but I kept comforting her. I must have pressed too hard at one point because a large spray shot from her nipple and hit me straight on my lips while I was consoling her. In spite of her pain, she did manage to laugh.

That would teach you to be careful,” she smiled at me for the first time since I got there.

I mumbled something in response. Some of the milk had found its way into my mouth and I couldn’t help but taste the sweetness of it. For the next couple of minutes, I massaged her, gently squeezing the excess milk out of her breasts and watching it flow down her sides. The towels were soon soaked with so much liquid.

Do you feel better now?” I asked.

Yes,” she responded, looking up at my face with large, doe eyes, “the pain has reduced greatly, but my nípples are sore.”

Well, I’ve gotten most of the milk out. It was mostly too much pressure because they were very engorged.”

Yeah. Thank you.”

Do you have anything I can use on your nípples? Maybe some oil or cool lotion? That may soothe the tenderness a bit.”

She paused. “I…I do have Damien’s baby lotion, b- but…”

But what?” I asked when she didn’t continue. Banke looked away in sudden embarrassment.

“What is it, beautiful?” I asked her.

I saw her blush. “Don’t call me that!!” she whined.

“Sorry. What did you want to say?”

I…I can’t say it Femi. It’s just a crazy thought that crossed my mind.”

Go ahead. There’s nothing new under the sun. I’ve heard my share of crazy stuff.”

No, Femi, it’s too embarrassing!”

I promise not to laugh. Besides its just you and I here.”

Pouting like a little girl, she succumbed. “I…I was told a man’s…sperm…can help to reduce the soreness.”

I stifled a loud laugh. “Where did you hear that from?”

“I knew you would laugh!!” she pouted.

I’m sorry girl. I just didn’t expect that. Where did you hear that from?”

From my close friends. Is it true? They swear by it.”

Well, I really don’t know. No one has asked me such so I wouldn’t really know.”

Silence. “Can…can you help me…try…I mean…?” She stammered shyly.

I paused. Here was a girl asking me to cum all over her breasts all in the name of one myth that semen healed sore nípples. And not just any girl. This was Banke Opadokun we’re talking about. I looked into those large puppy eyes staring up at me like a little girl asking for the last piece of candy in the jar.

Can you? Please?” She asked again, her hand lifting up from her side and resting against my hip.

I…guess I can.” I responded. I had managed to control my raging rod to this time, but with the sudden request, it reared with new vigor. “I don’t want you to feel…”

No, I should be the one hoping you don’t feel weirded out by it,” she replied coyly, eyeing the bulge in my basketball shorts, “just this once, please? I promise I won’t ask you again.”

I shrugged. “How do you want me to do this? Do you want me to stand over you and jerk myself off?”

No. Just move up as you are a bit. I’ll do the rest.”

I pulled my shorts and then boxers down over my elongated shaft. It sprang from its confinements and greeted her with a few pulsing nods.

Wow!” she muttered, clearly impressed. Her fingers wrapped tightly around the shaft, and she began to stroke it back and forth, poising it over her breasts. Her hands were wet from the milk that had been soaked by the towels she lay on, so there was no need for any added lubrication. She gasped as she rubbed my pre-cum over her nípples, and I tried hard to suppress a loud moan that threatened to escape from my lips. She was loving it as much as I did, almost anyway. Her earlier whimpers had turned to short gasps and her eyes had glazed over. I could swear I noticed her crotch was damp, her tight bum shorts outlining her pussy. She kept stroking me, speeding up the pace and milking the precūm onto her nípples.

I helped her rub the slimy secretions all over her areolas. Her hands kept going back and forth, back and forth; squeezing my díck and coaxing more pre-cum out which she carefully leaked onto her nípples.

I could feel I was getting close. “You’ll soon make me cum,” I breathed.

Banke stroked harder. She made sure my manhood was pointed straight at her boobs. It didn't take long, and after a few twists of her hand, I moaned and erupted.

I’m cumming,” I announced as I finally let go. She carefully aimed my shaft as I squirted all over her breasts. It streaked across her breasts, covered her nípples and running into the valley in-between her mounds. Some ran down her sides and pooled on the soaked towels. She gladly milked the rest until my rooster stopped spewing.

Her chest looked like someone had poured a cup of thick cream over her. Her breasts were coated generously. She smiled up at me, her fingers still holding on to my softening díck.

Do you…err…want me to rub it in?” I asked her sheepishly.

Yes, please,” she said eagerly.

I smiled, and I massaged the cum into them, focusing primarily on her pointy nípples.

"Be still for a while, don't move at all. Let the cum stay like that for a while."

Yes, doctor,” she said playfully, then moaned. "MMMmm... ooohhhh." It wasn't hard to see that she was horny as hell. I guess she got really turned on from me spewing my cum all over them. From my point of view, I could see how much had run down her sides, and I made sure I scooped it up and rubbed it generously over her mounds.

Just lay down there and let your skin absorb it. I’m sure you’ll be okay.” I said.

She opened her eyes and looked at me seductively as I stood up and pulled my shorts back on. “Are you leaving me?” she pouted.

No, I’m not going yet. I have to make sure you’re okay.”

Thank you so much Femi,” she said, her eyes as clear as glass.


Later that night, when I was sane enough to think of what went on earlier, I received a text from Banke. I picked the phone up where it lay beside me on the bed. I hadn’t been able to sleep, and from the odd time the text came in (around one in the morning), I guess she hadn’t been able to either.


Thank you so much for today Femi. I really, really appreciate you helping me. The pain has greatly reduced. And my nipples are less sore. I hope to make it up to you sometimes. If you want me to do anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.” ‘Banke.

3. A Drive to Remember

It was a hot and sunny afternoon. I was coasting down the highway in my official car. I had a professional conference to attend in Ibadan and had taken the day off in order to travel down. My initial plan was to go by air but at the last moment the airline sent me an email that the flight would not be available anymore and had offered a later date. I had cursed the agent on the phone and demanded a refund of the fare. There was no way I could book another flight in time for the conference at such short notice, so here I was making the 8-hours drive. Fortunately I had a mixed collection of jams to keep me company.

I had left Kaduna quite early. The road was smooth sailing and I maintained a good speed till I passed Okene. There, the roads became quite bumpy and full of potholes. Thank God I could see them clearly and take the necessary steps to avoid them. I got to Akure by eleven. I was making great time and by my estimate should arrive Ibadan in about two to three hours. As I took a blind bend I was flagged down by a man in black. I slowed down and eventually stopped, wound down my side window and smiled at the man, who turned out to be a policeman. The man had a stern look on his face.

Clear well and bring your particulars.” He barked at me. I pulled off the road, switched off the engine, reached into my glove compartment and brought out the vehicle papers. I handed the documents to the him.

He flipped through them nonchalantly. “Open your bonnet!” he ordered. I complied with his directive. He checked (or I think he did) the engine number and chassis number. Everything appeared to be in order.

Open your booth,” he commanded again. I sighed and obeyed without a word. He eyed my bag.

What’s in that bag?” he asked.

Personal effects.” I replied.

Open the bag.” I leaned in, unzipped the bag and held it wide open for him to check. He peeped inside and said I should close it, which I did and slammed the booth shut.

Where is the shipping document of this car?” He asked. I told him it was a company car and the document he had were the ones the company put in the car.

If you want any more documents, you need to ask the company for them,” I said. At this point I was beginning to get upset with this unnecessary delay.

His next statement had me baffled.

You will have to park the vehicle and go bring the papers before we can release you.”

I thought he was joking so I laughed. “You must be kidding,” I said.

He looked at me sternly. “If you cannot provide the papers I asked for, I will treat this as a stolen vehicle and I am going to impound it. Give me the keys.”

At this point I totally lost my cool. “The Inspector General had listed the document motorist need to carry with them at all time and I have provided these so you have no right at all to detain me or my car!” I fumed at him.

You wan claim right abi and teach me my job eh?” He asked. He turned and marched to one of his colleagues with my papers in hand. I walked after him.

The colleague was a woman. She asked what the problem was. I explained everything to her. After speaking with the man, she pulled me aside.

Just cooperate, be on your way. You don’t need to be quoting and blowing English for us na.” She said. I knew she was asking for money, but I refused to budge. The policeman who stopped me turned to me.

You this man, you think say you sabi book well well. We go show you pepper today.” He remarked.

At this point I was beyond caring and was fuming. I demanded to see their Oga and the lady police officer took me to the patrol vehicle to see the Inspector leading the team. I explained everything to him.

Just bring ten thousand naira and be on your way.” He remarked nonchalantly.

For what?” I responded. “Do you think I have that kind of money on me?”

The man looked me in the eye for a long time. He then turned to the police woman. “Take him to the station and impound his car.” He ordered.

Let’s go jare,” I replied in anger. “my company lawyers will petition the IG and I would make sure all of you are relieved from your duties.”

Oga, lets go,” the young policewoman said.

We went back to my car and she climbed into the passenger seat. We took off and about ten minutes of silence later, she pointed to a side road.

Turn here,” she ordered.

Thinking we were on the path to their station, I turned off as instructed. It was an untarred and quite bumpy road. I became apprehensive as we drove on. I asked her where we were going.

“Keep quiet and drive.” She replied.

I stepped on the brakes and the car came to a jolting halt.

I’m not moving an inch until you tell me where you are taking me.” I retorted.

She immediately pulled out her service pistol and pointed it at my face.

Bros,” she began with a cool, calm voice that scared the Be-Jesus out of me, “why are you so stubborn eh? Young man like you wey suppose know wetin dey and cooperate dey talk big grammar.”

At this point all the anger disappeared from my body. I raised up my hands in fright.

Please don’t shoot. I-I-I will cooperate.” I stammered, my eyes staring down the cold, grey barrel of the pistol.

It’s too late for that,” she waved the gun in my face. “Drive.”

I released the brakes and continued driving. I already was sweating profusely and thinking of what I could do to get out of this wahala. I offered to give her twenty thousand naira.

It’s too late my friend,” she said, her stone cold eyes piercing mine, “you should have done so when you had the opportunity.”

We soon got to the end of the road which dipped into a small clearing. A large oak tree stood in the middle. At this point I knew I was a goner. It would be days before anyone would locate my body in this remote area. I was convinced that she was going to kill me.

She barked for me to switch off the engine which I did, and she stretched out her hand to collect the keys. My fingers shook as I handed them over.

“Step down from the car.” She commanded.

As I came down and she threw a pair of handcuffs

at me. “Put that on one hand.”

I clipped it around my left wrist. She then directed me to the tree with the gun nuzzle.

P-please, don’t kill me, I promise I will do anything you say.” I pleaded with her again, but she just told me to shut up. She instructed me to clip the other end of the cuff around a branch which was just above my head. She came closer and put another handcuff on my other hand and clipped it around the branch as well. I stood there with my hands handcuffed above my head. She pressed the gun against my head. Tears started flowing down my face and I begged her and said I would give her anything she wants. She traced the gun down my chest, pass my navel and pointed it at my díck. I closed my eyes and said my last prayer.

Anything?” I heard her repeat.

I nodded. She forcefully yanked my shirt open and the buttons flew off in different directions. She placed the gun nuzzle against my bare chest and traced circles around it.

Hmmm, nice chest,” she remarked. She traced my díck with the gun and eventually unbuckled my belt, unclipped and unzipped my trouser before letting it fall to the ground. She slipped the gun into the waist line of my boxers and pulled it off, making it join my trousers at my feet. She then ran the cold barrel of the gun along the length of my shaft. At this point my heart was beating fast. Before I could figure out what was happening, she knelt in front of me, dropped the gun, grabbed my length and fed it into her mouth. Despite my predicament, it didn’t need much stimulation and it rose quickly. I tried to will it down but for where, it didn’t care. I looked down and her eyes were closed, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked me. She was doing a very good job and inspite of my situation I heard a moan escape from my mouth. She stood up and looked at me with lustful eyes. She proceeded to remove her police uniform. She had a well toned body, probably due to the years of rigorous exercising; her boobs were quite small. Her stomach was flat, she had a small patch of hair around her groin, and straight and slightly muscular legs. She walked over to me, wrapped one hand around my back and sucked my nípples, while the other hand slid down my stomach to stroke me again.

She left my nípples and tried to kiss me but I turned my face away. “You better cooperate,” she barked and slapped me. She held my face with her two hands and kissed me on the lips. I kept my lips tightly shut as she tried to stick her tongue into my mouth, but she bit my lips and I was forced to opened them. She moaned loud as she sucked my tongue. As all this was going on, she wrapped her two hands around my neck, hopped up into the air and wrapped her legs around my waist. She dropped a hand in between us, grabbed my díck and positioned it at her entrance. I pleaded to her not to, but she dug her ankle into my ass and pulled me against her. I felt myself slide effortlessly into her. She let out a moan and started rocking me.

I could feel the tension against my handcuffed hands from the combination of her weight and her movements. There was very little I could do but to hang on and pray she would be done quickly. I tried to focus my mind on something else as I didn’t want to give her the pleasure of her making me cum. She rocked me for a while until she froze and held me tight. I felt her muscles clamp hard around my shaft and I forced all of my will power to resist myself from cumming.

When she was through she came down and noticed I was still erect. She smiled happily, an impressed “wow” coming from her lips. She went on her knees and started sucking me off again. After a few minutes she stood up and turned around, grabbed my díck and fed it into her. When I was fully inside, she bent over and held her shins and backed into me. I tried to move back but she followed me until I couldn’t move anymore. She started thrusting backwards, strong moans escaping her throat.

A few moments later she cried out and stopped moving. I felt her muscles clamp again and this time I lost. I pumped my groin very hard until I came, groaning and jerking against her as I released a large load into her. She squeezed me hard, moaning out loud each time I squirted into her until I was spent. My body sagged and if not for my hands being handcuffed to the branch, I would have collapsed to the ground.

After a few moments, she stood to her feet. “That was good,” she said and she gripped my softening díck. She picked up her uniform where she had laid it and pulled out a white handkerchief, which she used to clean up the semen sliding out of her. She then proceeded to put her clothes back on.

What are you going to do to me now?” I asked as I eyed the gun she had picked up.

“Oh, nothing,” she replied as she holstered it.

Just take me back to my post. You are very lucky to have changed my mind.” She pulled out a key from her pocket and released my wrists from the handcuffs. I pulled up my boxers and trousers and she followed me back to the car. I had to retrieve a fresh shirt from my bag in the trunk.

Where is the twenty thousand you offered?” she asked as we got into the car. I looked at her and her eyes were serious. I sighed, reached into the glove compartment in front of her, and pulled out an envelope. She watched closely as I counted out twenty crisp Clement Isong's and handed them to her. She smiled as she took the money.

So upon all your yanga and big big English, you still had this money you could have just given us with no wahala. You these young men sef.”

I didn’t utter a word as we drove back to her colleagues. She told me to park and follow her. We walked to where her inspector sat in the patrol vehicle.

I thought I told you to detain this man and his vehicle, young woman. What is he still doing here?” the man demanded.

Oga, the man don gree. I don talk to am to see reason.”

Okay. Wetin he come do?”

E don give me the ten thousand naira you ask am to bring.”

I stood dumbfounded as I watched her hand half of the money to her boss. The man counted the cash, before splitting it into two and handing half of it over to her.

Make sure Etim gets his own share.” He commanded her. “Oga, have your papers.”

The policewoman gave me a small wink as her boss handed my papers back to me. I just trudged back to my car, got in, and resumed my journey. It had been a long hectic week. After the conference in Ibadan, my boss had called me and told me to head to Lagos for another important meeting, and that he’ll meet me there. I hadn’t forgotten the experience I had in "A drive to remember” , so in order to avoid any other stories that break the heart, I asked him to kindly inform the car pool office to send me every document pertaining the car I drove before I left. I barely escaped with my life the last time out. I made a mental note to visit the clinic to run some tests once I got back to Kaduna.

The meeting ended up being a tough negotiation, was quite brain wracking as the other company was also a big player and knew their worth. We eventually settled on terms each could live with and concluded amicably. My boss insisted rather than drive all the way back to Kaduna, I purchase a ticket and fly back. We would get someone to bring the car back. He told me to add the cost of the ticket to my expense account along with the twenty thousand naira I had parted with during my encounter with the crooked cops (I had told him about the incident, but didn’t mention the part with the police girl though). I was due to fly back on Sunday morning as most flights for Saturday were booked. I didn’t want to waste the rest of my Saturday sitting in the hotel, so I called Bisi, an old colleague of mine.

Bisi and I used to work for the law firm I had joined straight out of law school. We were usually assigned to the same cases and files, and we developed a close but platonic relationship. We flirted with each other quite a lot, but in a more of a brother-sister way. I definitely tried my luck with her, but she really only saw me as a friend, and I respected that.

I told her I was in town and would like to see her before I left the next day. She agreed and suggested a nice club. I gave her the name and location of my hotel and she said she’d pick me up at eight that evening.

At around eight-thirty, she called, stating she was around. After two years, there she was in all her beauty and glory. She welcomed me with a friendly hug and I kissed her on the cheek. She then turned and introduced her friend who I just noticed was standing there.

They were both looking very hot. Bisi was wearing a mini skirt and a tight top. Her friend Eliza wasn’t looking bad as well as she had one a baby-blue halter dress that hung to mid-thigh. Her bare back pointed to the fact that she wore no bra and she had great legs. Looking at her made my mind run riot.

Bisi asked me where I wanted to go and I told her it was her town so she should decide. All the while we were walking towards her car, I paused as we got to it and turned to her. She smiled knowing what was going through my mind. Her car was a two door Mercedes SLK coupe with only two seats.

"Don't worry,” she said, “you can lap her. She won’t mind.”

I turned to Eliza and she gave me a nonchalant shrug. Bisi opened the door and got into the driver seat while I sat on the passenger seat. Eliza climbed in and sat on my laps. She was too tall to seat upright so she sprawled diagonally across my lap. She leaned into me and I couldn’t help but have a fantastic view of her round títs. Her dress had ridden up around her waist to reveal the bottom of her thong planted firmly over my crotch.

Inspite of the uncomfortable and awkward situation, I got an instant hard-on and there was nothing I could do about it. As we took off Bisi announced that she had to stop over at a petrol station. She turned into the next available one which had a supermarket and told the attendant to fill up while she ran off into the store. Immediately she was out of range, Eliza turned to me and wiggled her ass into my crotch.

It sure is lumpy here,” she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

All I could say was yes. Surprisingly, she rearranged herself on my laps and reached between her legs to stroke my hardness. She moaned as she squeezed it through my tight jeans.

Before I could respond, she lifted her ass slightly, unzipped my fly, reached inside and pulled out my díck and started stroking. I looked around to be sure the attendant wasn’t aware but it seemed he hadn’t noticed anything.

A few moments later Bisi came out of the store with two bottles of wine. Eliza quickly raised her hips, moved her panties to one side and sat squarely down so that every inch of my díck slid into her warm tightness. She was so wet that it was absolutely effortless. With that she rearranged her dress and smiled.

Better,” she gasped slightly. Meanwhile Bisi had paid the attendant and climbed back into her seat.

Don’t worry we would soon be at the club,” she said, totally misinterpreting the expression on my face.

I had totally forgotten how bumpy some Lagos roads could be. The car made us lurch and bounce each time we hit a pothole. It was all I could do to prevent myself from groaning out as Eliza’s tight cunt kept squeezing me each time we went up into the air. There was a nice track by Wizkid playing on the radio and both girls moved their bodies to the beat. The girl I had my díck up her cunt was rocking her waist and grinding me hard. I looked down and noticed her stiff nipples poking against the fabric of her dress. The hand I had on her bare back itched to reach around and squeeze them between my fingers but that would have been asking for too much. She was slightly turned away from Bisi blocking her view. I discreetly slipped my hand under her dress and felt the base of my díck where it was buried in her. It was slick and covered by her secretions. I moved up a bit and touched her swollen lips and eventually her stiff clít. Immediately I touched her she responded by grinding against my thumb, so I started stroking. I could tell Eliza was close to cumming as she gripped the dashboard and grounded her ass into me, cleverly masking her movement with the rhythm of the music and those of the car on the slightly bumpy road we were currently on. I felt my balls swell and my shaft stiffen further, a sure sign that I was about to erupt. I thrust powerfully into her, driving as discretely and as far as I could go. I finally lost it and waves of intense pleasure surged through me as I discharged large doses of spunk into her. I tried to suppress my groans by coughing loudly into the back of my hand. Eliza must have felt my eruption as she also froze; her muscles clamped down hard and she stopped breathing for what seemed like minutes. Only after her climax did I feel her relax. Bisi wasn’t even aware of what had just happened as she kept singing and moving to the beats from the radio.

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