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June 14 2010 Monday


Dairy Of Simon Troy Underwood

My Father And The Step Father

The last time I introduced myself when I was out of jail, I told you all that I was Simon Underwood. I forgot to tell you that I’m actually Simon Troy Underwood. And while the community knew how my family of Liars, attorneys, artists, prominent CEO’s and business men were all related, but highly secretive about how we were related, people always questioned how I got the name Troy shoved awkwardly between Simon and Underwood..

It came from the complicated ways in which the branches of my family tree grew out. I was lucky that I had both my parents to control my life… My Father, and My Stepfather.

No one knows the real truth about me, all they know is that I was divorced and bailed out of prison by the judge.
My fathers did not bail me out, they had prominent status within the community, I remember that time I was told to change my name, Thank god Home Affairs had an administration problem with that.
If you only knew the kind of background I came from, it won’t be hard for you to see who the real money swindlers were.. One of the reasons my family was so rich was because everything to them was a business deal; Even a marriage. Regardless of how loveless.

And while mine to Naomi’s ended in divorce because of my previous swindling ways, It was the only real thing I had compared to the ones after her. So if you think a loveless marriage was a sin to be in, wait until you see an invalid one, complete with a fairytale photography session, disguised as a dream; hidden as a public nightmare. Reminiscing the scenes you see in tacky romance movies. Now that’s corporal punishment … or blackmail… depending on how well you knew us. I used to also brag that I was richer than you could imagine because my father being an attorney, but not a liar, always wanted me married… to his niece. My Stepfather never wanted to know me unless I carried around his middle name; which is Troy. He too was an attorney but not a liar, If you’re wondering how both my biological father and stepfather were both attorneys, I don’t blame you. And no it was not a coincidence. My stepfather only became my Step father after my mother married him as he was already within the family; so in fact he was my mother’s third cousin from another generation. And no the kids were alright. Not deformed. As I said when you are wealthy and born with gold and silver spoons in your mouth you have to have boundaries. No crossing boundaries here or you will die in poverty and the tax guy will come after you, if you ever dare have the audacity of marrying an average girl.

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