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By HM69

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Forward by the Authors

Forgiveness is precious.

Forgiveness HAS to be sought sincerely.

Forgiveness is required when someone has been thoughtless and cruel.

Forgiveness isn’t given just for the asking.

Forgiveness has to be earned through sincerity and genuine remorse.

Should forgiveness be given to everyone who asks for it?

Does everyone who seeks forgiveness deserve it?

These and more questions arise when reading this raw, unflattering story of an ungrateful, clingy, needy man-child.

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Forward from the authors








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“Forgive me father, for I have sinned.” Adam begged earnestly, palms pressed so tight, his knuckles turned white. His eyes were screwed shut to block out all light.

“Forgive me father, for I know not what I did at the time.”

Adam’s eyes were puffy from crying all night. ‘Forgiveness for ALL’ read the sign outside. Adam stumbled in the church and found solace in its dark cold interior. Smell of frankincense offered forgiveness from an ethereal being who knew all about sin. Adam scrambled to the nearest alter with fresh white flowers and begged for forgiveness. Not feeling the force of heaven, he knelt on the hard flagstones and implored for forgiveness, banging his head several times on the table covered with green brocade. Despite his sore knees and bump on the forehead, Adam felt no ‘cleansing of the soul’, heard no heavenly bells or soft fluttering of dove’s wings. God obviously wasn’t listening to him.

Adam sat despondent on a hard-wooden bench, reflecting on his next course of action when an elderly lady, shrouded in black, glided past him, dropped a few coins in a box near a rack of tea candles, lit a red candle and knelt on a plump cushion, mumbling her prayers.

Ofcourse! He had forgotten to pay for his forgiveness.

Adam shuffled across the pews and went to a quiet chapel with a few spluttering candles. He emptied spare change from his jacket pocket, lit a candle and dragged a cushion to spare his knees any pain as he prayed. Palms dutifully pressed, he sought forgiveness with the only prayer he knew… ‘Father, thou art in heaven…’ well, that’s all he knew of the prayer. Damn! How was he to communicate with God without the full script? Determined to try, Adam dug deep in his memories to remember prayer he used to recite every night before going to bed over three decades ago. Eyes dutifully shut, Adam sincerely asked for forgiveness, begging God to forgive him. Time lost all relevance as he dredged up all the sneaky, manipulative things he had done in his life.

Startled by the smell of singeing hair, Adam straightened up – was he is hell already? Moving quickly away from the candles, Adam scrunched up his hair to remove the burned ends. God was obviously not in a forgiving mood today.

Dejected, tired, drained, Adam sat on a bench, leaning his head against a soaring stone pillar, disappearing in the sombre darkness of the roof above. Why was he so bad at this? He had never had to ask for forgiveness before – not even from his biological father. Now he was desperate to ask for forgiveness from the ‘father’ who was in ‘heaven’. This was hell, pure hell.

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