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Sophie Sin

Copyright 2018 Lunatic Ink Publishing

Note: This book is a short work of around 3500 words. If you would like longer, filthier material then feel free to check out Sophie Sin’s short story collections (containing 7 stories plus bonus works). Find more at Sophie Sin's Book List. She also writes male-male gay erotica under Dick Powers.


Mandy Sarah Jane, soon to gain her Masters of Business, absolutely hated her assigned class.

It wasn’t that they were loud, presumptuous and often times uninformed despite their education at and admittance to Arnold Simpton University, the ivy league of ivy leagues. No, it wasn’t that.

Instead it was that the small room often seemed far smaller for having Micheal Jones and Peter Ostrich sitting across a table where the heat of their attention on her was enough to soak her panties every Friday at 3pm without fail.

As she was droning on about Chapter 8: How Macroeconomics Functions in Foreign Countries (meaning not as it did in the US and, from the idiot authors’ perspective, basically, not as it did in Washington DC), she drew her eyes from one to the other.

Peter was your typical tall, dark stranger type with an aggressive approach to courtship that had had her pushed up against walls and at least one breast fondled and exposed. He was from LA and the kind of guy that went through a lot of women and, unfortunate for him, just the kind of guy that Mandy had far too much of in her undergraduate year.

Micheal, on the other hand, was here on a football scholarship and very, very polite, if a little disinterested in the topic he was studying. He would check out her ass, which was wide and full, unlike the young, slim women that he was always surrounded by - even now with one slyly sliding a note under his book - when ever she would turn and he thought no one was looking.

It was an interesting contrast if she was being honest, she thought as the magic marker in her hand squealed as she drew a large circle that would be the jump off point for her explanation on how US macroeconomic processes were somewhat different from those used in foreign countries.

If she were being even more honest, which she usually wasn’t to this level, Mandy would admit that the idea of these two men - one a manslut bent on having her big tits rested snugly around his shaft, as he’d told her once, and the other a good, honest man, who wanted more than he should from the woman designated as his mentor and teacher, but hardly much older - having their wild ways with her (alone or together) made her about as cock wild as a 1st year after her first time with a frat guy.

Mandy wiped a little sweat from her brow and decided that either it was a little hot in here or SHE was getting a little too hot right now.


It was on the corner of the hallway just outside the office that she shared with two other post-grads, who were more interested in bonking each other than completing their studies, that Peter cornered her.

Her every breath seemed labored as he stared down at her with those intense dark eyes of his.

I want you to come,” he said again.

Mandy’s mind wasn’t sure if he’d said ‘cum’ or ‘come’, but she suspected that he meant both.

She shifted a little against the wall and started constructing a response - something about teachers and students and regulations. However, it was interrupted by the door opening and Jenny and Donald - her post-grad office mates - stepping out of the office and giggling as the tall and lanky Donald gave Jenny’s butt a firm and appreciative pat.

Both of them stopped when they saw Mandy leaning up against the wall in a pose that must have looked quite seductive given her shirt had popped open at the top due to all the heavy breathing and her deep cleavage exposed, unhidden by her shoulder length red hair, which she’d recently cut, and Peter with his hand pressed to the wall next to her shoulder with him leaning very far in and completely able to see exactly how lewd her milky breasts were from that angle.

Ummm... Mandy, are you... okay?”

It was Jenny and her eyes were full of envy. Comparing Peter and Donald to each other would be like comparing a very cheap sedan to an Italian sports car. They were most certainly not in the same league.

The hallway was quiet. Peter was eyeing the couple up in annoyance that had both on their heels and Mandy had no idea what to do.

I’m asking her to a frat party,” Peter said eventually. “You two look fun. Would you like to come too?”

Which frat do you belong to?” Donald asked.

Zeta Heta Otheta.”

Instantly their expressions changed. Peter and Micheal were part of ZHO and that was the most powerful and connected fraternity on campus. The chance to mingle with their betters soon had Donald and Jenny subserviently singing Peter’s praises.

You will come, won’t you?” Peter asked Mandy when the other two had quieted down. “You wouldn’t want to let down your friends.”

Mandy looked from him to the couple and back and felt a tingling sense of embarrassment. She would have come if he’d asked politely, but he never did. Now she knew by the looks in Jenny and Donald’s eyes that she’d never hear the end of it if she refused and some part of her was happy for the excuse.

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