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Babysitter: Hot for the Daddy Next Door

Jillian Cumming

Copyright 2018 Jillian Cumming

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note: All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older and of no relation

I paid for pretty much my entire first year of college through babysitting. I liked the work, and it was easy money plus lots of time to work on school projects.

I kept a few main clients who pretty much always wanted me on specific days.

One of those clients was Ryan. He was a bit older, somewhere in his early 40s, and also a single dad.

I have to say one reason I kept working for him was because I had something of a crush on him.

He was always so nice and understanding, and he always paid me a bit extra.

And it wasn’t long before, back in my dorm room, I snuck my hand down between my thighs late at night and thought about what it might be like if he touched me there.

It always got me completely sopping wet. As in when I finished I had to sneak out of bed and change my panties wet.

Because my fantasy was very specific. See, I’d been watching a lot of porn lately to try and scratch the itch and I’d become pretty obsessed with the idea of being bred.

Of having an older man pound my tight, young pussy until he couldn’t take it anymore and emptied his balls inside of me.

There was nothing hotter. I always came when I got to that part of my fantasy. The one where Ryan’s big, hard cock slid in and out of my tight wetness, his shaft glistening with my nectar.

And then I’d beg him to fill me up. He’d fuck me even harder, his cock like a rock inside of me.

And then I’d feel it. Feel his shaft jerk. Feel the warmth of his load splash against my back wall…

Because I’d been babysitting for so long, I kind of wanted a kid of my own rather than continue taking care of other people’s.

I couldn’t think of a better guy than Ryan. Secure career, good looking, nice.

All I had to do was seduce him. But I figured that wouldn’t be too hard. I was 18 years old, I hit the gym regularly, played volleyball, kept myself looking good. Wasn’t that every guy’s wet dream?

Like clockwork, I got Ryan’s text for tonight’s sitting job. I sat back in my desk chair, chewing on my bottom lip.

I shot him a message back saying I’d be there.

Except I showed up to his place an hour early. This wasn’t really a problem for the sitting: his son always went to bed super early since he was so little. That was yet another reason I liked Ryan so much.

I wore a skirt with no panties on beneath, and a thin top with no bra so that my already perky nipples pressed invitingly against the soft fabric.

I put on my most chipper smile when I danced up the couple steps of his front porch and pushed the doorbell.

He showed up at the door in slacks and a button down still tucked in from work.

“Brycie, you’re early!” he said.

His eyes flicked down to my chest and then back up. My pussy quivered, and this undulating sensation of warmth moved low in my tummy.

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