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Chapter One

So did you enjoy your last experience?” Ms. Thornhill asked, direct and to the point.

Tristan was now firmly used to this new routine- he would wake up, Ms. Thornhill would discuss his last level of sexual training, and answer any questions that he may have had.

Well, any questions that I feel comfortable asking, that is.

Yesterday had been one of the more interesting days in his life- in the morning, he had been with a younger woman for the first time in many years, and at the end of the day, he jad the joy of getting to experience the touch and feel of the oldest woman that he had ever had the pleasure of encountering. From one extreme to the other- eighteen to sixty seven.

Both had been interesting, and definitely exciting, in their own way. While the only questions raised within his own mind by the barely legal American girl had been about his display of dominance, his second experience yesterday had indeed raised some issues within himself. He had not only had sex with the sexy senior, he had also done something that he would have never thought of prior to his interaction with her- he had cleaned his cum out of her pussy using her tongue, and worse, he had kissed her when his own seed was splattered all over his face!

They are definitely pushing for me to do some different things, things that I would never think of on my own. I surmise that is why they call this training!

Yes,” Tristan confessed to Ms. Thornhill, whom he knew held the real control over all that happened within the walls of this room- and within his life, for at least the time being.

He did not dare tell her about what his last teacher had implied- that she wanted to have relations with him again, at some point in the future!

Good,” Ms. Thornhill said, “You may be surprised, but she is sometimes the cut off point for prospective agents.”

I am,” Tristan said, “She seems to be feel the same way. I am surprised that it hasn’t affected her attitude towards her role here.”

One notable and early difference between males and females,” Ms. Thornhill said, “Is that males early on learn that they will be rejected. Some more so than others, but even the most attractive male will find that not all women want what he is selling. This is one of the reasons why males tend to flourish in occupations that require interpersonal skills- well, the males that learn how to get past this rejection do, anyway. A man by the time he is an adult, either has become a man that can convince initially reluctant people to see things his way- or he simply accepts that he is not skilled in such tactics.”

Women, on the other hand, women start off life being the target of much male attention,” Ms. Thornhill continued, “Yes, this does not mean that all men will be willing to bed or pursue all women. But a young woman in particular is used to the fact of life that men will notice her. As women age, this attention tends to decline. This is why young women oft work in sales positions, such as waitresses, but then they retire from that line of work by the time they are starting to age. Flirting is less effective when a woman’s looks begin to decline.”

Is she cutting down my last teacher- if she is, she definitely has no room to talk!

Are you saying that her looks have declined?” Tristan asked, incredulously.

Not every woman that Tristan had been with in the past had been what would be considered “hot”- none had been perfect, as if such a standard actually existed, and most had been middling on the hypothetical scale of rating. Some of course had been less than average- Tristan had to be attracted to them on some level, in order to join them in bed, but if he found a quality of theirs that was enticing (whether it was a smile, or set of great breasts, or a nice bubble shaped rump), then this overrode whatever downsides they may have. Some of the hottest sex had not been with the hottest women- women whom did not consider themselves’ the bee’s knees tended to perform better in bed.

They had something they felt they had to prove- and thus, it came out in the way that they sucked cock and in the way that they were willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the men that they were with.

No matter the particular qualities of the women that Tristan had been with in the past, and no matter what later transpired between them, Tristan was adamant that he would never be the type of male to cut down a woman that had lain with him. If a woman had given her body to him- and that was always the woman’s choice, whom she wanted to have sex with- then the least he could do was refrain from insulting her after the fact. True, he may criticize other aspects of her personality, but he would never disparage the way she had sex with him, or any physical qualities about her person.

I am not saying that,” Ms. Thornhill remarked, her eyes suddenly showing a severe coldness, “Why, anyway, would that matter if I was?”

It would matter because you have no right to criticize someone whom does the dirtiest of dirty work for the agency!

It would matter because she is a person whom has given her life to this agency,” Tristan said, “She has decided to participate in this most intensive line of work, and I feel that should garner her a certain level of respect.”

Ms. Thornhill did not immediately answer this- she leaned against the door frame, as if she was choosing carefully which words she was about to speak. She seemed quite startled at his sudden display of criticism- she was obviously the one whom was used to doing the analysis of performance and of others, and did not like the slightest implication that she herself was being called out verbally on anything.

Maybe I have went to far- she could crush me if she so desired, and whom would ever even be the wiser?

Your loyalty is to be commended,” Ms. Thornhill finally responded, “That is a great quality, and one of the qualities that we considered before we decided to recruit you into our agency.”

That said, your first loyalty must always be to the crown,” Ms. Thornhill added, “While we are fortunate enough to say that none of our agents have been ‘turned’- that is, made to play the Benedict Arnold and work against us- the possibility does always remain in this field of endeavor. Most damage to intelligence services is not done from outside, but from those within that have decided to seek their fortune and their path by attacking their supposed comrades.”

So are you saying that I should not defend her?” Tristan asked.

I am not saying that,” Ms. Thornhill said, “Not at all, but if it came to a choice between the agency or an individual person of the agency, whom would you choose?”

The agency,” Tristan said quickly.

Good,” Ms. Thornhill said, “And I truly was not criticizing her, not in the least. She is still quite the looker, but many men- even those whom prefer the mature type- tend to have some sort of apprehension about sleeping with a woman whom is past sixty. I am glad to see that you do not have any qualms about that.”

You might be surprised, but women of a certain age are repositories of more than just folk knowledge,” Ms. Thornhill said, “Not only do the matriarchs of society know how to make quality meals, they also know exactly what is going on around them. One can consider gossip to be the basest level of espionage, and whom gossips more than an older woman whom has little to do with her time?”

Tristan could not disagree with her statement. Though he had never had much a relationship with women of that age growing up, the elder women that he had run across in the course of his life did tend to know more about whom was doing what than anyone else. Whether it was a woman whom was drinking a pint in the pub, or even an Iraqi grandmother, if one wanted to know every social quality of a local person, the best thing to do was to befriend a senior woman in the area.

And women, especially older women, are often ignored by those around them,” Ms. Thornhill continued, “Men may generally want to bed someone based on the appeal of the prospective partner’s physical appearance. That is the case to some degree with women, but the primary reason a woman generally wants to be with someone else sexually is due to the fact that there is some sort of psychological chemistry there. It can be as something as simple as a laugh shared over a pint that brings this out.”

This is a trait that does not diminish with age,” Ms. Thornhill said, “Society does tend to ignore women past a certain age. So you have a person whom knows a lot, and is ignored by everyone from her husband to her adult children- this is a recipe for the extraction of useful information, especially by an attractive younger man whom actually pays them attention!”

Society did ignore many women once they were past forty or fifty- even though many men still found these women sexually attractive, for example, the powers that be in the media generally wanted to cast everything from movies to shows on the telly with younger women. A typical movie may feature a man whom was pushing seventy as the ‘action hero’, but his love interest was inevitably some female that was well under thirty. Tristan did not get this mindset- if MILF pornography was so popular (as the most comprehensive porn sites testified to), than how come it was that few women were cast past a certain age as anything but grandmothers?

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