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Peter’s Fight with

the Cat Woman


Bo Widerberg

A story for children of all ages

All characters in this story are fictitious.

and any resemblance to real people,

living or dead, is coincidental.


All rights reserved.

Beth is only thirteen years old. However, now she felt frustrated and angry. This was the second time today, not counting all the previous incidents where she had been blamed for something, because of that stupid cat.

Beth is of normal heights for her age. Blond hair and blue eyes. She has a slender body, and her breasts have just started to grow.

She had explained to her parents so many times that Peter can talk, and that he purposely is making all the trouble, that I am being blamed for. One day, I am going to prove to you that I am the one that is telling the truth. Beth angrily told her parents as she quickly went in to her own room, and slammed the door shut.

The family have two cats. Peter, and Scabby. Scabby is like most other cats. She loves to be together with people, and wants to be handled all the time.

Peter is different. He prefers to be by himself. If his food, and water, is served every day. You didn't see much of that cat. That is except when my parents had to leave the house for whatever reason. That was when Peter got busy.

Mom and Dad always wants someone to stay home. “You never know,” they said. “Someone may knock on the door, and if there isn't anyone home, they brake in and steal whatever they can.”

“So, that is why I must stay home, and look after the house. And our animals Scabby, and Peter,” answered Beth, not liking the idea at all.

“For the last couple of month, Peter has been talking to me. I am not kidding! He talks just as well, and maybe even better than I do myself. But only when we are alone. As soon as my parents drive up the drive way, that cat become mute,” explained Beth.

“He talks non-stop, when they are away. He also plays jokes, on me. Whatever he has done, I will get blamed for. I suggested, that they should get a camera, or a microphone to pick up any sound in the house, installed together with our alarm system.” But Dad only laughed. “Spend all that money for what reason?” he asked.

So, I answered. “The reason is that you don't believe me. Whatever I tell you that Peter has said, or done, you never believe me. That's why.”

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