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Trained By My Professors


I was so fucking nervous, I was pretty sure I only got a couple hours of sleep. I had been tossing and turning all night, my mind going through this day over and over again.

It was the first day of the rest of my life.

At least, that's what I told myself. I mean, I figured every fresh college graduate told themselves this, on their first day of work. I had been anticipating this job for ages... and had even moved out to my new town a month in advance, just to make sure I was completely settled in.

Cougar Falls was a small town, but it had a few really prestigious institutions. I would be starting my new job at the college, working at their business school. The school was renowned for producing cutting edge research in the fields of sports-business... which was my area of specialty.

I had always been a big fan of sports. I grew up swimming competitive, and had always been a pretty intense athlete—going to competitions and picking up as many awards as I could. That was before I got injured, and I had to pursue sports-business as opposed to just regular sports.

As I climbed out of bed I glanced at the outfit I had hung up for this day. It was a plain grey and black dress, the black highlights coming around the waist of the dress, making it appear pretty slimming. It was one of my favourite outfits—it made me look great, but definitely didn't cross any professional lines.

I hopped into the shower after putting my coffee on, quickly getting ready. Even though I had left myself plenty of time... I was still nervous to be punctual.

Especially considering who I was meeting this morning—Dr. Borden and Dr. Francis.

They were both the leaders in their fields, both former athletes and the brains behind the latest research. But there was more... I wanted to look my best for them, not just because I wanted to impress my bosses... but also because they were both fucking gorgeous.

Dr. Borden was the ultimate silver fox. He was smooth and suave, with perfect hair and a chiselled jaw... bright blue piercing eyes and the most disarming smile.

Dr. Francis was younger, more energetic. He was also a lot more imposing—a gruffer man with a slight beard, and an incredibly muscular frame. He had big broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and tree-trunk legs. I definitely had imagined what it'd be like to be thrown around by him...

But I didn't indulge those fantasies much.

They were my bosses, I told myself. I had to be professional. Besides, I was a young girl in my 20s and they were much, much older than me... it was just wrong to think about...

But still...

As I got dressed and finished my breakfast (something I managed to do simultaneously, since I was so stressed about getting to work on time), I read the local paper, seeing if there was anything going on.

New co-working space open—currently accepting applications” The headline read. Apparently there was a no dorm-like space that had opened on campus... except it was for campus staff, and not students. It was an experiment in co-working and co-habitation, and they were looking for study participants.

Interestingly enough, the study was sponsored by Dr. Borden. I couldn't help but smile—I liked working for a man who was powerful enough to be in the papers regularly.

Luckily, my commute to work was really easy. The campus was located pretty central to town, and the business building was one of the older, more prominent sites on campus (a nod to how prestigious the business program here was). As I strode into the building, I was happy that one of the secretaries recognized me.

Hey! You must be Kali? First day right?” She said.

Yep, that's me,” I said.

They're waiting for you in board room C, take your time,” She said, smiling.

I was already impressed—these secretaries probably saw hundreds of students and professors every day, yet they were able to spot me (a stranger), and direct me to where to go. Dr. Borden and Dr. Francis certainly ran a well disciplined crew here.

I did a quick trip to the bathroom, just to make sure I looked presentable.

After a little twirl in the bathroom mirror, I was convinced I was ready to go. I looked pretty stunning—my wavy blonde hair fell across my shoulders perfect, framing my demure face and blue eyes. The dress also hugged my body nicely (though it wasn't overly tight)--It showed off my femininity nicely... even though I didn't have a particularly large ass or boobs.

As I walked out of the bathroom and into the board room, I was greeted by two incredibly sexy men.

You must be Kali,” Dr. Francis said, holding out his massive hand. I took it, and immediately felt his power... his hand dwarfed mine, and he shook my entire arm like it was a twig. The man exuded power.

The air hung in awkward silence as I just stared at him, examining his dark eyes and dark beard.

And I'm Dr. Borden,” The second man said, extending his hand to me.

Oh, um, yes!” I blurted out, feeling myself go red with embarrassment.. I was blowing the first impression already. “Sorry... nice to meet you two in person finally.”

We were alone in the board room, and I could feel the temperature getting warmer—I mean, maybe I was just embarrassed.. but I swear they were eyeing me with an extra curiosity. I noticed Dr. Francis checking me out while I shook Dr. Borden's hand... his eyes traced their way up and down my body, as if he was inspecting the new girl.

I kind of liked it.

How are you getting settled?” Dr. Francis asked me, inviting me to sit down. The board room was pretty small—just a room with a pleasant drawing of a plant on the wall, and a large circular table with several chairs around it.

It's been nice, I got to town early so I've had lots of time to get my bearings,” I said, unable to stop staring at his dark eyes. Looking at him made me hungry...

That's good,” Dr. Borden said. “We were just hoping to take this time today... to orient you to our program, and perhaps figure out how we're going to train you.”

The way that he said train me... I got instantly wet. Glancing at the two men—my bosses—I was basically ready to do whatever the fuck they wanted me to.

I'm very open to being trained,” I said, knowing exactly how suggestive I was sounding. I even gave them a flirty smile.

Normally, I'd never do anything like this... but things had changed since I'd graduated college...

I used to be a really innocent, goody-goody girl. I got all the best grades, and never was out late partying.

I wanted that to change this year. I was in a new town, and I wanted a new start. In high school, I had the same boring boyfriend for ages... and then we broke up when I went to college... and then I had been obsessed with my grades and getting a good job.

Now it was time to let loose.

Good girl,” Dr. Francis said. The statement was made boldly, and it took me aback... it was clearly suggestive, and even though I had flirted with crossing the line of professionalism... Dr. Francis had definitely crossed it here.

The two men just looked at me, waiting to see how I'd take this all in.

So, we can begin your training a little bit later today, after you're finished your lunch,” Dr. Borden said, looking at me and then very obviously glancing down at my chest. I felt myself blushing—my much older bosses were basically undressing me with their eyes. I was wondering if I should be offended... because all I felt in that moment was turned on.

I'm looking forward to it,” I said.

Bonus points if you can show us you're willing to be obedient now,” Dr. Francis said. His voice was gruff and demanding, and I wanted to pay attention.

Yes sir,” I said instantly. Almost reflexively. “What do you want me to do?”

This certainly has gotten very suggestive very quickly, hasn't it?” Dr. Borden said, laughing and flashing me an incredibly charming smile. He was right. I laughed as well, glad that the ice was broken a little bit.

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun working here,” I admitted, feeling myself blush as I imagined the sorts of dirty things my two older bosses would do to me...

We're going to have fun having you,” Dr. Francis said, biting his lower lip as he looked at me with pure hunger. Fuck, I was wet. I glanced at the clock, and made a mental note of exactly how many hours there would be until my first formal training sensation... it couldn't come soon enough.

Why don't you hike up that dress and show us your cute panties before you go?” Dr. Borden said, being incredibly forward. I hesitated, but only for a second. I glanced at the door to the boardroom—there was no window or anything on it... so we really were alone.

Yes sir,” I said, standing up. I grabbed my dress and pulled up, feeling my heart-rate quicken as the men studied my legs. I revealed my panties—black, with a nice lace trim.

Turn around,” Dr. Francis said. I did, and felt myself going red as I knew the men were eyeing my ass... and I was letting them. I certainly could never have imagined that my first day at work would start out like this—with me showing my panties to my two older bosses.

Good girl,” Dr. Borden said.

The air hung in silence for a few seconds more, as the men drank in my view. I was always proud of my legs and my little bubble butt, and I was also very thankful I had spent the summer working out harder than usual.

Fuck, I'm excited to train you,” Dr. Francis said. “You may pull your dress down and sit.”

I did as I was told, the hair standing on the back of my neck as I allowed my every movement to be controlled by the older professors.

Now go get to your desk—since you're the new research assistant, the first week or so of the job will really be about literature review... get yourself comfortable with everything that we've got going on here with our research practice...” Dr. Borden said.

We talked a little bit about work... but I was distracted the whole time. Distracted thinking about what sorts of training supersizes they'd have me go through. My mouth watered as I wondered what they looked like underneath their dress shirts and dress pants... They both were former athletes, so I knew they'd probably look fucking delicious...

Thanks so much... I'm really excited to be working here,” I said as the meeting finished, wanting to be as professional as I could.

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