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Daddy/Daughter Late Night Cuddle


Riley Reid

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Warning: This book is only appropriate for adults. It contains extreme language and subject material. All characters are above the age of 18, consensual and fictional. None of the following events actually took place.


Since I can remember my daughter has been walking in her sleep. I have to make sure she locks her bedroom door every night, because the last time she forgot, I got a call from the neighbors at two in the morning. Somehow, she managed to get into their house and scared the bejesus out of them.

But tonight, I’m the one that forgot. And I’m lucky she came into my room before stepping outside. Otherwise, I don’t know where I would’ve found her.

“Chris, are you in here?” She calls to her boyfriend, who is a senior at the college she’ll be going to next month.

“Jenny, wake up, you’re sleepwalking.”

I slide out of bed and try not to look at her half-naked body. Instead, I try to focus on her sky-blue eyes and her long mahogany hair, which is slightly messy right now and so fucking cute. This combination, along with the rest of her attractive physical features, can most likely stop a guy’s heart without the slightest effort from her.

So many times I’ve told her to get some decent fucking pajamas. But does she listen? No, she prefers to spin me all this bullshit about not wanting to feel “constricted” while sleeping. She says she needs to let her skin breathe, and with the tiny shirt and shorts she’s got on, her skin won’t have any problems getting all the air it needs.

“I don’t think it’s going to work, Chris. You and me.” She mumbles drowsily with her eyes only halfway open.

“Okay, let’s get you back to bed.”

I gently take her shoulders and begin to guide her towards the door, but she doesn’t want to move.

“No, Chris. You need to hear this.”

“Princess, I’m not Chris. You should really wake up now.”

“I want somebody else.” She continues to break up with her boyfriend, still unaware of who she’s really talking to.

And I find myself feeling sorry for Chris, even though I hate his guts. Jenny is not the type of girl you want to lose, regardless of how cool you think you are.

“Jenny, princess, wake up.”

My efforts to turn her around or get her conscious are fruitless. And the more I get to see her smooth soft skin, along with the sexy contours of her perky breasts, the more uncomfortable I start to feel.

“I’m sorry.”

As she says the words she puts her hands on my shoulders, pops onto her toes, and gives me a very loving kiss.

Too shocked to stop her, I get pinned down by her sweet lips while feeling the blood rushing to my cock. And even after she breaks it off and walks away, the consequences remain.

With a semi-erected shaft I go after her, wanting to make sure she reaches her room and not the front door. But all I can really think about is that kiss, and how effective it was at making me feel like a college student again. Plus, do I tell her about it in the morning?

Probably not.

I don’t think she’ll be able to live down the fact that she kissed her dad.

But I won’t.

Jenny is way too precious to me, and I haven’t been taking care of her all this time to just throw the relationship away. She’s had some difficult moments, especially after her mother decided she couldn’t cope with responsibility anymore. Out of the blue, the bitch decided she had a kid way too early and begged me to take over.

Where that hag is now I can’t say, and neither can Jenny. But Jenny is a tough one. Nothing gets her down if she doesn’t want it to, and I promised to support her all the way with whatever she needs.

And in this case, she doesn’t need to know what happened tonight.

Chapter One

What Happened Last Night?

“Morning, dad.” Jenny smiles at me as she flips another perfect pancake, just like I taught her.

“Morning, princess.” I complete our morning routine with a peck on her cheek before sitting down at the kitchen table. “It really smells great in here.”

“I know.”

She leans over and slides a pancake into my plate, then finishes it off with a touch of syrup.

“Sleep well?” I ask out of habit as I take in her sweet scent, forgetting all about why I told myself to avoid this particular question.

The last thing I want is to trigger something she shouldn’t be remembering.

“Yes, I think.”

She joins me at the table looking puzzled, and slightly lost in thought.

“You think?”

“I think I dreamt about Chris last night.” She says and continues to pour milk into her bowl, while I almost choke on my fluffy pancake.


“Yeah, something about ending it. I can’t remember all the details though, but I think I even kissed him goodbye.”

Then she gives me a look that’s got the blood rushing to my cock again.

It’s a knowing look, which pulls the corner of her lips in a curl and makes her eyes sparkle.

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