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Coxworth Academy Encounters

By KC Crozetti

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Anyone familiar with the Coxworth Academy culture is accustomed to Eleanor Coxworth, the lustful lady who finances and mentors the junior college. She provides a unique educational experience while advocating a liberal lifestyle for her faculty, staff, and students.

First-time visitors to the campus on Hesperides Island, however, are often shocked by what they experience during their stays. Casual sex is the norm; multiple partners are encouraged; nudity, especially for men, is frequent. These are the chronicles of a few of the more remarkable encounters by the friends and families of island residents.

Chapter 1

In late January of 1971, a veteran mariner named Captain Lamas piloted a Chris Craft wooden motorboat towards Hesperides Island, the tropical paradise where Coxworth Academy junior college would soon open. The classic, triple-cockpit runabout had been purchased by the father of the college’s founder, Eleanor Coxworth, in 1937, and was now used to transport VIPs to the island.

The current passenger was a very special person indeed! Known internationally as simply ‘Garnet,’ she was Garnet MacVaxter, heir to the MacVaxter fortune and owner of the InterContinental News Service (ICNS), a global media powerhouse.

Garnet sat in the seat behind Captain Lamas, viewing the scenery in silence. She had only spoken three words since she arrived at the dock. “Hello; nice boat,” she’d said as she boarded. The captain’s attempts to converse with her were answered with a weary smile. She seemed overworked and overtired; rather subdued for some reason. He left her alone to rest and concentrated on his job.

As they approached Hesperides Island from the south, ‘The Cottage’ came into view. High on Acropolis Hill amongst groves of palm trees stood Mrs. Coxworth’s not-so-humble home, a massive mansion that outwardly looked like the Parthenon in Greece. The majestic sight awed everyone the first time they saw it.

Chatty Captain Lamas made another attempt at conversation. “That there’s Mrs. Coxworth’s Cottage, ma’am,” he said; “built in 1902 by her grandpappy.”

Garnet didn’t answer immediately. After a pause, she replied, “I know. I spent most summers here when I was a child. I knew old man Coxworth before he died.”

“You did!?

She answered with an affirmative grunt and nothing more. He went back to piloting his boat.

When they reached the stone jetty of Hesperides Island, Captain Lamas cut the engine and let the motorboat drift to a stop beside a wooden stairway, then hopped out and tied the runabout to a black bollard. He returned to assist his taciturn passenger, who handed him her brown-leather overnight bag.

“Ya kin leave this here,” he said, placing her carryall on the wooden walkway atop the jetty. “Mrs. Coxworth ‘ll have someone carry it for ya.”

She smiled and mumbled, “Probably Sextus.”

“Beg yer pardon, ma’am?”


Looking perplexed, the captain offered his hand to steady her as she debarked. “It was my pleasure having ya aboard, ma’am.”

“Thank you, Captain.”

While Garnet climbed onto the runabout’s seat and then onto the jetty’s stairs, always-amorous Captain Lamas assessed his world-famous passenger. He knew that she was fifty-five years old, but her attractive, although currently fatigued, face and her short and wavy, ash-blonde hair made her look to be in her forties. She had a lean body beneath her maroon pantsuit, with small breasts and narrow hips.

As Garnet walked away without saying another word, the captain noted that she had a flat ass as well; definitely not his type. She seemed nice, but he preferred a woman with lots of curves to hold onto, and someone who would talk to you. He shrugged and turned to untie his boat, then boarded and began the return trip to the mainland.

* * * * * *

Garnet smiled to see her childhood friend, lovable Eleanor Coxworth, waving to her at the end of the jetty. If anyone could dispel her melancholy mood, it was ‘Ellie.’ She’d driven down from The Cottage in the old Duisenberg, a 1931 red Torpedo Phaeton.

“HELLO, GARNET!” her exuberant friend shouted before striding forward with her multicolored, floral dress flowing in the breeze off the water. The two women embraced at the edge of the jetty, looking like youthful bosom buddies rather than a pair of middle-aged entrepreneurs with enormous wealth and influence.

Despite Mrs. Coxworth’s infectious personality, Garnet could only manage a tired smile. She stepped back and said, “Hello, Ellie. How are you?”

Eleanor Coxworth threw back her head and laughed, a loud and heartfelt sound that always seemed to cheer anyone who heard it. “No one has called me Ellie for years,” she gushed. “Around here, I’m ‘Mrs. Coxworth,’ although I keep telling everyone to call me Eleanor.”

Garnet gawped as a muscular bodybuilder approached from behind Eleanor. The young man was tall, blonde, and handsome; and only wearing a white, kilt-like skirt and sandals! He was a moving mountain of bare skin and sculpted muscles.

Mrs. Coxworth saw her friend’s pupils dilate, turned, and said, “This is my new companion I told you about in my last letter. Garnet, meet Sextus.”

The name fit, for the man looked like an ancient Roman sex god. Garnet gazed into his deep-blue eyes and said, “Hello, Sextus.”

“Nice to meet you, Mistress MacVaxter,” he replied in a sonorous voice that rumbled from his chest. He gave her a deferential nod.

The media mogul, a strong advocate for human equality, said, “Please call me ‘Garnet,’ Sextus. It’s nice to meet you, too.”

The big man looked at Mrs. Coxworth, as if seeking approval.

Eleanor smiled. “Would you bring Garnet’s bag for her?”

“Yes, Mistress Coxworth.”

As Sextus continued down the jetty, Eleanor answered her friend’s raised eyebrows with a beaming grin. “Sextus and I have developed a playful relationship. I am the amorous old mistress, and he is my youthful manservant.

The two women watched Sextus bend to retrieve Garnet’s overnight bag. At that moment, a gust of wind whipped his skirt into the air.

“Whoop!” Garnet hooted as she glimpsed the bodybuilder’s backside – a brawny, and completely bare, bottom. He wasn’t wearing anything under his skirt! She laughed – the first time she’d had a good laugh since witnessing the tragedy over New Year’s weekend. Giving Mrs. Coxworth a smirk, she joked, “Ellie! You’ve got yourself a toy boy.”

Her friend burst into a guilty-as-charged guffaw.

* * * * * *

Even ebullient Eleanor Coxworth could not raise Garnet out of her melancholy that evening or get her to confess what was bothering her.

The famous media mogul went to her bedroom hoping to sleep but knowing that she would not. The faces of the victims she’d seen, especially the children, and the memory of their suffering haunted her thoughts every time she closed her eyes. She hadn’t enjoyed a decent night’s sleep since the disaster.

Garnet had recently visited her sister and her family in Glasgow, Scotland. The day after New Year’s, being MacVaxters, they naturally attended the Old Firm match at Ibrox Park between the Celtics and the Rangers. The two teams’ football rivalry was an old Scottish tradition. With great anticipation, fans from both teams packed the stands. They weren’t disappointed: the game went on and on, deadlocked at zero to zero. Halftime came and went without either team gaining an advantage. During the final minutes, the Celtics finally scored a goal. While their fans roared in celebration, some of the disappointed Rangers followers began to leave the stadium, hoping to beat the crowds to the nearby train station.

The tragedy began in the final seconds, shortly after the Rangers scored an equalizer and tied the game. Someone fell on the steep exit stairway nearest to the train station, tripping others behind them. As more people stumbled, the crowd kept moving forward, unaware of the disaster unfolding in front of them. A chain reaction of people tumbling on top of one another started a surging tidal wave of humanity down the stairs. The weight of falling people bent and broke the steel handrails, and a disastrous human pile-up formed where the stairs leveled. People at the bottom died, crushed by the press of bodies over them. At last count, sixty-six fatalities had resulted, but at least a hundred more were hospitalized and might not survive. The game concluded, tied one to one, but the joyful day had ended in horror.

As the owner of ICNS, Garnet left her family when she heard what had happened. She covered the event, but she wished that she had not. The stairwell was a charnel house; the surge of people had stacked bodies five- and six-feet deep. Desperate rescuers struggled to untangle the writhing heap of injured to save those lying underneath. The newswoman saw dozens of teenagers, and children as young as nine, asphyxiated by the crush of people; their pain and terror still reflected on their lifeless faces.

Garnet tried to think of pleasanter thoughts as she changed into her sleepwear, an ankle-length, white-cotton nightgown with a pattern of tiny blue flowers. She recalled her family’s visits with the Coxworths when she and Eleanor were kids; remembered the magical summer days when they were young and innocent; the hours of horseback riding, hiking, hill climbing, swimming, reading, playing. How they’d laughed together!

Garnet turned off the lights, climbed onto the canopied bed, and burrowed under the covers. The room was quite warm, but she wanted to hide from the world. She closed her eyes and saw the suffering again; forced herself to think of something else, briefly succeeded, and then her thoughts returned to death and sorrow.

After a miserable few minutes, someone tapped on her bedroom door; a very quiet sound that would not have awakened her if she could have possibly gotten to sleep. She smiled, knowing that it was Ellie, come to try cheering her up one last time.

“Come in,” she called, turning on the bed lamp.

The door opened, and tall Sextus took a step forward. “Pardon me, Garnet,” he said; “Mistress Coxworth asked me to look in on you. She thought you might like some companionship.” He stood in the doorway wearing nothing but his short, white gladiator skirt. The low light shadowed the curves of his massive muscles.

Garnet eyed the man’s barely-covered body while she considered for a moment. Having sex with this big, gentle, handsome man might be just what the doctor ordered. A boisterous romp with a youthful cock could well make her forget the suffering she’d seen. On the other hand, she felt exhausted, and in no condition to satisfy him, or be satisfied by him.

“Thanks for the offer, Sextus,” she said, “but I don’t have the energy to make love tonight.”

“I didn’t mean that!” he snickered, sounding surprised but not offended.


“I’ll just sleep on the couch,” he said, “if that’s alright with you. I can keep you company.”

She smiled. Ellie had sent her a protector; a gentle, gallant gladiator to stay with her and keep her safe. “I’d like that,” she answered.

Sextus opened the bottom drawer of a large dresser and withdrew a pillow and a blanket, saying, “If you want to talk, of if you need anything, I will be right here for you.”

Garnet watched him place the bedclothes on the couch, and then he moved to her bedside. He towered over her, yet she wasn’t fearful. His strong presence and polite manner comforted her.

“When I was a boy and couldn’t sleep,” he said, “I use to lie on my stomach while my mother rubbed my shoulders and told me a bedtime story. It’s kind of silly, but …”

“I’d like that,” she interrupted, and immediately turned onto her stomach and moved the covers down to the middle of her back. His offer reminded her of the way her father used to console her when she cried as a child.

Sextus sat on the edge of the bed, and then his huge paws curled over her shoulders and began to knead her tense muscles. He was surprisingly gentle for such a burly man.

Giving a girlish giggle, Garnet joked, “What story are you going to tell me, Daddy?”

“The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bares.”

“Heard it.”

“Not the way I tell it,” said Sextus. “Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Goldilocks; Goldie for short. She worked in an office, and one day three of her coworkers held a birthday party for her. Each friend brought a male stripper to entertain.”

Garnet wiggled her hips and snickered, “I haven’t heard this version!”

Sextus rubbed her shoulders and continued, “The first stripper removed all of his clothes and began to dance around the room. This ‘bare’ had a little penis that wiggled and jiggled as he danced. ‘His dick is too small,’ said Goldie.

“Oh, no,” giggled Garnet.

“The second stripper got naked, and he began to dance. This ‘bare’ had a huge cock that swung like an elephant’s trunk every time he moved.”


Sextus chuckled. “Not according to Goldie. ‘His dick is too large,’ she complained.”


“Shh, try to go to sleep. The third stripper then stripped down and strutted his stuff for Goldilocks. Delighted by his beautiful manhood, she exclaimed, ‘Yes! This dick is just right!’ She got more and more excited while she watched the ‘bare’ with the perfect penis dance.”

“Mmm,” moaned Garnet. She snuggled into the mattress.

Sextus massaged her upper back and shoulder blades. Speaking more quietly, he continued, “After the dancing, Goldie sat on the first bare’s lap and played with his little dick. She tickled and teased it, rubbed and tugged it; but no matter how much she stroked that little penis, it refused to erect. ‘His dick is too soft,’ she complained.

“She climbed onto the lap of the second bare. He’d gotten aroused watching Goldie play with the first bare’s penis. His large cock had already stretched long and hard. She tried to play with that massive penis but couldn’t even get her fingers around it. ‘This dick is too hard,’ she grumped.”

Garnet’s steady breathing suggested she had fallen asleep.

Sextus stopped massaging her shoulders and whispered, “Goldie sat astride the lap of the third bare and played with his perfect-sized penis. Her touch excited him, and his magnificent manhood began to grow bigger and stiffer. Soon, he had a full-blown erection. Delighted, Goldie exclaimed, ‘This dick is just right!’ Delighted, she kept playing with that perfect penis until it spurted and squirted for her. The end.”

* * * * * *

Garnet awoke the next morning renewed and refreshed; more rested than she’d felt since the tragedy. Bright sunlight from another perfect day on Hesperides Island leaked around the curtains and illuminated the room.

She looked for her benefactor and found Sextus stretched out on the couch, right where he said he would sleep. He’d removed his white gladiator skirt before he turned in, and his blanket had fallen onto the floor. He was lying on his back, stark naked. She smiled, eyeing and appreciating the gentle giant’s beautiful bareness. His pale, hairless skin shone in the early light, emphasizing his total nudity and magnifying his impressive set of genitals. As she’d suspected, Sextus had a big cock.

Moving quietly so she wouldn’t awaken him, Garnet got out of bed still in her nightgown and approached the couch. She reached for his blanket, but then paused without covering him. She looked down and studied the handsome man. He slept with his head turned to the right, resting on his right hand, with a faint smile on his lips. His nostrils flared slightly with each breath, and his strong chest rose and fell. He reminded her of a hibernating bear; or bare. She smiled, remembering his bedtime story, and wondered how it ended.

The arm of the hand that supported his head was bent, bulging its bicep. The other arm stretched beside him, between his body and the back of the couch. She ran her eyes over him, wishing that she could do the same with her hands, but she didn’t want to wake him; not yet. He had hulking shoulder muscles and well-developed pecs. His nipples were large, flat disks. She gazed lower, eyeing his flat stomach and laddered abs. His big, slumbering penis reclined over his balls, which rested on his powerful thighs.

Too tempted to resist, Garnet knelt by his side and gently, slowly, carefully, curled her fingers around his shaft and raised his circumcised penis. Her eyes scanned his most private part.

“Good morning!” said Sextus.

Garnet gasped, jumped, and tugged his dick. She gave him a sheepish grin, feeling guilty about getting caught with his penis in her hand; but she didn’t let go. “Good morning, Sextus. Sorry I woke you.”

He grinned, nodded towards his uplifted penis, and teased, “I can’t think of a better way of being woken up.”

Garnet laughed and gave his thick shaft a few, teasing strokes; heard a rumble of pleasure emanate from his chest. She slid her hand higher on his shaft, and then her fingers played with the velvety soft head of his penis. He lifted his hips and rumbled again.

She smiled into his blue eyes. “Thank you for the back rub and story last night. I slept better than I have for weeks.”

“You’re welcome,” he returned. “Glad I could help.”

“May I return the favor?” Garnet asked as she began to masturbate his cock.

“Sure,” he sighed.

“I fell asleep before you finished your story,” she said while watching her hand stroke his long shaft. “What happened after the three ‘bares’ danced for Goldilocks?”

Sextus retold the end of the story while Garnet sexually stimulated him. His breathing deepened; his pulse quickened; his cock hardened. He paused his storytelling a few times, puffing and panting each time she teased the head, and then continued when she resumed stroking his shaft.

Garnet ran her free hand over Sextus’s body while she pleasured his penis, enjoying the feel of his firm muscles under his smooth skin. She tickled his nipples, massaged his balls, and marveled at the strength of his biceps and thighs.

Nearly breathless, Sextus finished his story. “Goldie continued playing … with the third bare’s perfect penis … until he spurted and squirted for her.” He panted for a moment before saying, “The end.”

“Spurted and squirted,” Garnet snickered. “That’s what you’ll be doing soon!” She began stroking his shaft with both hands, her left pleasuring the bottom half and her right concentrating on the top. His cock was thick, and long, and hot. Her encircling fingers could feel his shaft throbbing and pulsing.

“Oh … oh … oh,” Sextus panted. His hips thrust, and giving a mighty grunt, he gushed a glistening stream into the air that splashed onto his chest. Those big balls held a lot, and Garnet kept pulling his penis until she’d pumped him dry.

* * * * * *

Chapter 2

Coxworth Academy opened in September of 1971, and towards the end of the month, Adelaide ‘Lady’ Oakley, caretaker of the men’s dormitory, welcomed her 25-year-old niece for a one-week visit. Sally arrived on Hesperides Island on a Sunday evening aboard the M/V Mary Rose, an historic steamship that ferries guests around the islands. As the only passenger to disembark at Coxworth Academy that night, Sally rode alone in the black, 1930s-era bus that met her at the dock and carried her to Domus Oakley, her aunt’s condo.

‘Aunt Addy’ and her favorite niece reunited with warm hugs and light pecks. They hadn’t seen each other since Sally graduated from business college and began her career in banking. The two had a lot to talk about and sat together on a couch in the living room, sipping white wine spritzers and exchanging updates.

After several hours getting reacquainted, during a pause in their conversation, Lady Oakley yawned and said, “I’m sorry, Sally; I could talk to you all night, but I’ve got to get to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow morning to wake up the boys.” As the housemother of the adjacent men’s dormitory, Insula Alpha, Lady Oakley was responsible for getting her students to class on time.

This morning,” Sally corrected, for it was well after midnight.

Lady Oakley checked the clock. “Goodness! I didn’t realize we’d talked so long.” She stood and stretched.

Sally asked, “Aunt Addy, would it be alright if I accompany you on your rounds in the morning?”

“You’re sure you want to get up that early?”

“I don’t mind. I want to see my favorite auntie in action,” Sally joked; “but seriously, I’m only here for a few days, and I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”

“Of course, you can come along. I’d love to have your company.” Aunt Addy snickered and said, “The boys will certainly be surprised!”

* * * * * *

The next morning, voluptuous Lady Oakley, accompanied by her slender but curvy niece, entered the darkened first floor of Insula Alpha precisely at six o’clock. The 40-year-old housemother wore her usual uniform, a medium-blue dress with a white collar and belt. Sally had chosen a conservative pair of gray dress slacks and a black, short-sleeve blouse that she hoped would make a good first impression on the students. She heard gentle snoring, and despite the dim light, could discern twelve beds lined against the left wall.

“Wait here,” whispered her aunt. Lady Oakley crept across the floor. When she reached the middle of the room, she chirped, “Rise and shine, boys! Time to wake up; it’s six o’clock.”

Sally sniggered to hear her aunt’s bubbly message met with grumpy groans and unhappy mutterings. She saw a few of the lumps under the bedclothes turn over. When her aunt reached the opposite wall, she flipped a switch, causing Sally to blink when the room flooded with light. More groans and quiet complaints sounded.

“Happy Monday!” Lady Oakley jostled the nearest bed and said, “Come on, guys; time to get up.”

The first student that stirred, in the fourth bed from where Sally stood, had neatly-trimmed but mussed brown hair. He pushed back the covers and bared his hairless chest, then sat up, turned, and hauled himself out of bed. Unaware of Sally watching behind him, he yawned and stretched.

Sally gawped at the guy, for he was absolutely stark naked! Incredulous, she gazed at his wide shoulders, down his long back, and then ogled his tight little bum.

Lady Oakley, seeing her niece’s startled reaction, snickered, “Good morning, Devlin!” Her aunt scanned down Devlin’s body and teased, “Were you dreaming about me again?”

Always, Mum!” he joked.

Still not aware of the startled woman standing behind him admiring his bare backside, Devlin turned towards the bathroom door opposite the beds, unwittingly giving Lady Oakley’s attractive niece a glimpse of his genitals. She suppressed a gasp, for Devlin’s dick was fully engorged and stiffly erect! Startled, Sally watched his sizeable cock waggle as he walked to the restroom. When the door closed behind the unknowing exhibitionist, she eyed her aunt. Lady Oakley walked towards her niece with a lecherous smirk on her face.

Three more students got out of bed, all of them wearing nightwear. Although covered, two of the three young men had obvious erections extending their pajama pants.

The unaroused one spotted the attractive intruder. Curious, he queried, “Hi! Who are you?

The trio walked towards her; the excited ones trying to hide their hard-ons behind their hands.

“I’m Sally …”

“She’s my niece,” said Lady Oakley behind them. She slipped between two of the boys and put her arms around their waists. “Sally, I’d like to introduce you to Keith, Kyle, and Gary.”

“Hi!” said Sally, smiling to see that the boy her aunt wasn’t hugging, Gary, was the unaroused one. She wondered if that was a coincidence or intentional.

While they exchanged greetings, Sally had an unthinking moment; she glanced down at the bulge in Kyle’s pajamas. Feeling guilty, she looked at his face and found him blushing. He excused himself, then turned and hurried to the restroom. Kyle and Keith soon followed.

Sally began to relax and enjoy herself. Grinning, she leaned towards her aunt and whispered, “Guys! Are they always this horny in the morning?”

“There are always a few; every morning.”

They swapped an amused glance and a grin when another student approached for an introduction. Wearing a disheveled pair of white pajama pants, he seemed unaware that the pink head of his limp penis was peeping out of his fly.

“Good morning, Michael,” said Lady Oakley with a snicker. “This is my niece, Sally.”

“Nice to meet you, Sally,” he said, shaking her hand.

Sally just smiled, not knowing what to say to a young man with his cute dick inadvertently exposed.

In a stage whisper, his housemother suggested, “Michael, you might want to close your barn door before your horse escapes.”

“What?” He glanced down and gasped as everyone within hearing distance erupted in laughter. A horrified expression appeared on Michael’s face when he realized she wasn’t joking; his dick was showing!

Sally had never seen anyone’s cheeks turn such a bright crimson color so quickly. He tugged on his pajamas, and his penis popped back into his pants. Unable to make eye contact, Michael scurried to the bathroom, propelled by the women’s hilarity.

“I have to go upstairs and wake up the rest of the boys,” said Lady Oakley. Her niece offered to go with her, but her aunt quietly suggested, “Why don’t you stay down here. The show isn’t over yet.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see.” Her housemother-aunt winked and walked to the stairwell, leaving her niece to chat with some of the flaccid fellows while they awaited their turn in the showers.

The first student Sally saw emerge from the restroom was Devlin. His behavior was much more bashful this time. Obviously, someone had alerted him that a new woman was in the bedroom. Still completely naked, but with his hands hiding his now-limp dick, he crept out of the bathroom with his eyes searching for Sally. They made eye contact, and she gave him a grin. He gulped, replied with a shy smile, and then strode to his bedside clutching his cock. He dressed with his back to her, and she had the pleasure of ogling his full-rear nudity again, including that cute little bum of his.

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