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By Robert Lee Johnston

Copyright 2018 Robert Lee Johnston

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places incidents and dialogues are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

For my Wendy.

You are the greatest part of me.

Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore.

I hope the memory of our friendship is everlasting.




Chapter 1: Syd

Chapter 2: The Four Boys

Chapter 3: Start Fighting

Chapter 4: “Been Down So Long”

Chapter 5: Pops, The Dingoes And Cozy

Chapter 6: Cozy Shows Up

Chapter 7: The Whip

Chapter 8: I Hold A Wolf By The Ears

Chapter 9: Evie, Jen And Their Wild Colonial Boys

Chapter 10: John Henry Comes Good

Chapter 11: Stirrup! Come Here, Boy

Chapter 12: Jenny Baby

Chapter 13: Rosie High School

Chapter 14: Fucking Bloody Kids

Chapter 15: Bugs Gets Wheels

Chapter 16: Seven-Fucking-Teen

Chapter 17: The Hardtop Sings

Chapter 18: At The Beating Of A Drum

Chapter 19: Let’s Be Judged

Chapter 20: Freedom Ain’t Free

Chapter 21: One: Pink Lace

Chapter 22: “Buffalo Soldier”

Chapter 23: Mathilda My Darling

Chapter 24: To Kill A Killer

Chapter 25: Truth, Meet Wrath

Chapter 26: Kenny Gets His Wish

Chapter 27: Sometimes You Sink

Chapter 28: Hospital Stink



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Rev deftly pocketed the money.

‘A donation for you, old mate.’

Syd winked a sleazy wink as the two of them exchanged yellow, scatter-tooth, crooked smiles. Not a penny of Syd’s donation would ever see the church coffers. The money feathered Rev’s own nest as it had done for years. Too many to count.

Syd thought out loud. ‘Cozy’s little arse is looking fuggin tighter than your wallet.’

A few of the kids were in his line of sight doing jobs about their cottage-style home. Bugs and John Henry mowing, Cozy and Kenny raking, the girls helping out, picking up and piling the itchy lawn clippings around fruit trees. Stirrup rolled around, messing up and spreading the piles of grass with a smile. The aroma of crisp jungle air and earthy, freshly shorn grass made for a delicious, lung-pleasing alchemy.

Syd’s eyes focused cold on Cozy. ‘Cozy, looks fuggin good and ready to my eye, old son.’

‘Well, he’s all yours. I’m glad to be rid of him at last. Just keep him the hell away from here once you take him.’ Syd had been watching the kids carefully from a safe distance over the years as they grew.

Jenny fell over and moaned as her knee twisted. She lay in a foetal position, aching as other kids helped her up. Syd preferred boys all day long and usually didn’t care for the young lassies, but hearing that moan convinced him to try again.

‘I reckon I might take that there blond lass as well.’ Syd pointed, as if he was selecting fresh T-bones.

Rev smiled widely, his one good eye focused on Syd after looking where he’d pointed. He knew Syd would come around to pretty Jenny.

‘Young Jen has been turning a few heads, Syd. You know I can’t let her go for nothing.’

Syd’s hand was already in his sweaty overall’s pocket, giving his hammer a presumptuous squeeze. He fumbled about and pulled out five hundred more in cash, handed it to Rev.

‘Wonderful, Sydney my son. When do expect you’ll be done with them?’

‘Give us a few weeks, I reckon. The fuggin wet’s got me behind.’ He adjusted his hardening erection. Syd was done small talking and wanted to get his toys straight home.

‘Syd, best you keep Cozy busy. He has a nervous energy that one. It makes him wily and impulsive. He’s trouble that boy when he won’t sit still.’

‘I’ll sort his fuggin troubles out, one way or another.’ He winked again. ‘It’s nothing a good fuggin up the arse won’t straighten out of him.’ He mumbled a low chuckle and then looked the other choice child cuts over again in case he had missed something or someone interesting.

‘Nah, they’ll do.’

Rev invited Syd into his separate quarters for a nip or two while Cozy and Jen finished up around the yard, oblivious they’d just been sold. Only Syd was permitted inside Rev’s quaint cottage. Rev rarely welcomed well-wishers and visitors (leeches) or ingratiated himself to guests. A purposely crude, mouldy, outdoor round table, accompanied by filthy, faded, bum-pinching plastic chairs, the most uncomfortable set Rev could find, awaited company. Refreshments and tea was never offered. Inside, however, it was impossible not to imagine snifters of port, hot drinks and cucumber sandwiches.

Syd smelled bad to Cozy. His old Land Rover was slow and reeked of sweat and old-man stink. Syd was hard to understand. He spoke slowly and gruffly with a long, deep drawl. His pattern of speech, grunts and groans was an affront to any and every language. Syd swore oddly and nearly every other word. His teeth and breath were rancid. His brown, deep eyes squinted with his face. He’d told Jen to sit on his lap to have a go at steering while he drove and never spoke another word.

Cozy had never been down this road before. The green hills were loaded with fat dairy cows. Thick, rich-green pastures ran down fenced, hilly country into dams or small streams once away from the jungle. Rickety wooden bridges, wide enough for one car to cross at a time, traversed the many creeks and rivers. Dense jungle flourished on the river banks. This is looking all right, Cozy thought. He abhorred the church grounds. But there was a tense undertone in the silence. Cozy couldn’t shake the feeling from his troubled gut. It chewed at a compartment in the forefront of his brain. He ignored it and the vile grin on Syd’s sharp lips that he couldn’t place or yet understand. Instead, Cozy enjoyed the fluorescent green view from his open window.

Jen smiled at Cozy. She also seemed happy to be away from the church. Cozy turned to study Syd’s face for a moment. His thick bottom lip was pulling the rest of his face down. Syd’s baggy face needed throwing into an industrial clothes dryer for shrinking, and then a hot ironing to remove his many angry creases. His permanent scowl included solid, harsh eyebrows, tangled with a mess of unkempt, dark-brown hair. All of him, body, face and hands, was filthy. A fat neck above his fat gut. A big, smelly, hairy grizzly. His button-up overalls, always open to above his waist, exposed a sweaty, tortoise-shell-shaped gut moist with sweat; heaving and sucking in lung-whistling, heavy breaths. Red, oxygen-starved blotches blossomed all over his wet, scabrous, sebaceous skin. A man’s hat is said to represent how he lives or works. Syd’s rotting, sweat-stained, floppy brown hat explained it all. The battered Akubra had from much exposure lost its firm-brimmed stiffness and hung like forgotten clothes on a Hills Hoist around his head.

‘Don’t you ever be fuggin staring at me, boy.’

Syd focused deep, cold eyes on the boy. His strange words were said with no endings. ‘You’ came out as ‘yer’ or ‘ya’. The letter K never got a look in.

‘I’ll slap the stupid-looking fuggin look off your stupid-looking fuggin face.’

Cozy heard: Owwl slap the stup’d-loogin fuggin loog offa ya stup’d-loogin fuggin face.

What’s an ‘Owl’ got to do with my face?

It took a moment for Cozy to connect the dots as he contracted a sudden case of locked-in syndrome and accidentally kept staring. Cozy barely saw Syd move and completely missed his left hand firing off the wheel as it backhanded Cozy’s nearside cheek. Syd had rock-solid dry ice streaming through his veins.

‘Are you DEAF? I won’t fuggin tell you again, Boyo.’

When Cozy opened his eyes Jen’s were also wide open, her teeth clenched, her left hand holding Cozy’s right, tight with fear and anxiety. The boy tried not to let Jenny see it stung and exhaled slowly and calmly. She had to wipe the beginnings of a fat tear from her face. Cozy turned his stinging face to the open window and could see no more green, no more beauty.

‘You ever fuggin back-chat me I’ll flog you black and fuggin blue, Boyo. You two’ll do what I says when I fuggin says it. If I bloody says it youse two fuggin do it! You hear?’

Jenny’s hand clamped more tightly around Cozy’s hand, fluttering and shaking. She hardly breathed. Cozy didn’t want this crappy, shit-coloured old Landy to ever stop. He didn’t want to see where they were going or how Syd lived. Just wanted to keep on driving.

Syd, shoved Jenny off his lap and freed his dick.

‘Now, Girly, you’ll kiss this till I says stop or I’ll fuggin backhand you too.’

Syd’s pungent cock smelt sour and the tip was pasty and rotten. He forced Jen’s head down violently until she gagged, cried and dry-retched. He grunted and mumbled, joking proudly to Cozy or talking to himself, sort of laughing. ‘You just suck the fuggin pus out of this, young blondie. And no fuggin whinging, eh.’

Cozy couldn’t look but it was too loud to ignore. He didn’t want to hear anyone talking to his Girly like that. Time passed painfully slowly. They arrived as Syd blew his load all over the joint, moaning like a shot bull.

Syd’s dirty, small, dank wooden house stank far worse than him. Syd’s partner, Deidre, a decaying whale, squat and triumphantly ugly. Her clothes resembled weather-bleached, cum-stained safari tents. She scared the shit out of them. There was a struck match between them, her ropy, unkempt, oily hair the same penny-coloured, dog-shit brown as Syd’s. A whale and a pig. The species barrier had been savagely breached the day Deidre was ingloriously conceived.

The walls and windows of her sty were green with mould and stained with dangerously coloured lichen. Filthy dishes and shit stacked the sink, a herd of flies and maggots sniffing around littered cups and cutlery. Rat shit and stinking rat piss covered the joint. Inside were two of the most bullshit, useless farm dogs Cozy ever seen. Poodles. Two large males who loved nothing more than rooting one another, and sitting around the house doing bugger all. She spoke to them like a lover whispering true lies. The mutts’ noses always in the kids’ or any rare visitors’ arses and genitals, drooling and shivering like stroke victims. Trying always to knock the kids over and root them like lonely rabbits.

Two poofter poodles. Overrated, long-haired, ribbon-toting, undisciplined mongrels. They were always demanding food and attention whilst moulting a daily carpet of fleas. Deidre spoke to her beloved mutts as if they were deaf and dumb infants. Only a dog could love this dirty great beast. She swore like a drunken jillaroo ex sailor, who’d lost her wallet. The big cow—yes there were many animals crammed into her rude vessel—barely moved from her couch for weeks at a time.

From a cluttered, rodent-infested lounge, coffee-stained pannikin in hand, she’d yell and scream Syd’s name like a python-strangled, pirate-trained cockatoo.







Deidre didn’t stand to meet the children. Instead she insisted Cozy sit next to her on the lounge; her sweat and other bodily fluids soaked through his thin shorts.

‘You’ll do just fine.’ Her plump paw touched his cheek. ‘You got a look about you, don’t you?’

She told Jen. ‘Come on, come here, hon. My God, you’re prettier than an angel.’

Deidre wiped a creamy dollop of Syd’s jism from Jen’s neck and shirt collar and greedily licked her fat, dripping, pork-pie fingers.

‘You two can call me Deidre.’

She screamed, ‘YOU DONE REALLY GOOD, SYD!’

Syd, scratching his balls through his overalls in a way that wasn’t easy for the kids to watch, appeared in a doorway, and they smiled at each other. Smiles that would turn even a cast-iron gut to rusted dust.

‘Have you two bathed together before?’

They shook their lowered heads.

‘Well, from now on in this house we’ll bathe together. C’mon, let’s go.’

The kids would rarely see the garbage bins, or Deidre’s lounge, empty. She heaved her massive self out of the lounge chair; its flannelette material stubbornly clung to and peeled from her flesh for a second or two. The couch’s stretched fabric clung like Glad Wrap to the exposed skin her clothes refused to cover.

A copper pipe, pig rooted, kicked the house and rattled loudly when the water, rusty at first, was forced into life. As the bath filled, Deidre made the kids undress her, and then each other, and forced them to stand around the discoloured tub, washing her body as she spilled out of the bath. Naked, she was, to the children’s eyes, frighteningly ugly. They’d never seen so much woman or known that much woman was even possible. Deidre had folds and layers upon folds and was almost shapeless. She barely fit into the poor, rust-stained tub. Deidre smelt foul, of a thousand wet arseholes or a year-long homeless armpit. She clearly hadn’t washed or used soap for a while. Jen and Cozy had to wash her sweat-pimpled back. Then her even dirtier front. Syd furiously jerked off that great big prick of his; the bloody thing was bigger and fatter than Cozy’s forearm. Deidre, a wet, beached turtle on its back, pathetically waving limbs to Syd for help. When she struggled out, Syd got in. He was muddied and red with filth. They had to clean him too. When he was done he made the kids get into their foul bilge water. The kids had to clean each other just the way Syd wanted. ‘Eyes wide open.’ Jenny looked how Cozy felt: mortified.

Fuck, Cozy thought. We’ve only been here half a bloody hour.

It was about to get worse. Syd oohed and aahed his hillbilly drawl. Deidre asked to look at Jens’ hands. Then she violently pulled Jen to the foot of the tub, dragging and sliding her halfway out so her bum was pointing to Cozy’s end. She locked her fat talons under Jen’s armpit, shoving Jenny’s face into her swollen guts. Syd manhandled Cozy’s right arm, positioning him behind his twisting, kicking friend. Syd grabbed Cosy’s wrist firmly with one hand and with the other stretched out the boy’s two largest fingers. Cozy held his breath and thought Syd was going to bite them off, but Syd lustfully sucked on them. Cozy was repulsed and confused when Syd spat on his fingertips. Syd drove Cozy’s fingers repeatedly and without remorse into Jen’s anus.

Cozy tried to resist.

Syd was too rough, too strong.

Cozy screamed apologies to Jen when she jumped and screamed.

‘Don’t you fuggin apologise, Boyo. Little bitch is going to have to get used to getting that fuggin arse reamed. Little tiny fingers first …’ He grasped his hard-on. ‘Then this fulla.’

Cozy wanted to kill them right there. Big Deidre sat, fat on the edge of the tub. Her legs spread wide as she could. Her guts hung, repositioned manually, over one thigh. She fingered herself like some ancient, rattly steam engine as Syd ejaculated onto the children and into the bath water.

They left Cozy and Jen in tepid, tainted water, too freaked out to say or do a damn thing. Jen’s face slowly, painfully scrunched up. She burst into tears and hugged Cozy tightly.

‘I’m so sorry!’ She was a wreck.

‘No, Jen. I’m sorry!’

‘Cozy we’re in trouble, aren’t we?’

‘I know, mate, I know. We got to get away from this house.’

As the shock and weight of their predicament bore down, Jen vomited a little in the bath.

‘What did we do wrong, Cozy? Why are they so mad at us? How come we’re in strife?’

‘I don’t know, Girly. But whatever we did it must’ve been bad. Are you okay?’

‘It stings a bit down there, but I’m okay. Please, Cozy, you can’t call me that no more. The way Syd said “Girly”, it sounded horrible. Please don’t call me “Girly” no more.’ She wiped the snot hanging from her nose. ‘He’s going to hurt us more, isn’t he, Cozy? What are we going to do? They’re bad. We need help.’

Cozy felt hollowed out, cold. No one would help them. Not here.

‘Cozy?’ she whispered, looking confused.


‘Your eyes have turned bright green.’

He faked a smile to ease her. ‘Well, you’re whiter than a ghost.’

They sat at opposite ends, rubbing feet and toes nervously in shock.

‘Fucking pig swill.’ Cozy pulled the plug and emptied the swampy water and all its floaties, refilling the tub with clean water to try to wash away the filth surrounding them, invading them, staining them. After a few minutes’ peace, Syd opened the door. ‘Fuggin hurry up. Time you two were to bed.’

Jen looked for a dry towel each as Cozy pulled the plug. She found two wet, used, cold towels on the floor. Both were stained and stank from the previous users. Cozy was looking forward to his bed and getting away from this heavy scene. Only for the kids to find there was only one bed in the whole house. Jen and Cozy were silently resigned to the horror of sharing a bed with these two toothless hillbillies. They had to sleep naked, the thin filling between a pair of sweaty, heaving bodies every night.

Deidre was far too self-conscious, barnacled, bariatric and bearded to go out in public and refused flatly to ever go to town with Syd. So the kids they regularly ‘hired’ were the only human company she had that would stay; or, more accurately, were forced to stay.

Jenny and Cozy were both continuously, sorely tested. Syd’s thing in his own words was: ‘Fuggin things up tha arze.’

Blood, shit and fluids leaked from the children all day long after Syd did his thing, the agony instantly sickening them as the head of his always-hungry cock forced its way into them, popping in explosion. Bloody, he ripped and tore them in half. Syd, spitting and drooling, always called Jen a filthy slut, a dirty whore, and Cozy a sick, orphaned, bastard faggot. When Syd’s ‘moment’ arrived, he moaned and discharged semen all over them or in their arses. He preferred both kids’ bums in the air at the same time, tied down so he could swap between them at will. Deidre loved her huge, lippy flange and intimidating arsehole kissed, licked and fingered. If there was anything that remotely resembled a cock around she’d make Jen or Cozy stuff it in and out of her. Fruit, broom handles, wine bottles. Once a Sambuca bottle the youngsters thought would vanish from this world forever into her loose, clammy, dripping cavern. She was none too clean. The kids needed an adventurous, brave team of rubber-clad, Kamikaze, spelunkers to survey that enormous universe of a gash. Her weeping pussy wasn’t a pussy. ‘Pussy’ has connotations of sexiness, playfulness or something desirable. Deidre’s was anything but. A dairy cow’s tortured genitalia after birthing resembled Deidre’s deep, heavily traumatised .

Syd reckoned, ‘I fucked the guts out of it ages ago. Killed it.’

He wasn’t lying. The only thing uglier than her vag was her expansive, sulphuric arsehole, long since shagged out. Her sphincter had ages ago packed up shop, packed it in and legged it forever and a day, after seeing that donkey-dick of a cock, a-knocking, a-barging, a-huffing, and a-puffing at its door. All that was left in its absence was a fist-sized, rusty old bullet hole surrounding pinkish, reddish flesh, that was her prolapsed innards. They easily herniated their way out of her arse whilst her poo poo valve was on the lam. On long service leave, sipping cocktails beside a pool out in the sun on a secluded, exotic tropical island with all the other morose, close-fisted, terrified bum holes relocating to start afresh.

Her overripeness gagged the kids’ throats and lungs. The greasy, cottage-cheesy bits decomposing, hidden in her many crevices, were to blame. Their eyes nearly fried, chemically burnt at the sinful amount. If Syd had ice in his hardened veins then Deidre had sour, fetid, maggot-ridden cream flowing through hers.

Fly blown, wriggling ice cream.

Deidre had a true love in her life, other than her mutts. One surprising feature. Despite her deep, long-burning, ingrained racism, she adored ‘Little Michael Jackson’. She cared none for the other members of the Jackson Five, often saying, ‘Those fellas have no talent, shit voices, and can’t dance a step. Those useless black bastards just hitched their stinking wagons to little Michael’s gravy train. That lazy bloody mob are just using the boy.’

She delighted in Michael’s white teeth when he smiled, adored his voice and the way he danced. It was a sick infatuation. She constantly ordered the kids to walk, dance and talk like ‘Little Michael’.

Syd, however, hated constantly hearing about the ‘cocky liddle shit’.

Cozy told Jen, ‘I bet that … I reckon, if Deidre was ever to get a hold of the poor bastard, Little Michael Jackson’s black arse would turn bright white with fright, and turn him off girls forever. She’d fuck his shit up.’

Within days, Jen and Cozy were five shades filthier, inside and out. After a week they stopped asking why and adopted a fatalistic attitude. Many tortured tears were shed in those first weeks. They attempted unplanned, spontaneous escapes. Syd always found them walking the lonely, muddy road back to Tribute.

Syd and Deidre’s demands became more and more depraved and destructively powerful. Before long Cozy and Jenny were tied naked to chairs, table legs, the bed, to each other, spending all day and night kissing, pulling, licking, fingering, sucking and fucking whatever was presented to them. Unable to shift from their binds. Syd often turned them onto each other, demanding they do all he asked. Jen and Cozy slowly became mindless, soulless, almost boneless products of their carers’ tempers and boundless imaginings.

After a few weeks Jenny asked, ‘Cozy, if we died here now, you reckon, would we go up to heaven? You know God can see all this. When’s he going to help us, Cozy?’

Cozy shrugged defeated shoulders, too beaten to respond.

‘It’s just …’ She paused. ‘I just feel like I’ve done something dirty, and real bad, you know? And I know it’s wrong, Cozy, wrong in my heart. What if that’s why God isn’t helping? And we get punished for this forever? What if God says I’m no good and there’s no place up there for kids like you and me? So even when we’re dead we still won’t have a home, never have a place that’s our own forever, Cozy.’

Cozy looked into her light-blue eyes welling with grief. Her shock was brutal, ebbing and flowing. He got mad seeing her so, and pleaded, ‘Fuck me dead, Jen. We’s just nine.’ Cozy choked on the words. ‘This ain’t our fault, Jen. What can we do? We’s just kids.’

The lost tear spilt from her eye. Cozy changed tack and whispered powerfully, ‘I’ve been thinking how to get us two out of here.’

She held her breath and looked around. ‘Where will we go, Cozy?’ Her mood shifted.

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