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Twisted Coitus Freak Edition

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Safe Sex Disclaimer

Always protect yourself and the ones that you love. In other words, get tested, know your status, and practice safe sex. This will reduce the risk of catching an STI. Be responsible for not only your partner’s pleasure, but also their health. Do the right thing and know your status at all times, sex can be fun even while practicing safer sex.

Table of Contents

  1. Liquored Up

  2. Carnal Instincts

  3. Compromising Positions

  4. The Torture Chamber

  5. Flashback

  6. Body Worship

  7. Drink Recipes

  8. Promo Promo Promo

Liquored Up

“Welcome back to Club Cream, Diezel and Molly. I assume both of you have been well.” Asia states while connecting wristbands around supple skin adorned by a slither of diamonds atop a titanium wrist-plate.

“We’ve been well, Asia. How are things looking tonight?”

Molly's reply followed a coy giggle as she veered beyond Asia into the lavish, low-lit main room of the club.

“What the sensual one here means, is there any ‘potential’ tonight?” Diezel interprets, delicately kissing Molly’s nape. The sweet “V” her dainty hairline forms are his heart-pink-lips favorite landing pad.

“There are a couple of happenings but none I think you would be interested in…”, Asia reports, “but of course the night is still young, and the crowd is sure to get live.” Asia then unclasps the velvet rope separating the couple from their lascivious creep through an array of prey.

Molly moves toward the crowd, yet abruptly turns as to pick up a forgotten thought, then ‘’’’connects her pouty lips with the corner of Asia’s mouth.

“You know… whenever you’re ready: We’re waiting on you”, Molly’s voice slides into Asia’s ear like a soft wet tongue. The Sensual One then regains her momentum in a timid twirl towards the room of waiting participants, leaving in her wake the blush currently engulfing Asia’s scantily covered body.

Behind the bar, Peaches, with a beer in hand, flags Dane who is engrossed in discussion with Alessandra, one of the dancers. Dane, now making eye contact with the bartender, saunters in that direction; meeting up with Peaches, who stands nodding towards the door as the inquisitive couple appears. A devilish smirk spreads as Dane cuffs the beer Peaches hands to her.

“Well, it looks like your favorite couple is on the prowl again”, Peaches says.

Dane scans the club while taking a swig of her beer, then...

“I see, but I wonder who will be their grand prize tonight...”, pulling the bite of the malt onto her bottom lip, then maneuvering her arm back toward the bar top to rest her beverage. She continues, “… just never know with them. Every woman they’ve picked up was totally different from the last.”

Though duty calls, Peaches’ side-mouth, gossiping persona, is still right on cue.

Cream’s rule: First shot of the evening, a Creamy Blue Motherfucker, on the house. One shot is a knockout punch from the first moment it touches the tongue! And proudly, this taunting bartenders very own concoction, commissioned especially for Cream.

“I know. They are so inconsistent with their choices!” Dripping blue libations in assembly line fashion, “… haven’t the slightest idea of what type of woman they have an appetite for on any given night.” With every shake and pour, Peaches’ eye rises to the crowd and back to the bar, measuring her words with the approaching point of conversation. A reclining hush gradates the chatty tapster as the objects of her idle fantasies land before her in the flesh.

Dane respectfully daps it up with Diezel upon his and Molly’s final approach to the bar.

“Long time nooo see. How’ve you been?” Dane asked as Molly steps in fully, embracing while pressing her archway of popping pulsation against Dane’s muscular black-denim-veneered-thigh.

Diezel’s laugh greets Peaches as he turns, drawing her into acknowledgment whilst he also addresses Dane.

“Can’t complain. I mean the Mrs is in one of her moods tonight, so, here we stand!”, handing Molly a shot from the line of drinks on the bar as he is tossing back one of his own.

“This place has fancied for the kind of titillation your energy brings to our establishment. I’m delighted you’ve decided not to deprive us another second.” Peaches lay compliment as she slides the credit card from Diezel’s extended hand.

Molly winked at Peaches as she caressed Dane’s arm. “I’ll try my best to make it a memorable occasion, sweetheart.”

Dane and Diezel adjoin in amusement, as Peaches nipples become visible; hardening slowly but surely through the silken of her thin, champagne colored shirt.

Molly transfers her hold from Dane to Diezel, interlocking her arm with his. “We will be in our usual studio. Send someone hot if you spot them before we do”, Molly asks before her and hubby head off.

Peaches poured herself a shot and threw it back, then...

“Molly needs to stop flirting with me before she gets fucked. But I know she doesn’t do anything without Diezel and that shit is out of the question.”

Dane chuckles discreetly, “Just say no to dick huh, Peaches?”

“Damn skippy! I am strictly CLIT-ly, thank you”, Peaches said with a huff as Dane starts her stroll to the checkpoints throughout the club. She has been the head of security since Club Cream came under new management five years ago.

The flirty bartender and Dane had been hired at a cattle call, where the two immediately become fast friends. Even on their off days, they do hood-rat shit together. Easily labeled best buds, two dykes from completely different worlds. Their antics sometimes include Jersey, Peaches roommate; whom Dane is not-so-secretly crushing but has yet to formulate a plan to woo.

As Dane passed by the various pleasure rooms, sounds of ecstasy filled the hallway. Each room door has a small peep hole to view the various luscious acts taking place within. One never knew what will be seen when looking inside but more likely than not, once you start viewing, it’s almost impossible to move on.

Dane checked out behind the club then downstairs in the basement. The club offered a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere but every blue moon they have a patron who consumes too much libation. Standing 6’2, 236lbs, Dane squashes any drama that sparks; despite being of the female gender.

As Dane rounded the corner to the main floor, she sees Peaches once more, flagging her down; this time, she is frantic! Suddenly, she spotted the commotion that Peaches had been trying to direct her towards. A guest of one from a private party is handling a redhead newbie. Being stuck in a straddle, forcibly blocked by his leg. Her voluptuous supple, pale body hemmed up in the corner; his right hand mashing her breast, his left one lifting her skirt, groping her parted panty along the line of wetness soaking through her white thong.

The redheads use of the club members safety word made it obvious his advances were not wanted, nor requited. It is evident the woman he escorted could not control her “+1”. Dane moved swiftly, snatching that creep up from behind! Everyone begins to notice the commotion as she dragged him kicking and cussing right out of the front door; his lady friend nonchalantly choosing to stay. After Dane spoke with the undercover officer posted outside, she returned inside to check on “newbie redhead”, who is now sitting in between the Sensual One & her beau; They are being the young woman’s solace, whilst making sure she always has a drink in her hand.

“Is everything alright over here?” Dane asked as she walked up to the booth.

“Yes, thank you. Molly and Diezel have been very nice to me ever since you saved me when you booted that guy out of here.” The Newbie Redhead explains, squirming a bit in her posture.

“Good, good. We don’t take that kind of stuff lightly around here. What is your name?” Dane asked.

“Well that’s comforting to know, especially since this is my first time…”, with an extension of her delicate hand, “… my name is, Aurielle.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Aurielle.”, Dane graciously connects as she continues, “We want all of our patrons to feel comfortable, like a private second home. By the way, did you know that guy?”

“No! I had never seen him before he walked up and started getting grabby. He didn’t say anything before his hands were all over me.” Aurielle replied.

“Okay, that’s what I needed to know. You don’t have to worry about him again; he’s been banned from the club. For safety reasons, I’m sure Diezel and Molly would not mind walking you to your vehicle at your leisure.” Dane looks to Diezel for acknowledgement, “Again, it is great to meet you. Please let me know if you require any thing.”

Diezel nods to reassure Dane as she walked away.

“We sure will.”

Molly moving her face closer to the newbies bulging bust line in which she can’t pull her eyes away from, inching her hand up Aurielle’s thigh.

“Aurielle, our little damsel in distress”, Molly pats her forefinger up the crest of Newbie’s thigh meat, “… so, are you currently seeing anyone?”

Dane peeps over at Peaches who is noticeably pleased, pouring drinks with a broad smile for patrons recently seated around the bar. After she accepted payment from them, she met up with her buddy who is again, standing at the end of the bar.

“I see that they’ve found their victim-O-the-night.” Peaches said as she tilts her eyes toward the Cream concierge serving drinks.

“She may have gone from the frying pan into the fire… AND she likes it!”

Snickers are hard to contain between the two as Dane continues, “How many drinks thus far?” Checking from her post, Dane peeps Aurielle aka newbie redhead, take another shot.

“Well, let’s see; they bought her two shots of Slippery When Wet, and a Gushy Pussy Cocktail, when you were throwing that guy out.” Peaches reads aloud as she slid her forefinger down the screen as she reads over their tab.

“Just now, Asia just took them two more shots of Slippery When Wet and a Taut Nipple.”

Dane chuckled. “They are not playing tonight. But she is sexy, though. Honestly, she seems a bit more timid than their vibrant tastes.”

Peaches began to laugh. “I would have no problem bringing the freak right up out of her thick ass. Best believe, I would turn that ass out!”

Dane bens over with laughter. “You talk big for someone five-feet-nothing in heels! If a strong wind comes by, it’ll carry your little ass away.”

Peaches casually flicks Dane off, moving along to service the patrons fast approaching her watering station.

Meanwhile, Alessandra finishes her last set on stage then comes directly over to get in on the juicy details. Everyone in the club knew about the infamous couple and how they got down. Once she saw the woman sitting with them in their booth, she made it her business to seek out Dane for information.

Alessandra steps to Dane, eyeing Molly and Diezel. “So, what’s the word? Who’s the red head they have tucked off in their studio?”

“Oh, THAT is Aurielle”, Dane replied, “she plays the shy role well. My guess is their plans are to keep her thirst for drinks, quenched. I got a feeling all that meekness will subside shortly.”

Peaches walked over to the end of the bar where Alessandra and Dane are chatting, joining the conversation, she adds, “There goes Asia with more drinks for the happy threesome. It’s only a matter of time until they’re taking her home.”

“What did they order for her this time?” Alessandra inquires giddily.

“They got her the strongest shot that we have. Well, they actually bought three of them. If she can walk a straight line after a Long Stroke and a Gushy Pussy cocktail, I’ll buy all of her drinks the next time she comes,” a smirk the, “IF she returns after becoming intertwined with those freaky motherfuckers!”

“They are going to fuck the shit out of her tonight! She just doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into.”

As the words left Dane’s mouth, Alessandra gasped. They all looked over in time to see Molly getting on her knees and lifting Aurielle’s dress. What came next could only be described as a scene from the most risqué porn! Molly lay down in the floor, turning sideways so she can slide her tongue into Aurielle’s pussy as Diezel simultaneously pushed that red covered head down towards his exposed member. Watching, as his head springs back when Aurielle swallowed every last inch of Diezels’ highly erect pipe.

Dane whistled, her eyes bug at the sheer impression of Diezels dick filling every corner of Aurielle’s jawline. Peaches thought she was imagining things but could have sworn she heard him growl over the subwoofers thumping bass throughout the club.

Molly toyed about Aurielle’s pussy with the tips of her forefinger: Prompting more secretion as she glides across the shimmery wetness rolling down the crack of Aurielle’s ample pussy fat. All the while Molly’s thick, juicy lips are clasped expertly onto her vaginal hood, suckling the clit until moans reverberate through the thick penis humming along the ripples of her palate. Aurielle worked the length of Diezel’s dick with her mouth only! Her hands, lustily spreading her own supple ass cheeks, with two-fingers from each hand positioned inside of her pink puckering asshole. Bystanders and employees alike watch flowing red hair bounce wildly as she, first, flicks a pearlescent ball around and through the tip-slit of his meaty dick, then fully dropping her head down; swallowing his pole en masse.

“Did you see that shit?! Redhead newbie took that motherfucker in until it was no longer visible!” Dane, taken over by her own astonishment, blurts yet realizing her position, regains her professional stature, “... shit has to been 11 inches at the least!! I stand corrected, she knows EXACTLY what the fuck she has gotten into.” Dane says with a broad fixed grin, “Have I mentioned how much I love my job lately?”

Peaches chuckled as she pours another shot. “Every night we work, Dane, every-single-night.”

“I’m shocked at how much of his member she can fit into her mouth. Diezel is definitely not lacking in that area. His dick has to be down her throat.” Alessandra said in passive amazement.

“You waiting to get in on that, Alessandra? Your pretty mug is a tad flushed.” Dane said sarcastically as Peaches handed her another round of Yeti Stout.

Alessandra blushed. “So, what if it is! Could you imagine how it must be in bed with those two? Diezel is all muscular and chocolate not to mention good looking. Molly has a tiny waist, fat ass and thick ass thighs. Plus, her tongue is long as fuck.” Alessandra exclaimed as she started to rub her breasts. “I’m going to the bathroom, I feel the levies rising, “she said as she walked behind the velvet curtain that leads to the Concierge Lounge.

“In other words, she’s going to play with her pussy in the restroom.” Peaches giggled. An assured nod of agreement is accompanied by a small tee-hee from Dane. This threesome has seemingly cosseted the attentive longings of the entire club! A few of the dancers actually paused during a set-in hope of being witness to the final outcome.

Diezel bit his bottom lip as he gripped the back of Aurielle’s head tighter, her own finger settling deeper into her throbbing, robust ass. The pleasures inside every tender spot has her weak, trembling more intensely with each squirt into Molly’s mouth; bobbing her head up and down faster with every guided slam of rock hard dick to the back of her throat. Aurielle manages to remain agile, balancing her creamy body on Molly’s face while masterfully introducing Diezels member to a place in paradise.

Alessandra came around the corner from the bathroom just in time to witness what would be considered the climax of the year. Molly rose from beneath Aurielle’s hood then sat back on her haunches leering, as Diezel pushed Aurielle’s head down on his meat muscle faster and harder, in match with his pelvic thrust. The immense ardor with which his body shook preceded a staggering pleasure that caused his sweet manhood to spew from the side of Aurielle’s mouth and out of her nose.

“Holy shit!” Dane stands, her mouth agape likens to the many witnessing the action through the fish bowl, which is now being streamed on every flat screen in the building.

Aurielle sat back on the couch with cum leaking from her pussy, mouth and nose. Molly straddled her, dragging her tongue across the bridge of her mouth, kissing and slurping her husband’s sauce from every nook of Aurielle’s face.

Diezel sat there with his dick still standing rock hard: He could hardly wait to get them back to the house. The unbridled mental images of him penetrating that sweet, plush, honey pot of cunt that lay between the legs of his newest temptress made him frantic! He had never met a woman who could suck his dick as well as Molly, until now. Without a second thought, Diezel tucked his sausage soldier as much as he could into his designer get-up, during his beeline for the bar; where Peaches, Dane, and Alessandra await, still displaying their quiet awe at the threesomes’ performance.

“Peaches, I need to close my tab. It’s time we get out of here.” Diezel said, his usual cool demeanor commandeered by a breathy exchange.

“Don’t even worry about it, I got you. Thank you for the show. We’re never disappointed.”, Peaches replies returning his credit card in the process.

Diezel reached into his pocket and tossed a few one-hundred-dollar bills onto the counter. Instead of simply retrieving his credit card only, he envelopes Peaches entire hand, “Whenever you’re ready, we wouldn’t mind getting your sexy ass alone.” Diezel tops off his advance to Peaches with a wink. “But I’m sure you already know that”.

Peaches smiles in pleasantry. After a brief pause, Diezel releases Peaches from his wanting grip.

“You all have a great night, I know I will”, he says noticeably hurried in wishing everyone a farewell.

Incessant gawking follows the trio as Diezel collects Aurielle and Molly’s purses, while managing to escort them out of the front door, in spite of their continuous heavy petting. Peaches comes from behind the bar with trays to collect the carcasses of drinks past from the tables. Dane tags along with her to assist. 

An array of glasses had gathered on the tray as testament to the realness of what took place in that studio. Dane held up a white thong with a drink straw. “Someone is missing some panties.” Amused by the discarded silken remnants of such a passionate non-tryst.

“Well you know it had to be the red head. Molly doesn’t do draws.” Peaches said as she giggled.

“What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in their bedroom tonight”, Dane said as she took the tray of empty glasses from Peaches.

“You better be careful, I think they’re plotting on your little ass.”

“Who are you telling? I kind of have a feeling they have been plotting on me since they first laid eyes, honey.” Peaches lends a slight body roll with her mouthy reply.

“Well, stop being so got-damned gorgeous! Those teal eyes of yours can be hypnotizing.” Danes’ confession brought a blush of rose to Peaches cheekbones.

Not at all a stranger to compliment, Peaches has a confidence that exudes feminine attraction. With her curvy five-feet-two, one-hundred-thirty-pound frame of eye candy thickness, leaving both women & men alike wondering how many licks it takes to get to the center of that tootsie pop.

Platinum blonde shimmers through a headful of willowy, short curls as they score layer after layer of styling perfection. Diamond encrusted dimple and nose piercings complement almond shapes of green portray a seeming iridescent dance within. To watch them perform is absolutely breathtaking as they project against her hint of honey complexion.

“Are you flirting with me, Dane?” Peaches teases, peering at Dane through a peripheral side-eye.

“You know I fuck with you, Peaches. But no, I am not.” An awkwardness is birthed beneath a joking tone, yet Dane recovers within, releasing another retort. “Plus, I’m waiting for you to play cupid with me and Jersey.”

“I keep telling you to just come by the house when you’re off. She works from home, but you’re acting all shy-&-shit. That’s alright; I’m going to your ass one day.”

“You told her about me, right?”

“I’ll admit that she’s seen pictures of you.”

“…she thinks I’m cute?”

“I guess.” Peaches sarcasm makes the flutter rise and fall in Dane’s stomach.

“Quit playing, Peaches!”

Peaches head goes back in a muppet-mouth response of laughter at Dane’s teenage like giddiness.

“Relax honey. Although, she has never been with a woman before, I believe you might actually have a chance.

“Never been with a woman, huh?” Dane pairs a wicked smile with villainous hand rub. “Yeesss, we must hurry and make this happen.”

Blocks away, at the penthouse with Molly and Diezel, Aurielle awakens to the sound of their breathy moans. Her eyes lift to a hazy, out-of-focus glimpse into unfamiliar surroundings. Sun rays streaming through the window warm her naked skin, looking ever so juicy to the touch.

With refreshed vigor, Aurielle suddenly sits at attention, discovering the origin of the whispery moans and mousy squeaks coming from the foot of this massive bed. Bits and pieces began to flash to the forefront of her mind concerning the events of the night before. Looking to replace a general idea with more of a sure understanding, Aurielle wrecks her brain for further information. Noticeably, the beautiful babe with her legs spread at the bottom of the bed getting banged, looked backward from her arched position and smiles in the face of Aurielle’s visible confusion.

Molly crooked her finger at Aurielle, beckoning for her to join them at the opposite end of the bed.

“Bring your pussy to me, darling.” Molly mildly demanded, “Your hot thighs feel so right on my skin, plus you taste sooooo scrumptious. I enjoy suckling your mango scented juice box.”

Aurielle travels downward at the hand gently motioning its directive. Bare nakedness reveals her throbbing response to hearing Molly speak about her pussy that way. Plus, dirty talk never fails to get her nipples on point! Just in arms reach, Molly’s free hand subtly brushes the side of Aurielle’s right foot, then beyond her Achilles, up the curve of knee; further tickling the goose bumps already poised from gentle titillation.

Once totally in her grasp, Molly’s demeanor towards newbie shifts to the alpha female! Molly pushes Diezel back, then turns on all fours as she links her hands with Aurielle’s ankles, and in an authoritative gesture; yanks her ass to the very edge, snatching her tittles into an uncontrollable jiggle leaving her meatiness to ultimately teeter over the side of the bed. Molly leans over, holding Aurielle’s physique in limbo holding her heavily weighted hocks in the palm of one hand, her fat ass filling the spaces between gripping fingers. Several brisk squeezes to her cushy thigh mass, trigger silent yet bleating breaths from the young tender; she now sinks her gaze deeply into Aurielle’s fluttery eyes. “LOOK AT ME!”

The amount of strength carried in this dainty woman’s voice peaked an excitement that made their red head visitor wanton of what ever more is to come. The passion from Molly’s embrace transfer crimson finger impressions into much of Aurielle’s feminine softness. In one smooth transition; she cuffs, lifts, and spreads newbie’s thighs, locking them over shoulder into the perfect position to receive her four-inch tongue.

Molly’s head dove into that pussy with missile precision, sucking away hungrily, riding the momentum of a series of impassioned panting. Diezel takes his cue to re-enter Molly: Steadily sliding the tip along the slick path between her spreading pink pussy petals. Toying around its softest spot, slamming it in, fucking her hard from the back. It is evidentiary he is way turned on by the sight of his wife’s dominance over their very welcomed ingenue.

“Baby, I want her to watch me fuck you while you eat her pussy.” Diezel groaned.

OPEN your eyes baby doll. Watch my man fuck me well!” Who knew enunciation could feel so sweet, Aurielle is longing to surrender, to submit to her Dom’s every command! Dropping her voice to just above a whisper, “You like it, don’t you?” Aurielle could hardly muster the space between whimpers to respond before Molly planted her moist puckered lips to the tip of lusciously plump clit and begins to hum a ditty in a pleasurable rumble that contributing pressure to build beneath her clit dome.

Aurielle struggles to keep her eyes open, the tongue is taking away her ability to focus on the pounding Diezel is laying into Molly. Even still, she never misses a beat, giving Aurielle the tongue lashing of her life while taking every inch of dick her masterful husband has to offer.

Meanwhile, Molly’s wet missile strikes, time and again. It is taunting Aurielle to tears, to perspire; flailing in her attempt to remain focused on watching Molly and Diezel as well as remain quiet. Aurielle’s sheer torture of holding in all that sexual enthusiasm is a burning rush in the hands of Molly’s will.

Aurielle feels the involuntary indications that her body is close to climax, as she opens her eyes and sees Diezel slamming dick as if he is in a war for Molly’s soul. The way her mounds rock back and forth hypnotically as Molly’s colorful butterfly tattoo on her ass take flight. A wing adorns each cheek, the deep arch in her back making the lovely, very visible wings rhythmically collide with one another, then against Diezel’s sculptured abs.

Aurielle bit her lip as Diezel gripped Molly’s waist, pulling her back harder onto his dick. After several minutes of constant stroking, the couple exchange heady grunts in between shit talking word play; one challenging the one in the best way. Aurielle carries a flushed pink hue across her supple body. A jittery bounce stems from her cumming convulsions waiting to vocalize the wails of her horny release.

“You’re doing rather well. Though, I know you would very much like to cum”, Molly pulls her neck back slightly, flicking her tongue like the flapping butterfly wings on her ass. Aurielle responds with a muffled squeal as she draws up bedsheets, mangled between the fingers of her closed fists.

“You better not cum little lady.” Her lips blowing strong streams of air from puckered lips that drop in and out the inner folds of warm, moisture filled pussy at will, thumping with a desire to let it all go! “I’m going to be very, very disappointed in your pretty pussy, Aurielle. You cum when I say, and only when I say. Understand?!

A quick “um hmm” is all the energy her voice could borrow as she was utilizing the most of it to not be the bitch with the disappointing pussy.

“I said do you understand, Aurielle?” Never relenting from her grip across heavy thighs and an ass-crack dripping juices down her face.

Then softly, “Yes. I understand. Please.”

“Please what, doll?”

“Please. Please, can I cum?” Still faint in her delivery, Aurielle fully enjoying the forceful suction seduction befalling her cunt, its juices flowing as a waterfall through parted cheeks.

Molly smirks as she draws back like a cobra, landing a smack-a-roo of a smooch just inside of Aurielle’s slighted parted pussy lips, guiding her to the brink of insanity.

“You know, you have such a pretty twat. So sweet. I knew it would be sweet. As a matter of fact, why don’t you come and sit on my face so that I can lick that lovely crack while you lick mine.” Molly said as she detaches from Diezel’s dick.

“Make me cum hard and I may let you cum all over my face.”

At the crystal coated wet bar in their bedroom, Diezel prepared to fade into the backdrop as he poured himself a drink. Upon having sat in the recliner adjacent from the bed to enjoy the sounds and sight of these two magnificent women eating each other’s cat.

Diezel is happy as onlooker, watching both women maneuver in to the 69 position.

“If you suck on her pussy long enough, you’ll feel as if you really have popped a Molly.”

“Daddy, I don’t want you to feel left out. Come fuck me in the ass, while Aurielle sucks on my clit.” Molly said as her mouth hovers over Aurielle’s pussy.

Diezel sits his glass down on the table next to the recliner. He walked up to the end of the bed, tilting into Molly’s legs, spreading them wider along the edge.

Molly felt the tip of his dick up against her asshole. “Daddy, wait. Let her get your dick wet first.” 

Diezel, quivering in a recall of the earlier pleasure, pulls Aurielle by her hair. Spinning, he lifted her head and shoved his dick into her mouth. A noticeable grunt leaps from his throat as she sputtered and choked on his penis while taking on more of more of his lengthy girth. Diezel fucked her mouth slowly, enjoying the feeling of her lush tongue caressing along its saliva coated shaft.

“Be gentle with my pink lady.” Molly expresses simultaneously, planning to slide her finger into Aurielle’s ass as she sucked her pussy in twisted impulses. Aurielle began to push her ass back on Molly’s fingers, sucking Diezel off that much more intently.

“FUCK!” Diezel yelled as he let go of Aurielle’s hair and pulled his dick out of her mouth. “Damn, babe. I can’t keep letting her suck me off like this if you want me to fuck you in the ass anytime soon!”

Aurielle smirked smugly as she licked her lips.

Molly giggled into Aurielle’s pussy: Her words, seasoned with moaning. “She’s breaking you down like that, baby? Mm I love it! Give it to me now, sweet daddy!”

Aurielle grabbed Diezel by his dick, she then spits on it, making it nice and slick. Raising up more to view her next meal, throwing apart Molly’s legs with a thirsting urge to see them wider. She watches as Diezel slid his piece into Molly’s ass, shuddering as Molly’s tones, vibrated inside her pussy.

Molly’s body shook so it made Aurielle break the tongue action to view Diezel stride in and out of Molly’s ass.

Aurielle let go of one of Molly’s legs, slobs on her index and middle fingers then begins to whirl them in unison around Molly’s slippery clit, still massaging the rest of her pulsating pussy with the whole of her mouth. Molly’s torso bucks beneath the pressure of Aurielle and Diezels sexual takeover.

Fucking Molly more wildly, he is enticed by the sight of the creamy goodness gushing out of her pussy. Molly screamed into Aurielle’s inviting pussy folds as her orgasm break free. Diezel holding on to his load as her ass grips his dick like a glove that is a perfect fit! He slaps Molly’s ass as her orgasm subsides, sliding his strong, rock hard member from the comfort of her plumpness. Aurielle moves off of Molly’s face, kneeling beside her on the bed.

“Do you want to take a ride, Aurielle?” Diezel asks, smiling.

Molly purred as Diezel walked around the bed, she rolled out of the way making room for him to lie down on his back.

“Go ahead and climb on top of him, Aurielle. His dick is quite a pussy filler. But once your walls embrace that smooth, giant head, you will open right up to the rest of him; begging for him to fit all that pipe, deep inside of you.” Molly persuaded. “Mount him! It will make your longings feel so good. He’s a forceful, yet attentive lover.”

Aurielle hesitant at first, intimidated by the massive piece pointing toward the sky like an erect sculpture. Though timid at first, her curiosity is wild with the promise of cumming as hard as her mistress just had. Slowly, she straddles Diezel. Sliding down, she feels the length and width of his hammer stretching her cookie fiercely. 

“Daddy, I want you to make her scream for me. Please, Daddy.” Molly begged as she sat on Diezel’s face.

Diezel muddles something into Molly’s pussy about how tight Aurielle felt, as she struggles to take him in.

“Bounce harder on his dick, Aurielle! Make him feel all of that tight pussy”, Molly urges.

Molly aggressively services Aurielle’s breasts, watching her shudder as she pinches and twists both nipples simultaneously.

"Spin around on his face. I want to finger your ass”, Aurielle demanded hoarsely.

Molly, without question, moves into the position requested.

Aurielle runs her forefinger down the moist path of Molly’s ass cheek, gathering stickiness, sliding in one finger, followed by the other. Molly moved her hips, grinding her pussy into Diezel’s mouth as her ass was fingered deeply by Aurielle.

Oh, SHIT! Fuck, yes! Finger my ass, mmmm hmmm just like that, make me ride his chin harder.” Molly bucking on Diezel’s face even as a third finger is added to the entrance of her puckering rim.

“Put your head on the headboard and make that ass clap on my fingers.” Aurielle exclaimed as she became the more confident.

Molly leaned forward and held onto the headboard as Diezel licked her clit faster, more deliberate, targeting the stiff pink bud emerging from its hooded cave, with Aurielle shoving her fingers deeper into that luscious ass.

“Yes, Aurielle. Deeper baby, yes! Fuck my ass!” Molly moaned as another orgasm began to peak.

“Are you going to cum for me? Go ahead and cum for me, baby. Fill his mouth up with your pleasure.”

Molly clenched Aurielle’s fingers, belting an inaudible praise to the workings of her the mastering her loins. Her trembling physique cumming forcefully across Diezel’s tongue. She then slid off of Diezel to fall slumped on the bed next to him.

Diezel placed his hands behind his head, propping himself up and looked at Aurielle. “Now you make that pussy cum on my dick.”

Aurielle braced herself with her hands on his chest and moved slowly up and down, this time having more control of muscles needed to contract in, then out, then in, then out; at the right time.

Molly rolled over to watch, taking pleasure in the pained yet determined look displayed on Aurielle’s face. Licking her lips, she crawled up next to Aurielle and started to kiss her as she played with her clit. “Take his dick, baby. A little pain always makes it that much more … pleasing. Don’t you just love how hard he is inside of your tight…ass.... pussy?” Molly whispered against Aurielle’s ear.

“I do. But. His dick is so big. I don’t think that I can do it.” Aurielle whispered back.

“Oh baby, you can, and you will.” Molly said as she nestled Aurielle by the waist and pushed her down on Diezel’s dick; lodging him deep within.

Aurielle’s scream echoed throughout the room as Diezel melts into the plush bedding. Molly wiggles Aurielle’s clit between her fingers, her tongue rolling across her nipple, making Aurielle dig her nails into Diezel’s thighs.

“That’s it, Aurielle, ride my dick baby. Look at me while you bite your lip. That’s right, baby. Now slide your pussy up my dick slowly and come all the way back down on it. Now grind your pussy on my dick.” Diezel instructed.

Aurielle cried out as she filled her pussy completely with his large member.

“Fuck her harder, daddy. Yes, keep going, she’s going to explode all over your dick, daddy. She’s quivering, don’t you feel it?” Molly asked as Diezel pumped Aurielle’s pussy from underneath.

Aurielle exploded onto Diezel’s dick as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Molly smiles smugly as tears fall from Aurielle’s eyes. Aurielle then rose and kneeled beside Diezel: She leaned down, wrapped her lips around his dick and slid her lip from balls to tip, pulling every drop of her sexual fluids off of his skin.

Diezel reached down and stopped her. “Baby, can you give little Miss Aurielle some assistance with my dick, please?” 

“Anything for you, Daddy.” Molly’s desire to join hungrily expressed by her quick and agile transition from bed to the floor.

Aurielle sucked his dick, as Molly sucked both of his balls into her mouth. Diezel motionless, breathless; doing all he can to hold it together as both women go to work, caressing, licking and sucking him.

Molly reached up and pushed Aurielle’s head harshly, the impact lodged his cock against her tonsils, the sound of her choking on his dick in her throat brought Molly much delight. The butterfly licks to Diezels sack became more rapid with each gag of her tag-team partner, Molly slurping on his balls, flicking her tongue as she went. The tip of Aurielle’s tongue taunt the slit, then the circumference of his head as she grabbed the length of him with her hand.

“No hands, I just want to feel your mouth.” Diezel said as he grabbed her by the wrist.

“You’ll learn what Daddy likes, Aurielle.” Giggles float through kisses and lovingly lollipop licks to his balls.

Aurielle was rewarded with Diezel grabbing her head with both hands. He held her in place as he fucked her mouth brutally. The sound of her choking is so loud that Molly just knew the neighbors would be calling the police, again.

“Baby, I want to see you fuck her. I love to watch you break submissive women. Look how hard my dick is now… getting hard just thinking about it.” Diezel demanded.

“You know I aim to please you, Daddy”, Molly said as she got off of the bed going to the closet to retrieve her strap-on.

Aurielle attempted to move her head, almost concerned to what Molly had in store for her now but Diezel kept her gaze on his crotch and her mouth planted firmly around his dick.

“I didn’t ask you to move, did I Aurielle?” Diezel rough in his inquisition.

Aurielle shook her head without moving her mouth from his dick.

“Baby, she is being a very bad girl. Would you please show her how we deal with little girls who misbehave?”

Diezel watched as a now strapped up Molly position her on the bed behind Aurielle’s nicely tooted ass.

“Do you think that she can take it all, Daddy?” A devious grin lends to Molly’s hope in their young things inexperience.

“What difference does it make? Make her ass take it, baby”, Diezel replied.

Molly had also grabbed the lube and she started to drizzle it all over her strap, massaging it all around, up and down. She tossed the bottle onto the bed and grabbed Aurielle by the waist, positioning the tip at the opening of Aurielle’s pussy. “You better not run, or it will motivate me to fuck you harder and longer.” Molly said as she slid into Aurielle’s pussy.

Aurielle braced herself as she felt her pussy being stretched open, yet again.

Molly slammed in and out of Aurielle’s pussy, going deeper with each stroke. Aurielle moaned still having Diezel’s dick deep, traveling back and forth to the base of her tongue.

“Daddy, I wish you could see how tight her pussy is clenching my strap.” Molly stated as she bit her bottom lip.

Reaching across Aurielle’s naked, flopping tits and jiggling ass, Diezel grabs his wife by the hair, “Well, fuck her like you love me to fuck you!”

Molly gripped Aurielle by her hips, she pumps in and out, in and out of her pussy with a new mission; a force that makes her stride deeper, harder. Aurielle screams, her struggles to keep her mouth around his dick, evident.

Diezel moved his pelvis upward to have a better position while fucking her mouth. “Damn baby! Is that how you want me to fuck you?” He said in amazement as he watched Molly beat Aurielle’s pussy up.

Yes, Daddy, yes!” Molly replied, her breath coming in gasps.

“Fuck her harder for me. Yeah, just like that. Now smack her ass harder, baby. Make that shit bright red for me”, Diezel exclaimed!

Aurielle blinked tears of pleasure down her face. Sex had never been so painful yet wonderful at the same time before.

Molly moans in satisfaction as Aurielle jumps after sliding her finger into her ass, constantly banging as beads of sweat shimmer down the suppleness of her naivety.

Aurielle shivered near climatic completion, her body thrashing her ass back onto Molly’s strap.

“Ohhh, yeaaah baby, cum on my strap! I feel that pussy clenching like its ready to gush. Give it to me. That orgasm. Give it all to me, Aurielle”, Molly urges as she arched her back, digging under, hunching to fuck her harder and harder.

Aurielle’s mouth released Diezel as she threw her head back screaming. Molly snatched her by her hair, riding her orgasmic load the entire way. She watched as Aurielle’s cum dripped from her pussy, coated her strap, and dripped onto the sheets.

Molly pulled out of her and watched Aurielle collapse on top of Diezel. “Daddy, I think she deserves a treat. Why don’t you suck on her pussy and make her feel all better?”

“Whatever you desire, my love.” Diezel said as he got up, sliding Aurielle off of his body.

They together positioned Aurielle’s limp, exhausted body onto her back with Diezel heading down between her gradually spreading legs. Molly removed her strap and sat back on her knees next to Aurielle.

“Damn babe, you went in on that pussy didn’t you!? Look at those pink, dripping and swollen pussy lips.”

“Well daddy, you said you loved to see me break females, I was just doing what my daddy wanted me to do.” Molly chimed.

Diezel lightly blew Aurielle’s clit, the teasing sensitivity of his moist, warm tongue drew circles around it.

“His tongue feels good doesn’t it? I love the way he eats my pussy. You’ll learn to let go quickly or he will suck the orgasm right out of your pussy.” Molly whispered in Aurielle’s ear.

Molly caressed Aurielle’s breasts, alternating between each nipple. Meanwhile Diezel spoiled her pussy with juicy kisses and lavish licks.

“Oh my god!” Aurielle moaned as Diezel slid his tongue inside of her pussy.

“Mm daddy, I think she likes your tongue bath.” Molly said with Aurielle’s nipple clenched between her teeth.

“Suck it, please. I love the way your lips feel around my clit.” Aurielle gasped.

“Make her cum again, Daddy! I want to watch you tag her ass again while she sucks on my clit like that.” Molly played with her own pussy while still sucking Aurielle’s nipples.

Diezel pleased that pussy until Aurielle’s body shuddered with release! Those screams were intoxicating and left his dick even harder. “Get into doggy style with your face in my babes’ pussy. I want that ass from the back”, demanded Diezel.

Molly maneuvered to the place where her pussy is aligned with Aurielle’s face. Aurielle spread her ass cheeks in the air as Diezel steps into his Timberland boots, then stood at the foot of the bed behind her ass. He entered her already gushing pussy, releasing a sound of air as he felt her pussy instantly lay a suctioned grip to his dick. Diezel spread her ass cheeks more with both hands, watching himself disappear and reappear.

The dainty red head sucked and fingered Molly’s pussy with a new fervor, finding her second wind amidst the handling of holes by Diezel.

“Just like that, Aurielle. Oooooo, yes. Now lick it slowly. Uh huh. Yes, mami, SHIT! Lick that pussy girl! Fuck!”

Diezel, enticed by Molly’s squirming body, picks up speed. He is greatly turned on peeping how Aurielle’s ass bounces with each pump. 

Molly seductively hisses, squeezing her own nipples as she watches Diezel spank Aurielle’s ass good.

“SLAM that ass back on his dick, Aurielle! Make daddy’s dick cum.” Molly moaned.

Diezel grabbed both of Aurielle’s arms behind her back and nodded to Molly. Molly then pulls Aurielle’s head forward, shoving it down into her pussy. Diezel increased his pace until he was plummeting in and out of Aurielle’s pussy mercilessly. Her screams muffled by Molly holding her face in her pussy.

“Yes, Daddy. That’s it, fuck her, FUCK HER!”


“I love hearing her scream because of how you’re giving it to her” Molly exclaimed!

“I’m going to cum, soon”, Diezel manages to sputter as his eyes begin to roll beneath their lids.

“You heard him didn’t you. He is ready to cum, Sweetie. Now clench that pussy and throw that ass back! Make our Daddy cum. Drain him and make me proud!” Molly’s demand was not taken lightly. Aurielle did her best to throw her ass as far back on his dick as physically possible yet his size made it a difficult task.

“Fuck! Ooooo SHIT!” Diezel climaxing while jerking her back against him harder and harder by her arms.

“Don’t waste that nut, Daddy.” Molly yelled as she jumped up pushing Aurielle’s head away.

Diezel pulled his dick out of Aurielle’s pussy and held it as both women moved in front of him. Molly licked his head as he exploded in both of their faces. Molly snatched Aurielle by a handful of hair and watched as he shot the rest of his load into her mouth. “Don’t waste his nut either! Swallow it! Swallow every last fucking drop of him.” Molly demanded. Then Molly moved forward then dropped his dick into her mouth, licking and sucking it clean.

Diezel staggered back and sat in the recliner, panting with happy fatigue. He grabbed his glass from the table and threw the last of its contents back into his cottony palette.

Aurielle swallows hard realizing how much nut had actually been in her mouth as it heavily coasts down her throat.

“I think she passed the test. Did you enjoy us?”, Molly asked.

Diezel grinned at the two naked, glistening women in his bed. “Well I did enjoy you all, but I don’t know if she passed as of yet. I think I need another round to figure that out.”

Molly giggled as Aurielle collapsed face first into the bed. Molly grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head back up. “Are you ready for another round? I think you have it in you. I’m sure your pussy is pulsating as we speak with the thought of us taking control of your body again.” Molly said as she watched Diezel’s dick revive.

As she witnesses Diezels tenacity rise again, Aurielle and her pussy start to throb again, “I’m not a quitter honey, bring it on!”

As the words left her mouth, Diezel and his dick stood. He walked to the edge of the bed. “Well ladies, why don’t you show my dick just how bad you want it.” Closing his eyes awaiting to feel their two lascivious, hot, wet tongues wrap around his dick with a smile.

Carnal Instincts

Alessandra stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her slender frame. It was Friday night and the tips were sure to be great at Cream. She rubbed moisturizer through her short, curly hair bringing the jet-black locks to life. She walked into her bedroom, sat on her bed and began to lotion her body.

Standing, her towel fell to the floor as she put lotion on the colorful dragon tattoo that covered the entire left side of her frame, caressing into her skin the moisturizing, vanilla scented body soufflé. She slowly slid her thong up her slender calves, passed her knees, adjusting them in a crawl as her thick thighs stretch the material in a pleasing display of meaty hips that call for passionate squeezes and gently kisses.

The phone vibrations atop the nightstand startled Alessandra from her quiet thoughts. She excitedly answers it when her favorite cousin’s picture flashes on the screen.

“HEY Adrianna! Girl, how have you been?! I miss you so much”, Alessandra exclaimed into the phone.

“Hey there little cousin. I miss you too, but I have some news that should really get you excited”, Adrianna laughed.

“Please tell me that you’re in town visiting. I work tonight but you could come down to the club on my guest pass”, Alessandra said.

“Well, it’s better than just visiting. Guess who just moved back home into a loft downtown?”

Adrianna started laughing when Alessandra started to scream.

“I’m so excited! This is the best day of my life. I’ll text you the address to the club. I have to be there in an hour. Just text me when you’re about to pull up or valet park. I’ll come to the front and bring your guest pass”, Alessandra replied excitedly.

“Thank you little one. I’m about to get ready so that I can meet you there. See you in a bit. I love you.” 

“Love you too, cousin”, Alessandra replied as she hurried to get ready to get to the club. She hadn’t seen Adrianna in three years. Tonight, was going to be epic.

Adrianna ends the call as she stands reflected in a full-length mirror, inspecting her nakedness. Waist length, jet black hair shrouded her body, the tendrils tickling the top of her nicely rounded ass. Rubbing her hands over her silky smooth flat stomach, she turned in the mirror smiling at the way her small waist emphasized how large her hips and ass are.

The diamond studded nipple rings she wears glint in the light. She runs her hand over her pussy, teasing her clit while she flicks the jewel nested in its hood. A toasted almond complexion makes her slanted hazel eyes so exotic to those blessed to look into their vastness. After blowing a kiss at her reflection, she walks over to her closet to find the perfect outfit for her first night back in town.

Dane enters Cream, yawning. The club has been filled to the max for the past couple of weeks, so she found herself leaving work later than usual each morning since.

“Somebody is in need of an energy drink. You know its Friday, Dane: It will be packed tonight and you’re going to need to be very much alert”, Peaches said to Dane as she walked up to the bar.

“I’ll be running around all night until I crash”, Dane grumbled, “I don’t know, Peaches.”

“Not necessarily. How about I make you a drink with something in it to help? You won’t crash. I promise, you’ll be awake and alert”, Peaches assured.

“Okay, I trust you plus, I feel as if I’ll fall on my face before this shift is over.”

Peaches winks whilst reaching into her purse to retrieve a vial.

“I would never steer you wrong”, adding its contents to a shaker cup, with ice, Chambord Liqueur and a splash of pineapple juice. She shook up the concoction and poured it into a tall glass then slid it across the bar to Dane.

“Drink up! You’ll thank me later.”

Dane took a hard breath before the plunge into the mystery concoction. It actually wasn’t bad at all, making it easy to drink every last drop.

Alessandra walked up and pinched Dane on the ass, startling Dane as she sat her glass down.

“Hey all", Alessandra exclaims!

“I’m so excited! My favorite big cousin has moved back to town and she’s stopping by the club tonight to see me.”

With a slight look of seriousness, Alessandra shifts as the totality of her environment brings a concern, initially overshadowed by the eagerness of it all.

“I expect you both to be on your best behavior. She’s very reserved and I don’t want you bitches scaring her off.”

“So, you invited your reserved, older cousin to a sex-slash-swingers club where you strip. What part of that even sounds like a smart idea?”

Dane’s sarcasm not lost amongst the threesome.

Alessandra waived off Dane and rolled her eyes, shifting her curvy body language to address Peaches directly.

“Adrianna is open minded and really down to earth; she doesn’t judge, plus she’s really sweet. I haven’t seen her in three years, so without thinking, I told her to come here.”

Peaches cackles poke fun at her scantily dressed friend, “Well, I will do my best to not embarrass you or scare off little Ms. Prude.”

“Come on now, I really need your help. Just show her a good time despite the atmosphere, please?” Alessandra pleads.

“Alright, alright. Stop your whining”, Dane joins Peaches in amusement, “we will be on our best behavior.”

“Thank guys!” Alessandra, in her enthusiasm, kisses Dane on the cheek then leans across the bar elevating like a ballerina, repeating her sentiments on Peaches.

“I owe you two big time. I’ll see you all in a bit. Gotta go get ready for my set.”

Dane felt her body become warm.

“What exactly did you put in my drink? It’s starting to get hot in here.”

“But I bet you’re waking up, aren’t you?” Peaches sassed.

“Whatever woman, I’m going to do my rounds before the crowd arrives.”

Dane walks away, climbing the stairs to the main area’s loft that overlooks the entire floor.

As Adrianna’s GPS chimes her arrival, she texts Alessandra to let her know that she was outside. When she gives the young man a crisp $50, “Keep the change”, she says. the valet is well pleased, his eyes lit up with gratitude as he passes his benefactor her receipt, “Thank you so much, ma’am. Enjoy yourself”.

Adrianna enters through the main door, eyeballing the whole of its architecture: Its stunning glass design stylishly disguises it as an open pussy, gushing paint outward in three directions as a fountain of neon spectacularity, behind a wall of opal stained glass. She, smiling within her loins, thinks, “…this is going to be a great night.”

“Welcome to Cream! Membership card please.” Asia warmly greets Adrianna.

“I don’t have one. My little cousin invited me, she works here and mentioned something about a guest pass.”

“Oh great! Who is your cousin? I’ll summon them, and we can get your pass taken care of.” 

“Alessandra Velasquez. I text her and told her that I was here but”, Adrianna glances down at the phone, “she hasn’t responded as of yet.”

“She’s probably on stage right now. I’ll get her... be right back”, Asia says, then vanishes through the main door into the crowd.

In thought, Adrianna raises a subtle eyebrow, “Sooooo, little cousin is on stage, huh? Interesting.” 

Asia points, then waves at Alessandra, who is now exiting the stage.

“Your cousin is here, I need you to come to the front”, she yells as Alessandra comes in ear shot.

The moment Alessandra has anticipated all evening is finally happening. With a grin, sways her voluptuously ass like a lullaby in her six-inch stilettos to the front of the establishment. When she walked through the door, her mouth drops. This was not the Adrianna that had left three years ago. The milk white, tight-fitting dress hugged every curve of her now, slender body, perfectly accessorized with white peep toe stilettos. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a messy yet classy bun, accented by the diamonds adorning her ears, throat, and wrist; in her left hand she held a milk-white clutch.

“Adrianna, is that you?! Oh, my goodness, I hope you don’t mind me saying but… you… you look like a whole new person.” Alessandra gasped.

“Yes”, she laughs, “It’s me baby, in the flesh. I had to get myself together, which first started with losing one hundred-fifty pounds.”

Adrianna speaks through a brightly lit smile, examining the revealing outfit the little cousin she once considered her baby stands before her in, with all her glory bursting forth.

“Come and give me a hug with your half naked ass.”

Alessandra hugged Adrianna tightly. She turned to Asia for the guest pass then proceeds to escort her guest down the rabbit hole. She wasn’t surprised when everyone in wonderland turns to look at Adrianna. The sexual energy coming from her is so palpable, she too, can feel the heat.

“Lets get you settled in. What are you drinking, Cuz?” Alessandra said as they reached the bar.

“I’ll take a Hennessy straight up.” Adrianna replied.

Peaches looked Adrianna up and down.

“No problem, coming right up. Would you like anything, Alessandra?”

“No, I have two more songs to finish before the dancers switch. Surprise me with something when I’m done”, leaning into bar she whispers, “remember to keep an eye on my cousin, please?” Alessandra addresses Peaches before returning to her post.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Adrianna. What brings you back to town?” Peaches asked as she poured Hennessy into a glass.

“It was time to come home. I would have come sooner if I knew I’d run into a woman as gorgeous as you.” Adrianna winks at Peaches as she is passing her a short glass with four-fingers of Hennessy swirling therein.

Peaches blushes bright red, unable to hide her interest.

“Well I appreciate that coming from a beautiful woman such as yourself.”

Adrianna smiled and sipped from the glass. “This is a nice club; I like what I see so far… think I’ll take a stroll to check out everything and see what type of mischief I can get into tonight... be back soon.” Adrianna eyes vetting the club before walking in the direction of the stages.

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