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Dog Sex - The Family Dog


Arty Penfold

First Edition: February 2018

Smashwords Edition

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Danny sat in a large high back chair in the corner of the room and watched his sisters’ reflection in the mirror. She sat at her dressing table brushing her long blonde hair.

“It was almost like he was frightened to touch me”

Angela was recounting her nights experience to her attentive brother

“We kissed, but when I tried to get him to put his hand up my skirt, he kept pulling away”

Danny stared longingly at her naked breasts, they jiggled enticingly as she arranged her blond locks into a pony tail.

Danny had made sure her ‘date’ had behaved himself, as he had done many times before. He had threatened him that anything more than as kiss would result in a severe beating. Such was Danny's reputation that the lad was too frightened not to obey but also still had to take the girl out at Danny's insistence. It was a well known story, seemingly to everyone but Angela, about what had happened to the boy that took Angela's virginity. Ever since any young stud who wanted to get into Angela's pants would have to deal with her brother.

“Never mind sis, he was hardly the man of your dreams”

Angela swung round to face him

“I know Danny but I'm so fucking horny, I need someone to fuck me”

She pushed her hand down the front of her little pink panties and started to rub herself.

Danny and Angela had always been close growing up, now they were older they had become what many said was unnaturally close. Danny worshiped his younger sister and his over protectiveness was born from his own suppressed desire to have her himself. Angela was completely uninhibited where her brother was concerned and loved to flaunt her eighteen year old body in front of him.

“If you weren't my brother, would you fuck me Danny?

She stood up and began to dance around the room

“You would have to put a bag over your head first”

His teasing didn’t help suppress his growing erection and he dropped his hand in his lap to try and cover it. Angela came over and putting one hand on each of the arms of the chair leant in towards him with her breasts hanging enticingly and kissed him on the lips. She dropped to her knees between his legs and stared up into his eyes.

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