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Antony Rosetta has found freedom with his lover Carter at his side. Running off to Europe after retiring from his job as a professional hitman, he’s sure he’s hidden his tracks well enough…

Until a killer’s gun is trained on Carter.

After they escape, they find an unlikely ally who helps them out of a rough spot. Tony doesn’t trust easily, and his hackles stay up long after they need to be. Or have they?

Tony soon realizes he loves Carter too much to keep the man in mortal danger. Can he find the strength to send the man away?

The Hitman’s Weakness

Hitman, 2




Twisted E Publishing, LLC


The Hitman’s Weakness

Hitman, 2

Copyright © 2018 by Kelex

Edited by Marie Medina

First E-book Publication: February 2018, SMASHWORDS EDITION

Cover design by Cover by K Designs

All cover art and logo copyright © 2018, Twisted E-Publishing, LLC.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission.

All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


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About the Author


Thank you, Lucie Le Blanc, for your kind assistance in making this book better with your wonderful French translations.

To Angie – for asking a great question at the exact right moment.

And, as always, to my readers.


Before two became one…

“Maybe you should check in on the lad,” Ian said, his proper English accent crisp. He tilted his hand, and the cubes of ice in his scotch clinked against the heavy crystal. “Before you leave for good.”

Antony Rosetta leaned against the balustrade, looking across an immaculately kept lawn. Perfectly shaped bushes and marble sculptures lined the vast green before him. Ian liked to live lavishly, often saying he was the black sheep in some royal British line. Some might even believe him; given the homes, the cars, and the well-tailored suits Ian was keen on wearing. Tony knew the truth. Ian was an arms dealer on the black market and had been for decades. The source of most of Tony’s weapons, Ian could get just about any illegal item known to man.

Including the forged passports in his hand.

Everyone needed a friend like Ian—especially a hitman.


He’d retired. Or, rather, was attempting to retire. For the last year, he’d been slowly erasing any sign of his past and distancing himself from the life he’d once led. Brick by brick, he’d laid the foundation for his escape. Luckily for him, after Gino had died, the three-man tug of war over the throne to the crime family had allowed him to fade into the background.

Or so he hoped.

He was about to make good on his plan to disappear completely.

The thought of moving on…


“I could get another set of passports made up. Would just need his photo,” Ian added before taking a sip from his glass.

Am I that obvious? “And how much extra would that cost me?”

Ian shrugged, a half smile forming on his lips. “You’re a friend. I wouldn’t charge one more cent than I did for the ones you’ve got right there.”

Tony glanced down to his hand, the desire to say yes too enticing. He held several hundred thousands worth of documents. Price wasn’t a problem. He had enough stored up that he could live a life of luxury for the rest of his days. He’d pay a fortune to be able to bring Carter with him.

Ultimately, that couldn’t be.

“No. He’s safer where he is.” Tony looked out toward the lake and the weeping willows swaying softly in the afternoon breeze. The sun warmed his skin as it came out from behind the soft, voluminous clouds above. “Without me.”

Ian pressed on. “You did invest in that boy’s education. You should see him walk across that stage and get his degree.”

“Why? I know he’s graduating. That’s good enough.” Once he completed his education, hopefully Carter could get away from the shitty neighborhood they’d both grown up in. If he couldn’t be there for Carter, it was the next best thing.

Ian clicked his tongue. “Antony… you were so insistent on paying his tuition to ensure he got that degree. Yo—”

“Only to ensure he didn’t sell his ass to get it,” Tony interrupted. The thought of another man touching what was his? It nearly drove him insane.

Carter had worked as an escort when they’d first met. The younger man had been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. He’d witnessed a hit—watched as Tony had taken out crime boss Enzo Morelli.

In any other situation, Tony would’ve killed any witnesses, but in that case, he’d shown his hand on purpose. One look at Carter and Tony couldn’t stand the thought of Enzo touching him.

He’d killed the old perv before the man laid one crotchety finger on Carter.

Because I knew he was mine.

Tony closed his eyes.

He’ll move on.

Likely already has.

He’s not yours anymore. Let him go.

As if he could. He was in bad shape. The months apart had only made him long to have Carter by his side. Tony shut his eyes, forcing the image of Carter writhing under him out of his mind.

“Well,” Ian said. “If you change your mind, let me know.”

Tony rose to his full height and turned to face Ian. “I won’t.”

Ian’s lips twerked into an almost smile. “Sure, sure.”

“I won’t,” Tony parroted.

“Of course not. You’re your own man, running off into the sunset. Alone.”

Tony lifted a brow before holding up the stack of documents. “Thank you. For everything you’ve done.”

“You’re welcome, my boy.”

Tony gave the older man a quick hug before heading through the luxurious home on his way to the front door. Ian’s words danced in his head. Running off into the sunset… alone…

Damn you, Ian.

Tony exited the front doors and skipped down the stone stairs to the circle drive. He fished a pair of sunglasses from the inside pocket of his sports coat before slipping behind the wheel of his Audi R8. Moments later, he was cruising down Ian’s long lane, passing huge oaks lining the drive.

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