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A Wicked End novella

by Bella Jeanisse

Published by Bella Jeanisse

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I’m happy to bring you a new chapter in the Wicked End world. This story was once part of a Rockstar Romance boxed set, Get Rocked! in Vegas. It has since been retired. As usual, I have added to the original manuscript. You’ll be happy to know that six chapters total were added.

We left the boys of Wicked End when they were on their new bus and the start of the Reign of Fire tour was hours away. A lot has happened since then for them and all the other bands in the world of Triple Threat.

The first thing you may notice about this novella is that it’s from everyone’s POV. Each band member has their own scenes and some have a chapter or two all to themselves and their partner. All the boys vied for the lead, so I gave them the finger and made them share it. LOL!

You’ll also see that Silverblade has veered off the tour with Wicked End. Their series was supposed to be released by now, but circumstances beyond my control arose. I plan to make sure that series is the best it can be before it reaches your eBook readers. Please be patient with me and enjoy a sneak peek of those boys.

Wicked End in Vegas worries me. Imagine the trouble they can get into? I can imagine quite a lot. Read on to find out what these boys want to stay in Vegas.


Music is my life, so is it any wonder that I write about musicians? If only I could thank the bands that inspire me personally. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll read it here.

Thank you to Avenged Sevenfold, who never lets me down! Of course, there are other bands, too. Unearth, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Trivium and Nothing More to name a few I am grateful to. Without music, I couldn’t be who I am. Keep the new albums coming, so they can fuel my imagination.

Since this story wasn’t public knowledge for a while, only a few helped me work out the kinks. ;) Anita, Traci, Kathy, Sonia, Patricia, Stephanie, Sandy, Donna & Stephanie, thank you for all you do for me. I’d be a raving lunatic without you!



Brandon Knight - Lead Guitar

Jake Thompson - Vocals

Chico Rivera - Drums

Scott Mason - Bass

Austin Reese - Rhythm Guitar


Shane Martin - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Kyle Savage - Drums

Carter Keys - Lead Guitar

Zack Bryant - Bass


Jon Harris, co-owner of Demonfire Records, nodded at Scott Mason, bassist for Wicked End. “I’d like your vocals on ‘Skeletons.’”

“Really? Scott was proud of that song, but he’d only briefly entertained the thought of singing it. “You don’t think Jake would do a better job?” Jake Thompson was their frontman.

Austin Reese, rhythm guitarist for Wicked End, slipped his arms around his lover’s middle. “Everyone knows your voice is better. Jake just screams well.”

“Then it’s settled.” Jon walked toward the control room.

Brandon Knight, their lead guitarist, glanced around the new wing of Demonfire. The addition of a larger building had many benefits. They had already made use of the updated recording booths and the interview room.

The Reign of Fire tour had been delayed because of an accident in January. They’d decided back then to start recording their next album. Although the tour had started up in February, they’d gotten half of it done already. Over the past few months, they had taken advantage of every break to complete another piece.

It was the end of April. They were on track to release Revolution in July. The boys of Wicked End were glad they had been signed by Demonfire. Their last record label had put so many restrictions on them, they’d sometimes felt suffocated.

“Brandon? You OK?” Scott poked his best friend in the arm. When he received no response, he bumped Brandon’s shoulder. “Are you in another world?”

Startled, Brandon’s head jerked up. “Huh?”

“We’re talking about my song and you’re staring at the wall.” Scott chuckled. “Girlfriend troubles?”

Brandon’s face screwed up. “Why would you think that?”

“Last time you drifted off, Mackenzie went home angry.” Scott sat next to Brandon and patted his thigh. “Do you need to talk?”

“Nah.” Brandon glanced up and realized everyone was waiting on him. “Just thinking. Kenzie went home to visit some of her clients. She’ll meet us next week.” He couldn’t reveal the other place his girl was to visit.

Jake threw up his hands. “Good, then we can move on and start ‘Skeletons.’”

“Fine.” Brandon had an incredible set of riffs and solos written for the song. “Let’s see if I can do Scott’s song justice.”

Scott watched Brandon disappear into the booth. Then he smiled when his best friend was visible again. The speakers were on in the main room, so they would be able to hear everything.

His guitar strap over his shoulder, Brandon smiled. He’d kept his part of the song a secret so far. Only his girl had heard it. Headphones in place, he made eye contact with Tony Spinelli, who was running a soundboard.

“Damn!” Austin stared at Brandon in shock.

Scott was blown away already. The opening riff Brandon had chosen was almost what Scott had imagined as he wrote the lyrics. He’d only hummed that part to Brandon once. How’d he turn that bit into something so catchy?

Brandon winked at Scott as he segued into the next phase of the song. He knew Scott so well, that he’d known where Scott was going with the hummed bit.

Of course Brandon had put his own twist on it. That was what had gotten Wicked End recognition many years ago. No one played guitar quite like he did.

When the time came for his solo, Brandon’s eyes closed. He heard the words in his head. Scott had sung them enough times that he had them memorized. None of them had expected Jon to ask for Scott to perform them for the album, though. Brandon felt that was perfect.

As soon as Brandon stepped into the main room, everyone stood and clapped. He blushed profusely, not expecting it. “Thanks.” He glanced up and caught Scott’s smile. “Now you go add your vocals, so we can blow away our fans.”

Mackenzie Winters stood just outside the room her mother, Natalie, had lived in for many years. Her breakdown and subsequent decline had forced Mackenzie to move her to a facility in Baltimore that could handle her condition. Mackenzie rarely visited without her fiancé, Brandon, at her side. He’d helped her handle the emotional aftermath.

She had received a call from her mother’s doctor with a possible treatment. They hadn’t suggested anything new in close to ten years. Heart pounding, she entered the room and paused. Her mother laid in her bed as always, unmoving. The catatonic state was what she’d expected.

“Mom?” There was no reaction. Mackenzie moved closer and found her mother’s eyes open. “Mom, I have good news for you.”

As she sat on the chair next to the bed, Mackenzie took a deep breath. Tears threatened. She’d hoped for a response. After she had gotten herself together, she picked up her mother’s hand.

“Brandon and I… We’re getting married.” She noticed a slight shift in her mother’s eyes. “It’s not until November, but maybe you could be there?”

Her face fell when her mother just laid there. Brandon had always been her mother’s favorite among Mackenzie’s friends. She’d expected her mother to be happy about the pending nuptials.

“Ms. Winters?”

Mackenzie turned her head. “Yes?” She suddenly recognized Dr. Diaz. “Oh, sorry. I was a bit lost in my head.”

“I can understand that.” Dr. Diaz pulled the extra chair over. “I called you in to talk to you in person. Your mother has not declined further since your boyfriend last visited. That means she is eligible to participate in an experimental treatment.

“Um, is it dangerous?” Mackenzie didn’t want her mother in pain.

Dr. Diaz straightened her back. “So far, the results have been favorable. No deaths were reported. The only thing I am concerned about is paralysis. That happened in one patient. It could mean she may no longer breathe on her own.”

“But she could also start talking again?”


Hope filled Mackenzie. She hadn’t felt that about her mother’s condition in many years. Usually, she discussed things with Brandon before she agreed to anything important. He was unavailable at that moment, so she had to suck it up and decide.

“If we start this treatment, it might take a few months to see results. We would have to try different dosages.” Dr. Diaz patted Mackenzie’s thigh. “You don’t have to decide now, but the sooner we try, the more likely we’ll see results.”

Mackenzie nodded. “If there’s a chance I can have my mother back, let’s do it.”


“Holy shit!” Austin rushed into Wicked End’s Boston Arena dressing room. “We hit number one!”

Brandon turned his head. “Where?”

“Billboard!” Austin was so excited he almost squealed. “First time for everything.” He sat next to Scott. “We never had an album in the top ten before.”

Comfortable in the privacy of their dressing room, Scott took Austin’s hand in his. “It’s amazing.”

“What’s amazing?” Mackenzie walked into the room with a grin.

Brandon tugged her onto his lap as soon as he could reach her. “The new album is number one on Billboard.”

She grinned and pressed her lips to his hard. “Congratulations!” She pulled back and stared into his eyes. “All that work you guys did paid off.” She knew the emotional lyrics in several songs would attract new fans.

“It did.” He leaned his forehead on hers.

Demonfire Records had released “Lost Control” and “Torment Within” as singles before Revolution had been released that Tuesday in mid-July. “Skeletons” had come out only days prior. Their popularity skyrocketed faster than any other single Wicked End had put out.

They were beyond shocked at the response. With the insanity of Austin and Scott being publicly outed, then the fight at the known gay club, they had expected sales to be slow. Obviously, they’d been wrong.

“I’m announcing that onstage.” Jake was beyond excited. “The fans made it happen.”

Brandon grinned. “Very true.” He patted Mackenzie’s thigh. “I need to change.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “What you have on is fine.”

“Me and Scott have a surprise for you.” Brandon winked at Scott.

“Really?” She cheered. “Is it a double dose of Wicked End bliss?”

Brandon stared at her. “Huh?”

She rolled her eyes. “A threesome, duh!”

“Oh.” He glanced at Scott. “That’s not what I meant, but maybe we can come up with something. We’ll be back.”

Austin pulled Scott back to him. “Just promise me you’re not gonna suck his dick.”

“I promise.” Scott placed a brief kiss his on his man’s lips. “You’ll like this surprise.”

Mackenzie walked over to Austin and dropped onto the couch next to him. “What’re those two up to that doesn’t involve us?”

“No idea.” Austin wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Maybe we should give them a show to come back to. Get on my lap. I got something hard to hide in your panties.”

“Lame!” Jake shook his head. “You’re losing it, Reese. Just grab her and bend her over.” He clutched Mackenzie’s arm and flipped her onto her stomach.

Instantly, she reacted with a kick to his groin. She didn’t know she’d hit the mark until he howled in pain. A bit worried that she had hit him too hard, she turned and watched him writhe on the floor while he held his package.

“That’ll teach you!” Austin burst into laughter.

Mackenzie knelt next to Jake. “Should I get a paramedic?” His quick shake of the head gave her a bit of relief. “OK, just let me know if I really hurt you.”

Chico Rivera, their drummer, walked into the room and nodded at Jake. “What’s his problem?”

“He tried to show me how to fuck Mackenzie.” Austin grinned widely. “Didn’t work out too well for him.”

Jake took in a shaky breath. “Fuck… you!”

“Nice to have you here again, Kenzie.” Chico chuckled quietly. Although he was sure Jake deserved it, he knew how painful a hit to the family jewels could be. “Where’s Brandon and Scott?” He wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer.

Austin shrugged. “They walked out and didn’t tell us what they were planning.” He caught the cringe on Chico’s face. “It’s not that.”

“Good.” Chico sat on the couch opposite them and sighed. “Ashley is changing on the bus. She told me to leave when I tried to fuck her in the shower.”

Mackenzie smiled. She knew Ashley was not open like the rest of them. She’d expected that to make Chico stray, but as far as she could tell, he hadn’t on the tour. They were adorable when they were together, so maybe she’d found a way to tame him.

A round of drinks were passed out. Everyone excepted and drained their glasses quickly. Strangely, not many women had made their way to the dressing room yet. There was only about an hour until Wicked End’s set, so someone had made the decision to limit backstage traffic.

“Hello, guys!” Vince, the tour manager, walked into the room and approached the group. “I just got a call from Jon. Cynthia Katz is flying in to interview you about Revolution’s Billboard ranking. Right after your set, come back here. She’ll be waiting.”

Austin waved a hand at Vince. “Thanks. We’ll be here.” He smirked when Scott appeared behind Vince. Then his mouth dropped when Vince moved out of the way. “Oh, fuck!”

Brandon opened the dressing room door wider and bit his lip when his girl noticed him. Her eyes told him all he need to know. “I see you like.”

“Oh, hell yes I do.” She crooked a finger at him. Her eyes stayed on his bare chest beneath his leather jacket. When he obeyed and stood in front of her, she grabbed the waistband of the skintight, black leather pants. “Sexy as fucking hell.” With her other hand, she lowered his zipper. “Commando?”

He met her eyes. “Yep, just for you.”

At the same time, Austin stalked over to Scott and tugged his pelvis against his body. “I really like this surprise.” He slid a hand down the back of the black leather pants and sighed. “Yes.” He squeezed Scott’s bare ass cheek. “I should rip the back open and fuck you in these.”

Pepe, Wicked End’s resident mechanic, poked his head into the room. “Ten minutes. Let’s go.”

“Sure thing.” Austin leaned over and trailed his tongue down the middle of Scott’s bare chest. “I don’t know where you got this sexy-ass leather jacket, but it’s making my cock hard, too.”

Mackenzie pouted. She leaned down and licked the exposed part of Brandon’s cock. “Guess you’ll have to wait for the rest until later.”

“Just what I needed.” Brandon groaned when blood rushed south. “At least the girls’ll like the view.”

Austin gently patted Scott’s growing shaft. “And the men.”

Mackenzie stood in the wings while she watched Wicked End play. Brandon and Scott had gotten even more attention than usual. She was having a great time giving them seductive looks to distract them.

In retaliation, Brandon stalked her way as he played her favorite solo off the new album. He lifted his guitar several times to show off his partially swollen cock, encased in leather. When he was at the measure where he played with only his left hand, he opened his zipper to give her a peek, then closed it quickly.

“Brat!” she shouted, although she couldn’t even hear herself with the earplugs in.

Inches away, Austin’s eyes were glued to the back of Scott’s pants. His lover was bent over slightly, which showed off the crack of his ass. If there wasn’t an entire arena of witnesses, he would yank those tight pants down and bury himself in Scott’s body.

When Scott stood straight, Austin snuck behind him and slid a hand between Scott’s guitar and his body. Austin leaned in close as he grabbed his man’s cock. “This dick is mine as soon as our set is done.”

Scott’s face heated up. He was relieved when Austin moved away. They rarely did things like that onstage. Each time, he had a hard time taking it in stride. He knew he needed to work on that.

Mackenzie smirked when she realized what Austin had done. Quite often, Austin tortured Scott with small public displays of affection. Brandon did the same to her, but they didn’t have the same scrutiny on their relationship.

Her eyes went to her fiancé again. Since they had gotten engaged on the beach behind Scott and Austin’s home, they’d made many plans for the wedding. All of it upped her anxiety. She wasn’t exactly sure why. It was something she needed to figure out.

His mere presence brought a smile to her face, so she knew it wasn’t a lack of love. He made her weak in the knees with just a glance, so it wasn’t an issue in bed either. The only thing she could think of was something about the wedding itself. Do I really want to do this?

As soon as the band’s last encore was over, Brandon made a beeline for his fiancée. “You better be ready for fast and furious.”

“Always, baby.” She winked as she cupped his groin. “Feels like you’re not ready yet.” She deftly opened his zipper and stroked his length. “Getting better.”

When Scott approached them, he ogled Brandon’s exposed shaft. “So not fair.”

She smirked. “Oh yeah?” With her other hand, she snuck her hand into his pants.

“Looks like I’m missing out.” Austin glanced over his lover’s shoulder. “Dick central, huh?” He shoved his hands down the back of Scott’s pants, which wasn’t easy.

Scott’s eyes opened wide. A shiver ran up his spine as Austin lips and tongue worked his neck over. His eyes met Brandon’s, who seemed just as paralyzed. His jaw dropped when a finger breached his backdoor. Pleasure seemed to come from all over at that point.

A whimper escaped Brandon’s lips. His girl was jerking his cock as she bit his throat. When he was finally able to move, he grabbed her ass and leaned down. “If we don’t find a room, I’m gonna blow my load right here.”

“Me, too,” Scott gasped.

Chico chuckled as he passed the foursome. “Wait ’til Cynthia Katz’s photographer gets a shot of this.”

“I want in on this.” Jake paused close to Mackenzie and Scott. “Someone play with my dick.”

Scott turned to Jake. “You really want me to-”

“Hey!” Vince growled. “You have Cynthia Katz waiting on you. Continue this…” He waved his hand at the men’s crotches. “Um, this orgy or whatever later.”

“Damn it!” Jake rolled his eyes. “Somebody owes me then.”

Brandon redressed himself as Scott did the same. “My dick’s not gonna go down before we get to the dressing room.”

“Mmm, good.” Mackenzie stared at her man’s crotch. His erection was clearly outlined. “Maybe she’ll be jealous.”

Scott groaned softly. “She’s gonna mention it for sure.” Not that he minded. She always made him feel at ease.

“Forget it and let’s go.” Austin threw an arm over Scott’s shoulders. “She’s cool people, so she may just ask for a show.”

When Brandon reached the door of Wicked End’s dressing room, he opened it slowly. Chico and Jake were at the bar. The crew was missing since they were tearing down Wicked End’s stage set. His eyes landed on their interviewer. She’s already smiling.

“My, my… what do we have here?” Cynthia Katz admired Brandon and Scott as they walked toward her. “I see the rumors are true.” She pointed to their tight crotches. “Yet another reason to love leather pants.”

Brandon glanced down, and his eyes opened wide. Fuck! His erection was obvious. He hadn’t realized it was that bad. Damn it, Kenzie!

Unfazed, Scott walked over to Cynthia. “Like what you see?”

She turned, and her face almost bumped his leather clad, stiff shaft. “Um, yeah.” Without a thought, she reached out and fondled his length. She yanked her hand back when she realized what she’d done. “I’m so sorry.”

“Go ahead.” Austin slipped his hands down his lover’s body from behind and into his pants. “This dick is perfect.”

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