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Days Later… Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex

Days Later… Book 3

by Kris P. Kreme

Published by Kris P. Kreme at Smashwords

Copyright 2018 Kris P. Kreme

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Days Later… Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex

Days Later… Book 3

by Kris P. Kreme

Days after Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex, five customers' lives have changed. Desda ruined the humans with her own demonic influence on them, using costumes and more to permanently alter the college kids' lives.

Now Will and Mitchell have a cam show starring Froggy Lynn, a once sweet innocent girl, now green tinted slut desperate for her next tadpoles. They handle productions well with the assistance of Shay the Sucker, the human vacuum that can suck her way out of anything. And of course there's a houseplant, another friend of theirs Ivy, who needs daily feedings they are only too eager to provide.

Days Later… Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex

by Kris P. Kreme

This was a critical decision, Donnie thought, perhaps the most critical business decision he’d ever had to make since first opening and operating Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle. It was decisions like this which steered the helm of a business and could easily spoil his entire day to say nothing of where his business went next.

“Spicy,” he finally said, “definitely spicy.”

Desda rolled her demonic eyes, resisted the temptation to spread her wings in a head slicing fit of fury as the local vendor sold Donnie on a month’s supply of spicy mini-pizzas.

“Donnie… er… honey,” she said through grit sharpened fangs. “Can we get back to actual business here?”

Donnie gave a goofy grin and nodded. “Business is always better on a full stomach,” he said, nodding.

Desda just sighed. “Whatever… now can you please help those morons at your register. The idiots had to come back because of all these customers lately, but they’re just about as dimwitted as you are about focusing on ridding us of these pesky humans.”

“Humans aren’t so pesky,” Donnie disagreed already munching a mini-pizza. “And Melgrim and Grimmel aren’t morons. They help with lots of neat ideas about new costumes.”

Desda put a clawed black hand to her forehead and shook her head. The fool still didn’t get that everyone was only helping to ultimately hurt him, and somehow the freaking idiot still came out on top.

“Whatever… just, go see what they are doing, and chat up your precious humans. I’m curious just what the big production is that’s bringing in such a regular drove of unknown actors to the store lately.”

Donnie popped another mini-pizza in his mouth and grinned. “Will do, sure is nice of you to come by and agree to help out,” he said, walking off. “Especially since business is booming so unexpectedly.”

Desda clutched her slender fingers nearly to the point of drawing blood, snarling and slamming that fist into the counter of the back stock room as Donnie disappeared to the front of the large warehouse store.

Just what the hell was going on, she thought, emphasis on the hell? She’d come in a matter of days ago with the express intent on singlehandedly ruining the precious humans who came in for last minute Halloween costumes.

She’d succeeded too, taken those five humans, the two college boys and those three nature loving girls and given them demonic perversions that were anything but natural. She’d laughed and cackled quite madly as the two boys left with the girls in tow, their intentions pure evil, no respect for the girls, only interested in humiliation and using, abusing, cruelly gratifying themselves with those warped coeds and their freakish bodies.

It had seemed the perfect start to forever taking her ex Donnie and fully ruining his business while pretending to help. She’d sink him right back into hell for good, wipe that goofy grin off his face once and for all.

But somehow… in some impossible way, her efforts either had totally backfired or something was definitely up in this town.

Recent days had seen random actors, the kinds who took pretty much any gig as they were total unknowns, stopping by for costumes. There was no pattern to the costumes, the actors never said much, and other than the fact all the actors were men, or boys from eighteen to thirty or so, Desda had nothing to go on.

So while Donnie and the other two demonic saps she’d brought back into the fold kept the place from being a chaotic human filled mess, Desda was going to make some calls. She was going to figure out why just days after she showed up, Donnie’s business was doing better than ever.

* * *

“Hey Will, you think we should feed the plant before this next shoot?” Mitchell asked, grinning when he said the word feed.

Will looked over from where he currently adjusted a lighting rig, several bright reflectors casting a nice glow over half of their apartment.

He glanced behind his roommate at their precious houseplant, at least the most precious houseplant they’d quite thoroughly enjoyed for the last five or six days. He met Mitchell’s eyes and they felt the subtle glow of pure evil inside them. Grinning, he shook his head. “Not just yet, I’m sure Ivy will look just perky enough for the background of this next feature.”

Mitchell shrugged, slapping a palm against one of Ivy’s fat tits, the towering blonde human tree nicely potted shortly after they got her from that costume shop days before. Naturally, every potted plant needed tender loving care, and right now, he thought, nothing beat the tender love of treating her however he cared.

“Mmm…” Ivy moaned, typically a quiet girl now, though what girl wouldn’t be who had become half a tree, her long lithe legs rooted into the ground, her eyes blank and mindless, especially when getting sufficiently fed, which simply involved Mitchell or Will scooting behind her and shoving a dick inside her tight little hole?

“Stop playing around with the plant, man,” Will said. “My baby needs some more tadpoles in her and this latest feature is gonna be fun for all the viewers at home.”

Mitchell laughed, walking over and adjusting some cables running to the computers they had set up in one corner of the main living room of their shared apartment. “Hey, every feature is a hit,” he said, checking one of the monitors. “The internet can’t get enough of Froggy Lynn, the Frog Fuck Freak.”

Finishing with the lights, Will nodded and stepped back. “So the numbers are looking good for this morning’s show huh?”

Mitchell gave a thumbs up, checking the screens as he tightened a few cables. “Yeah, one million signups and counting. Hell, at this rate I think we can ditch this place after a few months and buy a house or something to film in.”

Will grinned. “Good, but we still gotta keep this place as neat and tidy as we can, otherwise we lose the security and we’re not fucking losing that chunk of change.”

Mitchell laughed. “Dude, it’s not like we don’t have the best cleaning expert on hand.” Walking over to the hall closet he raised an eyebrow, the wicked redness flashing in the back of his evil eyes. “Most of our loser college buddies have a cheap vacuum in the closet.”

Will picked right up as Mitchell swung the door open. “Whereas we have a cheap slut in ours, isn’t that right Shay?”

The beautiful girl with the dark reddish hair eagerly stepped out as soon as Mitchell swung the door open. “Mmm…” she said, grinning, reaching a hand up to full pouty lips, grabbing those lips as she replied. “I’m a sucky little slut, so tell me boys, mmm… what needs sucking around here today?”

Mitchell nodded as Will just smiled, Shay always a beauty before, but somehow even more so as she grabbed her pouty lips and violently stretched them out from her body, yanking them into a stretchy flesh tube, only stopping when her elephant trunk lips dangled limply into her fat cleavage.

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