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Episode 2


A Serialized Science Fiction Series by Den Warren @2018

Author of The Lucid Series: Android Uprising

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“It appears to be totally hopeless now,” John said.

Mawuli said, “Every time Man says that the Bible will be eradicated, it finds a way to have a great awakening. You see it all throughout history.”

“I don’t know if that will be true this time,” John said, unable to look Mawuli into the eyes. “Virtual reality is taking over everyone’s mind. I think the Christian age is over.”

“Never! What else shall we do?! If we really believe that Jesus is the way of salvation, then how can we ever just give up and not say anything to anyone?!”

John sighed. “So, you say you are planning to go into virtual worlds to talk to people, huh?”


“I can’t refuse to do what you suggest, but I can’t imagine that anyone will want to listen.”

“That is good. Now you must improve your enthusiasm.”

John chuckled. “I am so happy to meet you. There are so few of us believers.” He took a deep breath. “I don’t know who owns this church,” he said as he looked around at the quaint, yet elegant chapel. “Maybe no one. I’d like to meet you somewhere in the real world and talk this over.”

“Remember,” Mawuli said, “I am actually in Ghana. I think you are not near to me.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Yeah, I am actually in America.”

Mawuli said, “We can continue to meet here.” Mawuli was referring to the spot in the large virtual world known as Life Hack Republic, where the chapel by the seaside stood. “We can meet here at this time each day, and pray that God will use us to do His will.”

John said, “Yes, I would like to do that. I’m here a lot already anyways.”


The next day, John was waiting for Mawuli at the virtual Chapel. He heard footsteps and turned, expecting to see Mawuli. It was a woman who looked to be in her thirties. Most of the avatars in Life Hack Republic were idealized representations of the user’s real age, sex and race.

“Hi,” John said.

“Hi,” the woman said as she walked down the aisle towards John who was sitting on the first row of pews near the altar. “I was just flying around and I came to land’s end here and was wandering up the coast and saw this beautiful church here. I just wanted to check it out.”

Avatars in LHR could fly to travel around. Most buildings were open to visitors except for homes. The massive LHR map only went so far in any direction and did not loop continuously like a globe. The church was on the far eastern edge of the virtual world map.

“Welcome. My name is John2077. I was just waiting on a friend here.” He offered his hand.

She shook John’s hand. “My name is ArizonaMom. You can call me ‘Zona’.”

Zona said, “So do you have actual church meetings here?”

“Well, I guess we do . . . or we are trying to.”

“Really. I would have never thought that.”

“I don’t know anything about church. So what do you do here? Preach and pray?”

“Yeah, I guess we are going to do that, but we are also going to try and go out and talk to people about God who are addicted to VR.”

Zona put her hand over her mouth. John could see by her eyes that she was starting to get emotional. Then Mawuli’s avatar appeared at a position nearby.

Mawuli looked at Zona and asked, “Is everything alright here?”

John looked at Mawuli, then at Zona, and back again at Mawuli.

Zona said, “It’s my son.” She could barely speak. “He has been locked away in his room almost his entire life. In the real world he is in the next room. He might as well be a million miles away.”

John said, “I told Zona here, that we are thinking about talking to people in VR. But maybe this would not be the best situation . . .”

Mawuli looked at John, who was obviously apprehensive. He said, “What’s the problem?”

John said, “Maybe we should help someone who has more of the same worldview as we do, you know?”

Mawuli said, “We have been praying for an opportunity to help someone, and this woman came to this place admitting that she has the kind of problem we are looking to help. This chapel may have been put here just for looks, but I believe it should be used as a hospital for souls in need, not a museum of saints. I believe God sent you here, so I will help you Zona.”

“Thank you so much, but I don’t know if you can do anything. It may be too late.”

“Where can I find your son?” Mawuli asked.

“Brandon is in Slobbovania a multiplayer fantasy world. He has been wasting the best years of his life on that game. If you could at least talk to him.”

John asked, “So, is that something like the Lord of the Rings? That book that people wrongly think is Christian fiction?”

“Yes,” Mawuli answered. Then he said, “I suggest we all go there and speak to him. At least there he would have to acknowledge us. What do you say, John?”

John looked at Zona. He said, “I’ll go if you go.”

Zona said, “Every time I try to bring Slobbovania up, it ends up in a big shouting match. He screams at me saying that I am putting him down. Then he locks himself in his room. I hate it so bad.”

Mawuli said, “So you say you are giving up on your son?”

“I don’t want to give up. But I don’t know anything about that Slobbovania, except what I hear him say about it.”

John asked, “Do you know what his name is there?”

“It’s carved on his bedroom door, Roxzak. I know; it’s weird, right?”

John said, “If you register for Slobbovania, then I will too. We can all three go in together.”

“I will,” Zona said, “I promise.”

Mawuli said, “Then tomorrow at this time, we will try to meet Roxzak in Slobbovania.”

The three exchanged personal contact information so they could register and go into the fantasy world of Slobbovania as a group. Then Mawuli prayed for God to help them in their intervention mission.

Zona had seldom prayed before, but she thanked the men for their help.


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