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Surprise Bestiality Wish Collection


Deana Michaels

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Naughty Excerpt from “Surprise Bestiality Wish Collection”

Big... one?” The librarian frowned at me, trying to distract me. But I was too smart to be distracted. “And why is there a dog with a pair of panties on his muzzle. Dogs... Dogs shouldn't... Do you hear... the ocean... Melissa...?”

I nodded my head as the librarian drifted away, leaving me to concentrate on becoming so smart. I shuddered, working down to the bottom of the equation. I did the final step, writing down my answer and circling it.

I knew it was right. I didn't have to check.

Sport!” I howled as my not-orgasm exploded in my pussy. “I did it! I solved the equation!”

I leaned back in my chair and thrashed. My legs spasmed, rubbing my feet against his fur. Pussy juices flooded out of me. That sweet musk filled my nose. I shuddered, savoring it. I licked my lips, wanting to taste my own encouragement. It smelled so good.

My mouth watered as my body quivered and quaked. My breasts felt so confined in my blouse. So hot. I shuddered, my hands fumbling at the buttons as the pleasure shot through me. I had to free them. I had to play with my nipples.

Sport let out a growl beneath me. He sat up beneath the table. I heard him inhaling. Ooh, he smelled my wonderful musk, too. As I unbuttoned my blouse, I caught a glimpse of his head shaking back and forth. My yellow panties fell off his muzzle.

Oh, boy, I got it,” I moaned, throwing open my blouse, exposing my matching bra containing my small breasts. My nipples poked at the yellow cups. I shoved them up, baring my youthful breasts. “I have to do more. There's three more problems to finish!”

Sport barked his encouragement.

My not-orgasm died down as my left hand fondled my breasts. I went back and forth, squeezing them, kneading them. My nipples tingled and throbbed. I pinched them, rolling them between my fingers. Such delight shot down to my growing encouragement.

I worked the equation, writing out the complex formula. I began the steps to solve it. When I had to use my calculator, I flipped my pencil around, punching in the numbers with my pink eraser. My left hand couldn't let go of my tits. I had to keep groping myself.

It felt so good.

Beneath the table, Sport sniffed around. I gasped as his wet nose brushed my knee. Then his hot tongue licked at my flesh. A shudder raced down my thighs. My feet twitched, my toes rubbing at his belly, sliding down and brushing something hard thrusting from his groin.

It was thick and hot. I shuddered, rubbing my feet against it, loving the sensation. He whined, his tongue lapping down my thighs, licking up the juices that coated my flesh and made me feel so sticky. The encouragement swelled, sending more positive reinforcement buzzing through my body as he came closer and closer to my pussy and...

My pussy...

I frowned, the sound of the sea retreating.

A dog was nuzzling towards my naked pussy. I gasped as his muzzle brushed my blonde bush. His tongue swiped through my cunt. I shook my head, panic fluttering through my heart. What was I doing? Why was I letting a dog lick my pussy?

Ms. Meyers!” I gasped, searching for the librarian. “There's a dog... Oh, no, no, no!”

He licked again as I found the librarian standing by the book shelf, a dazed look on her face. “The ocean sounds so peaceful,” she muttered. “Just drift...”

No, no,” I gasped as the dog licked through my pussy again. Pleasure fluttered through my body. His tongue rasped against my pussy lips and clit.

It made me want to study.

My right hand moved on its own, working out the next step of the math equation. My left hand groped my tits, pinching nipples. I couldn't stop myself. It felt so good. And when I felt good, I was smart. I had to work.

What is going on?” I demanded, tears beading in my eyes. The dog's tongue swiped over my pussy again and again, his tongue so hot and rough. It was so disgusting, and yet...

I liked it.

To find out what happens next, read on!

Doggy-Licking Results

Surprise Bestiality Wish 1


Deana Michaels

Doggy-Licking Results

Everyone thinks I'm smart because of have these glasses,” I was saying to Ms. Electra, the guidance counselor at my college. I squirmed in my seat. “Cherri is always trying to get me to tutor her, and Dolly is always shocked when she out performs me.”

I squirmed in the seat as Ms. Electra studied me. The busty, elegant blonde sat back in her chair across the desk, her blue eyes so deep, almost swallowing me as they peered through the narrow lens of her glasses. I pushed my own up bridge of my nose.

You could always wear contacts,” the woman suggested, her voice so deep and throaty, almost too sensual, like it belonged to a courtesan speaking to a king instead of a college guidance counselor. Her low-cut, silk blouse cupped her large breasts. They looked on the verge of spilling out of her blouse.

They irritate my eyes,” I said, licking my lips. I gripped my right pigtail, stroking the blonde hair in my grip. “And I'm terrified of LASIK. So I have to wear my glasses.”

I see,” she said. “I can help with your vision.”

I blinked at that. How could a guidance counselor help with my vision?

No, no, I just...” I took a deep breath. “I didn't think college would be so hard.”

Freshman are often overwhelmed,” Ms. Electra said, her lips so plump and juicy. Her chair creaked as she leaned forward, hand clutched on her desk before her. “How can I help it be less stressful for you? I have a plethora of tools out my disposal, if you'll just let me help you.

But my help does come at a price.”

Her blue eyes glittered. “Price?”

Nothing is ever free, Melissa.”

I gripped my pigtail harder, almost tugging on it. “You're the school's guidance counselor. Doesn't the college pay you or something? To help us?”

I'm not talking money. You just need to understand that my... services have a price. Like the headache eating too much ice cream too fasts causes. But if you like ice cream, it's worth the brain freeze, yes? So you just need to be willing to.. accept the price of my help. If you do, I will give you what you need to make your college life easier. So what is it? What do you need?”

To be able to study better,” I blurted out. “If I could learn the material better, than I could be as smart as everyone thinks I am.”

And being perceived as smart is important to you.” Ms. Electra smiled. “Well, I think I know just the thing. You need encouragement to help you study. Some positive reinforcement will do?”

Positive... reinforcement.”

She nodded her head, her big tits jiggling in her blouse. They looked on the verge of spilling out of her. “Why, yes. Every time you learn something, you'll feel good. And since you want to feel good, well, you'll retain even more information. It'll form a feedback loop, you see. The more you receive your reward, the harder you'll work to get it over and over again. Doesn't that sound nice?”

Yeah,” I said. I swallowed. “What sort of reward?”

Well, that's where the price comes in.” She leaned forward and took my hand in hers. A heat flushed down my arm from her fingers. I shuddered as it settled between my thighs. A wet heat blossomed, my nipples suddenly itching, pressing against my bra. “I'm a bit of a one-trick pony. There are magicians out there that could do this without my particular... idiosyncrasy. But I'm sure you'll find it pleasant enough. Once you adapt.”

Adapt? Magician? What are you... talking about... Ms... Electra...?” My words grew softer and softer as more and more of the heat flooded through my wrist. I stared into her blue eyes. They were so deep. Like the ocean.

I wanted to swim in them. I wanted to bathe in them.

Don't worry your pretty head about the details,” Ms. Electra said, her words so distant. “Just make your bargain with me.”

Bargain...” I whispered. “Yes.”

The heat flared into fire and...

I swam through the sea, hardly aware of my flesh at all. I just drifted along as my body rose. The sea was so warm, so comforting. It embraced me with rippling currents. I let them carry me along as my body rounded her desk and knelt before Ms. Electra. She turned in her chair, staring at me with those blue eyes.

I never lost contact with them as my hands pushed up her skirt, exposing a landing strip of blonde hair leading to the shaved folds of a juicy pussy. A tangy musk filled my nose. I breathed it in as I swam through the ocean, my body squirming.

Just seal our contract with a kiss,” her distant voice said, her ruby lips moving.

My body lowered my head as the currents bathed my thoughts. Such soothing delight washed over me as the tangy musk grew stronger and stronger. Then the wet kiss of silky flesh brushed my lips. My tongue flicked out, drinking in the tangy juices.

Ms. Electra moaned, her eyes growing wider behind her glasses. Her hands squeezed and kneaded her breasts as my tongue plundered through her folds. I licked and lapped, my body enjoying the tangy flavor as I swam through her ocean.

Oh, yes, Melissa,” she groaned. “I do so love making contracts with such cute, things like you.”

She grabbed my blonde pigtails, pressing my face deeper into the folds of her pussy. They caressed my lips and cheeks as my tongue thrust into her depths. Her eyes held me, making me feel so safe and warm as my body made such wanton sounds.

Juices poured into my mouth as my tongue explored her depths. I wiggled my tongue against her cunt walls, making her groan,her big breasts jiggling above me, her blue eyes glowing with azure passion. I shuddered, engulfed by the light as she bucked in her chair.


Hot cream flooded out of her cunt. I tried to lick up every drop, but juices spilled over my lips and dribbled down my chin to my neck. I whimpered, her hands pulling so hard on my pigtails as her chair creaked.

Yes, yes, eat my cunt, you naughty slut! Ooh, yes you're going to love your reward. You're going to savor it! Your hot pussy will cum and cum and cum!”

Her body shuddered a final time. My tongue took its last lick through her juicy folds. Then she released my pigtails. I rose, still comforted by the wonderful, warm waves contained in the ocean of her eyes as I backed away.


I blinked my eyes, swaying. When did I stand up?

Well, I think that was a very productive meeting, Melissa,” Ms. Electra said, her face flushed. Was her blouse unbuttoned? “I think you'll find positive results when you study.”

Yeah,” I said, feeling so dazed. I stumbled away from her. “Thanks.”

I fumbled at the handle of her office doors. My hands felt numb. My entire body tingled. I flushed, realizing my pussy had that naughty itch and was wet, my poor panties feeling damp. What had turned me on so much?

I finally wrapped my fingers around the brass handle of her doorknob and turned it down. I slipped out, my small breasts rising and falling as I sucked in such heavy breaths. Ms. Electra's secretary gave me a smile.

Tissue?” she asked, holding up a box of Kleenex.

Huh?” I asked.

For your mouth. You got something on your lips and chin.”

I frowned, licking my lips, tasting something tangy and musky. My lips and chin did feel sticky. What caused it? I wracked my brain, struggling to remember what I had for lunch as I pulled out a thin tissue paper from the box. Whatever it was, it tasted good.

Thanks,” I said, wiping my mouth and chin as I headed for the door that led to the rest of the administration building.

Enjoy your day, Melissa,” the secretary said it what sounded like an excited, expectant tone.

I think I'll go study,” I said. I needed to work on my math. I had to nail these differential equations so people will think I was smart. Then Dolly wouldn't have to look so disappointed at me and I could tutor Cherri like she wanted.

I could use the money.

I threw the tissue paper into a wastepaper basket while the tangy musk remained. What had I eaten? It was so good. I would love to try it again. I took such a deep breath, ignoring the wet itch between my thighs. I needed to study.

The library beckoned.

I walked out of the administration building. At four in the afternoon, it was already growing deserted as staff went home and students were free to pursue their evening activities how they choose. Some would listen to guest speakers, some had extra sections for class, and others would go out and have fun. They'd visit clubs, go see movies, hang out with friends, hook up with a cute guy or gal, and others would have my plan: study at the library.

I stepped out into the afternoon sunlight, delight in the feel of it on my cheeks. The air smelled so fresh, the grounds so sculpted. It was such a friendly college, people were sitting on park benches that lined the winding path, or lounging by fountains or just sitting on the grass in the shade of broad-leaf trees. A few dogs darted around the grass, looking so happy.

One trotted up to me, his tag jangling. He had such a joyful bounce to his gait, a sleek greyhound, his body lean and agile. I found my hands scratching between his ears. His narrow tail wagged behind him, his pink tongue dangling before him as he panted.

Did you find a new friend?” a voice asked from behind me.

Hey, Trixie,” I said, smiling at my new friend over my shoulder. We shared a gender studies class and hit it off. “Yep, found a replacement for you.”

I'm so hurt,” the curly-haired brunette said. She shook her head, her lustrous mane sweeping about her shoulders. “So easily replaced. You are a cruel person, Melissa.”

Yes,” I sighed, pushing up my glasses. “It's the curse of being so intelligent.” I winced inside as I said those words. I had to stop telling people that I was smart.

Or, at least, I needed to own up to my boasts by studying hard and learning so I could fake it.

What's his name?” Trixie asked, falling into step on my other side.

You know, I'm not sure.” I scratched at his head. “He just bounded up to me.”

Yeah, there's always dogs running around this campus.” Trixie shrugged. “I think the college adopts them or something. They're... like therapeutic, you know. Make students feel more relaxed.”

I smiled, scratching the dog between his ears, making his tail wag faster. “I know. He's just so cute. How could I be nervous around you?”

He gave a friendly bark.

So, whatcha up to?” Trixie asked.

Studying,” I answered, loving how the dog kept rubbing into my bare knee, rustling my skirt. His fur felt so sleek and warm on my skin. “You?”

I was looking for someone to go to the movies with. I'm dying to see the new romcom. It's going to be great. Up for it?”

I so wanted to. “I have to study.”

The other curse of being intelligent?” Trixie asked, arching an eyebrow. “You're always studying. I would think it would come easy to you.”

Oh, it does, but there's so much to learn,” I lied, my insides twisting. Positive reinforcement. I really hoped it would work. But what was I supposed to reinforce myself with? I frowned, my mind growing a little fuzzy as a great, blue ocean swept over me and...

Earth to Melissa!” A hand waved in front of me.

I blinked. “What?”

You totally turned into a zombie on me,” Trixie said. “You were totally lost in thought you were practically drooling.”

I blushed. “Really? I guess I was. I was just...” I frowned; what was I thinking about? “Thinking about this math equation. I need to nail it for tomorrow. Cherri wants me to help her out. She's willing to pay.”

I'm surprised that airhead isn't sucking some TA's cock to get the answers,” Trixie said, her voice tight.

Oh, she's not that bad,” I said, giving a dismissive wave of my hand.

Yeah, but she's close. She's always drooling after Brad.” A dreamy look crossed Trixie's face. My friend had such a crush on Brad, our school's quarterback and the most popular guy on campus. I mean, he was cute and all, but he'd never date a lowly freshman like us.

Well, if you're bailing on the movie,” Trixie said, “I'm off to try someone else. Maybe Dolly's up for it.”

Maybe,” I said. “Have fun. Tell me all about it!”

I'll live tweet it!” she said and darted off.

I shook my head. She would pull out her phone in the middle of watching a movie. I made sure mine was on silent so I wasn't barraged by notifications of her tweets. I needed to focus. I slipped my phone back into my pocket as the dog and I approached the steps to the college's library.

To my surprise, he just followed me in. I didn't think dogs could come in here, but I didn't stop him. He felt so nice by me, such a comfort. I like the feel of his fur beneath my fingers and against my leg. The librarian, Ms. Meyers, didn't say a word as her eyes flicked to us behind her narrow glasses as she manned the main desk. I supposed she had that naughty librarian look guys always seemed to like.

Shame none of the boys my age liked my pigtails and petite figure. But more than a few of my professors stared at me with hunger lurking in their eyes. But I didn't have a father complex, so I wasn't interested.

I found a free table and slung my bookbag down on it. The dog knelt down beside me. “If you're going to join me, what's your name?”

He didn't answer me, of course. But I grabbed his tag. “Sport.” I smiled. “I like that name. I'm Melissa, Sport.”

I held out my hand. He licked it with his tongue. Peals of laughter burst from my lips at his warm touch. Then he settled on the floor beneath the table, almost sitting on my feet. I could feel his presence, like I could see through the wooden table. Feeling relaxed, I cracked my book and got down to studying these equations.

It was such a comfort to feel him beneath the table, my feet brushing against him as I read through the book. I struggled to wrap my head around how these equations worked. Math was never my best subject, but I wanted everyone to think I was smart. So I stared at the words through my glasses, my eyes straining as my brain worked to understand the explanation and examples.

And... I was starting to see a connection to how earlier types of equations I'd learned affected these new ones. I blinked, never quite recognizing the foundation that had been laid beneath me in previous lessons. It was so amazing.

A warm thrill built in my groin, a flutter of pleasure.

Sport let out an encouraging bark.

I know,” I said, the flutter encouraging me to keep working. It was such a positive sensation. I squirmed in my seat and rubbed my shoes against his belly.

That didn't feel right. I bet he hated my shoes rubbing on him.

My tongue thrust through my lips and my eyes focused on the text book, I pried off my shoes. I used my feet to do it, pushing with one foot's toes against the back of the other foot's shoe. It popped off. Then my sock-clad foot repeated it with the other one. Unencumbered, I rubbed my feet into his belly as I understood more and more of the process of the math problems, the steps unfurling in my mind.

The positive heat built in my groin, sending out warm winds that gently blew through my body, caressing me with rewarding encouragement. I smiled, rubbing my sock-clad feet faster against his belly.

But shouldn't they be bare? That would feel even better.

Okay, I think I'm almost ready to try the equations,” I said, reaching down with my left arm to peel off my ankle socks. “What do you think, Sport?”

He barked so loudly, voicing his agreement.

I beamed at him and licked my lips, tasting that faint, tangy musk. It still lingered. What had that been on my face?

I didn't worry about that as I rubbed my bare feet into his sleek coat. That felt so good. His tail thumped louder on the floor as I slid my feet back and forth. Oh, he felt so nice. He made the warm tingles in me swell as I unraveled the last bit of complicated equations.

I think I have it,” I said and then groaned.

Such a warm wave of encouraging delight rippled through me. My pussy actually clenched. My nipples throbbed in delight. I shuddered, licking my lips. It was so hot in the library. I fanned my face for a moment, my snatch feeling so juicy again as I squirmed.

Who knew studying math could be so... stimulating.

But it was working. This positive reinforcement that Ms. Electra talked about was totally encouraging me to keep working. It was wonderful. I grabbed my notebook. I had to show my work for the first few problems, proving to my teacher that I wasn't just plugging it all into a my laptop and letting a computer run the equation.

As I worked through the complex steps, a confidence ballooned out of the heat. My pussy grew hotter, juicier. A flush spread across my cheeks as my pencil scratched across the notebook paper, writing out the equations then working through each line, moving down as I solved part of it. It was turning more and more to a simple algebra equation.

It is an algebra equation!” I groaned and a hot wave of heat billowed out of me. I whimpered, my pussy so hot now. Juices flooded out of my panties. They were soaking up the stream of my juices. “Isn't that so wonderful, Sport?”

He barked and shifted beneath me, his fur so silky beneath my bare feet. Tingles raced up my legs to my snatch. My cunt clenched so hard as I let out another groan, working with even more confidence on the problem.

I solved it, wrote my answer, then checked it against the back of the book.

It's correct!” I moaned and a wave of heat washed out of me.

Something almost like an orgasm shuddered through my body. So similar to those waves of ecstasy. I moaned, drinking in the pleasure, my pussy convulsing, more cream flooding out of my juicy cunt. I bucked on my desk, whimpering, my glasses sliding on my nose.

My feet pressed into his belly, drinking in the feel of his fur as the rapture bubbled through my mind. I got the problem right. It was so amazing. So wonderful. I moaned out louder, my cheeks so flushed.

Shhhh,” the librarian said as she walked by me.

Sorry,” I groaned. “I just got it right.”

That's wonderful,” she smiled. “But this is still a library.”

Right, right,” I said, sucking in breaths, coming down from my not-orgasm. I mean, it couldn't be an orgasm. You didn't cum from completing a math problem.

But it did feel so good. I wanted another not orgasm.

I leaped into the next problem, my pencil scratching so fast. This pressure, almost like a building climax, grew in the depths of my cunt. It compelled me to work the problem as fast as I could, faster than I thought possible. I worked through the steps, punching in numbers on my calculator, understanding the problem even better than last time.

Because I needed that rush of pleasure again. That not-orgasm quaking my body.

Now let's see if I'm right, Sport,” I groaned when I found my answer. I flipped to the back of the book, my thighs rubbing together, my clit aching and throbbing The dog's belly so warm against the bottom of my feet. “And... Here it is... Yes!”

The not-orgasm exploded in my depths.

I clenched my teeth, fighting against the moan that wanted to burst out of me. My pussy spasmed so hard. Juices squirted out of me. My panties felt so wet, just soaked by my passion. The euphoric waves rushed through me. My desk chair creaked and groaned as I fought against screaming out my rapture.

But it felt so good. Doing math, getting the problem right, was amazing. I groaned and whimpered. I sucked in such deep breaths. They flared through my nostrils. I bit my lip, my face flushed, my breasts heaving in my bra.

Oh, Sport, oh, yes, I love math!” I panted, eager to do my next problem.

But my panties were so wet now. They were positively soaked. I couldn't wear them. I rose on the seat and darted my hands beneath my skirt. I couldn't believe I was taking off my panties right here in the library. But... I looked around, only the librarian was nearby, and she was putting books away.

I wrenched my panties down my thighs. The sodden, yellow cloth, so dainty and delicate, rolled down my thighs. I sat down, squirming against the naked feel of my skirt on my ass as I peeled my panties down my calves and past my ankles.

Sport snagged them out of my hand.

Ooh, yes, you like that, huh?” I asked, giggling. “I bet my underwear smells so good, you naughty boy.”

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