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The Librarian

She’s Packing More Than Books

by MI Eros

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The Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

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The Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

Good-bye Mr. Pierman. See you on Monday.”, my students say to me after class.

See you Monday, guys. And hey, don’t forget about the test. It’ll be first thing.

Yeah, yeah. We know. You’re totally killing our weekend with studies. Oh, hey Mr. Wenom.”, one of my students says before walking out the door.

Hey, man. You ready?”, Mr. Wenom asks me. He’s a friend of mine, Johnathan Wenom.

Yeah, just let me grab my things.

I’m Ronald Pierman, a college professor along with Johnathan. He teaches astronomy and I teach biology. Most weekdays after our last class we head to an off-campus library as we both like to read. I believe he’s trying to finish up a novel. I told him plenty of times to just check the book out of the library, but the lazy bum won’t pay his late fees.

I, on the other hand, will research some of my favorite topics, maybe grade some papers or prepare for the following day of classes. I could easily do all of this at home seeing as how I check out all the books I like to read. The main reason I keep going to this library is to see Ms. Reamer. She’s the Head Librarian and she is so hot. She usually works Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today is Friday and I’m anxious to see her again.

After driving a short distance across town, Johnathan and I meet up in the parking lot and enter the library together. We see Ms. Reamer placing some books upon the shelves as we make our way to our favorite section.

So, are you finally gonna ask her out? Just staring at her all the time won’t do you any good, you know?”, Johnathan asks. He knows I have the biggest crush on her, but he also knows that I’m too shy to actually ask her out.

Um… Nah… Maybe I’ll just talk to her. That’s all.

Ah, come on. It’s Friday, man. Ask her out. The worst that’ll happen is she’ll say no.”, he adds.

Yeah well, that’ll be the worst, like you said. I’d be too ashamed to come back, and you know this is my favorite library.

Yeah, because of her. You could just as well be satisfied with the library on the other side of town.”, he teases.

Yeah, right. For one, it’s too far a drive, and two, I won’t get to see Ms. Reamer anymore.

(Johnathan laughs) I knew it. You’re so hopeless.”, he says, “Anyway, I’ll be over here thumbing through this book.”


I sit down and pull out my laptop. He’s right. I have to ask her out at some point. Johnathan was able to tell that I have feelings for her without me even having to tell him. I wonder if she notices as well. I do talk to her sometimes. It’s mostly small talk, but often enough that we’ve become rather familiar with one another. Wow. If she knows that I like her, what does she think of me, especially since I’ve allowed all of this time to pass without at least asking her out?

(Ronald’s phone rings. It’s his sister, Amy.)

Hey sis, how are you?

Hey Ron. I’m fine. I just called to ask a favor of you.”, she says.

Yeah, what is it?

I’m going to be painting a couple of bedrooms next weekend. I could sure use your help.”, Amy informs.

Really? Won’t your husband be helping you?

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