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Taboo Bundle: Older Man & Younger Woman (10 Short Stories +3 bonus)

Rosie Zweet

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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First Edition: October, 2017

Author’s note: This work is only for ADULT.

All characters are 18+

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Forbidden Lust: Welcoming Papa

Older Man: The Courtesan’s Training

Older Man: His Innocent Miss

His Wayward Daughter

Papa’s Plaything

His Grandfather Impregnated Me!

Pervert Old Man: The Maid’s Inspection

It’s Too Big, Uncle!

Cajoling Father with My Body

Becoming Papa’s Bride

Bonus Stories:

Forbidden Lust: My Twin, My Other Half

The Marquees’ Inconvenience Bride

Breaking the Curse

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Book 1

Forbidden Lust: Welcoming Papa

Miss Sophia Carter

1815, London, England.

My mother is pacing the room in agitated state. She said that she just married, a week ago. And her new husband is due to arrive from London anytime soon.

My mother is nearly forty but she still looks young enough. I think her slender body and small breasts make her look thus. She can pass a woman half her age easily. Many people say that we look like sisters instead of mother and daughter. We have same blonde hair, big blue eyes, and full lips but my nose is small and dainty, unlike Mama’s rather-big nose. And she envies me for that.

Suddenly, she stops in her track and looks at me with narrowed eyes. “Oh, why, you look so grown up?”

I hate that too but I am eighteen now. “I’m sorry, Mama,” I say meekly. I know that I am grown up and already in marriageable age. My friend, Sarah, married last month. Somehow, Mama still wants me to be a little girl and honestly, I still want to be a little girl too. Sarah said that Mama believes, it makes her looks old if she has a grown up daughter like me. I don’t want to believe Sarah. I know Mama loves me.

It is my fault that she not pleased with me now. It is my tits’ fault. It grows fast since last year, making me look old. I saw how men, young and old, look at it oddly so many times. I feel deformed. I glance down. It does look out of place on my slender frame. It looks too big. I hate that I disappoint my mama in this regard. I want her to love me like when I was a little. I want someone—anyone— to love me.

Will Papa like me?” I ask. It feels odd to call the unknown man ‘Papa’. I vaguely remember my long departed father. I remember sat on his lap while he sang a lullaby for me.

Will my new papa do that for me? I hope that he will. I miss being loved and pampered like a little princess that I was.

I don’t know. Oh, I hope he will, my dear,” my mother says as she starts to pace again. “I never had the chance to tell him about you,” she adds in panic.

Mama walks closer to me. “You must make him like you, Girl. I can’t bear the thought of him leaving me…” she pauses, her lips tremble in fear. “You must welcome him warmly, and don’t give him a reason to reject you, reject us. Do you understand, Sophia?” she says in a grave tone.

I nod. It seems Mama loves him so much.

The commotion from the yard makes my mother titters nervously. “Oh, God! He is here.”

Not long after, my mother and her new husband come to the parlor. With a nervous laugh, Mama introduces us.

Why you never told me about your child, Lydia,” says Mr. James Hart, my new father, tensely.

I steal a glance to my new father. He is a handsome man albeit a little bit older than I expected. His brown hair is streaked with gray and there are a few lines around his light gray eyes.

But his frosty gaze makes me shiver. I duck my head again, biting my lips in fear.

I’m sorry, James,” Mama says, looking at her new husband, pleading. “Ummm… Sophia is a good girl…,” she adds but her new husband still looks displeased.

After a moment of silence, Mr. Hart exhales loudly. “It’s not—”

I think I should leave the two of you alone,” my mother cuts him. “So you can get to know each other… ahhh… I think it’s splendid idea. What do you say?”

And just like that, my mother leaves us, seated next to each other in awkward silence.

My heart is racing. I have never seen a sophisticated gentleman like my new papa. His clothes are different from a few gentlemen I know. It looks rich and fashionable. I never saw someone like him before. Mama always left me in the countryside whenever she went to the city, hiding the fact that she has a grown up daughter, said Sarah.

What should I do to make him accept me as a daughter? I wonder.

I steal a glance to him again. His profile looks sharp and hard, unyielding. He is truly a handsome man. My heart beats faster at the thought.

What should I say?

I steel myself. “May I call you ‘Papa’?” I ask softly. I feel my full lips tremble as I say so. And I feel the beginning of tears in my big blue eyes.

He turns his face and our gazes lock. He clears his throat. His face seems to soften a little.

It’s not that I hate you, Girl, but—”

Oh, please Papa…” I say, pleading. I open my eyes wider innocently. “I’ll be a good girl,” I add, trembled. Mama will be mad if I fail to make him like me.

I arch my back, showing my big tits to my papa. “Is it too big, Papa? Do you hate me because of this?” I ask with wobble lips.

I see a glint of something in his eyes. “Ahhh… it’s not…” he pauses and look at me earnestly. “Your tits are beautiful, Girl,” he says finally.

I smile, beaming in happiness. I know I look prettier when I smile, showing my dimpled cheek.

Oh, truly, Papa?” I ask, wide eyed.

I want to please him more. So, I do the only thing I remember doing with my real father. Swiftly, I scramble to my new papa’s lap.

His gray eyes widened in shock. “What are you doing?” he asks incredulously.

I pay no heed at his question. I put my head on his board shoulder. “Please, love me, Papa,” I say, biting my lip nervously.

He clears his throat again. “It’s not proper, my dear,” he says while trying to remove me from his lap. His large hands settle on my bottom as he tries to remove me. But I set myself on his lap firmly, stubbornly.

Please love me. I’m a good girl. Please don’t hate me…” I plead some more.

I wiggle a little and his hands tighten, holding my bottom, trying to make me stop. But I keep moving, brushing his crotch lightly.

Ahh…” Papa moans low.

I glance up, seeing his pained face. “Papa?” I ask as I wiggle again, testing his reaction. Then, I feel something poking me from below.

Ahhh…” he moans again, half closing his eyes. “It’s… it’s—”

Oh, Papa, what is it?” I ask in wonder.

Ummm…” Papa says, red faced. He seems unable to answer my question. I see his light gray eyes darken before he closes his eyes in surrender.

I dive under my skirt. My curious hand finds his hardness. Tentatively, I squeeze it lightly. It seems so big and long, almost as big as my wrist.

I squeeze it harder and Papa lets out a pained groan. But instead of telling me to stop he moves his hips, jerking slightly.

With a trembling hand, I free his hardness from its confine. It springs free.

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