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Alien Abduction

Kelly Addams


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From the darkness above they had been observing for years. It was a strange planet of irregular land masses and deep blue oceans… and such diversity of life. The scientists rejoiced, it may have been primitive life but the potential was huge, especially considering the shortages of food and labour back on their home planet. Food wasn't such an issue, the land masses teemed with edible creatures, as did most of the oceans, the planet was a veritable buffet and their gathering techniques had improved considerably since the Dodo débâcles. Everyone admitted that had been a disaster, the eradication of an entire species… but how were they to know that just one island held the entire genetic pool?

Food was a problem easily solved, but labour was another issue. Some of the life forms possessed the strength required, others the speed and agility, but except for a single species they all lacked the intelligence to reason and comprehend. If brute strength and speed were the sole considerations then machines would be more efficient, but their labourers were required to think beyond simple survival instincts or programming, they needed to understand simple commands.

One creature alone possessed the mental abilities required, but they were small and weak, slow and fragile, not suitable for work, only entertainment and experimentation.

For many hundreds of years they had been taken from their natural environment and studied, scout ships would enter the atmosphere to transport the creatures, ever mindful of not disturbing the ecological balance they were always returned to the wild, they were clearly an apex species, and studies had almost managed to confirm that unlike the vast herds of grazing beasts that populated many of the open plains they appeared to be aware of loss. It was possible to take large numbers from a herd without any disruption, but to take just one of the more sentient creatures would draw many others to the scene, almost as though they sensed the loss and had the mental power to investigate.

Of course that was simply a theory, their brains had proven to be more complex than at first assumed so intelligence levels were proving difficult to quantify, maybe they did feel loss… but it didn't really matter beyond academic interest.

But for other scientists their mental ability was the focal point of an ambitious plan, their bodies may have been weak and clumsy… but if the mind could be merged with the strength or speed of slow witted yet more suitable creatures…! It was a dream, the obstacles were many, the genetic coding was a nightmare… but for one group of researchers based in a disguised space station circling the planet in high orbit the work had become their entire life.

So with heightened optimism they watched the latest shuttle mission depart with their chief scientist aboard, the crew carrying something akin to a shopping list. So many species to collect, they had been learning many of the indigenous names, dogs, a type of domesticated carnivore, horses, beasts of burden with a reasonable turn of speed. Others selected for their great strength, or outstanding speed, or agility… and the creature central to every plan, the common denominator…

The female creature that was named…


Chapter 1

Ashley glanced up at the threat rumbling above, the change hadn't been particularly gradual, blue sky one moment, ominous thunder clouds the next. And the last thing I need she told herself as she delved in her back pack hunting for the bright yellow waterproof poncho that would keep her dry as she hiked back to where the car was parked. And it's miles away, she shook her head as a fat drop of rain struck the path at her feet soaking instantly into the thirsty ground. Months had passed since the last downpour so she felt a reluctance to complain, it was needed, but it could have waited just a couple of hours she chuckled as the poncho enveloped her, just until I got down to the car!

At least it's downhill she added as glancing around the deserted hillside she reached under the rain cover and fumbled with her belt. She needed to pee, and facing a race against the elements she decided to start with an empty bladder.

This feels really naughty she giggled as she wriggled her trousers and panties down to her knees, often she had sneaked from the path and ducked down in thick bushes or behind a rock, but never before had she squatted in the open, on the path, easily spotted by any other hiker on the mountain slopes. It feels nice actually she added as her golden stream reduced to a trickle, I mean what if someone is watching me now? She shivered and scanned the slopes for the sight of any distant figure. Someone could be hiding over there under the eaves of the woods, I wouldn't be able to see them, but with binoculars they would see me so easily. Apart from other hikers she most often met solitary twitchers, ornithologists armed with thick field guides and high powered binoculars, they could zoom in on the tiniest bird from hundreds of metres away, bringing it into sharp focus and making it seem within touching distance. And if one of them is watching me now! Again she shivered as a naughty idea entered her kinky mind, if someone is she chuckled, then enjoy the show… and tucking the front of the poncho under her chin she stood, her shaven pussy on clear display, then slowly counted to ten before easing her trousers and panties back into place.

“I hope you enjoyed that!” she said aloud, because I did she added silently, maybe that's something I'll do again? She didn't know, she had never been particularly extrovert, not exposing herself anyway although she could definitely get a little crazy after a few drinks, then I'm certainly not shy she added as a grin formed on her full lips. Like Jeff's birthday, that had been a crazy night. Jeff had started a conversation about the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, how those crazy American chicks were always flashing their tits, “But British girls won't do that, they're all so uptight and proper!”

Naturally Ashley had taken his comment as a challenge, and amidst loud cheering and many ribald comments she had swiftly stripped her blouse away and throwing her bra into Jeff's trembling hands she had proceeded to jiggle her B cup boobs in his face.

“We're not all up tight,” she had giggled, and after taking a long pull on her glass of rum and cola she had begun an impromptu strip tease that ended with her nude, spread wide and moaning like a cheap whore as the birthday boy hammered her tight pussy hard.

That was a night to remember she chuckled, and I guess it was far more daring than standing on the deserted slopes of an isolated mountain with my trousers around my knees, that was total exposure, and I loved it… this little flash was nothing. If I was really daring I would do much more than stand here for ten seconds, I would…? She paused for thought then looked up into the clouds as a succession of heavy drops hammered against her protection.

“This is going to be heavy,” she said, and setting her gaze on the distant trees she began to walk, “But hopefully I can get to the woodland before it gets too bad, the trees will shelter me a bit, and I can wait for it to ease off a little before I make a dash for the car!”

“So what would I do if I was going to be daring?” she cut back to her earlier thoughts as she picked a winding path through the slippery scree angling down toward the tree line and the promise of shelter. “Definitely it would have to be more adventurous than a ten second pussy flash… but what?”

Patter pitter, the rain began to fall faster, spots joined to run in tiny rivers down the poncho, droplets dripped down from the hood like a shower, she bent her head forward and plodded on.

So what should I do? The question was becoming more important, squatting had excited and aroused, and considering it had been many months since she had felt the joy of a hard cock her frustration had steadily built, she was living a life where she was always a heartbeat away from horny, a wicked thought shot straight to her dripping pussy, just hearing the word “fuck” made her nipples stand to attention like soldiers on parade.

What if someone was watching me she repeated as her focus on the trees ahead drifted to images of a man crouching behind binoculars watching her cheeky display. If they were then they will still be watching me now, maybe I could give him another peep! A wide grin formed and Ashley quickened her pace, the ground had levelled out and sliding stones had given way to course grass nibbled short by rabbits, the trees were just ahead, their spreading branches offering protection from the storm. “I hope he is still watching me.” she giggled as she dived under cover and instantly lifted the poncho over her head, the rain had been defeated by thick foliage clinging to wide branches so only scattered drops fell to the ground. Because he's in for a real treat. Quickly she opened her back pack, and stripping off her thick pullover she stuffed it inside, a moment later her blouse followed, then her bra.

Kinky! She shivered, but not from the cold, the feeling of exposure drove the chill away, she was burning inside. Laces popped and soon her boots rested beside the pack, “Now for the ultimate.” she whispered, and after scanning the thick trees and open slopes she eased her trousers and panties down to her ankles.

“Now what?” she whispered as she stood nude and proud. Her trousers and underwear joined the rest of her clothes in the pack and covering everything with the poncho she stepped away, and onto the path that ran directly toward the village down in the valley beyond, it was where she had parked her car, it was also getting much closer to habitation… and habitation means people!

Do I dare? She asked then grinned, of course I dare! And with her head held high she began to walk along the path and deeper into the woods. Ahead were picnic areas, small clearings in the trees with wooden tables surrounded by sawn off logs for seats, they would be deserted for sure, the rain guaranteed that, but it was still a thrill just to be walking naked in public areas.

Is someone watching me? Ashley paused at the edge of an open glade, the rain still pounded down but she was finding the sensation on her naked skin to be invigorating, she was soaked but it didn't matter… she had a towel and change of clothes in the car, she wouldn't have to stay drenched.

Across the glade she saw the path fork, to the left it led down to the village and her car, but the path to the right?

“I have no idea!” she said quietly as she walked across the glade, “But I'll soon know.” she added as her step quickened. To the right lay the unknown, maybe it would lead to nothing more exciting than another picnic glade, but just maybe it would lead to somewhere crowded, maybe a shelter crammed full of hikers avoiding the storm. Most probably a dead end she sighed, then stepped back under the trees, the chill rain was beginning to sap her enthusiasm, the fire inside no-longer raged. I'll go as far as that bend up in the distance she told herself, and then I'll turn back and get dressed, this is a fun idea and a real turn on… but it would be much better with the sun shining and an actual chance of getting caught. The obvious had finally sunk in, yes she was exposed, and yes she was hopeful… but no, the chances of being seen were worse than remote, while the chances of catching her death of cold were almost a racing certainty.

Just as far as the bend she repeated, then held her breath as a flash of white caught her eye in the distance. Was that someone darting between the trees she wondered as her heart rate began to increase. Suddenly the chill subsided, she was focussed again. He's still now she thought then shivered as she realised that he was watching her, so I'll just keep walking like I haven't seen him! A few paces further and a blur of dark blue flashed a short distance from the first glimpse of white, then another flash, red, then blue again and Ashley groaned. Instantly she understood, I'm seeing cars pass, there must be a road running on this side of the woods.

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