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About Bruce Savage

Bruce Savage was born in Lewiston, Maine in 1967, the youngest son of 16 brother’s and sister’s to Winfield Strout and Blanche Strout. He published his first successful work when he was 10 years old in Boy’s Life magazine. The publication paid him $1 for a joke he wrote. So excited about his accomplishment and seeing his name published he pursued the art of writing for the next 40 years. In 1984 he enlisted in the United States Army and served his country in Germany. In 1999 he graduated from Columbia Southern University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Information Systems. He held several positions with several fortune 500 companies until 2002 when he dove head first and full time into the world of writing and publishing. Since then he has produced 11 novels and counting. Casualties of War was his first novel followed by Psycho.

He is currently working on many other novels that will be available soon as well as the screenplay for Russian Games. He currently lives in Florida and the Philippines with his wife Julie and his daughter. He frequently enjoys making donations and contributions to ending poverty and supporting those less fortunate and he is an avid animal rights supporter.

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This novel is dedicated all the fans of classic Science Fiction and the great alien conspiracy.

Chapter 1

I knew that night that we are not alone. That was the night that my brother disappeared. And the same night the crop circle was found in my father’s field. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for thinking the way I do, but I know I’m not. I know that there is a connection. There has to be. Everyone believes that some drifter took my brother. But I don’t think so. I was there. I know what I saw. Things like that you just don’t forget. Things like that you just don’t make up. I know there are things in this world that cannot be explained. Things that just don’t make sense. Things that most people blame as an act of God. But my brother disappearing wasn’t an act of God. It wasn’t! And no drifter took him. They took him. The people from the crop circle. I saw it. I saw it with my own two eyes. What I have to say is the truth. What I have been through…is the truth.

I suppose I could start telling my story by opening with a cliché or quote from Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Which wouldn’t be too far off from the truth.

My little brother Taylor (who earned the nickname ‘Tag’ because he always had to tag along everywhere I went. As is the duty and station of little brothers) and I grew up on a farm fifty miles outside of Kansas City.

The usual could be said about farm life and growing up in the country. As most people suspect living fifty miles from the nearest city left very little to do other than the usual of raising hell from time to time and listening to the gossip and stories that the locals would tell when a visit to a neighbor was on the agenda.

It had been a pretty dry summer and my father had reached the limit of what he could do for the crop. ‘It was in God’s hands now’, he would say hoping and praying for rain. Another week of dry weather and this year’s crop would be done for. Luckily, my father always prepared for the worst and expected the best about life. Even if the crop didn’t come through this year we still would be in pretty good shape for the winter and spring. Until it was time to plant and try again. Don’t take me wrong. We were not well to do, but we weren’t exactly poor either. Our farm had been in our family for quite a long time and had been passed down from generation to generation. When my grandfather had passed away a few summers ago he had left my father a nice little chunk of change in his will for a rainy day. It was not a whole lot of money. But enough to take the edge off of years when the crop wasn’t doing so well and to make sure that the farm stayed in the family and didn’t end up on the auction block of the bank like so many farms around here had ended up.

I remember a day or so before my brother disappeared there was a man at the farm looking for work. A drifter is what my mother had called him. I tried to imagine what that meant and settled on the conclusion of a person that had no home. After all, I was only ten at the time and had limited contact with the outside world other than the locals. My brother and I were both home schooled since I was old enough to start learning. My mother would teach us Math and English in the morning and then give us lunch, a break, and then wrap things up in the afternoon with History and reading from the Bible. We were a Christian family. Not heavily religious, but religious enough to not miss church on Sunday morning and end the day with reading from the Bible and making sure we said our prayers before we went to sleep.

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