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Virgin Controlled by Her Daddy

Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters 1

A Story of The Institute of Apotheosis Research


Reed James

Copyright © 2017 by Reed James

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Naughty Excerpt from “Mommy's Naughty Discipline”

There, Daddy, you're now a king and...” Her blue eyes widened. Her jaw dropped.

The halo burned around my head. I shuddered, the heat reaching into my mind. Tingles raced across my thoughts. I groaned, my vision fuzzing for a moment. My daughter backed away, her hands covering her mouth.

I'm so sorry, Daddy!” she gasped. “I didn't think... Did I break it?”

Break it?” I groaned, my heart hammering. What had it done to me. “Why do you think you broke it?”

My head tingled as I said those words.

Because it dissolved,” my daughter said, blinking.

Dissolved? My hands shot to my head, feeling for the gold ring. Nothing. Nada. It had vanished. Because it was a colony of nanites. They activated and... And were in me. Changing me. Like the instruction manual said.

I thought I heard a whirring behind me, like something being drilled, as I stared at my daughter. Did it work? “Kitten, rub your head.”

Thoughts prickled. My daughter frowned, her hand shooting to her head and rubbing it in circles. Her eyes were wide, her body trembled. “I can't stop rubbing my head, Daddy.”

Stick out your tongue.”

She did that, her eyes growing wider, her body shaking.

You can stop doing both.” My dick swelled to its full hardness. I stared at her spaghetti-strapped tank top, her budding breasts outlined by the pink cloth. I swallowed. “Take off your top.”

Fuzzy needles prodded my brain.

My top?” she gasped, her hands seizing the hem of her tank top, pulling it up her stomach. “I'm not wearing a bra, Daddy, I can't...”

Her words trailed off as she hauled her top over her head, exposing those budding breasts, barely more than bumps rising from her chest, her nipples small and pink. I groaned at the sight of them. My dick tried to rip through my pants.

Daddy!” She clutched her top to her breasts, covering up. “Why did I do that? I couldn't stop myself. I didn't want to.” Scarlet burned across her cheeks.

It's okay, Kitten,” I told her, my thoughts fuzzing, pricking, aching. “Your daddy loves you and will never harm you. It's okay. Just obey. You're happy doing what I say. It makes you feel special. And not embarrassed or guilty or frightened.”

Relief burst across her face. She smiled at me. “I do like obeying you, Daddy. I'm a good girl.”

Yes, you are,” I said, my lusts rising. This was happening. I'd finally molest my daughter. “Drop the tank top.”

She did, exposing those youthful breasts again. My mouth salivated. She stood with a happy smile, hands on her hips, proud of her nubile body now. Her pigtails swayed about her shoulders as she shifted on her feet.

Now your shorts. Take those off,” I groaned, only a light prickling across my thoughts as my brainwaves rewrote hers.

Of course, Daddy!” she said even as her hands moved. She shoved her pastel-blue hot pants down. She wore no panties beneath like I suspected. A faint wisp of blonde pubic hair adorned her pudenda. I licked my lips, seeing the tight slit of her pussy.

Virginal tight.

My cock ached so badly. I'd never been so hard in my life. I stared at her barely legal snatch. Eighteen-year-old virgin cunny. I didn't understand why the Institute sent me the Halo. I didn't care. I just wanted to enjoy the sweet creature before me.

Come sit on Daddy's lap,” I groaned.

To find out what happens next, read on!

Virgin Controlled by Her Daddy

Deidre Icke, President of the Institute of Apotheosis Research, marched through the halls of her office building, the florescent lights flickering, the walls painted a mellow beige. At a first glance, it could pass for any office building in America. But Deidre knew differently. From here, the world would change. She'd follow in the footsteps of her mentor, Dr. Henry Blavatsky, and ensure the awakening of mankind would happen.

That the gods would return, created by technology. Beings determined through séance and meditation, then delivered the greatest invention of human history: the halo.

She opened a door labeled: scyring.

A shudder ran through her, curious to learn what the third God would teach mankind. The lesson of the second still had her body tingling, her eighteen-year-old son's cum running out of her pussy and dribbling down her thighs from beneath her skirt. In her rush to see who the next subject was, she'd forgotten to put on her panties.

Hello, Ms. Icke,” Mindy and Cindy chorused together, the twin eighteen-year-olds sitting at the séance table, a crystal ball between them. The dark-haired girls held each other's hands, their eyes still dazed from their channeling of Alicia Bailey's spirit. Through the wife of Deidre's mentor and co-founder of the Institute, they learned who to give the twelve halos to.

Girls,” Deidre said, nodding to them as she marched to James Maxwell sitting at a computer, two monitors before him. He ran the department.

Deidre,” James said, an affable man in his early forties, hair as dark as his two daughters. “Here is Subject 3.”

A Facebook profile filled the computer screen of a man of James's age, his hair sandy-blond. His profile picture had him standing smiling with his arm around a pretty brunette, also in her forties and looking in great shape for a woman of her age. Deidre ignored the woman, studying the man, his blue eyes bright in the photo.

Michael Horne,” James said, “married, father of four daughters. Resident of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Defense contractor out at White Sands.”

Defense contractor?” Deidre asked, raising an eyebrow. She glanced at Mindy and Cindy.

My girls are the best,” James assured. “This is who they channeled. Alicia reported her husband's words.”

Then have delivery send the halo. My approval.”

Right away. It'll take six hours for the drones to arrive and begin work.” James leaned back in his chair, stretching.

Deidre leaned down, her hand resting on his shoulder. “So, father of four daughters.”

A set of twins and two younger daughters,” James said.

She gave a sidelong glance at James's twins. “Hoping for a revelation similar to the last two Goddesses? Or will our first male God focus on something other than sex?”

Whatever he reveals, I shall follow,” James said, his words throaty. He wiped sweaty hands on his slacks.

Deidre smiled at him, giving him a squeeze. His daughters were lovely. And Deidre had thoroughly enjoyed both her son and her daughter. She straightened, her body tingling with thoughts of her two children.

She had time to enjoy her children before writing her message to the new God.

~ ** ~

That's for me!” Crystal shouted, my nineteen-year-old daughter barreling past me, her blonde hair streaming behind her. I pressed against the wall, trying not to stare at her tank top and the small breasts bouncing beneath. Did she forget a bra again? “It's Jessica.”

Those two were best friends. Before I could even push off the wall, I heard my daughter's feet slapping down the stairs before she practically crashed into the front door just beyond. Then came girlish squeals.

Flashes of my daughter and her nubile friend, a dark-haired girl with big tits, kissing and writhing together in nubile, lesbian passion while I watched burned through my mind.

Guilt twisted through me. Ever since the twins, Rosie and Lily, turned eighteen three years ago, I'd begun to notice my daughters. First the twins as they matured, then Crystal last year, and now even Kitty, my youngest just turned eighteen, drew my attention.

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