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1Spellbound. . .

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And now for your scrutiny and reading pleasure Elby Lisbil presents: Spellbound. . .


Elby Lisbil Chapter 1 Spellbound. . .

Sheila Broaddrick's alone in this world after the death of her parents and her brother who were in the world trade center on 9/11 when the terrorist catastrophe occurred, her grandmother had passed away several years ago as well was her uncle and she was left alone in this world now with no one to depend on but herself.

She a high school dropout had worked for years earning little more than minimum wage, there were better ways of making money such as sex and drugs, she had never considered herself to be a sex object she still a virgin at the ripe old age of twenty-two and as far as drugs with she did use of and despised those who did so even though it was quick easy money she could be a drug dealer.

It was her night off from the fast food restaurant chain where she worked and having put back a little money tonight she was attending a rock 'n roll concert, prior to the beginning of the concert a talent scout was sponsoring sing-along to some of the groups better known top hits asking for volunteers out of the audience.

There were several amongst them was Sheila Broaddrick's, when it came time for her to sing as she opened her mouth and began singing unlike the previous participants hearing her voice Derek Roderick talent scout for universal recordings was listening closely as she was singing mimicking the words she had heard hundreds of times on the radio.

The studio was looking for a new voice and in this girl that was on the stage now standing in front of the microphone singing, it would appear that he had found himself in fact a very good candidate in this virtual unknown that was singing her heart out on the stage now.

As she had finished singing the song she had chosen which was one of the many hits of the group that would be performing Derek approached her as she was stepping off the stage and said I would like to see you in my office, Sheila was frightened thinking that she had possibly did something wrong and maybe was going to have some legal problems because of it.

She followed Derek to his office he closed the door after she had walked in, after she had taken a seat he sat behind the desk and begin talking saying, "First off, who in my addressing by that I mean what is your name?"

Nervously she replied, "Sandra Broaddrick's, sir."

He flashed her a smile then said, "Well Sheila Broaddrick's, I want to know a little about you first off I want to know where you learn to sing like that."

Sandra replied, "Nowhere sir, I just listen to the songs on the radio and try to sing like the artist who is singing them."

Derek said, "Really, okay then I want you to put on that headset on the table next to you, I am going to play you a song and I want you to sing along with it sounded like the artist who is singing it okay?"

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