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Bad Boy Seduction

CeCe Fox

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Table of Contents

Bad Boy Seduction

Bad Boy Menage

Bad Boy Seduction

He swept me away on his motorcycle, the sun hot on our shoulders, his body strong and muscled under my arms.

I was afraid, but I was ready.

I wanted to give myself to the bad boy, I wanted to tangle my hands in his hair and feel his mouth capture my own.

He gave me a night I would never forget.


I stared intensely down at my phone, flicking the screen to reload my email’s inbox one more time. Every time I did, more and more work emails popped up cheerily.


It made me want to puke.

I wasn’t even getting paid for this shit, I was just an intern. But my boss was so incessant. He needed something constantly.

Wait, did I need to check my spam folder too? What if he needed a new jar of kombucha?

"Earth to Britt!"

A dark hand suddenly waved in front of my face, sending my phone skittering noisily across the flat top of the cafe table as I jumped in surprise.

"What?" I hissed, snatching my phone up into my hands giving my email another furtive check. Another request. This time he wanted me to work overtime this weekend.

"Look at this." The girl across the table giggled, hushing her mirthful laughter with the back of her hand as she tilted up her own cell so I could see.

Another of the interns had sent a text message of our boss chugging his famed ginger kombucha, the liquid running all over his comically bloated head.

I laugh though it’s weak, watching her expertly dodge her own email box. She didn’t entertain our boss like I did. But I wanted to get that permanent spot on the team, and if I didn’t show up to each of his demands, he’d pick some other intern for the position.

"Why do you do this to yourself?" Deanna asked sympathetically, frowning at me. Her lips purse, painted a beautiful shade of red that I could never pull off.

Cinnamon freckles sprinkled jauntily across her nose as she tapped a pink nail to her chin thoughtfully. She parted her full lips, eyes still supportive until she saw what time it was, then she closed her mouth once more with a quiet sigh. We both knew what eventually we’d have to get back to work, not that either of us wanted to.

"You know perfectly well why I torture myself with this." I groaned, sinking down into my chair and hoping that I would melt away into a puddle of nothing, which is exactly what I felt I was worth in this moment, “I need this job.”

"You are pretty broke." Deanna acknowledged with a blink of her tawny eyes.

No shit.

Suddenly, a man approached our table, a black vest clinging to his sturdy frame. He leans over and a take a long sip of my coffee, waiting for him to start hitting on my gorgeous best friend.

They were always after Deanna, with her long beautiful hair and her big dark eyes.

“I heard you ladies saying you were having a rough day.” He murmurs, his voice so gruff it made me shiver.

I’d never heard a voice like that before. It was so deep and strong and… almost animalistic.

"So, what if we are...big man?" I sigh, rolling my eyes.

Usually I just let Deanna get hit on, but today I was too grumpy to deal with it. She glances towards me, hiding a grin behind her own coffee cup.

Suddenly he looks at me, turning one blue eye and one brown to gaze me full in the face, the perfect almond shaped eyes studied me, one golden eyebrow arching just faintly.

His square jaw was strong and sturdy, his nose sharp as an Egyptian pharaoh’s. My entire body trembled beneath his gaze as I parted my lips once then twice, straining to speak through the dryness of my throat.

Never in my life had I seen someone as sexy as this.

I wanted to crawl in a hole and melt away.

“I was going to say you should hope on my motorcycle and let me show you a good time.” He smirks back, leaning his palms fully on the table. I swallow, startled as he leans closer towards me.

Oh god.

He wants to give me a ride on his motorcycle?

I’d never been on a bike before.

But it was either that or work… easy choice.

“Okay.” I whisper, much to my own surprise. Even Deanna lets out a little startled squeak, “But, Britt, our lunch break is almost over.”

The biker doesn’t let his eyes off me, daring me to join him.

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