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Bad Boy’s Possession

CeCe Fox

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Table of Contents

Bad Boy’s Possession

Bad Boy Seduction

Bad Boy’s Possession

I went into that bar with a purpose. I was going to get drunk and forget my office troubles.

Then he walked up to me, sex in his eyes and fierceness in the taut lines of his muscles.

I never expected him to light my entire world on fire, I never expected him to claim my soul so completely.

Nothing will ever be the same.

I had never needed a drink so badly in my life.

I didn’t even know where I was going until I’d pulled my cute red bug off the nearest exit and parked at the front of a dingy little bar. It wasn’t the most attractive place, but it would have all the booze and liquor I needed to forget my terrible day.

Work had been long and miserable, as usual. The boss had been extra demanding recently. We were over budget for our staff and he was going to have to be making some cuts.

Being the newest on the team, I was well aware of my precarious situation. If anyone was going to get the office axe, it was me.

It wasn’t until I threw myself free of the car, tossing my purse over my shoulder, that I noticed the motorcycles.

I’d never seen one up close like this. The polished hubs were out of place in front of the grimy bar, reflecting the twinkling stars from above. I inch closer curiously, reaching out a hand to run it across the powerful metal before I shook my head and jerked my hands back to my sides. The last thing I needed was to get in trouble with some crazy biker in the bar.

For some reason, even though I fully expected to be terrified by these bikes, it made my blood run warmer than normal. I liked being close to the powerful bikes. I had to fight myself not to climb right on top of one.

Still I was nervous to walk into the bar. This was hardly the type of place a girl like me would go. I was a nobody, just your typical accountant pencil pusher. I could run numbers like nobody’s business, but that was my only skill.

I definitely was nowhere near the type that probably hung out in the shadowy depths of this rundown bar. I was going to stand out like a sore, dreary thumb. I’d be lucky if they didn’t take one look at me and toss me right back out the door.

I could hear the low thrum of heavy rock from outside as I approached the tinted doors and windows. I sway my hips a bit with the beat, trying to convince myself that I liked anything about this type of music.

I didn’t, but I did like alcohol. At least a little.

It had been a long, tough day and I deserved at least that much.

With a sigh, I twist the door knob and push inside.

The lights are dim and the bar is more crowded than I would have expected. Bodies linger near dartboards and old poker machines, crowding near the bar.

It was going to take forever to get a drink.

Sighing, I adjust my simple beige belt and floaty pink blouse, noticing the way curious men turned to gaze at me. Their eyes were hungry, and it made my stomach bubble nervously.

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