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Crimson Black by C. C. Morgen Crimson Black by Feb. 24, 2018 $0.99 77,480 words Sample 20%
“In the shadows I’m still here I dream of you next to me before you disappear Now you are gone… You are gone with all I hold dear”
Ballbuster by Lane Hart Ballbuster by Feb. 24, 2018 Free! 69,750 words Read a sample
Out of all the football stadiums in the world, why did Roxanne “The Ballbuster” Benson have to plow through mine?
In a Whirl of Delusion by J.R. Greenwell In a Whirl of Delusion by Feb. 24, 2018 $9.99 77,290 words Sample 5%
In a Whirl of Delusion is a marvelous series of misadventures on a road toward love and fame.
Marathon Murders by Steve Orlandella Marathon Murders by Feb. 24, 2018 $4.99 75,990 words Sample 15%
Thriller! Florida's favorite private investigator Vic Landell is off to Boston to help his father Pete Landell, retired Lieutenant of Detectives in the Boston Police Department, find the killer of his former partner Jack Flynn, Sgt. Detectives, Boston PD. Vic's girlfriend Marcia goes along to help. What unfolds is a compelling read for those who love crime fiction, mystery and romance.
Seducing The Trainee Teacher by CJ Edwards Seducing The Trainee Teacher by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 5,890 words Sample 27%
Sarah Hadrian, the over-sexed teacher is back in the classroom and this time she has a student teacher to nurture and support. Lovely young Fay was ripe for picking and the last day of her teaching practice Sarah decided to make her move. It seems Fay had been hoping for something to happen - but when the Head gets involved it all becomes very intense!
The Eyes of the Huntress by Niall Teasdale The Eyes of the Huntress by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 70,660 words Sample 20%
This is the story of Shil the Huntress, one of the most famous, effective, and deadly bounty hunters in the known galaxy. The great and the good celebrate her victories. Criminals dread the day they hear she is hunting them. But it was not always thus…
Is Plastic My Food? by Madhvi Chittoor Is Plastic My Food? by Feb. 24, 2018 $9.99 210 words Sample 3%
This book, "Is Plastic My Food?", talks about Plastic Pollution in the oceans as narrated by an albatross. The purpose of this book is to create awareness among kids about Plastic Pollution and its effects on aquatic animals and the need to use biodegradable products.
Alphabet All-Stars: Where Does Panda Fit In? by Scott Gordon Alphabet All-Stars: Where Does Panda Fit In? by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 820 words
Sofie Squirrel has a problem. Her animal flashcards are incomplete and needs help fast! Can a lonely panda cub help solve the mystery? Approximately 45 pages in all. Intended for children 3-5. Descriptions of my other popular children\'s books are included after the main feature (an additional 5 pages).
Her Innocence, His Cruel Ignorance by Pixie Marie Her Innocence, His Cruel Ignorance by Feb. 24, 2018 $1.00 3,040 words
'Her innocence, his cruel ignorance' is an erotic story of young Indian girl who gets married in an arranged marriage.
Huevi-Genial by Scott Gordon Huevi-Genial by Feb. 24, 2018 $1.99 1,220 words
La primavera está a la vuelta de la esquina y es momento de ver en qué anda el Conejo de Pascua. Este año ha contratado a un ayudante, y es una elección extraña. ¿En qué piensa este inteligente conejo y qué está planeando realmente? Averígualo en este cómico libro ilustrado escrito por el autor de Mi Mascota el Dragoncito y Mi Loca Rana Mascota. Pensado para niños de 3 años en adelante.
AGNES BRADSTREET Channelled from slower time by J. Elk-Baptisté AGNES BRADSTREET Channelled from slower time by Feb. 24, 2018 $1.00 1,530 words Sample 15%
The poetry of Agnes Bradstreet, as channelled by J. Elk-Baptiste.
Her Innocence, His Cruel Ignorance by Pixie Marie Her Innocence, His Cruel Ignorance by Feb. 24, 2018 $0.99 3,040 words
Her innocence, his cruel ignorance is an erotic romantic story of a young Indian girl, who gets married in an arranged marriage.
Cosmic Shamanic by Sunny Jetsun Cosmic Shamanic by Feb. 24, 2018 Free! 11,100 words Read a sample
What about a good trip? A Catalyst can point you to your Divine Self-Realisation, to your Illumination and Liberation? There's more in this drop than they say or want you to know about Mind-controls and human power. Going Into other realms of Tao, synchronicity, meditation, natural transcendence of your Mind/Ego. This embraces and enhances your Cosmic reality with self awareness and consciousness.
EPHIALTE'S - The beginning of a nightmere Book 1 by Andreea Cristinne Campean EPHIALTE'S - The beginning of a nightmere Book 1 by Feb. 24, 2018 $3.57 68,400 words Sample 15%
Edited by Michael Garrett first editor of Stephen King's
Mirror Earth Network by P.Z. Walker Mirror Earth Network by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 85,420 words
In Mirror Earth Network we rejoin old friends from various Earths. While Elisabeth and Gloria work on making the portal transport system work optimally, Professor Holger can't stop planning new expeditions. Again there are many questions to answer and problems to solve. How dangerous are leatherbirds? Will Professor Holger ever make it to Mirror Earth and get his plans executed?
Whats wrong in trying a best friend's girlfriend? by VK Vellampalli Whats wrong in trying a best friend's girlfriend? by Feb. 24, 2018 $1.52 42,380 words
This is the story of a theist, who strongly follows the god and thank god for every small, big, good and bad reasons. Unfortunately, he cheats his friend for his girlfriend and regrets heavily for the same. But when fate allows him with an opportunity to correct the things, and soothe his friend, does he correct or reprise the same? Is all about this book.
Name No Names by Jeff Kohll Name No Names by Feb. 24, 2018 Free! 72,820 words Read a sample
An old woman lies in hospital with a broken leg, thinking back over a varied life which has taken her to Mexico, to wartime London, to Apartheid South Africa and to Wales. As an anthropologist she has been able to cast a quizzical eye over many societies.
More From the Deed Box of John H. Watson M.D. by Hugh Ashton More From the Deed Box of John H. Watson M.D. by Feb. 24, 2018 $3.49 55,360 words
Three more untold adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of Colonel Warburton's Madness, The Mystery of the Paradol Chamber, and The Giant Rat of Sumatra – all of which are told by the author who has been described as "the reincarnation of Sir Arthut Conan Doyle".
Proteus - New Horizons (Book Nine) by Alexander Nassau Proteus - New Horizons (Book Nine) by Feb. 24, 2018 $4.99 82,450 words Sample 20%
Time is running out as Beletrix faces annihilation at the hands of General Razon. The Harbinger, the Apeyron's ultimate weapon is now in his possession, a monstrous ship with incredible power that he intends to use to end all threats to the Empire. With the young Proteus ships having to grow up quickly, will our friends thwart Razon's insanity and do they even have the power to stop the Harbinger?
Dad's Dungeon by CJ Edwards Dad's Dungeon by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 4,330 words Sample 27%
I had broken a few family rules by seducing my dad's new wife but she was asking for it! Chloe was only a few years older than me and bloody gorgeous! What I hadn't considered though was what Dad would do if he found out! Finding out wasn't that hard as it turned out as my lesbian friend posted HD video of Chloe's little outing with me and my mates.
Sharing My Stepmom by CJ Edwards Sharing My Stepmom by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 4,350 words Sample 27%
I'd seduced my stepmom that morning and filmed every moment. As my old rugby team mates were coming round to watch a match, it seemed only right to watch the video afterwards. If all went well, Chloe was gonna have her first gangbang!
Gorgonise Me by George Saoulidis Gorgonise Me by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 4,020 words Sample 20%
A Story Inspired by Medusa’s Sister and a Piece of Unplayable Piano Music Evryali is a music piece for solo piano that cannot physically be played, composed by Iannis Xenakis in 1973. That means the piano player has to choose which notes to play and which not to, resulting in a performance that transcends form and function. Evryali is also a Gorgon, (Yes, Medusa’s sister.)
Sibling Rivals by Jack Ryder Sibling Rivals by Feb. 24, 2018 $0.99 7,420 words Sample 20%
From the very start, I knew that I would have to get into Kelly's pants first if I ever wanted to be able to bang both of my daughters on a regular basis. With Kate being the wind one, it would be very wise to seduce the more reserves Kelly who was still a virgin. I'll use Kate hunger to have me to assist me in sedicing her sister.
Stories People Tell by Alan McCluskey Stories People Tell by Feb. 24, 2018 $4.99 135,440 words Sample 5%
Annie Wight wasn’t looking for love or notoriety when she got swept up in a grassroots movement offering support and healthcare to gay girls. In the struggle to end violence against women, she stumbled on the love of her life and grew to be a key public figure. At the same time, she became the number one target for Nolan Kard, a rich entrepreneur turned politician bent on keeping London straight.
Annabelle The Party Pony by CJ Edwards Annabelle The Party Pony by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 6,740 words Sample 27%
Catching the gorgeous American college girl shoplifting in my sex shop had been a real bonus. Both her and her trophy wife mom were now effectively my sex slaves. I had already used both of them at the store and had visited the yummy mummy in her hotel suite to make my point clear. Now it was young Annabelle's turn again. Part 3 of the Sex on Tap Series.
The Passage by Dicey Grenor The Passage by Feb. 24, 2018 $0.99 9,450 words Sample 20%
A ruthless actress, desperate to become a star, dies in the process of making her dreams a reality. Though her afterlife isn’t what she expects, her ideal man makes the transition more meaningful.
The Entrepreneur; White Ball Thinking by D.F McKeever The Entrepreneur; White Ball Thinking by Feb. 24, 2018 $9.70 25,390 words Sample 20%
With your purchase of Part One “White Ball Thinking” you will gain an insight to the six characteristics of successful individuals & entrepreneurs and the skills, tools & principles to designing & inventing a life of both happiness & success.
My Weirdest Sexual Experience: Duke by Gina Candy My Weirdest Sexual Experience: Duke by Feb. 24, 2018 Free! 780 words Sample 20%
A group of men meet and describe their weirdest sexual encounters.
Loyalty by L.P. Maxa Loyalty by Feb. 24, 2018 $3.99 59,510 words Sample 5%
Cash Matthews would do anything for his twin, except forfeit the burgeoning love he has found with Katie Cadence.
Hot Sex Studies 3 by Arla Coopa Hot Sex Studies 3 by Feb. 24, 2018 Free! 890 words Sample 20%
In the future, all STDs and unwanted pregnancies have been eliminated. What’s left is to research ways to make sex even better.
The Enterprise; Black Box Thinking by D.F McKeever The Enterprise; Black Box Thinking by Feb. 24, 2018 $9.70 20,600 words Sample 20%
If you want the secret to Designing & Inventing a business for the 21st Century. If you want to understand the six key functions to engineering a business fit for this century. If you want to achieve the Entrepreneurial Dream you need the tools, skills & secrets of a new 21st century way of thinking; “Designovation® Philosophy”.
Angel of Death by Kevin Potter Angel of Death by Feb. 24, 2018 $0.99 11,500 words Sample 20%
Would you kill a friend to gain ultimate power? Move over Constantine, there's a new demon hunter in town! Meet Gabriel, a man well-versed in black magic and demonology. Somehow, the past always seems to catch up with him. In this short, standalone tale, his thirst for greater power will pit him against the only foes he might waver against; his own friends.
Suburban Milk Maids 2 by Persephone Moore Suburban Milk Maids 2 by Feb. 24, 2018 $2.99 10,080 words Sample 10%
Once Sara got her friend Joan lactating, which resulted in the expected bigger breasts but also gave Joan an increased libido, Joan found her life changing in more ways than she could imagine. Joan shamelessly flirted with and then bedded Sara’s husband, Malcolm. Getting as much a thrill from betraying her friend, Joan starts arranging it so that she can control not only Malcolm, but Sara as well…
Hot Talk 114 by Candace Mia Hot Talk 114 by Feb. 24, 2018 Free! 730 words Sample 20%
Sometimes, people do very naughty things. And when they do, they like to talk.
Lobster Cake & Other Stories by Leigh Green Lobster Cake & Other Stories by Feb. 24, 2018 You set the price! 2,020 words
LOBSTER CAKE AND OTHER STORIES highlight aspects of human interaction, from the humorous to the painfully emotional.
A Kiss In The Dark by Carly Wakefield A Kiss In The Dark by Feb. 24, 2018 $1.99 21,380 words Sample 20%
Under the cover of darkness, Sheridan and Bella hit it off. The dark was supposed help reveal the truth; but it also holds its secrets. Can the pair come through the shadows and into the light?
Broken hearts on Boulevard Unirii by Uri Jerzy Nachimson Broken hearts on Boulevard Unirii by Feb. 23, 2018 $7.99 79,560 words
“A broken heart doesn't need to be repaired. Because maybe one of your pieces fits perfectly with someone else's heart.” Chris Mitchell
Cosmic Oceanic by Sunny Jetsun Cosmic Oceanic by Feb. 23, 2018 Free! 8,390 words Read a sample
Sunny is sharing psychedelic * magical realism. The Cosmic Art collection offers positive thoughts which also have an effect on the essential stream of human Consciousness ~ The effects of words, images and music on water crystals are well researched by Dr Emoto.
Demon Hunters 3: Tainted by Avril Sabine Demon Hunters 3: Tainted by Feb. 23, 2018 $2.99 51,700 words
Cassidy is sick of her father looking for a miracle cure. He should accept there is none, instead of believing the lies told by those who prey on the desperate. But he doesn't and Cassidy finds herself in an abandoned industrial building staring into the flame streaked eyes of a demon. Only a thin line of salt keeping her alive.
Red Inks by Sharon Livingstone Red Inks by Feb. 23, 2018 $5.00 25,400 words Sample 20%
58 flash fiction stories of travel, sport and the bush mingled with homelessness, grief and domestic violence.
Demon Hunters 2: Retribution by Avril Sabine Demon Hunters 2: Retribution by Feb. 23, 2018 $2.99 56,650 words
Scarlett knows the things that go bump in the night are real. Her family has hunted demons for generations. She has grown up learning how to banish them. In fact, hunting demons is just like many other jobs. The hours are long, the pay is nearly non-existent and the clients are determined to have their own way. Like any other job… or at least it seemed that way before demons started hunting her.
Darwin's Unfortunate Law by Kris Kreme Darwin's Unfortunate Law by Feb. 23, 2018 $2.99 13,420 words Sample 20%
When Darwin Darius meets an attractive woman, he can fall head over heels... but then a rich middle-aged man can't change an often selfish arrogant woman's mindset with wealth alone. On a day when everything seems to be going wrong, Darwin's Unfortunate Law will be faced by several attractive women, minds and bodies twisted in ways of a quite unnatural selection.
Of Strays and Exes by Noreen Lace Of Strays and Exes by Feb. 23, 2018 $0.99 4,760 words Sample 20%
The death of her neighbor's dog begins a chain reaction for the emotionally lost and defensively sarcastic Sandra. Her neighbors ostracize her, she loses a court battle, but when her ex husband drops off a stray dog, she really thinks her life is cursed. With the help of this strange little stray, Sandra warms up to her neighbor, wins friends, and accepts her ex's new girlfriend.
Chasing Chilly Pig by Mamba Books & Publishing Chasing Chilly Pig by Feb. 23, 2018 $1.99 4,490 words
This is not your typical "run-of the-mill” boring story-this story is an authentic masterpiece! You will like how Liberty Dendron took his time describing the disasters at the pinnacle of terror. It will opened your eyes, and allowed your imagination to wonder while indulging in each sentence of this wonderful book. The story composition is consistent, and the characters are well-defined.
A Young Mans Poetry Volume 1. by Carl Delprat A Young Mans Poetry Volume 1. by Feb. 23, 2018 $2.99 9,330 words Sample 20%
The first book of three volumes of poetry I produced back in the 1970's.
A Cure for Sleep by Anthony Means A Cure for Sleep by Feb. 23, 2018 $2.99 6,190 words Sample 20%
A Cure for Sleep is a collection of horror, suspense and thriller short stories to keep you up at night.
The Adventures of Harry Marples - Harry Goes To Work by Sharon Livingstone The Adventures of Harry Marples - Harry Goes To Work by Feb. 23, 2018 Free! 3,490 words Read a sample
A short story about Harry Marples, a man who needs to get to work but circumstances, and a random photographer, are making it difficult.
Sex in the Wilds by Emily Sinclaire Sex in the Wilds by Feb. 23, 2018 $2.99 17,270 words Sample 20%
Emerging from the cocoon, her transformation from human to fey a success, Libby embraces her new life with open arms and insatiable libido. Reunited with her lover, she submits to him fully and together with their friends Eric and Nicole embark on an adventure of unbridled sexual perversion that takes them across their new island home and helps strengthen a truce between two nations.
Split by Mel Bossa Split by Feb. 23, 2018 $5.99 74,700 words Sample 20%
Weeks before Derek O'Reilly's engagement party to Nathan, a chance meeting with his first love, bad boy Nick Lund, catapults Derek into the past. But Nick isn't that young rebel anymore. He's a man hardened by invisible scars, struggling with grief. As Derek reads through his childhood diary, he realizes what Nick was to him, still is today, and yet might be ...
Saving Akita by M.M. Shapiro Saving Akita by Feb. 23, 2018 $4.99 41,490 words Sample 20%
Akira Watanabe has the hots for a Goth girl named Jade. Sparks fly between them, but nothing happens until Akira hears rumors Jade is a lesbian. The heat that smoldered between them now sparks into a fire. Growing up can be difficult, but the neighborhood where Akira and Jade live is dangerous, too. As their friendship deepens into love, can they protect each other and find their happy ending?