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The Good Neighbor 5 - Guilty Pleasures by Timea Tokes The Good Neighbor 5 - Guilty Pleasures by March 28, 2017 $0.99 5299 words Sample 20%
How will Sarah's unusual affair end with her hot neighbor and her wife? Could their unconventional threesome lead to something incredible and fulfilling, or is it going to end right here and now? A short erotic story in 2,200 words. The final part and conclusion to 'The Good Neighbor' series. Caution, bisexual content. Strictly 18+.
Character Select - RPG: A Gender Swap Story by Jessica Clairmont Character Select - RPG: A Gender Swap Story by March 28, 2017 $2.99 4630 words Sample 20%
Matt and Katy are out shopping for furniture for their new home. They stop by a flea market and Matt goes to browse a section of old video games where he's sold a copy of a game called Changers: RPG. Though he's skeptical of a second hand, no name video game pawned off to him by at a flea market, when the game starts he's instantly drawn in by the lifelike scantily clad character options...
Rękopis z gwiazd by Amelia Hoel Rękopis z gwiazd by March 28, 2017 Free! 3689 words Read a sample
Bożena próbuje wynająć mieszkanie po babci. Duśka to jej serdeczna przyjaciółka, nieco egzaltowana, w przeciwieństwie do Bożeny. Choć przyjaciółki rzadko się zgadzają, a Bożena uważa Duśkę za zupełnie zwariowaną, to w końcu okazuje się, że ta druga nie jest taka głupia, na jaką wygląda.
The Man in the Window by C. Dennis Moore The Man in the Window by March 28, 2017 $2.99 47396 words Sample 20%
The man in the window brings with him memories Todd buried years ago, and once they've woken, he'll have to make a trip back home to revisit the worst day of his life.
Misterul Stelelor Aurii - O aventură în Uniunea Europeană by Nicolae Sfetcu Misterul Stelelor Aurii - O aventură în Uniunea Europeană by March 28, 2017 $2.99 8234 words Sample 20%
Această carte vă invită la un tur în Bruxelles, orașul care găzduiește sediul Uniunii Europene
Daddy Gave Complete Satisfaction: Erotica Collection by Rod Polo Daddy Gave Complete Satisfaction: Erotica Collection by March 28, 2017 $0.99 12204 words Sample 20%
A Collection of 4 Daddy Erotic Stories: Stories: 1. Pay Without Cash 2. A New Beginning 3. Sweet Surprise 4. Birds of A Feather For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
The Toybox: Bimbo Stories by Quixerotic The Toybox: Bimbo Stories by March 28, 2017 $2.99 4812 words Sample 20%
Nathan and Sara are having troubles in the bedroom after only two years of marriage. Both of them secretly long for the wild nights of sex they'd enjoyed before settling down. Unable to broach the subject with each other, they receive a mysterious gift containing interesting toys. As they start to play, Sara starts to feel a lot more bubbly while Nathan's old dominance returns.
Fallen Angel by Nanci Reene Fallen Angel by March 28, 2017 $1.99 3611 words Sample 10%
Fallen angel is a titillating tale of a nun gone bad. set in a fictional town, it tells the story of sister Luicy who has kept her vow of silence in service to god.
The Lady & Her Cowboy: Four Historical Romance Novellas by Vanessa Carvo The Lady & Her Cowboy: Four Historical Romance Novellas by March 28, 2017 $3.99 38976 words Sample 20%
Five Harrington Sisters Along The Oregon Trail PLUS The Roman Woman’s New Dishes PLUS Rejected By The English Lord, But Welcomed By The Rancher PLUS Message In A Bottle - A poor and lonely Victorian woman eking out her living in Brighton by making seashell jewelry, finds a message in a bottle on the beach and vows to find the man who wrote it. See complete synopses.
Galactic Fist of Legend: Volume 2 by Scottie Futch Galactic Fist of Legend: Volume 2 by March 28, 2017 $2.99 68837 words Sample 20%
Welcome back to the madness that is Galactic Fist of Legend! In this latest installment of the Galactic Fist of Legend LitRPG series, Scott Davidson must contend with all manner of ridiculous shenanigans while dealing with the horrors of the underworld, fruit baskets, and the most disturbing sock puppet in history. Death awaits around every corner, and perhaps even fates worse than death...
Aunt Lily’s Nights: Night 2 by Luca Satana Aunt Lily’s Nights: Night 2 by March 28, 2017 $0.99 2944 words Sample 20%
My Aunt Lily is really cool. Especially when she's not trying so hard to be cool. To me, my aunt just needs to relax, and accept the world as it is, namely herself, and her own awesomeness. Instead, my aunt puts herself in this endlessly spinning hamster wheel, ever-striving for the ever-elusive more, which, in the end leaves her alone or just plain lonely. And I guess that's where I come in.
The Gift Of Time by Allan Alexander The Gift Of Time by March 28, 2017 Free! 4714 words Read a sample
A scifi-psychological thriller, that will keep you entertained till the last word and make you think even after the story is over. Come on a journey to find love, life and a second chance.
Dads & Sons(18) Story 2 (incest, gay incest, family sex, taboo, forbidden, hardcore, teen sex, gay teen, xxx, older and younger) by Sonny Ryder Dads & Sons(18) Story 2 (incest, gay incest, family sex, taboo, forbidden, hardcore, teen sex, gay teen, xxx, older and younger) by March 28, 2017 $2.99 5183 words Sample 20%
18-year-old Dermot's permanent erections are interfering with his college work, so his dad decides to do something about it in this highly erotic tale of unthinkable lust and taboo sex. All characters and terms including 'boy' 'lad' and 'girl' refer to people age 18 and over. Contains explicit sexual material with full descriptive sex acts. WARNING: Contains graphic sex acts between dad & son.
Stolen: A Body Theft Short Story Collection by M Wills Stolen: A Body Theft Short Story Collection by March 28, 2017 $2.99 11790 words Sample 15%
This collection of three short stories contains erotic tales of body thieves who make intimate sexual explorations of their new forms and is intended for a mature audience.
Calum's Agent by Leigh Barker Calum's Agent by March 28, 2017 $0.99 11383 words Sample 20%
Clan: Season 3, Episode 4. Calum’s Agent The English know Calum and the fishermen stole the warship. Now the two heavily armed frigates are under full sail and in pursuit of the little merchant ship. There is no escape, the frigates will be in cannon range miles before the highlanders reach Inverness. Calum has found his true love, but the warships will be upon them before he can realize it.
Conspiracy by C.C. Fehrman Conspiracy by March 28, 2017 $2.99 234678 words Sample 20%
A seamless blend of fact and fiction with unexpected plot twists. In the early 21st century controlled disintegration begins. Can you trust your government? Can you trust your food? Can you even trust your own DNA? One thing is certain–nothing is what it seems.
The Heart by RJ Scott The Heart by March 28, 2017 $3.49 57882 words Sample 20%
The team captain and the rookie firefighter never meant to fall in love; but they’ll fight tooth and nail to protect what they have.
False Prophet by Leigh Barker False Prophet by March 28, 2017 $0.99 10972 words Sample 20%
Requiem For Eden - Season 1: Episode 8. False Prophet Gabriel and the young knights survived the fire demon, though most of the minotaurs weren’t so lucky. Roast pork. He decides to take the caravanserai back to Trinity to get some peace. If only life was so simple. Asteri the Daywalker has never been defeated, and that was against monsters, so he thinks Gabriel is going to be easy meat.
Brexit Ballads by G. S. Mattu Brexit Ballads by March 28, 2017 Free! 869 words Read a sample
Truly this is the most poetic time of the 2010s so far. Our nation-states are straining under the hammer blows delivered unto them by an unchecked, unqualified, boorish elite led by America's Freudian Id made flesh, Donald J. Trump. These poems explore the moment of release through the lens of Article 50.
Turn on, Tune in, Drop Dead by Peter Morgan Turn on, Tune in, Drop Dead by March 28, 2017 Free! 8112 words Read a sample
Black Mountain's campsite known as The Sanctuary looks over the breathtakingly beautiful Branwen Loch. A haven for troubled children but notorious for its wild camp counselors. Nestled within the Douglas Fir woods The Sanctuary is every campers dream. But its also the home to a malevolent entity that the counselors are about to awaken.
Russian Roulette by Adam Vine Russian Roulette by March 28, 2017 Free! 1904 words Read a sample
He's got one leg, a convertible, Beach Boys blasting out the speaker, and an open road. She's got a pistol, a suitcase full of cash, and is going anywhere but here... (First published in the Bumps in the Road anthology from Black Bedsheet Books)
The Truth by Jericho Hale The Truth by March 28, 2017 Free! 412 words Read a sample
A girl asks a question, but all we see is his answer. A dark, terrifying vision of lust and sadism. She gets what she asks for: the truth. But does she like what she hears? Do you?
Intern's First Day by Amber Ambrosia Intern's First Day by March 28, 2017 $0.99 2464 words Sample 15%
He turned my head to face him. I was beyond any resistance now—not that I had hesitated at all during this little interlude. My eyes closed as his open mouth covered mine. I didn’t hesitate to kiss this man back. His lips were a little rough, but felt good pressed against mine. His tongue swirled around my own, and I could taste myself on him.
Anthony Knight's Favorite Houses by Richard Lighthouse Anthony Knight's Favorite Houses by March 28, 2017 Free! 771 words Read a sample
In Anthony Knight's opinion, these are likeable houses on Westcott Street: 6205, 6319, 6403, 6405-B, 6409, 6411 thru 6419 (Manager), 6501, 6505; 922 Knox, 928 Knox, 6116 Tyne, 6118 Tyne, 6122 Tyne, 6125 Tyne, 6301 thru 6306 Prague, 6408-A Taggart. He is particularly fond of 6411 thru 6419 and focuses on them like a microwave beam.
Faithful by David Leatherwood Faithful by March 28, 2017 $0.99 1228 words Sample 20%
This story with become debatable no matter who reads it. This is a serial killer talking directly to you. He shares his thoughts about the act of killing. He tells you what e sees what he does as a serial​ killer. You will also hear him talk about his views on God or a higher power. Although you might not share his points of view, he does have some very interesting points.
Under The African Moon  - Short Tales That Teach Good Values. by Joke'  S. Mayers Under The African Moon - Short Tales That Teach Good Values. by March 28, 2017 $9.98 20037 words Sample 20%
"Under The African Moon – Short Tales That Teach Good Values" is a collection of folk tales in an African setting. These beloved tales have been skillfully and pleasantly crafted and re-told, to further appeal to and benefit today’s young audiences, all over the world. Every mind, young and old, can therefore benefit from hearing, reading and telling these positive stories to one another.
The Templar Heresy by John Bottrill The Templar Heresy by March 28, 2017 $3.99 58893 words Sample 15%
The Templars didn't just spring into existence; they didn't just suddenly end. For two centuries they ran Europe. The knights themselves lived as monks under St. Bernard's rule enforcing rigid celibacy. (There’s no homophobe like a closet gay.) They weren't even allowed to undress in private to wash – so they didn't. Supporting forces kept upwind! When the Order fell, most knights took their secre
Брыгадны генерал by Кастусь Травень Брыгадны генерал by March 28, 2017 $3.50 60673 words Sample 20%
Цэнтральны твор кніжкі – невялічкая аповесьць ‘’Імперскі сіндром’’, якая пераносіць гістарычныя падзеі ў Беларусі наперад, у блізкую будучыню. Героі аповесьці: расейскія алігарх, генерал ФСБ, тутэйшыя афіцэры спецслужб, кіраўнікі брацкіх дзяржаў, патрыёты, шматлікая пятая калона… і востра закручаны сюжэт, ‘’так, што крышу зносіць’’ па водгуку аднога з чытачоў.
Succubus4Hire by Thea Blakesley Succubus4Hire by March 28, 2017 $0.99 6969 words Sample 20%
Succubus4Hire.Com; “Has someone hurt your heart? Tell me their sins and I will exact revenge on your behalf. The only price will be the traitor’s soul.” Meet Melantha Acheron, a succubus who chooses her victims the same way any self-respecting modern woman does- through the internet. Follow Mel to a raunchy assignation with an unapologetic cheater, learn her powers and glimpse inside her mind...
Fear Of Friday The Thirteenth by Mario V. Farina Fear Of Friday The Thirteenth by March 28, 2017 Free! 1882 words Read a sample
Frank Desmond owned a company that was doing well. The future seemed bright. Then he had the dream. It was horrifying and about Friday the Thirteenth. He was told that when he saw the date Friday the Thirteenth, he would die. What precautions could he try to ensure that this sight would never meet his eyes? Some may think his solution was extreme, but was it? This story discusses his method.
Season of Hope by Sara Jane Jacobs Season of Hope by March 28, 2017 $3.99 56958 words Sample 20%
They've been childhood friends for ten years. As high school graduation nears, Tyler is shocked when he realizes he’s crushing on his best friend Amanda. But he's training to become a Navy Seal; she's spending the summer in Manhattan. When her summer job catapults Amanda into a modeling career, tensions rise. How can they navigate the turbulence across their futures?
Rebel Lost by Mindy Klasky Rebel Lost by March 28, 2017 $4.99 81272 words Sample 20%
On Keara's twelfth birthday, she was supposed to sacrifice her magical darkbeast raven on an altar. Instead, she spared Caw's life. Now, the priestly Inquisitors have declared her Lost, a heretic and traitor. Desperately seeking safety, Keara and Caw discover a community of "Darkers." But are those folk true rebels? Or will they betray Keara to the authorities who want to enslave her - or worse?
Reverend Detective by LS Sygnet Reverend Detective by March 28, 2017 $2.99 112285 words Sample 5%
Johnny Orion recruits a former priest turned police detective to work with his unit in the state police, and Helen immediately clashes with the Reverend Detective's methods. Meanwhile, a trial looms large on the horizon of Darkwater Bay. Wanted or not, Zack Carpenter gets help proving a motive that has eluded everyone for nearly two years. Will it be enough to secure the conviction?
Stealing Beauty by Jessica Collins Stealing Beauty by March 28, 2017 $5.99 99462 words Sample 20%
This time, it’s the Beast who’s going to attempt to tame the Beauty. The only thing he can’t protect her from… is himself.
Aquamarine Revisited by Gaelle Kermen Aquamarine Revisited by March 28, 2017 $4.99 73444 words Sample 20%
1967, Paris, Marine, étudiante à la Sorbonne, vit rue du Pot de Fer, où passent de nombreux américains, amis d'amies. De la Mouff au Buci, du Vietnam aux Six Jours, de l'hiver à l'été, Marine passe de l'adolescence à l'âge adulte, dans le Paris d'avant Mai 68, dans un milieu libéré. Roman initiatique de l'amitié et de l'amour platonique. Portraits de femmes, d'artistes, d'une ville, d'une époque.
The Wildflower Girls by Mullen Dale The Wildflower Girls by March 28, 2017 $2.99 75665 words Sample 15%
Cover a Chrysanthemum in dirt, and she’ll become a wildflower.
Garden of Snakes by Keary Taylor Garden of Snakes by March 28, 2017 $3.99 54791 words
There will be no forgiveness for what has been done... Elle and Lexington's story continues in Garden of Snakes.
Wolf (A Hell's Lovers MC Romance) by Crimson Syn Wolf (A Hell's Lovers MC Romance) by March 28, 2017 $2.99 22255 words Sample 20%
Scarlett Chase is every man’s wet dream, but it turns out she's forbidden. One kiss, one sinful touch, will strip Wolf of everything he's worked for. Yet he wants her, he needs her, and he'll break any rule to get a taste of her. Wolf Stone has become Scarlett's obsession. He entices every cell in her body. But he won't budge, and now it's up to her to entice his sleeping wolf.
Edge of a Knife by James L. Wolf Edge of a Knife by March 28, 2017 $5.99 75683 words Sample 20%
Daniil LaChance grew up hard on the streets of the city-state of Allistair. A chance meeting with the shapeshifting Flame known as Knife changed that when Knife took Daniil as her apprentice. The promise of initiation as one of the sexual mystics of the goddess Pelin turned Daniil's life from one of poverty and desperation to one of magic and mystery—one that could last many lifetimes.
Digging in the Stars by Katherine Blakeney Digging in the Stars by March 28, 2017 $2.99 102890 words Sample 20%
Sixteen-year-old Carter's search for her lost boyfriend leads to the greatest archaeological discovery since Tutankhamun--in outer space.
Too Sharp by Marianne Delacourt Too Sharp by March 28, 2017 $6.99 74492 words Sample 20%
Tara Sharp’s new case brings her to Brisbane, where she is placed in charge of Slim Sledge, a high-maintenance rock star. Tara’s a sucker for a backstage pass, and it'll provide some much-needed distance between herself and her mother's not-so-subtle hints about getting a “real” job, not to mention crime lord Johnny Viaspa, the only man on the planet who wants her dead.
Enemy Within (Executive Office #3) by Tal Bauer Enemy Within (Executive Office #3) by March 28, 2017 $6.99 179293 words Sample 5%
The White House, infiltrated. The president and his first gentleman running for their lives. A traitorous general, intent on burning the world to the ground. When everything falls apart, who do you trust?
Redshift by A.R. DeClerck Redshift by March 28, 2017 $0.99 86717 words Sample 20%
By USA TODAY Best-Selling Author AR DeClerck REDSHIFT When a mysterious wormhole appears on the edge of a Nevada town, Rand Hazen and his team race to study it. Together with his partner and the love of his life, Rand knows he can be the first physicist to prove that time travel is possible.
Destiny's Waves by Evelyn A. Martínez Burgos Destiny's Waves by March 28, 2017 $6.99 369390 words Sample 15%
"None of us are perfect, and it’s most likely that we, the Chosen, are the least perfect. We have our flaws, but without some of them, sometimes we can’t succeed."
Always Mine by AJ Renee Always Mine by March 28, 2017 $0.99 90206 words Sample 20%
Book two of the St. Fleur series follows Lindsey and Marc's love story as they discover their shared past. When Lindsey wished for a more exciting love life, she did not mean a complicated love triangle or being caught in the crosshairs of an obsessed admirer. Can they overcome the obstacles keeping them apart, or will their love story end before it's even begun?
Altercation by Mignon Mykel Altercation by March 28, 2017 $0.99 97365 words Sample 20%
Sometimes the fight proves your worth... But sometimes, it's the fight that takes you out of the game. This DUET can be read as a standalone from the Prescott Family series. However, please note that this is book one in a duet. Book two, Holding, will be releasing March 28, concluding the duet.
Tea for Two by Kailee Reese Samuels Tea for Two by March 28, 2017 $3.99 71295 words Sample 10%
Kaci Hope + Sal Raniero + Bertie Jameson Three hearts. Three souls. Three ways. Sal's spent months learning to keep clients happy to line his wallet. When an unlikely friendship spins his world upside down, Sal ends up discovering the girl of his dreams. Not every trinity is holy. The SOS Series Book 2 - Tea for Two - is intended for a mature audience. Series book ~200 pages.
She Marches Through Fire (November Snow Book 3) by A.M. Manay She Marches Through Fire (November Snow Book 3) by March 28, 2017 $0.99 95147 words Sample 20%
Psychic vampire November Snow must battle grief, injury, and her own family as she seeks to protect friend and stranger alike. She embarks on a quest for a cure for the poison sapping her strength and for a fairy weapon as powerful as it is dangerous for the one who wields it. When it is time to save the innocent and gain justice for her maker, will she find the strength to march through the fire?
Shadows of the Hersweald: A Hansel and Gretel Novella by Hope Ann Shadows of the Hersweald: A Hansel and Gretel Novella by March 28, 2017 $2.99 30215 words Sample 20%
Defeat was bad enough. Refusal by the Prince to deal with those who rebelled was worse. With enemies closing in on all sides, a pardon that refuses punishment, and nightmares of murder and fire haunting his every thought, will Haydn recognize the truth or will his fear condemn everything he loves to destruction?
Down on Her Luck by Carmen DeSousa Down on Her Luck by March 28, 2017 $0.99 48225 words Sample 20%
Instead of ending up homeless in New York City, struggling actress Alaina Ackerman accepts her mother’s holiday invitation. To Alaina’s surprise, that old harpy some call fate not only tosses an abandoned puppy into her lap, but also practically embeds Markus Klein into her life, a man she’s spent the last twenty years trying to forget after the night they crossed the “just friends” line.