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L'amour et l'anxiété by Nothim Assange L'amour et l'anxiété by Aug. 26, 2016 You set the price! 10159 words Sample 33%
André incarne la crise humaine dans la terre ou dans l'univers .. Il a coupé son chemin dans la vie entre les montagnes intellectuelles et roches matérielles, la recherche d'un endroit stable rituellement, autour de lui son père marxiste et mère catholique. Il est sorti à l'existence et autour de lui la pensée laïque et la pensée religieuse, ils représentent le fondement de la pensée dans notre en
Jem the Beast Hunter by Giles J.M. Blackley Jem the Beast Hunter by Aug. 26, 2016 Free! 1000 words Read a sample
A spiked morning star of a short story. A girl named Jem sets out through rocky and white-tipped peaks. The contract: to locate the beast's lair and bring what it guards to the client. Will she find the lair and what the creature guards? Read this free short story and find out...
Crowbars and Parasols by Robin Eastlund Crowbars and Parasols by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 6335 words Sample 30%
Rowan Coupe doesn’t want a partner. Partners cramp her style. Partners expect her to follow the rules. Especially Josephine. Young. Beautiful. Fashionable. Reaper of the Year. Can Rowan stay out of trouble on their first reap out?
Rose Jessup and the Swat of Doom by Wren Weston Rose Jessup and the Swat of Doom by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 5824 words Sample 30%
Rose and Lilian Jessup travel to New Orleans to reunite with their old mentor, hoping to form a powerful secret society that will rival the League. But Lady Mountbatten requests that five more mages join their ranks before she’ll agree to become its president. Can Rose persuade Genevieve Delacroix to join their new society? Or will someone else block their play?
Thēsaurus by Suzy Stewart Dubot Thēsaurus by Aug. 26, 2016 $1.99 4945 words Sample 20%
At twenty-two, Kelly is a much sought-after international performer. She has made it to the top with help from Fiona, her manager and encouragement from her boyfriend, Justin. When Justin betrays her, she shatters - only to pick up the pieces and to begin again. An unexpected discovery from 2000 years ago, helps her to mend.
Gay Rape! Pigs and Cum Sluts by Gary Bonds Gay Rape! Pigs and Cum Sluts by Aug. 26, 2016 Free! 7364 words Read a sample
Author Gary Bonds shares two short stories from his entire collection of hundreds, which he takes from real life incidents; one taking place in a public bathroom at an airport, and the other in prison As Gary says, his work is far from the usual ‘hearts and flowers’ romantic slush, specialising more in extreme brutal content such as pig sex, gang bangs and rape – Over 18’s only.
Gang Banged Vol 1: Pig Fuckers and Cum Sluts by Gary Bonds Gang Banged Vol 1: Pig Fuckers and Cum Sluts by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 31843 words Sample 20%
Four accounts of brutal pig sex; bears and daddys owning their cum sluts in the most base and degrading ways imaginable. Please Note; this collection is violently extreme and graphically detailed and definitely not for those of a nervous disposition. Four cases of brute force and gang rape and based entirely on real life incidents–Definitely over 18’s only.
Why, Rules? by Nikolay Blagoev Why, Rules? by Aug. 26, 2016 Free! 2936 words Read a sample
(TL;DR) – “Why, Rules” consists of 14 themes, structures, or ideas, overused in poetry, which are viewed with a cynical eye and ridiculed for their predictability. Each “rant” is formed as a short “poem”, in an attempt to show the reader that poetry, and art in general, cannot be put in a box, cannot be measured or compared.This book does not take itself seriously and laughs at its own reflection.
In The Beginning God by Dawn Pitts In The Beginning God by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 25727 words Sample 20%
Two teenagers, Jason Marsden and his friend Edmund Beal are curious about history and realise that there must be a beginning of time. They had heard of the tower of Babel and the conflict between David and Goliath and decided to see help from Mr Marsden, Jason’s grandfather.
Raped in Prison Vol 4. Non-Con Pig Sex: Daddies, & Cell Bitches by Gary Bonds Raped in Prison Vol 4. Non-Con Pig Sex: Daddies, & Cell Bitches by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 31882 words Sample 20%
This 5-story collection is graphic and extreme and intended only for those amongst us who prefer gritty, hard hitting sex as opposed to boy meets boy, love and flowers slop. Non-Con sex with no escape from the constant danger of gang bangs, rapes and beatings. Highly Recommended!
Geschlecht Und Angst by Nothim Assange Geschlecht Und Angst by Aug. 26, 2016 You set the price! 9879 words Sample 33%
Ein Roman über menschliche Beziehungen die Interaktion, Dieser Roman, kann ich nicht behaupten, dass es sich um eine virtuelle Box ist, so kann ich nicht behaupten, dass es durchaus realistisch ist ..Aber Ich denke, dass jedes Mal, wenn wir oben ..Wir aussehen zu finden, ist ein Roman, den Konflikt Bestehende unsere Realität Dokumentierte ..
Play Moonlight Sonata For Me by Mario V. Farina Play Moonlight Sonata For Me by Aug. 26, 2016 Free! 1076 words Read a sample
My wife, Mattie, had played the piano in her youth. Now, arthritis kept her from playing. I couldn't play a note, but I wanted to do something that would restore some music in her life. What tried made her very happy. This story tells what that was.
Curiosity and The Hounds of Arawn by Zachary Paul Chopchinski Curiosity and The Hounds of Arawn by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 63532 words Sample 30%
Join Gabrielle as she continues her journey - not only with new friends and experiences, but also a sinister new foe. She doesn’t know it yet, but Gabrielle will soon find that she has an enemy as ancient as time ...who is always watching.
The Viscount and the Artist by Alyson Pearce The Viscount and the Artist by Aug. 26, 2016 $3.99 81119 words Sample 20%
A damaged viscount, a shy artist, and an improper proposal. Alyson Pearce's debut novel about finding love against the odds.
Flight of the Elves  (Book I of The Mountain Elves of Kali Series)  Epic Fantasy by Cathbad Maponus Flight of the Elves (Book I of The Mountain Elves of Kali Series) Epic Fantasy by Aug. 26, 2016 $3.99 104842 words Sample 15%
The Mountain Elves have lost the battle against the Plains Elves. Now, the enemy has sent a cavalry unit to destroy the Clans. A lone survivor, sub-Chieftain Adrianna Ayalla, races to save the Clans and lead them to a high plateau, where she hopes to defend them!
Conquer & Cum: Taming The Master by Jason J. Honz Conquer & Cum: Taming The Master by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 1072 words Sample 35%
Agreeing to try something different, Juliet's Master agrees to some harmless bondage, letting Juliet call the shots for once. But when he's ready to turn the tables, he soon learns that Juliet is far from done, and that's in for more than just a little oral pleasing.
Ghostmaker by Eric Michael Craig Ghostmaker by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 9359 words Sample 10%
Dr. Adam Steele is a brilliant scientist/inventor down on his luck and about to give up, when chance drops an Angel into his lap. With her help, he turns the tides of fortune into a literal fortune, but the strings that come with the realization of his life's work, may shred his soul. A short story by the author of Stormhaven Rising and Prometheus and the Dragon.
Geared Up by Viola Grace Geared Up by Aug. 26, 2016 $3.99 17202 words Sample 5%
Born to master mechanics, she fights her way into the Guardians and finds a path to glory when she gears up.
Hurricane Alley by Cynthianna Hurricane Alley by Aug. 26, 2016 $1.59 4515 words Sample 5%
Sometimes only a hurricane can calm the storm in your heart. When Elena’s car breaks down in a Carolina town, the big city saleswoman falls into the arms of a handsome singing auto mechanic named Jake who is more than he appears to be. Can two lost souls from two very different worlds find love and happiness together or will a storm blow them apart?
Resistance We Live And Hope by Stefan Angelina McElvain Resistance We Live And Hope by Aug. 26, 2016 $4.99 31717 words Sample 5%
Alex is a highly intelligent hermaphrodite with fully functioning male and female genitalia and an insatiable sexual appetite. To penetrate or to be penetrated, that is the question.
Sharing the Land by Caitlin Ricci & A.J. Marcus Sharing the Land by
& Aug. 26, 2016
$4.99 27076 words Sample 5%
After fourteen years of being away, Ricky Pike is back on Wild Lands Ranch.
To Wound a Warrior: An Alien Rogue Romance (Starflight Academy Graduates Book 3) by Immortal Angel To Wound a Warrior: An Alien Rogue Romance (Starflight Academy Graduates Book 3) by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 14759 words Sample 20%
Hannah Stowe wants revenge more than she wants her next breath. She’s going to take down the piece of garbage who hurt her friend and has filled her dreams with nightmares. But keeping that part of her life secret from her boss and ex-lover, Liam, will make her revenge that much harder to achieve.
Passion's Embrace (Devon Falls #2) by DM Roberto Passion's Embrace (Devon Falls #2) by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 8357 words Sample 20%
With the help of a charity fundraiser, Raven DeMarco is set up to find Mr. Right on Valentine's Day. The problem is, she's already found Mr. her dreams. Now, she needs to find the sexy man in real life.
Swaying the Marine's Loyalty by Charlie Richards Swaying the Marine's Loyalty by Aug. 26, 2016 $4.99 31169 words Sample 5%
Out of the Cage: First impressions are not everything. Armand Zeroni wakes up in a strange house.
The May Moose by Rebecca Lewis The May Moose by Aug. 26, 2016 $4.99 65360 words Sample 5%
Dorothy is terrified of the May Moose but when she is locked in the attic with him as a punishment they become inseparable and she no longer sees the attic as her prison but as her path to freedom.
Untrained Fascination by Viola Grace Untrained Fascination by Aug. 26, 2016 $4.99 27129 words Sample 5%
Hiding her compatibility with her alien abductors comes to a halt after acting to save lives and leaves Lianne as a registered breeder to the Rrassic.
Wrecked in Love 1 by Roxanna Cross Wrecked in Love 1 by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 12708 words Sample 5%
Haunted past, fractured control—perfect recipe for a second chance.
Bred Hard by a Werewolf by Jade Bleu Bred Hard by a Werewolf by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 2378 words Sample 20%
A werewolf’s mating drive can only be sated one way! When I woke up naked in a cave after a night in a bar, I had no idea that my scent had drawn the gorgeous stranger to me—or that the equally naked man had a full moon secret. He would give me the hardest, roughest sex I’d ever dreamed of in order to fill me with his offspring, and now I can’t imagine having it any other way.
Private Parking by Michael Jade Private Parking by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 4277 words Sample 20%
She gets caught having phone sex in her car! Annette climbs into her car after work and winds up on a sexy, pics-and-phone sex call with a drunk friend. She’s so into her show that she doesn’t notice the security guard standing at her window, hard and ready to give her a heated warning about indecent exposure in the parking garage.
The Fixing Company by Charlette Morgan The Fixing Company by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 34745 words Sample 20%
Fixing a broken relationship is hard. It takes commitment, trust- that isn’t always still there- and communication. It might also require an exclusive resort that is specifically designed to get you back on track…
Sex Wager in the College by Helene Slone Sex Wager in the College by Aug. 26, 2016 $3.99 24334 words Sample 20%
A rivalry between pretty girls in college, sets in motion the young girlfriends’ perverse fantasies. A bet that initially remains secret unleash libido of these young prostitutes. They will come to terms with each sexual play so as to gain but without knowing the nature of it and ending up making sex with male and girls...““You will then get into position 2 and beg the five guys to . in.. ONLY 18
A Special Sex Agency by Sasha Shames A Special Sex Agency by Aug. 26, 2016 $3.99 24361 words Sample 22%
In a multi-part tale of women you readers will know more women friends driven by their nature towards bdsm world. Working fo a sort of Agency, they will venture through unknown lands. sexual territories they will deeply learn and sensually appreciate. Many male partners have sex with them increasing the levels of submission, pain and humiliation of horny blonde, black hair submissives. ADULTS 18+
Strengthen What Remains by Kyle Pratt Strengthen What Remains by Aug. 26, 2016 $8.99 247531 words Sample 20%
America is under siege! All five books of the nuclear terrorism series, Strengthen What Remains, are included in this box set. First is the bestselling novel, Through Many Fires, followed by the bestselling sequel, A Time to Endure and the bestseller, Braving the Storms. Also included are the novella, A Long Way Home, and the novelette, Nightmare in Slow Motion, over 245,000 words in total.
Betrayal:  A Nova Scotia Murder Mystery by Laura Stapleton Betrayal: A Nova Scotia Murder Mystery by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 75813 words Sample 20%
Welcome to the first full novel in an Atlantic Maritime series soaked in romance and murder. When a family friend of Mandy Hays washes up on shore, everything points to homicide. But how, when he was alone on a fishing trip? Her sexy neighbor, Dr. Aaron Nicholson, knows much more than he can say.
The Heights of Winter by C.M. Simpson The Heights of Winter by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 6122 words Sample 20%
When Ramana Dewarth sneaks aboard a shuttle being taken on an illegal research mission, she gets into more trouble than she ever thought possible—and the space pirates weren’t the worst of it. This science fiction short story takes us on another journey with Odyssey’s not-so-delightful Agent Delight.
The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren The Grief Hole by Aug. 26, 2016 $5.99 95215 words Sample 10%
There are many grief holes. There's the grief hole you fall into when a loved one dies. There's another grief hole in all of us; small or large, it determines how much we want to live. And there are the places, the physical grief holes, which attract suicides to their centre. Theresa sees ghosts; she knows how you'll die by the spirits haunting you. If you'll drown, she'll see drowned people.
The Two Magicians - Installment 6, The Two Magicians - Installment 6, "The Familiars" by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 12110 words Sample 15%
In Installment 6 of The Two Magicians, we learn more about the Familiars; Brooks shares more of his own history; and Dark, previously known only to Nee-Reta, makes his first fierce appearance to Brooks. At the same time, the two Master Seers resurface, thus confirming for Brooks that some events foreseen by Nee-Reta at The Top of The World have already come to pass.
Frontier Defiant by Leonie Rogers Frontier Defiant by Aug. 26, 2016 $4.50 129102 words Sample 20%
As Garsal attacks intensify; Shanna and her starcats are once again on the front-line. Then tragedy strikes and all of Shanna’s resolve is tested. With even more at stake than she’d believed possible, Frontier’s future seems increasingly uncertain.
Baron's Blunder by Susan M. Baganz Baron's Blunder by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 24947 words Sample 20%
Fighting evil has been a hobby, but fending off marriage-minded women—a chore.
Mariana de Amor y Dolor by Darlin Adelmo Asprilla Murillo Mariana de Amor y Dolor by Aug. 26, 2016 $8.99 68805 words Sample 8%
“Maldita mujer” discriminada; maltratada por su madre, despreciada por sus hermanos y rechazada por sus hijos; pasó toda una vida de tragedias y aventuras, buscando el amor en medio del profundo dolor que le causaba no poder encontrarlo. Andaba con la mirada perdida y el corazón acelerado, que la impulsaba a explorar e ir más allá, tanto, que eso justifica donde terminó.
Travel Bug by Alistair Barr Travel Bug by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 59086 words Sample 10%
Alistair and Kimberly are living busy, comfortable lives in London. But there's a tension in their relationship. She wants globe-spanning adventure and escape. He prefers the familiar and dislikes change. Oh and he's really scared of bugs. So what could go wrong when Kimberly proposes a yearlong trip around the world to places where arachnids, beetles and other insects swarm, squirm and crawl?
Channon by Melissa Bell Channon by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 32186 words Sample 20%
Channon O'Shea, with his Irish blood and good looks is one of the cursed brothers. Can destiny overcome fate? When hot sexy irish blooded Channon meets Cedela-Rose, a true Cajun beauty, can Legend keep them apart? Or will Channon break all the rules to have the one female he can't resist? (Intended for 18+ Audience - Contains Explicit Sexual Content best read in private)
Agent Colt by A L Wright Agent Colt by Aug. 26, 2016 $3.99 37218 words Sample 25%
Secret Agent Latesse Colt has a secret that she’s never shared. Not even with her partner, the flirtatious Isaiah Turelli. But once they onboard a new team member, Tess realizes that her secret is in danger of revealing itself. Can she fight her attraction to the new girl, or will she continue to play the part of the cold, hard spy?
1987: (How Do I Get You) Alone by Cameo Renae 1987: (How Do I Get You) Alone by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 29335 words Sample 20%
Lyssa Taylor has her future planned out. Being eighteen with strict parents, a relationship is the last thing on her mind. But when she and her best friends arrive at the cabin for their last summer vacation, the hot Tyler Preston—her secret childhood crush and best friend's older brother—is also there. Now, what was expected to be a simple vacation, turns out to be one spark-igniting mess.
The Scent of the Crime by William Mangieri The Scent of the Crime by Aug. 26, 2016 $0.99 13772 words Sample 20%
Detective Jimmy Delaney finds himself involved in yet another murder. He knows something smells in Barnstow, but can he use that to find the killer? "The Scent of the Crime" is a speculative detective fiction, set slightly in the future, and the fourth in the Detective Jimmy Delaney series.
Blood Magic by Kim Richardson Blood Magic by Aug. 26, 2016 $2.99 78499 words Sample 20%
Elena survived the witch king's clutches and the deadly witch trials to return to Gray Haven. Yet, she is far from her heart's desire—to save the man she loves. As she and her daring companions take one last quest into enemy territory to save Jon, Elena will face hardships she's never imagined.
Raped in Prison. Vol 3. Jerry Cutler: The Prison Rapist by Gary Bonds Raped in Prison. Vol 3. Jerry Cutler: The Prison Rapist by Aug. 25, 2016 $2.99 29881 words Sample 20%
This is all about violent prison sex; sexual bullying and gang rape. This story about an in inmate called Jerry Cutler is actually a follow on to a previous collection of true stories featuring prison boss Warden Sterns (Raped in Prison Vol. 2: Seven Stories of Brutal Gay Sex) –WARNING: Extreme and Violent. Over 18’s only.
Pegged for Promotion by Dee DelaRocka Pegged for Promotion by Aug. 25, 2016 $1.00 5820 words Sample 15%
Claire loves being submissive to older women. After landing a new job, she finds the most dominant boss ever in Jill Jameson. Nearly immediately, she begins have illicit fantasies about her new employer. However, she tries to prove herself to her by working hard and being indispensable. However, her eagerness to please irritates Jill, and she decides to punish Claire in her own, special way.
Pi Kappa Mu by Clea Kinderton Pi Kappa Mu by Aug. 25, 2016 $2.99 22746 words Sample 20%
Bailey Boehmer, Pi Kappa Mu It Girl, has never been afraid to milk her magnificent mams for all they're worth, but the milker is about to become the milkee at the Gamma Alpha Upsilon frat party. When the pumps start pumping and the white stuff starts flowing, Bailey's hottest, dirtiest hucow fantasies are realized. Quench your thirst for hardcore human cow milking fetish erotica w/ a 70+ pg story.
Springtime in London by Jen Selinsky Springtime in London by Aug. 25, 2016 $3.99 84259 words Sample 20%
"Springtime in London" is a love story. Kate Richards, having just arrived in England, was sent there by her father. It is his hope that she will choose the straight and narrow path, but things change when she meets a handsome musician by the name of Steve Madddington. Will their chance meeting strike a chord, or will the music just fade away?