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Different Worlds 8 by Arla Coopa Different Worlds 8 by June 26, 2016 $0.99 892 words Sample 20%
Barton is on a stage surrounded by many women with many dollar bills.
More Money than Sense by Alannah Foley More Money than Sense by June 26, 2016 Free! 11478 words Read a sample
Baxter may be stinking rich, but he has no concept of money - and he’s oh-so-gullible! When he squanders his dwindling millions buying the Tower of London from a con artist, it’s the last straw for his long-suffering accountant. Determined to change, Baxter sets off on a quest to do just that!... But will he have the sense to decide on the best course of action?
Jockstrap Interlude by Harry Bawles Jockstrap Interlude by June 26, 2016 $1.99 5739 words Sample 20%
"The name is Mike and this is my story about my night with a recently married man named Glen, I call it Jockstrap Interlude…" A regular night at Woody's, the local pub turns into something more for Mike. He meets a recently married man named Glen...
RELUCTANT TRUCE: A M/M Vampire and Werewolf Taboo Romance by Lily Anderson RELUCTANT TRUCE: A M/M Vampire and Werewolf Taboo Romance by June 26, 2016 $1.50 6268 words Sample 20%
Pontius (the ruthless werewolf leader of the Vancouver pack) knows what Barabbas plans to do and has cooked up a little plan of his own. Consumed by confusing and shamefully intense sexual feelings for the ancient vampire who refuses to leave his home, Pontius decides tonight’s the night to get exactly what he wants for the beautiful vampire's body and soul!
Manorama by Hiranya Borah Manorama by June 26, 2016 Free! 3741 words Read a sample
She was divorced by her husband alleging that she was not a woman. I found her a complete woman when I spent one night with her. Please read the tragic story of an unfortunate woman.
A Boner From Rusty: Bestiality Woman Dog Beastiality Erotica by Animal Hungers A Boner From Rusty: Bestiality Woman Dog Beastiality Erotica by June 26, 2016 $2.99 2116 words Sample 5%
The story of a woman burning with lust finding fulfillment in the least likely of places. Mans best friend.
Bimbo Aliens! by Janno Jones Bimbo Aliens! by June 26, 2016 $2.99 6009 words Sample 15%
It's another book in the Bimbo Maker series! This time our heroes Philbert and Tim are trying to save humanity from a takeover by aliens who are disguising themselves as big breasted bimbos! The boys are sent on a secret mission to invade the alien planet and use their Bimbo Maker formula to destroy the creatures. It's a rowdy, raunchy story with lots of alien sex!
The Nerd Conquest: Part One by C.W. Niess The Nerd Conquest: Part One by June 26, 2016 $2.99 32534 words Sample 20%
Mark wanted nothing more than to finish college and get a great job. Unfortunately, he got caught spying on his ex-girlfriend in the shower. Rather than spending his senior year writing computer code, he ended up stripping for the sixth-floor girls, streaking across campus, and fighting to maintain his last ounce of dignity.
Gay Erotica Fetish Quickies Vol #1 by Ben Dover Gay Erotica Fetish Quickies Vol #1 by June 26, 2016 $0.99 3966 words Sample 20%
3 Short Gay Erotic Fetish Stories, that are a quick titillating read. The Stories are: Three Days Later.... Foot Fun Out in the Dorm Shower (Shaving) Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. A Word of Warning: This book is about various fetishes, so the acts may be disturbing for some. The acts expressed are between consenting adults.
The Ultimate 10 Smoking Hot BDSM Stories Collection: 'Obeying The Master' Collection by Lily Anderson The Ultimate 10 Smoking Hot BDSM Stories Collection: 'Obeying The Master' Collection by June 26, 2016 $6.00 82161 words Sample 20%
The Obeying the Master Big Collection is a huge set of TEN hardcore erotica stories chocked full of alpha male domination, sensual female submission, dark BDSM obsessions and deep penetration! Contains: ALWAYS YOU TAKEN BY OBSESSION TAKING WHAT’S MINE WHAT SHE NEEDS BLACKMAILED BY THE BOSS THE GANGSTER’S CAPTIVE BEG ME THE BOSS’S OBSESSION THE BOSS’S ASSISTANT & ENSLAVED BY A SOLDIER
Saving for my Wedding: Story 3 by Gina Candy Saving for my Wedding: Story 3 by June 26, 2016 Free! 2350 words Read a sample
These men are sick. But they pay very well. And sick has been working for her lately.
The Curvy Girl Steamy BDSM Collection: BBW Romance at it's Very Best! by Lily Anderson The Curvy Girl Steamy BDSM Collection: BBW Romance at it's Very Best! by June 26, 2016 $4.50 16406 words Sample 20%
The CURVY GIRL BDSM COLLECTION is a set of three very taboo Bog Beautiful Woman erotica stories chocked full of alpha male domination, bdsm, bondage, submission and of course tons of sexy female curves! Featuring: WHAT SHE NEEDS BLACKMAILED BY THE BOSS ALWAYS YOU
Different Worlds 7 by Arla Coopa Different Worlds 7 by June 26, 2016 $0.99 951 words Sample 20%
Dad's in this one. He's got some advise for Barton, who has gone back to the age of 18. A lusty young woman waits outside in her car.
His Willing Slave: An Ex-boyfriend BDSM Taboo Romance by Lily Anderson His Willing Slave: An Ex-boyfriend BDSM Taboo Romance by June 26, 2016 $1.50 8086 words Sample 20%
After four years, Denise finally decides to take a step back into the dating world. Yet she's nothing less than horrifyingly surprised when Max (her gorgeous ex boyfriend) comes storming back into her life like a hurricane on speed. She's untrusting and reluctant, but Max is determined to barge his way back into her life . . . by forcing her to become his willing slave each and every night!
10 Little Monsters Standing in a Line The Coloring Book by Chris Mason 10 Little Monsters Standing in a Line The Coloring Book by June 26, 2016 $1.00 697 words Sample 20%
One day ten little universally recognized monsters had been standing in the unemployment line so long that their world has lost all its color. Can any coloring experts out their help them get it back? They really need your help to help them find their true colors.
DIVIDED: A M/M Vampire and Werewolf Taboo Romance by Lily Anderson DIVIDED: A M/M Vampire and Werewolf Taboo Romance by June 26, 2016 $1.50 5856 words Sample 20%
On a dark moonlight night, Reichard runs head first into the very ‘were-man’ who may just be able to bring his taboo dreams to life… But..the beautiful male stood before him isn't what he seems and in order to find the love he craves so dearly he must quickly put aside his deeply ingrained prejudices and preconceived ideas of his perfect mate and love the man not the monster inside!
Coming Together: A M/M First Time Teacher/Student Romance by Lily Anderson Coming Together: A M/M First Time Teacher/Student Romance by June 26, 2016 $1.50 5561 words Sample 20%
Professor Hardestadt has always had his way with the attractive freshman girls who caught his eye. But when a carefree handsome male athlete gets in the way of his conquests, will the professor be able to handle the unexpected feelings that arise... towards the first male he's ever liked?
Beg Me: An erotic gangster BBW Romance by Lily Anderson Beg Me: An erotic gangster BBW Romance by June 26, 2016 $1.50 6364 words Sample 20%
BEG ME is a sexy short story about the memories of a shy fashion magazine editor named Tara who, although she knows she's beautiful, can't get past her voluptuous size. Tara recalls her first meeting with the handsome and darkly mysterious hit man Marcus. The fateful night he took her home, punished her and drove her into a journey of self-discovery and pleasure that changed her life forever!
Lora vind geluk by Chantal Pretorius Lora vind geluk by June 26, 2016 Free! 6820 words Read a sample
Lora sit verveeld die modetydskrif terug op die houttafel. Sy staan op uit die leerbank en verlaat die ontspanningssitkamer. Dan stap sy vinnig kombuis toe en maak ’n toebroodjie. Sy vat ’n paar happe daarvan en gee die res vir Spottie, haar hond. Gou hardloop sy badkamer toe, druk haar vinger in haar keel en kots alles uit; want kos is haar gif.
Small Town Groupie Threesome by Sophie Sin Small Town Groupie Threesome by June 26, 2016 Free! 5124 words Read a sample
In Small Town Groupie Threesome a young man is saddened by the disparity between the reality of being a musician and the fantasy. Tonight that young man is going to experience everything that he's been missing and then some. Super hot threesome action!
Different Worlds 6 by Arla Coopa Different Worlds 6 by June 26, 2016 $0.99 915 words Sample 20%
There's a beautiful pregnant woman. She has his mark. Time to go get her.
Barry's Naked Shoot by H Benstead Barry's Naked Shoot by June 26, 2016 $0.99 7988 words
Working as a film extra, Barry has the nerve to put his name down for nude work.The casting agency give him a background role in an orgy scene, during which he is partnered with Julia, a gorgeous model he has to simulate sex with for three days without doing anything inappropriate.
World Shards: Redo I by Mike White World Shards: Redo I by June 26, 2016 Free! 713 words Read a sample
What if you could choose to redo a day as many times as you wanted, whenever you wanted? What if the only memento you had of the Redos each time was a number?
Guarded Emotion by Chris Johns Guarded Emotion by June 26, 2016 $3.45 5233 words Sample 20%
Siddran is probably the most unloved kid in school. He lives in a trailer. His father is a drunkard and his mother is a whore and they both don’t care about him. What a poor boy. Jake, on the other hand, is the school jock who bullies almost everyone in school, except Siddran. Nobody sits beside him in school because he looks trashy and he’s a bully.
Brotherly Love by Chris Johns Brotherly Love by June 26, 2016 $3.45 9704 words Sample 20%
“You won’t lose me. You can do anything you like and I promise I will still love you and you will still be my best bud in the whole world.” Adam knew he was gay even when he was a kid. Growing up, many of his schoolmates have teased him for being such. To make things worse, he lost his childhood best friend because of a sexual mishap when Adam was being forced to have sex with him.
Probation Plebe by Chris Johns Probation Plebe by June 26, 2016 $3.45 5173 words Sample 20%
Troy has caught John’s eye since the day of his first training as a sea cadet. Young and beautiful, John couldn’t help himself lusting at this creature. Being a senior, John can get through the trainees anytime he wants. He then learns that Troy comes from a poor family, getting a sailing scholarship in preparation for his future.
Gay Porn Star by Chris Johns Gay Porn Star by June 26, 2016 $3.45 8232 words Sample 20%
Ryan has nowhere to go. He pleads for Dan to take him in. He’s willing to be a houseboy, do errands, and do anything except to be one of his gay porn stars. But Dan doesn’t need what Ryan is offering. He needs a gay porn star or just someone to fuck with. But Ryan insists that he isn’t gay. Or so he thought.
Karma by Jaz Karma by June 26, 2016 You set the price! 33488 words Sample 30%
A Karma korkép és kórkép. Okok és okozatok egymásba fonódásának egy lehetséges természetrajza. A kerékpározás filozófiája és a küzdelem filozófiája. Jód és fertőtlenítő folyadék szagától átitatott, bepólyált-begipszelt, vérfoltos történet. Krimi. Az eltűnt idő keresése. Mese barátságról, szerelemről és önmagunk épülésének-szépülésének, nemesebbé válásának áhításáról.
The Debt Collector - Book Five of the Sydney Harbour Hospital Series by Chris Taylor The Debt Collector - Book Five of the Sydney Harbour Hospital Series by June 26, 2016 $5.99 78373 words Sample 20%
Employees are mysteriously disappearing from the Max Grace Funeral Home. Who will be next? Embalmer Hannah Langdon is determined to find out...or die trying...
Robyn and the Hoodettes: The Outlaw of Folktales in a Young Adult Fairytale Romance by Ebony McKenna Robyn and the Hoodettes: The Outlaw of Folktales in a Young Adult Fairytale Romance by June 26, 2016 $0.99 64766 words Sample 30%
The outlaw of folklore as you've never seen her before. Headstrong peasant Robyn yearns for adventure. Her father has joined The Crusades and charged off with most of the Loxley Village men under King Richard's banner. Why couldn't he take her along too?
The Sound of Acquiescence by Candace Michelle Wilson The Sound of Acquiescence by June 26, 2016 $9.99 38232 words Sample 15%
The Sound of Acquiescence was not just written for lovers, but for those who love reading and have been waiting on a change in the way romance has been described in so many novels over the years. This one comes straight from the kitchen brewing sexy characters, luscious, exotic scenes and succulent, promising endings.This novel is not just another romance book but a narration filled with intense.
Chasing Cristabel (Ashland Pride Six) by R.E. Butler Chasing Cristabel (Ashland Pride Six) by June 26, 2016 $1.99 59066 words Sample 20%
When Cris meets mountain lion shifters Chase, Dylan, and Hunter Hall, sparks fly fast, and she finds herself at the center of their world. Her father isn’t happy, and when he brings an uninvited guest to crash her happiness, her own future may not be the only thing on the line. Contains m/f/m/m interaction.
The Heart of Talan by Meya Linder The Heart of Talan by June 26, 2016 $6.99 91973 words Sample 15%
Talan Ashari has existed for centuries as a wealthy vampire, using human beings for food, sex, and as servants. Young professional Jessi Carpenter is nursing a broken heart when Talan, posing as Doctor Ashari, comes into her life and sweeps her off her feet with Old World flattery and irresistible charm. Can a vampire and her captive fall in love?
Things You Can Do with a Brick by Amy Parker Things You Can Do with a Brick by June 26, 2016 $0.99 1092 words Sample 15%
Trapped inside concrete walls, a woman's world narrows to one questions - what can you do with just one brick?
For Sony's Transformation by Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin For Sony's Transformation by June 26, 2016 $1.99 4189 words Sample 20%
Once upon a time, in a land far away... With the fury and the rage of a vengeance-seeking generation, Sony was dragged to the center stage, on the altar of vengeance to be slaughtered. With anger, they all pounced on him to massacre their ransom. Sony’s blood was shed on the altar of vengeance, and all the jackals were appeased for avenging the death of their princess. They then began their feast
Trickster's Odds by Marcie Murray Trickster's Odds by June 26, 2016 $2.99 178246 words Sample 20%
A trumped-up murder charge forces a young Native American doctor to flee his home and practice to assume a fugitive existence north of the border between enmity and captivation by a quirky Irish-American colleen, a horse racing worker with an arrest record and a vengeful mission to take back her stolen property from the woman who hates her far beyond any stretch of Trickster's Odds.
Hot Taboo Lust by Devin Brees Hot Taboo Lust by June 25, 2016 $2.99 11546 words Sample 15%
Harland learns that Hot Taboo Lust is the best kind of lust there is.
The White-Faced Seneschal by Lara Biyuts The White-Faced Seneschal by June 25, 2016 $4.90 19019 words Sample 20%
Jocelyn and his foster father Tony Claire spend the summer in a fictional Grand Hotel nearby a big waterfall in Switzerland. One day, they find an old manuscript. Greetings from past. And the novel is about more than one old manuscript. A stranger looks for the old manuscript. Who is the man? Jocelyn and his foster father want to find answers to a lot of questions.
Fantasmi del passato by Fae Halprin Fantasmi del passato by June 25, 2016 $2.99 5435 words Sample 20%
Dopo aver subito gli abusi da parte di un pessimo Padrone diversi anni prima, Zoe fugge per condurre una vita di normalità e isolamento. Ma ora un vecchio amico che conosce i suoi segreti si rifà vivo e le offre la possibilità di recuperare tutto ciò che ha perduto. La sua vita noiosa le sembra all'improvviso troppo restrittiva, ma avrà il coraggio di affrontare i fantasmi del passato
ww by Shane Mole ww by June 25, 2016 $5.00 81026 words Sample 15%
Love, madness, apophenia. It's a love story. Really, it is.
Seven Days by Brian Cain Seven Days by June 25, 2016 Free! 44310 words Read a sample
The final chapter in the Stanton chronicles. At the turn of the third millennium, a defence system born of rebellion a thousand years before gives humanity seven days to avoid extinction. In a world devoid of religion, governance, violence, pollution or excitement, why?
The Complete Nicole Draylock Collection 2015 by Nicole Draylock The Complete Nicole Draylock Collection 2015 by June 25, 2016 $10.99 89318 words Sample 20%
This work contains extremely graphic descriptions of sexual situations including beastiality and incest. Here for the first time are all of the published works of Nicole Draylock for the year 2015 in one volume. 19 stories, comprising over 138 pages, and approximately 90,000 words.
The Language of Winter by Gavin Green The Language of Winter by June 25, 2016 Free! 76293 words Read a sample
The life and times of Dan Rylander, a polyglot with a calm fascination for snow.
Death Cruise by Michael Newton Death Cruise by June 25, 2016 $2.99 29046 words Sample 20%
When the luxury liner Crystal Belle is hijacked by Black September, its owners call on INTERSECT to pay the $5,000,000 ransom and guarantee the passengers' safety. In a daring commando raid, agents board the ship and discover the murderous terrorists have planted charges and plan to blow Crystal Belle into a blazing crematorium. Their mission is all but impossible.
Web of Terror by Michael Newton Web of Terror by June 25, 2016 $2.99 29663 words Sample 20%
Four international terrorist leaders are called together by a fifth, Ahmad Faisal, and a new era is worldwide horror is born. The killings, bloody and brutal, bring the Western world to its knees. But the deadly Faisal and his gang suddenly encounter INTERSECT agents—experts in paramilitary operations—and they must decide if their grand scheme is to be defended to the death …… their own.
Cupid’s Huge Arrow by Chris Johns Cupid’s Huge Arrow by June 25, 2016 $3.45 6070 words Sample 20%
Alan has been Dale’s eye candy ever since they were little back in school. Dale calls him his “cherub”. Being a country boy and young at that time, Dale couldn’t figure out why he feels that way towards Alan. They join the local Sea Cadet Corps and there, Dale gets a chance to get a view of Alan’s naked body.
The Bridge Over Miller's Creek - Dark Soul Trilogy - Book 2 by Paul Donaldson The Bridge Over Miller's Creek - Dark Soul Trilogy - Book 2 by June 25, 2016 Free! 30294 words Read a sample
A drifter came into town, behind the wheel of a white 1960 Impala. Two fuzzy dice hung from the rear view mirror. He called himself Joey. Joey fell from Miller’s Bridge to his death on the rocks below, Now, five years later, another drifter comes into town, driving a white 1960 Impala with dice hanging from the rear view mirror and the grave of Joey the drifter is empty
Chasing Heaven by Chris Johns Chasing Heaven by June 25, 2016 $3.45 11066 words Sample 20%
“No religion condoned homosexuality but no civilised religion would allow boys to die because they were homosexual.” Todd Richards is a swimming prodigy for the school’s swimming varsity team. On one swimming practice, Todd meets Jacob Goldman, another athlete for the varsity. Jacob has gorgeous features and physique which makes Todd fall madly in love and in LUST with him.
Greek Romance by Chris Johns Greek Romance by June 25, 2016 $3.45 5310 words Sample 20%
Sebastian is in a dreamy state of mind. He really is inside his dream, or so he thought. There are two beautiful Greek youths welcoming him and preparing his body for their master. They bathe him and shave him clean. He looks into the mirror and is astonished for he saw how beautiful he is now. He then meets the master and is being offered sexually.
Officer Hostile by Chris Johns Officer Hostile by June 25, 2016 $3.45 4416 words Sample 20%
22-year-old Tom Hudson was new in the police force. Stationed at a demolition site, he caught a young lad vandalizing one of the walls of the site. He’s the son of the new DA, Sander Mahan, and he’s a rebellious gay. Sander pleaded Tom not to bring him to the precinct and offered to do anything in return. Tom was amused by all this, but said yes anyway.