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The Silver Ship and the Sea by Brenda Cooper The Silver Ship and the Sea by Aug. 21, 2017 $5.99 131634 words
Six genetically engineered children are marooned on a colony planet that hates everything they represent. Their only allies are a handful of sympathetic “original humans” and Jenna, a wild woman of their own people, who is horribly maimed and hard to reach, but magnificent. This updated version of an award-winning science fiction adventure book will appeal to readers from nine to ninety.
Edgey North by S.D. Gripton Edgey North by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 51221 words Sample 5%
five kids dead in a van in the snow of the High Peaks; Why were they there, where were they going and where had them come from. Who double-locked them in the back of the van, why was the driver going so fast in such awful weather; all questions for Detective Inspector Andy North to answer. Rude, abrasive, insulting, dismissive of authority, Andy is the perfect cop. He sets for for answers.
Colony: Swapper Stories by Jessica Clairmont Colony: Swapper Stories by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 5903 words Sample 20%
The first major Mars colony has thrived over the past ten years while things on Earth have taken a strange turn. The Swapper pill has become ubiquitous creating societal ramifications that override supply missions to the colony. Instead of sending the first wave of settlers to begin permanent habitation, Earth decides to share its new gift, solving the colony's male to female ratio.
The Jam Maker by Jean Cross The Jam Maker by Aug. 21, 2017 $6.32 175131 words Sample 20%
The Jam Maker is a tale of adventure set in a quirky village where all is not as it seems. When their homes are overrun by an ancient enemy named Ruba, teenagers Bernie and Joxey Brownfeather must rise to the challenge. But their task is not a straightforward one. When they learn of the true history of the village, they must decide what they are prepared to sacrifice in the struggle for victory.
Singed! by Renee Wynn Singed! by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 106881 words Sample 20%
From the first time Hunter Carlyle saw Kelly Marlowe, his heart did crazy maneuvers in his chest. But unseen forces were determined to keep them apart.
Les aventures d'une DOMINA et du détective privé alpha by Silvia Roberts Les aventures d'une DOMINA et du détective privé alpha by Aug. 21, 2017 $8.26 57078 words
8 nouvelles incluses dans ce recueil. 4 nouvelles des aventures d'une DOMINA et 4 nouvelles des aventures de Larry détective privé mâle alpha. Vous découvrirez du sexe anal, des fellations, des scènes lesbiennes, des levrettes, et toutes autres scènes à caractère sexuel, pour 18 ANS ET + SEULEMENT.
Café Mocha by Vivienne Diane Neal Café Mocha by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.50 5247 words Sample 15%
Café Mocha is the author’s first and only sensual romance short story, focusing on a woman who decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. Cinnamon Jones is a divorcée, who has decided to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. No more will she settle for someone who does not measure up to her high standards, which she did when she first met her husband,
Warmed Up: 6 Erotica Short Stories by Roy Gino Warmed Up: 6 Erotica Short Stories by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 18213 words
“Let me warm it up." “Sweetie, if you do not stop, I will explode." Six Erotica Short Stories Collection. Stories: Babysitter’s Best Friend Fresh Hole Hot Coffee for Tenant Physical Meeting Tricky Guidance Unplanned Joy For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
The Garcia Effect - Diary of a Serial Killer by Glitt O'Rourke The Garcia Effect - Diary of a Serial Killer by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 138869 words Sample 20%
Martin was bored with teaching English and with life in Barcelona generally. Such was the tedium of his drearily dull daily grind that he could only be rescued by murder. At last he had found something he could truly excel at and revel in. He'd stumbled into a realm where he was genuinely skillful to the point that he could kill almost at will with no danger of ever getting caught.
Clint Faraday Mysteries - The Shorts by CD Moulton Clint Faraday Mysteries - The Shorts by Aug. 21, 2017 $4.79 129757 words Sample 10%
23 short murder mysteries from the Clint Faraday series. Clint's ideas change radically over time. He learns pragmatism. He is aided by his attractive nextdoor neighbor in many cases. She is actually very intelligent, but can act the airheaded bimbo to perfection
The Auction Block by Helen Havens The Auction Block by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.99 5140 words Sample 15%
This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Femdom BDSM, Bondage, Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices. He had no idea who had bought him, or how much she had paid. All he knew was that as he was lowered down from the hook, a woman came up to retrieve him….
A Clean Slate by Glitt O'Rourke A Clean Slate by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.99 48923 words Sample 20%
Travis Gruver was stuck in a rut until he secretly survived a horrific train crash which enabled him to reset his life, assume a new identity and face his uncertain future. Whatever hardship and dangers lay ahead of him from that day on were a mystery - and that suited Travis just fine.
The Saguaro Murders by l d bergsgaard The Saguaro Murders by Aug. 21, 2017 $4.99 141277 words Sample 20%
One, two, then three young women are found crucified on the arms of majestic saguaro cacti in Arizona’s lonely and harsh Sonoran Desert. The clock is ticking on Deputy Angel Lopez to hunt down the killer before he strikes again. And have no doubt; he will strike again and again.
We Have Each Other (A Calypsis Project Short Story) by Brittany M. Willows We Have Each Other (A Calypsis Project Short Story) by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 8432 words Read a sample
After their camp is attacked by the Converted—the barely-human products of the Metamorphosis plague—Darcy and Liz must make their way to North Gate—a government-controlled safe zone located in the heart of Toronto. The only thing that stands between them and safety . . . is four hundred kilometers of unfamiliar, and very likely plague-infested, territory.
Maybe This Time by Claire Yezbak Fadden Maybe This Time by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 29782 words Read a sample
Kate Jameson has sworn off men due to a messy relationship with a coworker. But then she meets a man who makes her throw caution to the wind. Undercover CIA agent Eric Wiley has given up on true love. Still, he’s drawn to Kate in a way he can’t rationalize. Before their romance can bloom, however, Kate goes missing. Eric stops at nothing to rescue the woman who has captured his heart.
Home by Dizzy Girl Home by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 60734 words Read a sample
After a stressful break up Amy moves back in with her parents. She promptly comes face to face with her first love. Can they overcome everything that happened in the ten years when they were apart? Can they move past it and find that together they are both happy to once again be home?
Hard Bargain by Deedee Morgan Hard Bargain by Aug. 21, 2017 $0.99 4746 words Sample 20%
Jay's okay with letting Tara crash when she needs a place to stay for a night... But she'll owe him. And he intends to collect a lot sooner than she thinks.
Drugged into Giving the Dog Pussy by Dame Doggy Drugged into Giving the Dog Pussy by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 5300 words Sample 20%
Dog-on-Girl Exhibitionism Bestiality (Zoophilia) ~ All it took was one taste to get her hooked and now she’s begging to be mounted.
Rapunzel's Warlock Daddy Takes Advantage: Taboo Fairy Tales by Jocelyn Jax Rapunzel's Warlock Daddy Takes Advantage: Taboo Fairy Tales by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 2709 words Sample 25%
In this Rapunzel retelling, Rapunzel longs to be free from her tower, but her father won't let her go until he ties her up with her own hair and gives her a lesson in sex.~ Note: This is a father/daughter taboo incest erotic story with dubcon, hairplay, bdsm, virgin/first time, object insertion, rough sex, bareback, and impregnation elements. All characters in this story are at least 18+.
Royal Love: The Complete Trilogy by Misty Vixen Royal Love: The Complete Trilogy by Aug. 21, 2017 $9.99 52624 words Sample 20%
The Complete Royal Trilogy. Warren is a healer. Ellie is a badass princess. Lena is her undead best friend. They all have the same problem: they're sexually starved. And everything changes when Ellie brings both of the others to an isolated location for a night of filthy fun... Also contains a 2,500 word bonus short story: FIRST TIME, in which Ellie and Lena have their first sexual encounter...
Royal Pain (Royal #3) by Misty Vixen Royal Pain (Royal #3) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 15391 words Sample 20%
Warren and Lena have officially become a couple and are starting to plan their happy new life together, beginning with the decision to share a house. Unfortunately for Princess Ellie, life isn't so easy. As the deadline to make a decision about her own life, to marry or not to marry, grows closer, things become even more complicated when a new suitor shows up: Prince Brock. He seems perfect.
Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Volume 3 by PB Rider Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Volume 3 by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.00 20269 words Sample 20%
Contains three explicit stories. Wife’s Escort Revenge (MFM, hot wife), My Girl Swings Both Ways (FFM, cheating girlfriend), and Jenn’s Movie Night (MFM, FFM, CFNM), all of which feature women who need more. The 20% sample will get you most of the first story, so take a look if curious and aged 18+.
The Wizard's Tears by Tony Carroll The Wizard's Tears by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 32886 words Read a sample
Kalbe, the Wizard of Mazaar, had lived his life and was intent on a few years of solitude with his cat. Then there was that night when he observed the changing colour of clouds and his comfortable existence ceased. Soon he was on a path that would lead to the heart of darkness. Along the way he would discover hidden powers that would shake him to the core.
Fringe Fantastic by Chas Stramash Fringe Fantastic by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.29 2992 words Sample 5%
Fringe Fantastic is a collection of poetry and photography about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Humorous, satirical, and irreverent, this ebook of poetry was written on the ancient cobbled streets of Edinburgh during the month-long Festival celebrations. This book is for anyone who has ever wondered what the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is all about.
Coastline by Arno Le Roux Coastline by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 7005 words Read a sample
Had one not known her better, one would be pardoned for stereotyping old spectacled grey haired Anne with her peculiar solid brass walking stick by her side, as someone living out her golden years under blissful nostalgia, playing poker for cookies and page through old photo albums of people who either passed on, or whom still pass the old age home, but were too busy to visit.
Living Leith by Chas Stramash Living Leith by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.29 3245 words Sample 5%
A collection of observational, satirical, and humorous poems about the people and the place that is Leith, Edinburgh in Scotland.
Centaur Magic (Touched Series Book 5) by Nancy Straight Centaur Magic (Touched Series Book 5) by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 102708 words Sample 20%
After two years on the run, the novelty of traveling the world as fugitives has lost its luster for Jessica and Daniel. If they want a shot at a normal life, both must face Jessica's past. They hope their love will deliver safe passage to the future they both want, but centaur tradition threatens them at every turn. Their only hope is the centaur magic running in their veins.
Verwirrung. Sinnliches Cornwall by Vicky Carlton Verwirrung. Sinnliches Cornwall by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.00 40105 words Sample 20%
Monicas Geburtstag endet in einer Katastrophe: Sie erwischt ihren Mann im Bett - mit seiner sexy Steuerberaterin. Hals über Kopf flüchtet Monica in das Cottage ihrer Tante. Hier, an der Südküste Cornwalls, will sie den Schock verdauen und ihre Zukunft neu planen. Das gelingt ihr auch - bis sie überraschenden Besuch erhält ...
Poems From A Coffee Shop Window by Chas Stramash Poems From A Coffee Shop Window by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.29 2278 words Sample 5%
A collection of poems inspired by coffee. Written in the poet's favourite coffee shop, this ebook contains a collection of observational and thoughtful poems on life inside, and from the window of, a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Poolside Poetry by Chas Stramash Poolside Poetry by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.29 4819 words Sample 5%
Poolside Poetry attempts to peel away the different layers of Cyprus's personality and bring it to life. It's a beautiful country with a lot going on, but above all else, the book describes the daily torment and struggle of what it is to be Scottish, pale, and living under a 100 degree sun. Poolside Poetry is the first in a series of 2 chapbooks.
Saving Grace by Sandra Francis Saving Grace by Aug. 21, 2017 $4.99 58459 words Sample 20%
Everything she did was to make sure her baby girl had a different reality. She would not remain a victim of ridiculous circumstances. She had to break the cyle.
Owned In The Office #2: Interracial Erotica by Daniele Light Owned In The Office #2: Interracial Erotica by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 12253 words
Lucy couldn't believe this was happening. Here she was, with Darnell on top of her, manhandling her, and inside of her cubicle no less. It didn't matter that he was black, or that he was half her age, the only thing Lucy was thinking about at that moment was her needs, and how Darnell seemed to take care of all of them...
¡Gazpacho! by Lorenzo Eliano ¡Gazpacho! by Aug. 21, 2017 $0.99 17823 words Sample 15%
Airports are so much more than travel hubs. Every arrival and departure is the beginning or an end to a story. Love, separation, greed and addiction - From London to Los Angeles, Tokyo to Sydney, the drama unfolds. Dreams are shattered, problems solved and deals made. Put it all into a blender and serve cold - it's gazpacho.
Project Archangel by Alessandro Falzani Project Archangel by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 59851 words Sample 5%
Dall'autore della saga bestseller "CODEX SECOLARIUM", con il contributo della bravissima esordiente ARIEL LORENDIKE. "La prima indagine mozzafiato delle agenti CIA, Abigail Harper e Brooke Sue." Una serie di misteriosi furti coinvolge il complesso più imponente dell'USAF, dove i componenti più segreti dei caccia dismessi dal servizio militare vengono stoccati e catalogati scrupolosamente.
Not About That Life (Feeling Some Type of Way III) by Vera Roberts Not About That Life (Feeling Some Type of Way III) by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 57788 words Sample 20%
If He really loves me, He'll show me in more ways than throwing cash at me.
Put A Bow on It by Bon Publishing Sybil Westerner, Isaac Innes, Kracken, Della Boynton Put A Bow on It by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 17988 words Sample 20%
After moving to Seattle from a small mid-western town with big dreams and a bigger ego, Chris Mathews soon discovers that his brilliant designs are not a key to instant success without experience or references. On the brink of going home a failure, the last thing Chris expects is to meet the man of his dreams, his neighbor Karl Collins.
Лунная одиссея by В.В. Головизин Лунная одиссея by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.19 10368 words Sample 10%
Его разведывательный космический корабль, замаскированный под огромный каменный метеорит, нёсся с запредельной для своего класса скоростью. Он уходил от погони вражеских охранных истребителей, которая длилась уже несколько изматывающих, полного смертельного ужаса, часов.
Fallen Angel 1: Celeste by Cindy Larie Fallen Angel 1: Celeste by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 10878 words Sample 20%
Entranced by tales of love from her fallen brothers and sisters, Celeste, an angel, chose to fall so she could find her soulmate and experience true love. Adam felt safe on the ocean on his yacht, Miss Molly, and had dropped his guard, not expecting his perfect mate to just drop out of the sky and into his life. Now that she has, can he and his crew keep her safe from a religious fanatic's goons?
Lasagna and Successes by M D Flyn Lasagna and Successes by Aug. 21, 2017 $0.99 2188 words Sample 30%
In this noir short story a woman discovers a terrible secret, and chooses to solve her problems with lasagna.
Eyes of the Raven by Neil Davies Eyes of the Raven by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 56200 words Sample 20%
After the mutilated body of a 3rd victim is found in the Cheshire town of Durton, Detective Chief Inspector Emily Sanders and her Department of Special Investigations is brought in to take over the case.
The Demon King's Assassin by Lily Raine The Demon King's Assassin by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 75834 words Sample 20%
After destroying the Demon King’s lair, Anastasia Sokolov believes her and her cousin’s lives are finally safe. Unfortunately, when a King who practices necromancy is determined, more than mermaids are needed to destroy the demon clan.
Branch Turner vs the Currants by Douglas J Ogurek Branch Turner vs the Currants by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 45095 words Sample 20%
The Tigers’ Branch Turner wants to steal more bases than any other player in the Union City Pony League. Then Coach Tillman from the Currants, the Tigers’ biggest rival, tells Branch about “bam.” This begins Branch’s search to discover the most important part of baseball.
Wyrforra by McKenna Miller Wyrforra by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 90813 words
When an army of unknown invaders attack, the United States– and perhaps even the whole world– finds itself woefully unprepared. This resistance, made up of military leaders, lost civilians, and whoever else managed to hide from the invading forces, might be humankind’s last holdout. They must fight back or face extinction.
Suspicious Behavior by L.A. Witt & Cari Z Suspicious Behavior by
& Aug. 21, 2017
$5.99 75359 words Sample 15%
Detective Darren Corliss is hanging by a thread. In between recovering from a near-fatal wound and returning to work at a hostile precinct, he’s struggling to help care for his ailing brother. His partner and boyfriend, Detective Andreas Ruffner, wants to help, but doesn’t know how. And with his own family crises brewing, Andreas is spread almost as thin as Darren.
Cage of Destiny (Reign of Secrets, Book 3) by Jennifer Anne Davis Cage of Destiny (Reign of Secrets, Book 3) by Aug. 21, 2017 $4.99 75533 words Sample 10%
As Allyssa fights the demons of her past to save her future, she realizes she never had a choice. She can either embrace her destiny or be caged by it.
Crush On You by Katherine Bacher Crush On You by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 91279 words
Roxy Summers covers a Seattle favorite restaurant while they compete in a televised food competition. With national fame and fortune on the line, the competition is deadly. With sabotage, a stalker, and a devastating secret that could destroy them all, Roxy soon finds her simple assignment has turned into a twisted labyrinth of betrayal, death threats, and murder.
Runner by Karma Kingsley Runner by Aug. 21, 2017 $6.49 79222 words Sample 20%
Alex Banez is a runner for a Los Angeles film set. When he has a chance encounter with executive producer Atwell Richards, he finds himself falling fast and hard. Atwell is rich, powerful, gorgeous, and everything Alex never thought he would have. But Atwell also has a dark side and an inflexible need for control that threatens to suffocate everyone around him.
Grounded by Aidan Wayne Grounded by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 39987 words Sample 20%
Between raising his daughter Camille, his work as a full-time pastry chef, and his hobby of capoeira, Baz’s life is pretty full, even if it is a little lonely. But when he meets Terry, a shy trans man, Baz can’t help but fall for him. And though he’s never dated before, Terry is willing to give things a try.
The Vampire's Protege by Damian Serbu The Vampire's Protege by Aug. 21, 2017 $6.99 99870 words Sample 20%
A sinister vampire offers Charon a choice he can’t refuse: play a deadly game of winner takes all, losers die.
Portrait of a Sunset by Jessica A. Scott Portrait of a Sunset by Aug. 21, 2017 $0.99 57378 words Sample 15%
For artist Clara Halpert, life is full of color and vivacity—until her older sister, Charlotte, is brutally murdered. Clara’s once-bright future is quickly fading to grey… until she meets Casey Linderman. Can these two broken people find a way to escape the pasts that cripple them and become whole again? Or will opening themselves up to one another only manage to hurt them even more?